Doom Lord Chapter 45

Doom Lord

Chapter 45- Divide Into 2 Groups

Lee Wanshan’s eyes flashed a trace of shock, in his opinion the punishment Cheng Yang spoke of was just too light; after all, this was a life. But what Lee Wanshan didn’t know was that after the apocalypse, the things that were most worthless are human lives.

Cheng Yang then said, “Now the channel is open, so entering Xiangcheng City will no longer be a problem. But inside Xiangcheng City isn’t peaceful, we first need to have a discussion.”

Next, Cheng Yang let the team vice-captains find a place for all the professions to rest, while he along with Yu Kai, Liu Hao, and Lee Wanshan held a simple conference.

Yu Kai said, “Yangzi, do you know what’s the situation is like in Xiangcheng City?”

Cheng Yang said, “Not really, but I can guess a thing or two. Now the military has occupied Xiangcheng City, but they shouldn’t have a lot of professions. They should still be focusing their activities around the inner-city, so the relief efforts for the whole city has only just begun.”

Yu Kai frowned and said, “Are you saying the main city is similar to our Luo Feng Village?”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “At the moment, Xiangcheng City’s main city* should only be 45 kilometers in size, the numbers of troops inside is fewer than 10,000 people, while ordinary people shouldn’t be more than 50,000.” [This is the area inside of the light screen.]

Yu Kai’s eyes light up, he immediately said, “Yangzi, maybe we should try occupying Xiangcheng City’s main city.”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said, “You’re saying it like it’s easy, although Xiangcheng City’s personnel aren’t much, but it’s way more than our team of 200 people. Also, currently there are a lot of guns in the hands of the military. These things can be a huge threat to us.”

Yu Kai’s face immediately collapsed, he said, “What should we do? If the military knows about our existence, they won’t tolerate Luo Feng Village’s existence, and even if they don’t kill us, we will also be assimilated into their control. They are so powerful, how will we fight against them?”

Lee Wanshan immediately said, “We can quietly go in, and not let the military know that we exist. After our families are rescued, we return to Luo Feng Village to enhance our strength.”

Cheng Yang said, “Lee, you said exactly what I thought. As long as they don’t know the existence of Luo Feng Village, give us a month of development time, we will no longer have to fear Xiangcheng City’s military force. You guys are the people I trusted the most, there is a sentence I need to say to you guys, I don’t want our future destiny to be in the hands of others, and since I occupy Luo Feng Village, this must absolutely not come true. And you, if they choose to stay in Luo Feng Village, it will definitely become prominent. If you instead choose to go to the military, any future developments that goes on over there, you guys can think on your own.”

Liu Hao brightly smiled and said, “Say no more, several of us brothers are mixed together with you anyway. There’s a lot of things I don’t know, but one thing I do know, in the future if I want to save my family, relying on the military is impossible. They are not going to go through all that risks for an unimportant person like me. Brother Kai, what do you think?”

Yu Kai bitterly smiled, he said, “I also have the same idea, I just hope my family can survive in this disaster.”

Although they did contact their families by phone according to Cheng Yang’s instruction, but this only gave them a greater chance of surviving. If they could, after the earthquake ended, first break into the light screen, it would be a great opportunity for them, and the chances of them surviving would also increase. If they weren’t able to make it into the light screen in this period of time, they wouldn’t have any distinct advantage compared with other people*. [He’s talking about the talent.]

Lee Wanshan also said, “Lord I think you already know, the first half of my life was mediocre, while the latter half of it was given this opportunity by you. I’ll make sure to not let you be disappointed in giving me this opportunity.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Now that we have that settled, we will now plan our next course of action.”

At this point, Cheng Yang paused and said, “If we are to take the entire team into Xiangcheng City, the size would be too large, and it will easily attract the attention of others. Therefore, I propose to have only the members with family in Xiangcheng City, and together with the four of us set off. The rest of the team are to be led back to Luo Feng Village by each team’s vice-captain. They will be responsible for clearing up Huimin Town and killing the enchanted beast surrounding Luo Feng Village. What do you think?”

Lee Wanshan and the rest looked at him and expressed their support.

Then, Cheng Yang said, “Lee, I guess that people with family member in Xiangcheng City are basically the batch of drivers and workers you brought along, perhaps a small part of the people rescued from Huimin Town back may also have families in Xiangcheng City. In a bit gather all these people together, it’s up to you to collect the positions where their families may appear. Although the houses in the city has been destroyed, but due to the threat of enchanted beasts, these people will basically stay at the place before the earthquake happened, they shouldn’t have gone too far.”

Lee Wanshan nodded and said, “Lord don’t worry, I’ll make sure get these statistics.”

Yu Kai suddenly asked, “Yangzi, how long will we stay in Xiangcheng City? Are we going to return to Luo Feng Village at night?”

Cheng Yang said, “Return is inevitable, the specific return time depends on how many people we rescued, but the latest will not be more than 6:00 pm.”

Yu Kai and the rest also understood the purpose of Cheng Yang’s decision, it was intended to maximize the efficiency for upgrading the territory’s level*. There was no other way, after all, the only people that could upgrade the profession statues were Cheng Yang and Lee Wanshan, and now both of them needed to go to Xiangcheng City, so naturally they needed to return in the evening. [He needs to upgrade the statues.]

Soon after, Cheng Yang and the others dispersed, each team began collecting their respective statistics, those with family members in Xiangcheng City were separated, while the remaining people under the leadership of the vice-captains returned to Luo Feng Village.

There was a little problem for Lee Wanshan’s team, because the team vice-captain was a driver that came together with him, and he also had family member in Xiangcheng City. Faced with this situation, Lee Wanshan temporarily assigned a profession to be the team leader.

The chief leader of the returning team was Zhao Chuan, after a few days together, Cheng Yang had quite a bit of trust in him. Of course, for such a large team, it was impossible for Cheng Yang to let Zhao Chuan have complete control, several of the other team’s vice-captains also had a certain degree of decision-making power. After returning to Luo Feng village, the only one who had the right to temporarily deploy all the teams was Niu Bing.

Although the time of Cheng Yang’s departure wasn’t long, but these arrangements were essential. In the apocalypse, unforeseen circumstances might occur at any time, if there were confusion in the command, the whole team was fully capable of being ruined.

After Zhao Chuan with all the men disappeared into the north woods, Cheng Yang turned his head to look at the people present.

Currently, the remaining personnel were 31, and together with Cheng Yang four people, it totalled to 35 professions.

Cheng Yang stood in front of the team, sternly said, “You all have family member in Xiangcheng City, right?”

“Yes!” Everyone neatly replied.

Cheng Yang said, “I can understand your feelings, this time through the channel, the main purpose is to rescue your family member in Xiangcheng City.”

“Thank you for the Lord’s kindness.” A person in the team took the lead to say, others soon responded, expressing gratitude to Cheng Yang, including some clever people seize the chance to express their loyalty.

As for how high the credibility of these people’s words, Cheng Yang didn’t want to know. He never considered himself as a person with an aura of a tiger, causing others to fearfully follow him, or a natural born king that had thousands of followers kneeling down to him. But loyalty was something that could be developed, as long as they had a sense of belonging to Luo Feng Village, the probability of them leaving Luo Feng Village would be much smaller.

Cheng Yang wore a pleased expression on his face nodded and said, “For you to feel this way, I’m deeply honored. However, with regard to this action, there are some things I have to say in front of you.”



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