Doom Lord Chapter 52

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Doom Lord

Chapter 52- Undead Canyon

Cheng Yang isn’t very clear about the situation surrounding this unoccupied altar. Judging from  Luo Feng village’s situation, the scale of the monster group around this altar should be similar to the monster group blocking the city’s channel. If they are able to successfully win this altar, it would be a huge advantage for Luo Feng village’s development.

Although the last two days Cheng Yang had led the team into Xiangcheng city twice, but each time was done so by marching forward along a line, and without cleaning up the entire scope of monsters. Therefore, this time Cheng Yang and the others have encountered many monster groups along the way.

When facing large monster groups, Cheng Yang without exception started off by opening the Redirection skill, and then by relying upon its formidable attack force, steam-rolled the other side. At the moment, Cheng Yang also did not begrudge on mana potions, and after rapidly eliminating the monster group, they continue forward. Even if there are hidden refugees underground calling for help, Cheng Yang and the others would ignore them, because even if they are rescued now, they can’t be taken away.

One hour later, after traveling for more than 10 kilometers, the team finally arrived at the eastern outskirt of Xiangcheng city. About 300 meters in front of their position is a channel out of the city. However, in that channel is packed full of the same type of monsters, a monster which Cheng Yang had already seen before, that is the Spotted Spider.

Seeing the scene in front of him no doubt gave Cheng Yang a huge headache.

The Spotted Spider is one of the few enchanted beasts in the first-order that can use remote attacks, and although the spider’s silk they spit out may not do a lot of damage, but it does has a strong binding force. Against small groups of Spotted Spider Cheng Yang will have no fear, but here is enough to have thousands of Spotted Spider. It would be strange if Cheng Yang isn’t feeling a bit nervous.

“Lord, what are we gonna do now? “Yu Kai asked in a soft voice:” Fight or not fight? ”

Cheng Yang thought for a moment, then said: “We won’t for the time being, the only powerful person on our team now is me, and who knows what special talent this Spotted Spider’s leader might have? First, we’ll go back and continue carrying out the rescues, after your strength is promoted to medium-order apprentice, then we’ll come back again and show these Spotted Spiders who’s unlucky. ”

“Okay!” “Yu Kai and the others supported the decision. They didn’t know that there was a territory altar at the opposite side of this channel, otherwise they wouldn’t have so readily agreed.

Cheng Yang and others didn’t dare disturb these enchanted beasts, they quietly slipped past, and then continue to head north.

From his arms Cheng Yang pulled out a map, which is drawn based on his past memories of Xiangcheng city after the apocalypse. Inside the map has no buildings marker, the only person that can understand this map is only Cheng Yang himself.

Presently, on this map are a few special places that Cheng Yang has marked down, one of which is the east channel. For the other four marked locations, one is the north channel, while the remaining three are distributed in Xiangcheng City.

These three distribution points in Xiangcheng city, there is one close to the main city, which Cheng Yang has never been to. The other two points are further away from the main city, this time Cheng Yang’s goal is one of them, it is located on the path of the search and rescue team.

Along the way, Cheng Yang and the others slowed down a lot. They not only have to face a variety of monsters, but also to search and rescue people.

From the east channel to the location Cheng Yang marked on the map is a straight distance of five kilometers, but on this five kilometers, there are seven rescue points. Therefore, Cheng Yang and the others had to make a few detours. And coupled with the delay caused by the search and rescue operation, by the time they arrived at the mark location, it’s already close to two o’clock in the afternoon.

Appear before their eyes is not a monster, but a white-colored light screen. Its outward appearance is exactly the same as the Scarlet Church instance entrance within the territory.

Yes, this is a instance entrance, and it also belong to the low-grade instance. Moreover, this instance is not of the Scarlet Church, but a new kind of instance.

If Cheng Yang had known the initial state of the instances is the strange stone, the first thing he would had done coming back is immediately search at all the known positions the instance existed, and find these stone one by one, and then thrown them into Luo Feng village station.

But in this world there is no such thing as regret medicine, unless Cheng Yang can be reborn once again. Only that possibility and the possibility of humanity suddenly become immortal is completely impossible to achieve. Being able to reborn once is already unthinkable, but wanting to reborn twice? After Cheng Yang came out with this idea, he just chuckle, because this is a joke.

Although this is only the lowest grade instance, but it’s not something any person can just casually go in. If a team isn’t full of medium-order apprentice professions, then entering the lowest grade instance is a road to disaster. Take a look at the normal difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance, the most powerful being in it is a enchanted beast in the first late-order. Going in with only a five-man team, that is purely courting death.

The instance in front and the Scarlet Church instance are different, the Scarlet Church instance is a small-sized instance, each time you enter the maximum number of people is five. And this instance is a medium-sized instance, the maximum number of people that can enter at a time is 50 people. After this is large-scale instance, which has an entry limit of 500 people.  As for any other size instance after that, Cheng Yang don’t know, because the biggest verified instance in his past life is a large-sized instance.

Cheng Yang has once entered this instance in the past, inside is a huge canyon known as Undead Canyon, which is also the name of this instance.

It’s not known how Undead Canyon appear, but the item produced inside of it is associated with magician. What’s important is that by obtaining the first clearance of this instance, a huge benefit will be given, a benefit that Cheng Yang himself can use.

Cheng Yang chose to transfer to magician is not only because of his talent, a part of it is also due to this instance. However, Cheng Yang is currently not in urgent need for the item that came from this instance, so he wasn’t in a hurry to come. Since he is now here, he doesn’t mind getting the instance clearance now.

“Lord, is this a instance? “The dumbfounded Yu Kai after a brief moment of delay, finally uttered a sentence.

Cheng Yang has yet to speak, Liu Hao said: “Why are you speaking such nonsense? Can’t you see that it is identical to the portal in our territory. ”

Yu Kai said: “I know, but I just wasn’t sure of it. ”

“All right, don’t argue.” Cheng Yang said: “Although this instance is also a low-grade instance, but it’s a medium-sized one, as 50 people can enter at a time. Of course, correspondingly the instance clearance difficulty will be much higher than the Scarlet Church.”

Niu Bing who is next to them listening is confused, he immediately asked: “Lord, we only have 35 people here.To challenge an instance meant for 50 people, won’t it be difficult? ”

Cheng Yang said: “There will be some difficulties, but aren’t I here? As long as we are careful, there shouldn’t be any problem. ”

Niu Bing no longer say anything, Cheng Yang’s formidable strength is obviously to everyone in Luo Feng village. So far, they haven’t discovered a matter that Cheng Yang can’t handled. And now that Cheng Yang say it like this, it shows that he is fairly confident.

Cheng Yang is pretty confident now, if in the past, he would not be too sure of himself with more than 30 people clearing this instance. Even if the team is full with 50 people, plus himself, he may not be able to succeed. But now he has the Redirection skill. This skill to some extent is a BUG, especially when there is a high disparity of strength between each other.

Then, Cheng Yang let the team hold hand to hand in front of the instance, and then he immediately chose to enter the instance.

Everyone felt only a brief moment past, but the surrounding environment in front of them had undergone great changes.

If the place they they were before is a ruin, then here can be described as a graveyard of death, everywhere is full of dry bones. This is a canyon, the gap of the canyon is stretch far in white.

“Kyaah ……” One of the women in the team after seeing such a scene, suddenly screamed in fear.

A profession nearby immediately pulled her, and easily covered her mouth to stop the sound.

Cheng Yang calmly said: “It doesn’t matter, the monsters in here can’t hear sound, if you are afraid, you can continue screaming. But don’t run around, the monster in here is very dense, if you are separated from the team, you probably can’t last for ten seconds. ”

Cheng Yang’s voice had just faded, the ground in the middle of the canyon began moving slightly. Wrong! The ground isn’t moving, but the dry bones on the ground is moving.

Liu Hao is worthy of being called a game veteran, immediately he exclaimed: “Lord, the monsters in this instance shouldn’t be skeletons, right? ”

Cheng Yang indifferently smile and said: “That’s right, but unfortunately there is no reward for killing them. If you want to add a little terror, this can be called the skeleton sea, but the scale is pretty small. ”

Liu Hao confidently said: “Good, today let me take a good look at the power of this skeleton sea. Hey, don’t know if the world has any necromancer, if there isn’t, there would be a lot less fun. ”

Cheng Yang did not answer him. Does the world have necromancer? Cheng Yang didn’t know, but if there is a necromancer, then I’m afraid it wouldn’t be so fun.

Several people mumbled among themselves. Those bones unexpected began to rapidly move, and then quickly assembled together, forming skeletons. Then, they stood up trembling.

The scene in front left these atheism educated young people stunned, but they also know that this world can’t be explained with common sense.

Hundreds of skeletons standing together, looks to be quite imposing, and if they are holding a sword in their hands, rather than bone stick, then the scene would be perfect. Cheng Yang is aware that any person looking down upon these bones stick will have the misfortune of dying, because they are no worse than swords in term of destruction.

The skeleton group as if receiving some type of instructions, flushed quickly toward Cheng Yang and the others.

“Prepare for battle! “Cheng Yang shouted, then he began selecting five remote professions. It included Yu Kai, Niu Bing, and three other magicians.

Redirection skill instantly launched ……



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