Doom Lord Chapter 53

Doom Lord

Chapter 53- Skeleton Warriors

The team with Cheng Yang were the first batch of people to transfer. After experiencing many days of fighting these past few days, their fighting sense had gradually been developed. Although compared with Cheng Yang there was still a large gap, but not so much as when they first started out as a rookie.

Niu Bing was the first to show action by summoning his Dark Wolf, then this animal, not fearing death, plunged itself into the swarm of skeletons.

The Dark Wolf seemed as if it were jumping into a flock full of chicken, as it began to crazily bite the surrounding skeletons. As a result of the summoner’s attack power bonus, every attack landed by it was sure to kill a skeleton, imposing unlimited in time.

Because of the sudden emergence of the team’s dark wolf jumping into the midst of the skeleton group, they had to transfer their aggro to this fellow. For a period of time, they even forgot to continue charging forward.

At the same time, Cheng Yang and the others weren’t idle. Five remote professions were like a mobile fortress with their attacks constantly drizzling down upon the body of the skeletons. In a short time, the skeletons began to crumble down, turning into pieces of dry bones.

Apart from Cheng Yang, the rest of the remote profession mana value were limited. Even if there were equipment that could increase mana, their mana value would be no more than 40 points. After madly firing seven to eight rounds, they had to rely on mana potion for recovery. Anyway earlier this morning, these people had long been ordered by Cheng Yang to prepare some mana potions, so they weren’t afraid of consumption.

At this time, the rest of the remote professions weren’t idling either, they had been attacking non-stop, but their attack power compared with the other five with Redirection skill bonus were far off. After running out of mana they were reluctant to use mana potion, instead they chose to use meditation to recover.

Niu Bing’s summoned Dark Wolf had died, but the skeletons had yet to continue their assault when a second Dark Wolf rushed out. This Dark Wolf wasn’t summoned by Niu Bing, his skill was still on cooldown.

The new Dark Wolf wasn’t as imposing as the first one. After failing to kill a skeleton when rushing in, it suffered from three rounds of attack from 4-5 other skeletons, losing its life on the spot.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang’s team had a lot of summoner. After this Dark Wolf was about to die, another one was ready to take its place.

“Lord, this battle is too easy, right?” Niu Bing with a look of boredom on the side couldn’t help but shout.

Cheng Yang said, “Don’t get so happy, in a while you guys will be begging for this to end.”

20 seconds later, 100 skeletons were scattered all over the ground, it also signified the end of this battle. Luckily the battle was over at this time, otherwise when the last summoner’s Dark Wolf was killed, he was afraid it was only up to the warriors to resist them.

“Is this the end?” Liu Hao incredibly said, “I haven’t fought yet!”

Liu Hao didn’t get a chance to fight because he was a warrior. In this battle, warriors from beginning to end was merely the sauce on the side.

“Don’t worry. Soon you will get a chance to fight, this is only the first wave of monsters.” Cheng Yang said.

Sure enough, after half a minute or so of waiting, the ground seventy to eighty meters in front of them started shaking once again. A group of nearly 200 skeletons appeared and once more rushed at them.

“Kill……!” Cheng Yang shouted, announcing the start of the battle again.

Niu Bing’s summoned his Dark Wolf, but this time it failed to show its might. Once the Dark Wolf burst into the skeleton group, it was only able to kill two small skeletons before it died under two rounds of attacks from four other skeletons.

“There is a first medium-order monster inside, everyone be careful.” Niu Bing was very familiar with his Dark Wolf. For the other side to kill his Dark Wolf in just two attacks, inside was definitely more than just ordinary skeletons.

“Yu Kai, set fire on that dark-gray skeleton on the other end.” Cheng Yang rapidly commanded, and then waved his magic staff. A magic missile went straight toward the dark-gray skeleton inside the skeleton group.

“Pop……!” The magic missile impacted on the target, but the dark-gray skeleton didn’t crumble into pieces. Instead the skeleton’s boss empty eyes sockets flickered bright green light, as it got ready to continue fighting a Dark Wolf.

However, Yu Kai’s attack arrived at this time. An arrow landed right on the skeleton’s forehead, and the green light in this guy’s eyes suddenly faded away. Then, its body instantly collapsed into a pile of bones.

Without this first medium-order monster rocking the boat, the rest of the battle became a lot more relaxed.

But because Niu Bing summoned Dark Wolf couldn’t adhere to enough time, coupled with this skeleton group having forty to fifty more skeletons than the last group, so when all of the summoners’ Dark Wolf were killed, the warriors had to go forward to resist.

This battle lasted for about a minute, all of the skeletons were wiped out.

In the perimeter, seven Warriors were injured, but fortunately it wasn’t anything serious, otherwise they would need to consume a health potion to return to normal.

The battle had just ended, and again the ground in the distance vibrated. Pile of bones began to reassemble.

“****, is this endless?” Yu Kai cursed, he had originally planned to meditate to restore mana, but now he had to stand up again, and take out a bottle of mana potion to feed into his mouth.

Cheng Yang on one side getting ready for battle said, “It seems like the frequency of monsters here is a minute, I don’t know how many waves is in total though. …… Note that this time we may face more than one skeleton leader.”

The skeleton leader who Cheng Yang said a moment ago was the one in the first medium-order. It had its own unique name, Skeleton Warrior.

This sentence took everyone by surprise, one after another they lifted their eyes to look, and discovered in the monster group were two skeletons with different color from the rest. Weren’t they exactly the same as the skeleton leader Cheng Yang killed a moment ago?

Previously, a Skeleton Warrior took only a moment to instantly annihilate Niu Bing summoned Dark Wolf. This time they were on guard, so such a situation wouldn’t happen again.

Cheng Yang and the other five remote professions released their full might onto the two Skeleton Warriors that had just entered their range. Right away, they heroic threw themselves onto the ground, turning into two heaps of the most common bones.

This skeleton group was on a larger scale than the previous one, their number reached up to 250.

Summoning 1-2 Dark Wolf was obviously not going to be able to constrain this skeleton group’s pace. Left with no other option, Cheng Yang had to order the team to shrink the formation, and placed all of the warriors as well as the Dark Wolves encircling the periphery, desperately to block the incoming attacks.

After there were no other worries, Cheng Yang and the others started to launch their frantic attacks.

After several rounds of fighting, more than 200 skeletons once again scattered into pieces, but the price that Cheng Yang’s side paid was actually only a few mana potions. In this regard, mankind did occupy a great advantage. In the absence of pharmacy, it was difficult for professions to even single out an enchanted beast of the same strength, but with it, more than 30 people had successfully turned more than 200 enchanted beasts into dry bones. Although Cheng Yang and the five remote professions played a huge role, but it couldn’t deny the powerful effect of pharmacy.

“Lord, there will be more, right?” Liu Hao, tired on the ground, said with a voice of wailing.

Cheng Yang with a smile of his face said, “Didn’t you just say you haven’t played yet?”

Liu Hao bitterly said, “Wasn’t I speaking nonsense? I have always been in the frontline, and with such high-intensity of fighting the physical consumption is too large.”

Cheng Yang looked to the front and said, “Your crow mouth is quite effective, there is indeed another wave.”

Liu Hao looked up, and sure enough the dry bones on the ground began moving again. Rapidly they assembled into skeletons, forming into a neat formation, a chill of gas was imposing over the battlefield.

“This time, what big guy will come out?” Yu Kai noticed the scene in front was somewhat different from before, and immediately he realized the situation wasn’t good.

Cheng Yang said, “You guessed right, in this skeleton group, there is a first late-order Skeleton Warrior, in addition to three first medium-order Skeleton Warriors.”

Yu Kai and the others complexion changed, he immediately asked, “How are we going to fight that?”

Cheng Yang said, “First kill that large-sized Skeleton Warrior, its health value is around 120, with the three of us setting fire at it, we should be able to kill it. The remaining two remote professions will set fire on a Skeleton Warrior, leaving just two first-medium order Skeleton Warriors left. The speed of the Skeleton Warriors isn’t fast, so before the other side can reach us, we still have time to launch another attack. But after that we will be facing a tough battle, there are about 300 skeletons here, so we can only rely on the warriors to resist them.”

“It had to be done.” Liu Hao raised the shield in his hands, he said, “Warriors, we can withstand the skeleton group’s attacks, right?”

“Yes!” All the warriors erupted in loud shouts.

At the same time, legions of skeletons had been assembled in the distance, a dark-black bone sword was raised high in the skeleton group, and then the entire skeleton group started their charged toward Cheng Yang and the others, roaring their way in.

“Kill!” Cheng Yang and two other magicians simultaneously shot a Magic Missile, directly aiming at the body of black-colored Skeleton Warrior. Meanwhile, the other two remote professions also launched an attack, their goal was another Skeleton Warrior.

Everyone were looking forward to these two big guys being smoothly killed. As the three Magic Missiles were about to hit the black-colored Skeleton Warrior, from its body a gray light was released, instantly engulfing the three Magic Missiles.

After the attack dissipated, this Skeleton Warrior unexpectedly still stood intact. The Skeleton Warrior attacked next to it, instantly scattered.

The professions looking from behind were dumbfounded. What was this situation? Was this guy immune to attack?

Cheng Yang’s face also slightly changed, although he had played this instance before, but at that time they had reached the strength of first-late order. With a barrage of attacks, this Skeleton Warrior didn’t even have the time to revolt, immediately losing its life. Where would it get a chance to leisurely charge the way it is now?

But his battle experience was rich, seeing the skeleton group had already reached the 10 meters range, decisively he shouted, “Continue to attack!” After he finished, a magic missile was released. The other two magicians also recovered from their daze, once again side by side, they fired two magic missile out.

“Poof…… Poof…… Poof……” Three consecutive sounds, the black-colored Skeleton Warrior finally fell to the ground.

At this time, the remaining two remote professions eliminated a Skeleton Warrior.

In the aftermath of this attack, the skeleton group’s vanguards had already approached near Cheng Yang’s warriors, triggering the start of the war.



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      Enchanted beast has several ways of increasing their rank: Guarding a treasure, increasing their herd numbers to a certain amount, and lastly as time passes the enchanted beasts will naturally grow stronger.

      Profession can increase their ranks by meditation and when the field station increases in level. (Ex. Cheng Yang)


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