Doom Lord Chapter 5

Doom Lord

Chapter 5- Disaster Strikes

After he had finished talking to Yu Kai, Cheng Yang started walking toward the front of a truck because he saw the wood processing plant boss Lee, jump out. He seemed to be really serious about this transaction, to have personally come along for this trip.

When he saw Cheng Yang he finally became relieved. As he started looking around the surrounding, Lee said, “Kid, why did you buy so much wood? Is it to build a house here? This ground isn’t flat!”

Cheng Yang laughed, “It will be in a bit.”

Boss Lee was extremely surprised, his mouth wide enough to fit a whole duck. This guy! Although Luo Feng Po isn’t a cliff, but to make it flat to the extent of building a house, it would take at least a few days, and it must be done with heavy machinery.

Cheng Yang said, “Boss Lee you don’t have to worry, just unload the timber at the curb on the side of the road, after that’s done I’ll give you the rest of the money.”

Boss Lee looked at Cheng Yang, sighed and said, “Well, you are the buyer, we will listen to you.”

Afterwards, Boss Lee began ordering his workers to unload the wood off of the 12 vehicles. Each piece of timber is more than two feet in diameter, five meters in length, and the weight is huge. For Cheng Yang this scale is required, because for him any smaller size timber would be useless.

Cheng Yang returned to Yu Kai’s side.

Yu Kai reacted with a wry smile, “Yangzi, you can’t tell me all of the money you borrowed was to buy this wood.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Of course, how else would I have the money to buy so much wood?”

Yu Kai came back with a wry smile again, “Yangzi, I’ll call you boss, OK? Even if it’s really coming to an end, shouldn’t you have bought some food? Can you eat wood? And we are in the wilderness, so what’s the point of having timber?”

Cheng Yang quietly said, “Rest assured, in time you’ll understand.”

He said this, but as more time passed, he gradually began to have mixed emotions.

If his predicted disaster didn’t come, what would he do? How would he get the rest of the $100,000 dollars owed to give to Boss Lee? Or should he have told Boss Lee to send the wood back? If he did that he knew that the $80,000 deposit wouldn’t be returned back to him. Either way would make him be in debt of at least $80,000, making Cheng Yang feel depressed.

But if the end did come and he weren’t prepared in advance, that could endanger his own life. Thinking of these points, Cheng Yang’s mood felt a little better.

Cheng Yang saw the time was 4:45 PM, and Niu Bing hadn’t come yet, it made him anxious.

He made a phone call to him, but Niu Bing had just got in a car and hadn’t even made it out of the city. He was cursed by Cheng Yang who wished he was able to give him a good beating.

Cheng Yang immediately urged Niu Bing to tell the driver to go faster, you must arrive here before 5 PM!

When the call was finished, Cheng Yang felt a little concern. In his view, Niu Bing hadn’t made it out of the city. To reach Luo Feng Po in 15 minutes was basically impossible. After thinking for a bit, he made a decision.

Cheng Yang looked around, then toward Yu Kai and Liu Hao and said, “No matter what happens, don’t panic, and stay still as much as possible. I’m going to go to boss Lee and tell them also.”

Cheng Yang ignored Yu Kai’s questioning going straight to the team beside the truck and said, “Mr. Lee, let these bros sit down to have a rest and a smoke, after all, this is hard physical labor. We don’t want them to get too tired and have an accident now, do we?”

With that, Cheng Yang took out a pack of cigarettes, and handed it to Mr. Lee.

“OK!” Boss Lee look up at the sky and smiled, “Anyway, we are making good progress, everybody, come down to rest a few minutes.”

Watching all these guys jumping out of the truck, Cheng Yang showed a wisp of a smile. As long as these people didn’t stay in the truck, their lives shouldn’t have been endangered. Later on they could possibly become his men and if they were injured he would feel distressed.

4:57 PM……

4:58 PM……

4:59 PM……

While time was ticking by faster, Niu Bing ultimately failed to arrive.

Cheng Yang’s palms began to produce cold sweat, Yu Kai was also nervous. Only Boss Lee’s crowd was relaxed and happy. They occasionally turned around to see Cheng Yang with a stiff expression, and felt rather strange.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came from the sky, instantly sweeping across the Earth, the surrounding trees started shaking.

This wind was very strange, generally speaking wind was not blown from top to bottom, except at high altitude. So Boss Lee and the others were stunned, as they looked upward at the sky, and the originally clear blue sky suddenly became gray producing an eerie atmosphere.

“This……” Boss Lee who was about to speak, suddenly became silent because he found the ground seemed to be trembling slightly. Becoming more and more intense as time passed.

“Earthquake!” Someone broke into a shout, causing panic to spread amongst the crowd.

Cheng Yang at this time was calm, saying, “The end finally came.”

Just a touch of bitterness was displayed in his eyes that no one saw.

“Yangzi, this…… this is what you…… you said would happen right?” Liu’s voice trembled, which was a natural fear of humans for the unknown.

Cheng Yang quietly said, “This is just the beginning!”

Ground vibrations were increasing, but thankfully Luo Feng Po’s vegetation was dense, so there were no stones rolling down. Under the devastating wind though, multiple trees were completely pressed onto the ground.

“Don’t run, everyone stay where you are!” As Cheng Yang told Boss Lee’s group to stay, he had to shout out loudly. The wind was very strong, but Cheng Yang’s voice although faint was able to reach the ears of everyone.

Cheng Yang’s decision was correct, here the mountain was not very big, and so it was relatively safe. If someone ran out of this place though, it would be hard to say what would happen.

Five minutes later, the shaking of the ground still continued heavily, Cheng Yang, who, without exception was also on the ground. Boss Lee, who knew nothing of the end, was scared, “That was such a strong earthquake, how far did the damage spread? In the city how many buildings collapsed? And how many people were killed from this…?”

From the sky, a flying plane suddenly plummeted, then hit the ground and became a huge ball of fire……

Cheng Yang knew that at this time the city was completely in mayhem. The panic brought by the earthquake was unthinkable. In the face of natural disasters, humanity didn’t have any power to resist.

Millions of people came pouring out from individual buildings at that moment, no one dared to take the elevator, huge groups of people crowded into the secure staircase to dash downstairs.

High-rises hadn’t fallen into the tremor, or collapsed yet, this gave most people the opportunity to escape.

The tragedy was that in the process of escape, the resulting stampede produced huge casualties, a figure no one would ever count. Once the end began though, humans didn’t have the energy to worry about these things.

10 minutes later, high-rise buildings finally collapsed, leaving behind a land of ruins with people scattered around in the destruction……

All the people who were left were packed in open squares, or out on the streets, all of them were trying to get in touch with the outside world on their mobile phones. They soon gave this idea up though, because all of the phones had stopped working.

What was happening right now? Everyone was filled with fear. Earthquakes shouldn’t have affected the phone’s power system? If it were just one or two cell phones, you could say the battery was dead, but all of the phones couldn’t be turned on; it was too strange.

The ground continued to shake, with a mysterious feeling of the wind blowing in everyone’s ears.

Everyone, regardless of his or her social status at this moment was full of despair. They wanted to get in contact with the outside world as soon as possible, hoping to find out the whole story of this disaster. At this moment, they still thought it was just an earthquake.

Xiangcheng City’s government went into action at this moment. They didn’t want to wait until the national rescue force arrived and be branded with doing a poor relief job. But since the earthquake was still continuing, what they could do was very limited.

Cheng Yang was lying on the ground at the moment. It’s not that he didn’t want to stand up, but the ground was shaking so much that he couldn’t stand. Here, rather than in the city, they were on a gentle slope, thus having a lower level of vibration here. Even still, they dared not stand on the street, who knew if a sudden jolt would sent them into the river?

“Look! ……That…… What the hell is happening?” Boss Lee said with a look of horror on his face, while one hand was pointing toward the top of Luo Feng slope.

Cheng Yang and several other people looked up, and found that Luo Feng Po hilltop was slowly sinking, as if it were quicksand in the desert.

Other than Cheng Yang, all of the people around him went into panic.

Yu Kai with a pale face said, “We will be pulled into the ground, Yangzi, I think we should go……”

Cheng Yang firmly shook his head, and said, “This is our chance, we can’t go! Also I can guarantee that we won’t be pulled under the ground.”

Yu Kai and other few people believed Cheng Yang, but the group of workers didn’t know Cheng Yang, so they had no reason to trust him. Two people got up and rushed toward the street.

“Come back!” Boss Lee was sensible, advising them against running, but the others didn’t stop. In the midst of the wind, his voice didn’t spread to their ears.

When the two workers rushed to the street, a truck finally couldn’t stand the ground tremors and fell over. The truck hadn’t been removed of the timber causing it to fall out on top of the two workers. With fear in their eyes as they watched death coming, the logs overwhelmed them, and then there was no movement to be seen from the bodies.

The sudden deaths of the workers enhanced the people’s fears, the tremors were pretty bad, but at least they were all still alive. Suddenly, two people died and were crushed to pieces; the situation was entirely different now!

After more than 10 minutes, the 100 meter high hill abruptly sank into the ground causing Cheng Yang to suddenly experience a dream-like feeling. He had guessed before that the ground would become flat, but didn’t expect it to happen in such an exciting way.

When the ground tremors had finally stopped people thought the disaster around the world had ended, when suddenly a voice resounded in everyone’s mind around the world; even the deaf could perceive the sound’s content.

“Little ants! Your laziness has made God angry, the creatures of this universe will start a killing feast to promote evolution. At this time, you will all begin to enjoy the killing feast!”

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