Doom Lord Chapter 44

Doom Lord

Chapter 44- Redirection

After half an hour of fighting, Cheng Yang had killed more than 800 enchanted beasts. At the same time, Cheng Yang’s mana potions were also depleted, he could only rely on his mana recovery to kill the remaining 300 enchanted beasts, which made the risk still very large.

At that moment, Cheng Yang no longer paid attention to the Bloodthirsty Jackals, and left toward Yu Kai’s direction.

After a few minutes, Cheng Yang and Yu Kai converged.

“Boss, how’s the situation? I heard the commotion over there was pretty huge.” Yu Kai immediately asked.

Cheng Yang quickly said, “It’s basically solved, but there are still more than 300 Bloodthirsty Jackals left. I ran out of mana potion, so give me the five bottles you had prepared.”

The mana potions Yu Kai carried was originally prepared for Cheng Yang, so after hearing Cheng Yang’s orders, he immediately took them out from the backpack.

After Cheng Yang received them, he said, “Wait here for ten minutes, then meet me at the channel.” After he finished those words, Cheng Yang walked away.

Soon afterward, Cheng Yang quickly returned to the original battlefield. The group of Bloodthirsty Jackals could be seen trailing three hundred or four hundred meters away. When Cheng Yang caught them, it would also herald the end of their lives.

In just a few minutes, Cheng Yang would have these Bloodthirsty Jackals completely wiped out. When he saw his personal power value had reached more than 1,200 points, he felt extremely excited. Cheng Yang knew that the bigger the crisis was, the greater the gains were. Such an intensive battle was indeed the best choice for harvesting power value.

After the battle was finished, Cheng Yang no longer cared about the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s bodies. Although they could be used as meat, but for now, the majority of the people wouldn’t accept the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s meat, after all, these guys were too dirty.

When Cheng Yang returned to the channel, he suddenly found on the ground in the aisle of the channel actually placed an item. This no doubt surprised Cheng Yang.

In the previous apocalypse, he had never heard of such a situation. Was this because of his presence that the world gave birth to such changes? That meant his luck is good, right? In fact, Cheng Yang didn’t know that this was not caused by him, but when the channel was being sieged, a person managed to take the item when everything was in disarray, so it went without notice. Soon after the channel was taken the man died, so no one knew about it except for the dead man.

Cheng Yang walked over, and picked up the item off the ground, which was similar to a reel.

For such items, Cheng Yang had seen a lot, they were either skill scroll, or a one time instance voucher. Of course, it could also be a number of architectural drawings, which could add a new building to the station.

Cheng Yang with an expectant mood opened up the reel, and found that it wasn’t what he was looking forward to getting, architectural drawings, but rather a skill scroll, which no doubt made him a little disappointed.

When Cheng Yang saw the skill description, his earlier depressed feeling didn’t know where to have run off. This was definitely a very powerful skill.

Redirection (level 1, special): Shift a particular property (not including health and mana) on to other people. Other properties (not including health and mana) will be reduced by 50% for a 1 minute duration*. Skill at level 1 can be passed on to five people. Effect duration, reduction of properties, and number of people will change as skill level increases. Learning condition: Medium-order profession’s apprentice. [Reduction is only on the person with the skill, which would be Cheng Yang if he learns it.]

Cheng Yang only needed to see that particular word “special”, to know this thing had to be extraordinary, because he knew very few special skills, and each one of them were very powerful. Of course, in order to enhance the level of the special skill could be very difficult.

After finishing reading all of Redirection properties, Cheng Yang instantly understood why the secondary leaders all of a sudden had a surge in speed. It was because of the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader having mastered this skill, and the skill level, he was afraid it wasn’t as simple as level 1. It did eventually take four magic missiles exterminate the other side.

For Bloodthirsty Jackals, their weakness were their low health value, and with his current attack, three attacks definitely knocked off at least 90 health points from the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader. In other words, even without the Bloodthirsty Jackal weakness in low health value, the weakening effects after using the redirection skill wouldn’t be more than 20%. How powerful was this skill?

Cheng Yang even thought of scenes of five people brushing together with him. He could transfer his attack damage to five people and occupy a strategic location, it would be one man hold the pass against ten thousand enemies*, their killing efficiency would be unimaginable. Of course, if all five professions were remote, it would be even more perfect. [Chinese idiom]

This redirection was only a skill scroll, and not a skill inheritance bead. Otherwise, it would definitely let Luo Feng Village be invincible.

Immediately Cheng Yang chose to learn the skill, in the end, no one would not want to make themselves more powerful, and for this skill, no one was more suited for it than Cheng Yang.

After a few minutes, Yu Kai and the others arrived at the channel. He could see lots of the soldiers clothing have signs of rupture, it seemed their fight wasn’t easy. If it weren’t for the world’s transformations, it was estimated they were covered in bloods right now.

“Yangzi, seeing the way you look, the harvest should be good huh.” Liu Hao smilingly said.

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “It was pretty good. How’s your harvest?”

Liu Hao said, “My team killed almost 500 enchanted beasts, while the average person earn about 15 points of power value. Added with the power value earned along the way, they harvest nearly 30 points each, which is a much bigger harvest than in the past few days.”

Yu Kai reported harvests were similar to Liu Hao.

At this time, Lee Wanshan had a tangled look on his face, said, “Lord, My team’s harvests are almost the same as captain Liu Hao, but there has been casualties, which is caused by poor command, please punish me Lord!”

Cheng Yang’s expression instantly solidified, although he had long been psychologically prepared for this, but the sudden appearance of casualties still let him find it difficult to accept. In these past few days after the apocalypse, he walked every step very carefully, things that he didn’t fully grasp, he didn’t dare to act recklessly, for fear of getting casualties. After all, any profession that grown up since the beginning of the apocalypse was a valuable asset.

Which wars would not have dead people? Now than ever before, there might not be wars between countries, but the brutality had gone a step further. This was not a war between humanity, but a war between human and enchanted beast. There were no prisoners in the case of defeat, other than death, there was no second choice. In the past, massacre were the most brutal type of wars, but now such massacre were commonplace. Even a town being fully eaten was likely to occur.

“Were the casualties large?” Cheng Yang asked.

Lee Wanshan answered, “1 dead, while the wounded are fine. After taking a health potion they have been fully restored.”

Cheng Yang was slightly relieved, one dead was within his acceptance range, he immediately said, “The dead person will be buried, we can’t let our brothers be food to the enchanted beast. If he has family, later they will get better care, provided with the opportunity to transfer, and compensation of power value. This is your punishment! Later we will form a system, any casualties in the team, the aftermath of their pensions will be the responsibility of the team themselves, and it will not be below a certain standard. As for how much is that standard, we’ll discuss it later.”



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