Doom Lord Chapter 47

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Doom Lord

Chapter 47- Fate

“Yoko, how do we find them? “After arriving at the location, the thing that caused Yu Kai and the others the biggest headache was this.

Cheng Yang pondered for a moment, then said: “By using the simplest method, shout! However, before that happens, we should first get rid of the enchanted beasts in the surrounding, otherwise it might cause a large monsters’ siege. ”

Yu Kai stared blankly at first, but then he instantly awakened, and said: “This method is surprisingly pretty good. ”

“Everyone split up, first kill all the monsters within 400 meters of the surrounding area. This should  take about 10 minutes to complete.” Cheng Yang ordered.

The others promptly accepted the order, and started splitting into smaller groups .

This time, Cheng Yang didn’t take action alone, but together with Yu Kai, Liu Hao, Lee Wanshan, as well as Shu Yuan. The rest were divided into three teams, and began cleaning up in different directions.

Cheng Yang made the arrangement like this, in order to practice the Redirection skill. Of course, such arrangement also has a unique advantage, it makes their formidable attack power strong enough to easily wiped out the majority of the monster group within a short period of time.

The following action went smoothly. Cheng Yang five people specifically went searching for large monster group exceeding 50 enchanted beasts, then after using the Redirection skill, it’s entirely a wave swept past. In this period of time, meditation was used to recover the loss of mana. Generally, when there’s a lot of people protecting on the side, mana potion are basically not needed.

After 10 minutes, the eight monster groups in the surrounding 400 meters were completely killed, while those sporadic monsters and small monster groups were by the other three teams eliminated. Looking at the harvest of Cheng Yang’s group, each of them gained nearly 100 points of power value. Although the efficiency wasn’t much faster compared with Cheng Yang killing monsters alone, but that’s because they haven’t encountered huge monster’s groups, and not used any mana potion.

After all the fighting ended, Shu Yuan opened his originally closed mouth and began shouting his mother and father’s name. Shu Yuan is only a 22 year old young man, and has yet to married, his only family are his parents.

Everyone’s heart are filled with a trace of apprehension and anxiety, but they also know that the result is already doomed, in addition to waiting, there’s nothing they can do. If Shu Yuan’s family is like this, wouldn’t their family be the same?

Perhaps due to Heaven’s blessing, Shu Yuan’s shout got a response, a weak voice sounded from under the ruins.

“Is that little Yuan? “The voice sounded with heavy emotion.

Shu Yuan’s body trembled, although the voice was weak, it blown his mind. Immediately, he crazily ran toward the direction of the distant voice.

Cheng Yang and the others didn’t follow him, because the location of the voice is less than 50 meters away from them. The monsters in that area had been cleared out, so there’s no longer any danger there.

A moment later, Shu Yuan with a group of people came over, both of his hands were separately pulling a person, a man and a woman. Cheng Yang estimated that these two should be his parents. As for those behind them, it should be the people who sought refuge along with his parents.

Cheng Yang felt happy for Shu Yuan’s luck, in the apocalypse, there are very few that can have their whole family reunited. In the 31 people that were brought along, it’s estimated that the families rescued won’t be more than half. They are either already killed, or temporarily unable to be found. As for when they can be found, it depends on the fate of the individual.

“Lord, that is my parents, later we will all moved to Luo Feng village to live, I hope the Lord will agree. “Shu Yuan tone of excitement has not yet subsided. If he used to call Cheng Yang Lord before in order to survive, then now the way he called Cheng Yang is totally from the heart.

Cheng Yang said with smile: “Of course I welcome them, Luo Feng village will always be your home. But what are you going to do now? Are you going to take your parents with us, or stay here with them until we get back? ”

Shu Yuan looked at his parents, and then at the group of companions behind Cheng Yang accompanied alongside him looking for their families, immediately he said: “Lord, I want to go together with you. My parents will temporarily stayed here, and after we come back, we’ll return together to Luo Feng village. ”

Cheng Yang nodded, and said with a smile: “I respect your decision, I also believe that you will not regret your decision in the future. ”

Shu Yuan heavily nodded, then turned to his parents: “Dad, Mom, you can feel at ease waiting here. We have to continue saving other people, wait until afternoon come, then we’ll come back for you. This time, I was able to successfully save you is due to the Lord and my companions’ help. Now I have determined that you’re safe, but I can’t be selfish and stay with you, I hope you’ll forgive me. ”

Shu Yuan’s father is very sensible and immediately said: “Rest assured, haven’t the monsters around been killed? It’s now only a few hours till evening, we’ll find a secluded place to hide till then, there won’t be any danger. ”

Shu Yuan smiled with tears, then after speaking a few words to his mother, he returned to the team.

After watching Shu Yuan father’s group returns to the original hideout to hide, Cheng Yang and others made marks in the vicinity, and then continued on their way.

The next position is quite far from their current location, about three to four kilometers away. This is the place where the profession Fang Lei’s wife work.

Along the way, Cheng Yang made a team with Yu Kai, and three other people drawn from the rest of the profession. Then he opened the Redirection skill, and started a crazy massacre with any encountered monsters.

After nearly half an hour, they arrived at the next location. In accordance with the previous method, after cleaning the enchanted beast in the surrounding, Fang Lei began to call his wife.

But luck seemed to have not shine on Fang Lei, a full minute has passed, and no sound was heard in the surrounding. This causes Fang Lei to panic.

Cheng Yang walked over and patted Fang Lei on the shoulder, and said: “Don’t worry, we’ll look again. Maybe the other side is too weak, so there’s no strength to emit a sound. ”

Fang Lei gave Cheng Yang a grateful look, then nodded his head.

Next, Cheng Yang let the team disperse, looking for every possible holes that may have people in them, and go in one by one searching them.

They have just finished searching 50% of the potholes when suddenly a voice was heard from the ground not far away: “Friends above, are you here to save us? ”

Cheng Yang and the others were slightly startled. They looked at each other, and finally Cheng Yang made a wink to Fang Lei, and let him deal with this matter.

Fang Lei stepped forward a few steps, said: “We are truly here to save people, the monster around here have been killed by us, you can all come out. ”

Soon, there are more than 10 people drilled out from a tunnel 10 meters away. Although they are bedraggled, but the look of their face seemed to be in good colored. It’s even better than most refugees Cheng Yang’s team had met along the way.

“Are you from around here? “Fang Lei asked.

The man at the forefront cautiously looked at Fang Lei, and then said: “We go to work near here. Who are you people? Just now…… I just saw you easily kill the monsters from the hole, how do you guys have that kind of ability? ”

Fang Lei’s mind is quite meticulous, he didn’t directly answered the other side’s question, but said: “These are things you will later know. Do you know a woman named Ruan Meng? She about 24 to 25 years old. ”

The man in front nodded and said: “I know, she was seeking refuge together with us, but the day before yesterday has a relatively large team past through here. She may have thought our group were too little, which made it unsafe, so she went with the other team. They seems to be going to the west. If I see that group of people again, I can certainly recognize them. ”

Fang Lei’s mind was in disorder, and after news about his wife, he immediately turned around to see Cheng Yang. But when he saw Cheng Yang’s expression, he discovered that it wasn’t a pleasant expression.

Cheng Yang didn’t directly give Fang Lei a reply, said: “Go question them separately! Confirm if everything they are saying is true or not. ”

When Cheng Yang’s word falls, the forefront man’s face slightly change, and was preparing to say something. At this time, Cheng Yang waved his spirit bone staff, making a magic missile accurately hit a stone beside the man, smashing the stone into pieces. The meaning of the warning is obvious.

The forefront man has his mouth opened, but no word was coming out of it.

No matter how stupid Fang Lei was, by this time can see the situation is not good. The remaining people immediately followed Cheng Yang’s instruction, and pulled the dozen of people one by one away. Although some of them wanted to revolt, but in front of these professions, they are too weak, and soon was overpowered one by one, then lead to the side.

It’s only a dozen people, these people naturally aren’t enough to make Cheng Yang take action. Fang Lei also stayed behind with Cheng Yang.

“Are you wondering why I did this? “Cheng Yang plainly asked.

Fang Lei hesitated, and then nodded.

Cheng Yang went on to say: “Your observation isn’t enough, in the apocalypse, if not carefully observed the details in the surrounding, it’s likely to lose their own life. Take the things that just happen as an example, the eyes of the men behind the man in front has an air of brutal and fierceness in their eyes, then when our eyes looked at them, their eyes was dodgy. Plus, when you shouted earlier these people didn’t say anything, but when we search, they suddenly pops out, this is clearly not normal. ”

Fang Lei’s face complexion immediately changed, nervously said: “Lord, you mean these people lie? But… … But why do they want to lie? ”

Cheng Yang said: “People that lie has a reason for lying, after questioning those people again, the answer will soon become clear. You’d have to be mentally prepared, probably … … after the results come out then we’ll talk again. ”

Even without Cheng Yang’s reminder, Fang Lei can guessed a few, but he is not willing to believe it.

After a few minutes, all the people that were questioned were brought back. Their faces doesn’t looked so good, it seems the interrogation wasn’t so friendly.
Cheng Yang doesn’t have any comment on this, in this tumultuous times, being too kind will only ruin themselves. Moreover, the method of his men weren’t that excessive.


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