Doom Lord Chapter 49

Doom Lord

Chapter 49- Wind Shackle

Next, Cheng Yang started counting today’s harvest.

To him, the biggest gain was obtaining the Redirection skill. However, after using this skill for no less than 50 times today, the skill proficiency only increased by a meager 2%. In addition, the skill required as much as 40 power values to learn, which was not something ordinary people could afford. Although the learning condition for the skill was only at low-order apprentice, but the 40 power values consumption wasn’t something an ordinary low-order apprentice profession would have.

For Luo Feng Village, the biggest harvest was once again rescuing nearly 3,000 people, and previously the village had already rescued more than 6,000 people from Huimin Town. Plus those that were temporarily not yet rescued from Huimin town, Luo Feng Village’s population would soon be able to break through 10,000.

Cheng Yang didn’t know how much population was needed after the territory break through to town, but a figure of 10,000 wasn’t small.

In addition, after a day’s effort from the carpenters, 250 units of wood were harvested. The reason for the excess of harvest was due to having dedicated personnel responsible for transporting wood back from Huimin Town.

With 250 cubic units of wood, Cheng Yang could build two buildings. Cheng Yang used 100 units to build the Grocery Store, while the rest were used to construct level 1 residences.

Cheng Yang wasn’t considering using all the woods to construct shops, since its current role was nothing more than selling a few items. As for learning craft skills, at this stage Luo Feng Village had no more than a few people that could have sufficient power value to purchase the corresponding recipe or drawing, let alone have enough power value to purchase the items needed to continuously used the craft skill*. [T/N: Should be like those vials Cheng Yang needed whenever he wants to produce mana potion.]

In fact, Cheng Yang wanted to build the wall first, because the scope of the level 1 wall was just too small, and fragile against more advanced order monsters attack. But level 2 walls required 500 cubic units of wood to be built, which Cheng Yang temporarily hadn’t managed to scramble up, therefore he first used this portion of the wood to construct the residences.

After these people donated their wood to the village, each respectively received nearly 20 points of power value, which also included those responsible for transporting. In this regard, the world’s rules was very fair.

However, now all these Carpenters earned power value went into the hands of Cheng Yang, increasing his power value.

Originally, Cheng Yang intended to temporarily leave these power value for them to use, but taking fairness into account, he decided to take the power value back. Cheng Yang’s total power value had again reached 2,900 points, most of which were from the killing the enchanted beasts today. The power values obtained from these people returning the power value was only around 400 points.  

At night, after Cheng Yang let all the refugees settle down, he ordered Luo Feng Village’s five teams to go out and hunt. Specifically looking for enchanted beasts to kill, in order to satisfy the territory’s population food demand. As for the staple food and fast food they obtained these past few days, Cheng Yang left them aside for a rainy day.

As for himself, after dividing 2,000 power values into two parts and giving it to selected professions, he took five men into the jungle. For professions in the early days of the apocalypse, every minute was precious. They were able to accumulate more power values, making their growth more beneficial.

The five people together with Cheng Yang were either a team captain or vice-captain, who Cheng Yang put his focus into training. In addition to lending them power value for their cultivation, giving them opportunities to gain more power value was also very necessary. So when these people grew up in the future, they would inevitably contribute more power value to Cheng Yang and the territory.

It was only until close to 2 AM, Cheng Yang returned to Luo Feng Village. At this time, his power value had reached more than 1,700 points, enough for tonight’s cultivation.

The next morning, after clearing the instance and upgrading the statues, Cheng Yang once again set off with a team to save people from Xiangcheng City.

In the morning, the operation also went very smoothly. They were able to reach a total of five rescue points, successfully rescuing Lee Wanshan’s family, and another profession’s family. But in the afternoon, they ran into a bit of trouble.

A profession’s parents were unexpectedly being held hostages.

The reason was simple, after the arrival of the apocalypse, some strong able-body people had their inner demons unleashed. They formed gangs, coerced people with no ability to revolt, and threatened them to search for food, while they themselves remained hiding in a safe place indulging in pleasure. The profession’s parents were examples of such people being coerced.

When Cheng Yang and the others rushed inside the hideout, the rogues had yet to see with their own eyes what Chang Yang and the rest were capable of doing. Although they knew that these people were difficult to deal with, they weren’t particularly worried. After knowing these people came to find someone, they immediately took the profession’s parents as hostage. Holding a knife to each of the hostage’s throat, they demanded Cheng Yang and the others hand over all of their food.

Could people like them threaten Cheng Yang? Obviously, it was impossible. Before the other side could realize what happened, his body turned into a streamer, and in just a breath of time, knocked the knives away from the two rogues’ hands.

The following matter was simple. When dealing with such people, Cheng Yang would never relent. One by one a magic missile was fired off, rapidly eliminating these robbers.

Cheng Yang’s violent method had frightened many people, including a few professions. Previously, Cheng Yang was often in front of them smiling and laughing, and although he was ruthless when dealing with monsters, but towards people he had been very kind. But now, looking at the scenes that was taking place in front of them, it had totally changed their mind. Cheng Yang wasn’t a kind person, his good nature just varied when dealing with certain people.

While these people were still dealing with their shock, Cheng Yang calmly handled the matter. After everything was solved, together with the professions under his command, he moved on.

Since the route Cheng Yang selected deliberately avoided Xiangcheng City’s main city, they had yet to have an encounter with any military personnel. But, as they got closer and closer to the city center, Cheng Yang believed meeting with a few military personnel would only be a matter of time.

Cheng Yang didn’t want to meet with these people face to face currently, so the process of advancing had gradually become more cautious.

Until 5 PM, Cheng Yang had yet to see a single military personnel in sight, it seemed he had overestimated the other side’s advance.

Now the rescue points to the south of Xiangcheng City had mostly been finished. Cheng Yang decided to bypass the east side tomorrow, and go directly to the north of Xiangcheng City to conduct the search and rescue operation. Although this would make the team walk more along the way, but it would allow the team to save more people when returning.

After returning to Luo Feng Village at night, the four main statues had finished upgrading all of the properties. They were all without exception promoted to level 3.

The changes to the profession statues were very big after upgrading to level 3. First, the properties bonus were raised to 11%; of course, they had to first be upgraded before they could play a role, otherwise it would only have a level 2 property bonus. In addition, the power value required for upgrading properties had also greatly increased. For the four main profession statues to be upgraded to level 4, it would need up 10,000 points of power value.

Of course, the biggest changes brought forth by the level 3 statues was the addition of a learnable skill. This skill wasn’t the same as the magic missile, the magic missile skill was automatically learned after transferring, and this skill required power value to learn. In this regard, the wind shackle skill was somewhat similar to the priest’s Angel Inspiration skill. Angel Inspiration belonged to the inheritance skill, but the Wind Shackle was an ordinary skill.

The last change was the number of people that could be transferred, originally it was 51 people, directly increasing to 206 people, a full increase of more than fourfold. As he could imagine, in the not too distant future, Luo Feng Village’s strength would be greatly enhanced.

However, this time Cheng Yang was going through an inner-struggle, should he continue to upgrade the profession statues? Or first gather the needed 20,000 points of power value to upgrade the territory level?

After a brief thought, Cheng Yang decided to proceed with upgrading the profession statues’ properties.

Such upgrades wouldn’t consume all the power value obtained each day, and the remaining territory power value was also sufficient enough to transfer a large number of people. Second, after the transfer quota was completely used, Luo Feng Village would have more than 800 professions, the power value harvested by these people would be very big; and after Luo Feng Village had the donation function, they only needed to contribute a day’s worth of power value, which would be a great help for upgrading Luo Feng Village.

As the number of professions in the territory increased, the more obvious the benefits could be seen from professions’ statues bonuses.

Cheng Yang without hesitation, immediately chose to upgrade the four main statues “Mana”, and the Priest Statue “Health”.

Currently, the Priest Statue had completed upgrading the level 2 “Mana”, “Magic Attack” and “Divine”, these three properties. After another three properties were upgraded, the Priest Statue could be upgraded to level 3.

Next, Cheng Yang began making arrangement for transferring personnel. Presently, Luo Feng Village’s population had exceeded 10,000, a part of the increase were from people brought back from Xiangcheng City, and a part from Huimin Town rescued back. Choosing hundreds of people for transfer was very easy.



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