Doom Lord Chapter 51

Doom Lord

Chapter 51- Goals

Clearly, the leadership positions for squadrons and platoons of various teams would be produced from the people present. As for whether or not they were qualified for the position, he had to look at their capability.

Cheng Yang didn’t appoint these people immediately, but instead let Yu Kai and the others pick the personnel for transfer first.

The number of personnel dramatically jumped. Each team increased by 120 people, and together with the original 42 members, a brigade would have a total of 162 people. This size was almost equal to Luo Feng Village total professions before the personnel transfers.

Currently with just Luo Feng Village’s territorial power value, it was insufficient to carry out all of the profession transfers at once. This was something that couldn’t be changed, unless the territory opened the donation permission, otherwise it was impossible for the territorial power value to instantly skyrocket. Moreover, even if Cheng Yang and the others wanted to lend the power values to those that hadn’t transferred yet, it would be impossible to accomplish. Who let them have no personal properties panel before transferring profession?

At the moment the only method was to wait for the territory power value to increase, and for the people that had just transferred to repay back the power value owed.

Fortunately, it was already night time. Tomorrow morning when clearing the instances, the territory could earn as much as 1,000 points of territory power value.

The matter regarding the transfers didn’t need Cheng Yang to personally handle it, and along with the purchases of logging tools, Cheng Yang left them to the others. The matter dealing with the transfers was left to Lee Wanshan to complete, while the purchases of logging tool was done by Yu Kai.

Cheng Yang was Luo Feng Village’s strongest fighting force. If he didn’t use the time to go out and earn power value, then that was simply a massive waste.

At night, Cheng Yang was still a person acting alone, so practicing the Redirection skill could only be done during the day. After all, the jungle wasn’t safe at night.

After carrying out all these night raids, Cheng Yang did not only earn more than 1,200 power values, but also made their own magic missile skill was successfully upgraded to level 2, enhancing the damage by 10%. As for the Wind Shackle skill, its progress only improved by 10%. If he wanted to upgrade the skill, it would take some time.

However, the Wind Shackle skill was indeed very useful, especially for magician like Cheng Yang, whose attack power could sweep almost all enchanted beasts at the current stage. If he had the skill yesterday, in the face of the Bloodthirsty Jackal leader, he wouldn’t be so passive.

After returning to Luo Feng Village, Cheng Yang didn’t see Yu Kai and the others, so he reckoned they should be very busy right now. At once, he started his daily program, cultivating, and entering the instance……

The next morning, Cheng Yang walked out of the instance. After coming out of the instance, he just happened to see Liu Hao come his way. Liu also saw him, and immediately he asked, “Yang…… I mean Lord, I remember you said that the number of instance clearance per day can be increased, but after fighting for so many days, how come there is no sign of it increasing? You may not know, but because I can only take four people a day into the instance, other people gave me looks that just broke my heart.”

Cheng Yang snappily said, “You aren’t the only one that’s worried about this, even I am somewhat anxious. However, the rules are so, neither you nor I can change them. The only way is by keep clearing the instance, and after clearing it for at least 50 times, can the instance be upgraded.”

Liu immediately started counting, and only after a long time, he said, “This is too much, right? We have now only cleared the instance around 20 times, in order to achieve 50 times, it will take at least six to seven days time.”

Cheng Yang said, “It won’t need that long, did you forget that I had been doing the hard difficulty level instances, this is also included in the calculation. It should now only take five days, then the instance daily clearance number will be doubled.”

Liu Hao’s face immediately collapsed, he said, “Just double? Does that mean only 50 people can enter the instance each day?”

Cheng Yang sullenly said, “Be content with that, it’s only an instance, there is more of it in our surrounding. Moreover, this instance will continue to increase in the future, so be content with that.”

Liu Hao was left speechless, but he also knew that counting on an instance to meet the demand of the entire territory was fundamentally unrealistic.

Liu Hao looked at Cheng Yang’s equipment, surprised, he asked, “Lord, you didn’t get a full set of iron grade equipment, right?”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said, “I am still missing an auxiliary equipment, as for the remaining nine equipments, they are actually different grades. Among them are four pieces of bronze grade equipment, and five pieces of iron grade equipment. The chances of bursting an auxiliary equipment is awfully low, I had entered the hard difficulty instance three times, and not even an ordinary-grade auxiliary equipment had been burst.”

Cheng Yang current properties were very impressive, with nine pieces of equipment increasing his overall defense. Although, the defense effect of the equipments only worked on the corresponding body parts to be effective, but it was not the same for the attack. Cheng Yang had obtained a gold ring and a necklace, respectively, adding two points of magic attack, making his attack reaches 36 points. When using Magic Missiles, the lethality would reach 44 points. Even in the face of a first-late order enchanted beast with high defense, he could deal more than 30 points of damage.

After he finished speaking, Cheng Yang took out a shield from the backpack behind his back, and handed it over to Liu Hao, he said, “Your luck is good, a bronze grade shield just burst from the instance. For your current strength, it’s definitely a good thing.”

Liu Hao gave it a glance and immediately his eyes widened, then a smile broadened over his face, he said, “Lord, is this alright? Such a good thing……”

Liu Hao had yet to finish his words before Cheng Yang played him a kick and said, “Roll, don’t pretend you don’t want it.”

However, even though Liu Hao’s stature was rather plump, it was definitely flexible enough to easily escape from Cheng Yang’s kick, and then fart away.

Cheng Yang shook his head, he was helpless when dealing with this temperament of Liu Hao.

The properties of the shield was actually quite good, otherwise Liu Hao wouldn’t have such a reaction.

Fine Steel Shield: Bronze grade auxiliary weapon, forged from hundreds of fine steel. Offset 4 points of damage, and increased defense by 2 points. Required warrior’s apprentice or above to be equipped. Durability: 80/80.

Offsetting damage was the unique properties of the shield, it had similarities with defense, but there are some differences. Take the Fine steel shield for example, if Liu used it against a first-medium order enchanted beast, and it didn’t have the offset property, but simply increased defense by 6 points, with the enchanted beast of around 8 points of physical attack, it would absolutely send him flying, or subject him to 2 points of injury. Of course, these two points of damage would be transferred to the shield, and according to a certain proportion reduced the shield durability. But it was not the same with the offset property, with it the enchanted beast’s attack power would directly weaken by half, and although the durability reduction would not change, the remaining 4 attack power would be insufficient to send him flying.

Next, Cheng Yang began today’s tasks, the first task was dealing with the priest statue’s property upgrade. After getting that done, Cheng Yang strolled to the Alchemy room, and purchased 40 bottles of mana potion. He put half of them within his arms, and the other half inside the backpack. Naturally, placing them within his arms were more convenient, but there was no way to place too many things there. If it weren’t for the fact that Cheng Yang was a magician, and needing only small amount of movement when battling, then fighting with 20 bottles in hands could be extremely difficult.

These past few days, although he managed to use up all of his energy values in order to make small bottles of mana potion, his usage frequency was truly too high. His needs were beyond his production speed. Most of the mana potions used every day were purchased from the Alchemy Room.

Cheng Yang looked at his arms crammed with mana potions, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Now he was too poor, otherwise he could have brought a space ring. Then, there wouldn’t be a need to go through such a troublesome experience.

Although Luo Feng Village had already built the grocery store, but the lowest level space ring required 10,000 power values to purchase, which at the present stage was definitely a luxury.

Even if Cheng Yang now had 10,000 power values, he wouldn’t spend it on a space ring. With 10,000 points of power value, he would rather use it on six times cultivation speed. Of course, at a later time when there were surplus of power value, Cheng Yang wouldn’t mind buying a space ring to improve his living conditions.

After the preparation was properly done, Cheng Yang led the original members on the road to Xiangcheng City. Cheng Yang had remained with this group of people on one hand, because these people had family members in Xiangcheng City, so he had to treat the matter more attentively. While on the other hand, these people were more familiar with Xiangcheng City, even if Xiangcheng City had undergone some changes due to the earthquake, but they could still see more or less some of the original traces, which was helpful for their actions in Xiangcheng City.

Yesterday evening, Luo Feng Village’s five brigades had determined a section for management staff. Some of these people were then in Cheng Yang’s present team, and among them included Yu Kai, Liu Hao and Niu Bing, but fortunately their respective teams had already assigned replacement personnel; therefore even with them not present, their team wouldn’t be in disorder because of their departure.

Lee Wanshan was ordered by Cheng Yang to stay in the village, the reason was because Luo Feng Village currently had many people that needed transferring to a profession. This task was without doubt Luo Feng Village’s main task. Cheng Yang had attached great importance on this matter.

His team of 35 members once again entered inside Xiangcheng city, this time Cheng Yang aimed to bypass the east side of Xiangcheng City and head to the north of Xiangcheng City. Simultaneously, he could also check the monsters situation on Xiangcheng City’s easy channel.

Last time, after obtaining the Redirection scroll from eliminating the enchanted beast community in the south channel of Xiangcheng City, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but dwell on several of the other channels. Although the game world had many matters that had yet to be discovered by humans, but on some matters, there existed certain rules. Inevitably, each prefecture-level city would have a main city, in addition outside of the main city would be surrounded by ravines, and to break through the channel leading to the outside world, the enchanted beast community on the channel had to be eliminated.

Since Cheng Yang had found a valuable skill scroll in the south channel, inevitably there would also exist precious items in the other channels. While the odds might not be high, but Cheng Yang didn’t mind trying one’s luck.

However, the biggest reason Cheng Yang coveted this channel wasn’t for the items that might exist in the channel, but to open this channel.

From Cheng Yang’s past memories, he knew that around Xiangcheng City were a total of three territory altars, which also represented three stations. Now one of them had been early occupied by Cheng Yang, while the other two were left idle.

And for these two unoccupied altar, one of them was located on the east side of Xiangcheng City.



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