Doom Lord Chapter 46

Doom Lord

Chapter 46- Into The City

“Lord, please speak.” Several professions immediately spoke out.

Cheng Yang directly said, “I have only one request, which is during the time we are in Xiangcheng City, I hope that you can obey my command. If there any person that don’t listen to my arraignment, I will have no choice but to expel them from the team. This is not me abusing my privileges, but for the team, and even for the entire Luo Feng Village’s sake. A while ago, each of you had provided Lee Wanshan with two possible locations where your family might appear. Now we will follow the principle of proximity, and search them one by one. Regarding the locations you guys provided, we can’t continue searching indefinitely, at most half an hour of search and rescue operations will be carry out, then regardless of the results, we will move to the next location. Today’s search and rescue operations will continue until 5:00 PM, and if the search isn’t completed, we will continue tomorrow. This will continue until the search and rescue operations is fully completed. Do you have any comment?”

This matter was without doubt related to the vital interests of the people below, soon the crowd began buzzing with noise.

After a long time, professions below one by one chose to follow Cheng Yang’s decision. This result was also in Cheng Yang’s expectation, after all, he made such a decision impartially, and was standing in the overall interests of everybody. Even if some of them were from the far south who were more inclined to wanting to search far away location first, but they also knew that it was entirely unreasonable.

After the matter was finished, Cheng Yang along with everyone began entering through the channel.

This was not the first time Cheng Yang set foot on this road, but for others, here was incomparable novelty.

If placed before the apocalypse, this channel could definitely be described as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But now, such miracles were everywhere in the world. People longing for such miracles no longer appeared.

The channel was about dozens of feet long and entirely consists of crimson-colored rocks, which seemed to be fully formed by the solidification of magma. From the narration of those that saw the formation of this stone beam, and even the ravine around Xiangcheng City formed during the earthquake, they appeared very suddenly, completely out of thin air from the ground.

Cheng Yang and the others quickly passed through the channel, then the scenes around them went through a drastic change.

In the south side of the channel, countless overgrown trees, a virgin forest full of natural beauty; in the north of the channel, it was scenes of doomsday, even a bit more tragic compared to the environment in Huimin Town.

Here belonged to the outskirts of Xiangcheng City, it originally didn’t have many tall buildings, so it was more like a shanty town. However, at this moment even the low-rise shanty towns had completely collapsed, leaving only a piece of the ruins.

Huimin Town’s ruins had sprouted lots of vegetation, but here could still picture the aftermath of the earthquake. If there were no small groups of enchanted beast seen wandering the wreckage of the ruins, Cheng Yang and others would truly believe they had just arrived at a city that had just finished having an earthquake, rather than the apocalypse.

Regarding these scattered low-level enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang had no need to shot, and he didn’t want to compete with his men for these power values.

However, Xiangcheng City did not only have scattered enchanted beasts, there were also many enchanted beast groups. In order to speed up the pace, Cheng Yang also had to kill the enchanted beasts.

Cheng Yang and the rest marched in the North-East direction, in a position about one kilometer northeast was the home of a profession named Shu Yuan. His family for many generations had lived in the outskirts of Xiangcheng City, and before the apocalypse, his house had been demolished*, so he became a second generation chaebol. However, he wasn’t a man that would rest on other’s laurels, therefore he brought a big truck to run the transportation, which by chance let him get saved by Cheng Yang. [Probably mean his house was bought for a lot of money in order to build another building there.]

His home was the closest rescue point near Xiangcheng City’s south channel, therefore it also became Cheng Yang and the rest first stop.

The row of 30 people marched forward 40 meters, and after eliminating a group of more than 80 enchanted beasts, all of a sudden a loud voice came from the ground not too far away.

“Help me……”

“I beg you……… Help me……”

The sound was very faint, but still clearly went into the the ears of Cheng Yang and the others.

“Yangzi, what do we do? “Liu Hao turned his head to look at Cheng Yang, his eyes flashed look of pity.

Cheng Yang knew that this fatty was a very compassionate person, he sought his opinion, as an expression of respect for their identity; otherwise he wouldn’t ask any questions, and directly rush to the rescue.

Cheng Yang answered, “Save them, the apocalypse have killed too many people, we can try to save some people. But today’s main mission is to save the families of our members, taking them will delay our speed. So for these outsiders, we can’t rescue many.”

“I understand, Yangzi.” Liu Hao said.

Soon after, Cheng Yang led the team toward the direction of the sound, after a few breaths, they came to a pothole formed by a collapsed wall.

Liu Hao stoop to look inside, and asked, “How many people do you have?”

“18.” A voice said, “I beg you for a drink of water, we have been here for three days without water.”

Cheng Yang said, “You first come out, we brought some water and food.”

“Are there monsters out there? Those monsters are too scary, one of my neighbors was eaten by them.” The voice had a hint of trembling, they could tell that he was very fearful of the enchanted beasts.

Cheng Yang said, “No, the surrounding monster was killed by us.”

Sounds of rustling transmitted, and soon two men crawled out from the inside. Their eyes were sunken, and spirit low, even to the brink of collapse.

“Water, where is the water?” said one trembling.

Liu Hao handed a bottle of mineral water over, the man quickly snatched it, and then entered the cave.

Cheng Yang and the others didn’t blame the man impolite behavior, in the face of survival, keeping the bottom line of human morality had been commendable. If also polite, you could only say that this man was too pedantic.

On another person’s face was a hint of worry, Cheng Yang and the others performance, he had watched it a moment ago. It could be said, that Cheng Yang and the rest’s strength had been deeply imprinted into the depth of his heart, but because of threats to their existence, they didn’t dare make noise a moment ago. In the end, who on earth were they?

“Didn’t you say 18 people? How come only 2 of you came up?” Liu Hao asked, frowning.

The man said, “This…… this, they are now too weak.” Xu Zhou went down to feed them a drink of water, after recovering, they would have the strength to crawl out.

Cheng Yang’s mood turned gloomy. These people’s physical strength were so bad, if they were taken along, he was afraid they won’t be able to go to several places.

Yu Kai saw Cheng Yang’s brow knitted, and correctly guessed Cheng Yang’s thought, he immediately said, “Yangzi, I think the hole is quite safe, let’s have them stay here. We’ll leave them some food and water to help them recover. When we return in the afternoon, we can then bring them with us.”

The refugees saw Cheng Yang and the others weren’t bad people, and after hearing what Yu Kai said, immediately implored, “Several…… several uncles, I beg you, take us with you, we will not drag on you.”

After the speech, the man suddenly knelt down on the ground, constantly kowtow towards Cheng Yang, and said, “I beg you, please take us, otherwise we will die.”

Cheng Yang helped this person up, then said, “Rest assured, my brother had just said not to abandon you. Also our foothold is located outside of the city, so we will pass through here in the afternoon. In addition, we must go inside the city today, and along the way is bound to fight monsters, and when that time come, perhaps we may not have the energy to protect you. You will be safer here than following us.”

After the man heard Cheng Yang’s persuasion, he stood up, scruple asked, “Is what you said true?”

Cheng Yang gave a calm smile, said, “Do you think with our strength, it’s necessary to deceive to you?”

“This is also true.” This man bitterly laughed, had to say, Cheng Yang’s words were very convincing. With Cheng Yang and the rest strength, they really had no need to lie to them. If Cheng Yang and the rest really didn’t want to save them, they could ignore, or even kill them on the spot and no one could stop them.

At this time, the man that drilled into hole holding the bottle of mineral water came out again. He excitedly expressed his gratitude to Cheng Yang and others.

After Cheng Yang slightly comforted him, he said, “Lee, leave behind food for ten people.”

After getting Cheng Yang’s instructions, Lee Wanshan without any hesitation, immediately from the others drew out ten servings of food. There were grilled meat, while some were fast-food products. These were the rations they brought along today, but considering that today was to save others, the food they had bring along were also relatively abundant.

The man that just drilled out still didn’t comprehend the situation, after getting another person’s explanation, he understood. Subsequently, he inevitably expressed some gratitude.

After making the arrangements for these people, Cheng Yang and others hit the road again. Before leaving, the two men looked at Cheng Yang, praying for him to come back to take them. They had seen, Cheng Yang’s group of people is one of principal.

Next, after walking 700-800 meters down the road, several enchanted beast groups had been killed by Cheng Yang’s group, and the people saved were around seventy to eighty. Like the earlier precedent, Cheng Yang also didn’t bring these people along, he commanded them to find a place to hide, until evening come before he could come to take them with him. For the people rescued, their lack of food was not particularly large, after all, now was the fourth day of the apocalypse, as long as the courage was a bit larger, they could find some food in the ruins. If a few more days passed, and no aids were given, mass starvation would occur.

Soon after, they finally arrived at the location specified by Shu Yuan. Although because of the earthquake, the houses here had completely collapsed, but there were little changes to the city’s crust, therefore one could vaguely distinguish the original position.



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