Doom Lord Chapter 50

Doom Lord

Chapter 50- Plans

Prior to transferring personnel, Cheng Yang gathered Yu Kai and the other four team captains to discuss Luo Feng Village next layout.

Soon, Yu Kai and the others came inside the only level 2 residence within Luo Feng Village. They each found a stool and sat down.

Cheng Yang said, “A moment ago, our territory’s profession statues has been upgraded to level 3, so now each statue can transfer up to 200 people. As a result, your troop count will soon surge again. However, we’re also faced with a problem, by having numerous people it will inevitably increase the difficulty of management. In this regard, do you have any good suggestion?”

Yu Kai and the others looked at each other, as they weren’t very knowledgeable in this field.

Lee Wanshan at this time said, “Lord, I think you should set the profession teams in a hierarchy, so that it is more convenient to manage. Prior to this, the number of people on each team were only 40 people, but with only a team captain and vice-captain managing the team, it can be quite difficult. Not to mention the troop increased later on.”

Cheng Yang said, “This is indeed a problem. Should we use the military rank for now? Or prepared using the ancient army rank?”

Yu Kai said, “Yangzi, why must we fully adopt the ancient army system? Why not make a new system instead? We can set it up this way, ten people can be counted as a platoon. A squadron is composed of four platoons. A brigade is composed of between three and five squadrons. This is a simpler way of managing things.”

Cheng Yang said, “That may be so, but what about after brigade? According to what you said, a brigade can at most have only 200 professions. This system is suitable for our current situation, but not when our village further increased its population.”

Liu Hao said, “How about above the brigade level we use battalion. The leader of a battalion is called a commander. Above the battalion level…that could be called a division. Was there not a so-called division in ancient times? The leader of a division can be called a general.”

Niu Bing said, “Hao, such a division at most would only have several thousand people. To be called a general when managing several thousand people is a little over the top, don’t you think? In the future what if there were tens of thousands of people, or several hundred thousand people? What would that be called? Would they all be called Admiral? Or Generalissimo?”

“……” Liu Hao smiled embarrassingly. He was choked on white goods by Niu Bing, and found it embarrassing to refute.

Cheng Yang said, “Let’s not consider this problem for now. The title of general in ancient times doesn’t have a standard, some may be in name* only, while some are even higher than an Admiral. Now it’s too early for us to worry about this issue. At least for the next six months, I’m afraid it’s difficult for us to develop to that kind of scale…… [T/N: They are called general but have no real authority.]

Do you have any good suggestion? Everyone can speak freely. So long as it’s good for the development of the territory, I will adopt it.”

After a brief hesitation, Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to serve as team captain, you are after all the Lord. The title of team captain isn’t suitable for you. It’s like an Emperor giving himself the title of General, it’s kinda redundant.”

“This……” Cheng Yang suddenly pondered over the issue, and after a long time, said, “Your proposal is correct, I’m really not fit to be a team captain. These past few days, although I am named a team captain, I rarely move together with the team. Let’s do it like this, in a while I will announce the position of team captain be ceded over to Zhao Chuan. I think the way he managed the team these past few days had been very good, so he is suited to be the team captain.”

Lee Wanshan naturally didn’t have an opinion on this, so the matter was set.

“Why don’t we give each team a name? To make it more convenient to call?” Liu Hao suddenly said.

Yu Kai said, “I don’t think we should for now. If a brigade have a name, it’s estimated that naming in the future would be a headache. For now, we can numbered the brigades from one through five, and after the teams reached battalion level, then it’s fine to name them.”

Cheng Yang said, “Yu Kai is right, the name is not what’s important right now. Wait until the territory is upgraded to level 3, then the barracks as well as the Mercenary Association will appear. The barracks can form the regular army, making it the official army of the territory. While the Mercenary Association can set up mercenaries group, which are equivalent to civil society organizations. At that time, you can give your team a resounding name.”

Yu Kai and others didn’t doubt Cheng Yang’s words, they were looking much forward to the emergence of the barracks. As for the mercenaries group, from the moment their five teams were formed, it had been doomed to be mediocre, because the fate of the five teams had been tied together with Luo Feng Village.

Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, I have a suggestion. I don’t know if it’s proper to speak.”

“Lee, you say. Although we had only known each other for a few days, but I do trust your character.” Cheng Yang said with a smile.

Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, since you are our Luo Feng Village supreme commander, you should try to establish your prestige. Captain Yu and the other team captains in here have close relationship with Lord, so addressing each other informally in private is nothing, but it shouldn’t be done under the eyes and ears of the masses. I think that should highlight the identity of the Lord, which would also help the management of the territory.”

Cheng Yang said, “There is no need to, right? We……”

Yu Kai suddenly interrupted Cheng Yang, said, “Yangzi, I think Captain Lee is right in saying that. I have considered this issue before, but I just couldn’t open my mouth to speak about it. I was afraid it would affect the feelings between us brothers. Now that Captain Lee mentioned it, we will decide it as so. Beside, this is just a front for other people in the territory, but privately we are still buddies, are we not?”

Cheng Yang thought for a moment and said, “All right. Do you guys have anything else to say? ”

Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, a moment ago I just said you aren’t fit to be team captain, but I still have a few words I had yet to say. I think you can focus your attention on several or even dozens of elite level professions, and form a personal guard team. Their number shouldn’t be too much, but their singular strength has to be powerful. So that they can be essential at the most crucial time.”

Cheng Yang, even without thinking, could tell the purpose of Lee Wanshan’s suggestion. In fact, it was in order to ensure his safety, which Cheng Yang did not reject. However, this matter in a short time couldn’t be completed. According to Cheng Yang’s calculation, if he wanted to set up such a team, the people inside had to have at least A-class talent. Luo Feng Village had transferred these people already, and although there were many with A-class talent, they would be the core members of Luo Feng Village’s five main teams. Cheng Yang didn’t want to affect the battle strength of the main teams by taking them way.

After this matter was decided, Cheng Yang said, “There is one thing I forgot to say earlier, just after the profession statues upgraded, each profession statue was added a skill. However, to learn the skill, your strength have to be promoted to high-order apprentice, therefore if you want to learn it you must train hard.”

Liu Hao, with a wry smile, said, “We have been training hard already. My cultivation progress has reached 42%, and in another five or six days, it will be able to break through to medium-order warrior’s apprentice. But even so, it’s still a long distance from the high-order apprentice you say. Now you present a cake in front of us, is it to make us envious?”

Cheng Yang, with a smile, said, “This isn’t to make you envious, but to promote your drive. When you look at the specific skill in your profession statue, I believe you will be very satisfied with it.”

For people such as Liu Hao and the others, even with four times cultivation speed, in order to cultivate to high-order Apprentice order, it would take more than 20 days time. It was no wonder that Liu Hao said Cheng Yang intentionally made them envious of him.

After the teasing finished, Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, I feel that our territory’s carpenters cut a few too little wood. The wood cut these past two days adds up to about 500 cubic, in addition to those collected back from Huimin Town, altogether it’s about 600 cubic meters. There is still a great distance from constructing the required buildings for the upgrade. Especially the wall, the need for its expansion have been imminent. Currently, we have more than 12,000 people staying in this one square kilometers land, and deducting the land the buildings occupied, those people living outside are already very crowded.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “This matter I know, now I have more than 3,400 power values. In a moment, I’ll take out 2,000 power values and lent it out to the carpenters, and let them get started on cutting down wood. So that by tomorrow we should be able to build the wall.”

Subsequently, several people discussed other things in details, and then together went out of the residence.

Next, Cheng Yang had all the professions assembled, in order to announce the decision of a few matters. The most important issue was the establishment of the teams.

First, Cheng Yang announced that he was quitting team captain, and replacing him was Zhao Chuan. This decision made Zhao Chuan quite excited, but for this result, he could somewhat guess.

After all, he was the only vice-captain of the team, and Cheng Yang was the Lord of the entire territory, quitting team captain was only a matter of time. As the saying goes, water flows downwards, whereas people struggles upwards*. Being able to reach a higher position in the territory, Zhao Chuan was naturally pleased. [T/N: Here is the saying if you want to know about it.]

Next was the establishment of the order of the teams. Yu Kai’s team was the First Brigade, Liu Hao was the Second Brigade, Niu Bing for the Third Brigade, Lee Wanshan for Fourth Brigade, and Zhao Chuan as the Fifth Brigade. Each of the five brigades had a Captain, and three Vice-Captain. Then each brigade were temporarily in the controlled of four squadrons, each squadron had a Squadron Leader, and two Vice-Squadron Leader. Under squadron was platoon, each platoon consisted of 10 people, and a Platoon Leader.

Regarding the staffing of the platoons, Cheng Yang assigned the various professions evenly amongst the platoons, so that each platoon could operate independently. As for the priest professions, because of their low quantity, was unlikely to provide each platoon with one. Their deployment were left in the hands of the Brigades Captains.

Regarding the position appointments of various team, the brigade level positions were directly appointed by Cheng Yang; each squadron level positions were nominated by the brigade captains Cheng Yang announced. Platoon level positions were nominated by the Squadron Leaders, and appointed by the Brigade Captain. This would not only ensure maximum decentralization, it can basically avoid cronyism*. [T/N: He did it so that each person with a position is loyal to him or to his followers.]

Of course, the worst case of cronyism in Luo Feng Village was Cheng Yang. There were five brigades in the village, and three of them were in the hands of Cheng Yang’s three friends. Of course, other people also had no opinion on this. Who let the territory belong to Cheng Yang? Besides, the talent of Liu Hao three people, everyone already knew they would certainly become powerful in the future.



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