Doom Lord Chapter 48

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Doom Lord

Chapter 48- Killing Fury

“Lee, you’re an expert in this field, go collect their information, and compared them to see if there are any problems. “Cheng Yang immediately said.

Lee Wanshan didn’t refuse, and immediately went over to listen to the reports of the professions one by one. However, in order to not let others hear their conversation, they lowered their voices.

Shortly after, Lee Wanshan returns to Cheng Yang’s side, said: “Lord, the situation isn’t good. ”

Cheng Yang hasn’t yet spoken, before Fang Lei had already anxiously asked: “What happened? Don’t tell me they haven’t seen my wife? ”

Lee Wanshan looked at Fang Lei with eyes of sympathy, and said: “Little Lei, you need to be mentally prepared, although I’m not sure what they says were true, but it shouldn’t be far off. After our inquiry, seven people stated that your wife left with another group. In addition, there are three women after being threatened by us, had confess something, they say your wife did indeed previously seek refuge together with them. But yesterday, the forefront man along with several other people in order to distract several enchanted beasts outside their hideout, forced your wife out of the cave. The following matter don’t need me to say, you should also be able to guess what happens next. ”

Lee Wanshan’s remarks was like a bolt of lightning hitting Fang Lei, making him fall into a state of despair, for a long time he didn’t regain consciousness. After a long period of time passed, Fang Lei having doubts asked: “Captain Lee, you said my wife was forced to leave the hiding place, then why weren’t several of the other women forced out, but my wife was forced out? ”

Lee Wanshan said: “Because the remaining women had succumbed to that group of people, but your wife’s personality is stubborn, and she strongly resisted them. They were worried that your wife’s shouts might attract the monsters, so they didn’t strongly force themselves on her. But sometimes yesterday, several monsters have been lingering outside of their cave. This allowed those people to firmly made up their mind, and decided to threatened your wife with her life and innocence, to make your wife come out of the cave*. ”[T/N: Made her as bait to lure the enchanted beasts away.]

Hearing this, Fang Lei couldn’t help but shed tears in his eyes, the rest also have their eyes somewhat moist. They felt sympathy for their comrade sad loss, while at the same time have nothing but admiration for the woman named Ruan Meng.

At this time, no one suspected Lee Wanshan’s words, because the words he uttered came out from the mouths of several people, and the content said is fully consistent. Moreover, they didn’t conspired with the others in getting the story straight, so their credibility is much higher than the rest of the people that were questioned.

“Little Meng, how can you be so stupid? “Fang Lei fell to the ground, crying.

Everyone can see that Fang Lei and wife love each other very much, otherwise Ruan Meng’s death wouldn’t have given him such a heavy blow.

Cheng Yang went over to helped Fang Lei up, and said: “Now it’s your turn to go personally questioned those people, if the facts are correct, those people will be left to your disposal. If you have any issue, you can ask me. ”

Fang Lei wiped away the tears, both eyes shows a trace of ruthless and resolute. He firmly nodded and said: “Lord, I know what to do. ”

Then, Fang Lei headed toward the forefront man. At the moment, the other side was somewhat terrified, he can’t tell if Fang Lei figure out the truth or not.

Fang Lei coldly looked at the man, said: “If you confess, I can give you a way out. ”

The man gave a pleading look, and said: “Boss, sir, what I say a moment ago was the truth. If someone said something bad about me, it must be because they hold grudges, after all…… “

“Shut up! “Fang Lei loudly shouted, interrupting the man’s nonsense, and then from his body extracted a wooden arrow from the quiver. He aimed directly at the man’s throat, and said,” I’ll say it again, if you confess, I can give you a way out. ”

Fang Lei’s hand is grasping a wooden arrow, but the arrow’s head is actually made of iron, that icy radiance from the tip made the man feel a chill inside.

“I … … You can’t do that, this is the law of society, you can’t kill me…… “This guy had some lousy ways with word.

Fang Lei made a sneer, said: “The law of society? Do you think now society is run by laws? “Then, Fang Lei released the arrow into the other side’s thigh, the man suddenly let out a pitiful pig’s scream like ones that were waiting to be slaughtered.

“Are you thinking straight now?” Fang Lei coldly said.

The man’s forehead breaks in cold sweat, and with fears in his eyes, said: “If … … If I said, you’re really not going to kill me? ”

Fang Lei didn’t talk nonsense with him, and directly took out another arrow. The man no longer have any resistance, and immediately said, “Yes! Yes! It was me, I was the one that say we should push Ruan Meng out, at that time she was by the enchanted beast killed. ”

“You … … Beast! “Fang Lei loudly roared, sending the arrow straight into the opposite party’s chest.

The man looked at the arrow inserted in his chest, seemingly forgotten about the pain, he panic-strickenly pointed at Fang Lei, said: “Didn’t … … didn’t you … … say you weren’t … … going to kill me? ”

Fang Lei instantly pulled the arrow out, full of hatred said: “When treating people, I naturally meant it, but are you human? “Then, Fang Lei turn around and directly left.

After that one arrow was pulled out, a stream of blood started gushing out from the chest, as the man finally unwilling swallow his final breath.

Fang Lei killed numerous monsters these days, but this is the first time he actually murdered a person. Although the pain from losing his wife filled him with anger, but after killing a person it also gives him a certain sense of discomfort. However he forcibly held it back, and didn’t vomit.

Fang Lei went to Cheng Yang’s side, and said: “Lord, I’ve killed the leader of that group of people. The others I left at your disposal. Little Meng is dead, even if more people are killed, it won’t bring her back to life.”

Cheng Yang looked at Fang Lei, said: “You’ve done well, the rest of these men will be brought back to Luo Feng village. When the territory have excess excess transfer quota, we will let them transfer, and become craft profession, collecting materials for the village for free. 30% of their proceeds will be your private property, it can be considered your compensation. ”

“Thank you, Lord! “Fang Lei immediately said.

Subsequently, Cheng Yang will all the profession left. These people all stayed in place, as for whether they will escape, Cheng Yang wasn’t worried. Now in addition to staying in this one place, everywhere else is full of enchanted beasts, where can they flee to? Even if they die, Cheng Yang won’t feel pity for them, in any case, these people are dispensable.

After more than three hours, they have reached four rescue points, their luck was pretty good, they unexpectedly rescued someone at a rescue point. Although no one was found at the three other rescue points, but they haven’t heard any bad news either, which gave people a little hope.

The time is already four in the afternoon, the distance from the time they had decided to return is only an hour left. However, because along the way they had left behind many people that need rescuing, so for security reasons, they decided to return earlier.

The team immediately began backtracking their path, as long as there are people in need of aid, they are taken along with them. With the increase in staff, their travel speed got slower and slower, while the frequency of monsters attack gradually increases.

Fortunately, the large monster communities were already eliminated by them along the way. Occasionally there would be a group of enchanted beasts wandering, but under the coordination of Cheng Yang and others, they were quickly destroyed.

When they returned to Xiangcheng city’s south channel, with the team were nearly 3,000 people, forming a width of more than 20 meters, and a length of 70-80 meters. Not only were the ordinary people saved, it also included a group given special cares by Cheng Yang and the others known as “Criminals”.

The sky has nearly turn dark, while the inside of the rescued people gradually become more fearful, after all, they don’t know what awaits them.

After entering the jungle, the speed of the team got slower, and with only 30 professions in the team, it’s impossible to ensure the security of everyone. Occasionally, 1-2 enchanted beasts jumps out, taking a life or two, which makes these refugees even more afraid.

Therefore, Cheng Yang and the others had to deal with eliminating the enchanted beast, and calming these ordinary people down.

In fact, Cheng Yang’s decision to save these people today, isn’t because he is kind, but due to him being clear of the trend a year later, he knows the importance of population. Luo Feng village may be overcrowded now, but as the station level increases, population will be the biggest restriction in the development of the territory. In beginning of the apocalypse, a lot of refugees can be saved, but a month later, wanting find a group of refugees won’t be so easy.

From the south channel of Xiangcheng city to Luo Feng village is only five kilometres away, it took the people about two hours to arrived. When Cheng Yang stepped inside Luo Feng village’s gate, he finally let out a long breath.

Although along the way because of enchanted beasts attack, nearly 200 people were killed, but overall the process went smoothly. The rest of these people didn’t blamed Cheng Yang and others, and no one dared to blame.

When these ordinary people see the tall walls of Luo Feng village, they couldn’t help but let out loud cheers, because it indicates they don’t have to worry day and night about monsters attacking them anymore. As for what their own life would be in the future, it can’t be any worse than death, right?

After Cheng Yang came back, he threw the task of resettlement for these refugees to Yu Kai and the rest, before going off to the profession statues, and upgrade their property. For the four main profession statues Cheng Yang chose to upgrade “magic defense”, and as for the priest statue, he selected to upgrade the “mana”.

After everything is done, the territory is left with 2,600 power values. It seems today’s earning is only enough to upgrade the statues, if this continues, when will the territory be able scrape together 20,000 power values to upgrade the village to level 3 .
Cheng Yang was tangled for only an extremely short time, he also abandoned his thoughts on the other stations. Being able to upgrade his village to level 2 is already considered a huge advantage.


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