Doom Lord Chapter 43

Doom Lord

Chapter 43- Bloodthirsty Jackals Beheaded

Cheng Yang became increasingly anxious, but he could only released one magic missile per second. His present attack speed bonus is negligible, so while suppressing his heart full of anxiety, he once again shot out a magic missile.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader simply disregarded the incoming magic missile, and was obsessed with getting the tree snapped, so Cheng Yang easily hit the target once more.

Cheng Yang didn’t have a probing skill, so he can’t see the the rest of the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader’s health. He can only roughly estimated it. With its first-late order strength, it can resist his attack up to four times, which mean if he can hit other side two more times, even the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader will cease its breath.

But Cheng Yang now has no time to carry out those two attacks, the tree beneath him already can’t bear to hold under the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s bites, finally started to break down from the base. The trees surrounding him wasn’t large, so when the tree felled, it fell straight to the ground.

During the toppling process, Cheng Yang held one hand tightly around the trunk, and then with his hand holding the Spirit bone staff, he flicked a magic missile off.

With Cheng Yang’s fighting sense, he didn’t need to look back, he could determine his magic missile has hit the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader. In the moment of landing, Cheng Yang didn’t turned to flee, but instead he suddenly leaped upward onto the fallen tree’s branches. Meanwhile, five Bloodthirsty Jackals rapidly came to his location.

At this time, if the tree branches are broken off, Cheng Yang will have no room for manoeuvre, and will fall directly into the surrounding Bloodthirsty Jackals.

Why did Cheng Yang make such a decision? He wasn’t crazy, but made the decision after carefully weighing it.

A mocking expression flashed through the eyes of the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader, in its view, the other side is obviously courting death. Although he can only afford one attack from the other side, but to kill a weak mage trapped in the enclosure, how can it required its personal participation? His four subordinates is completely enough to solve the other side.

Cheng Yang saw the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader standing 30 meters away, then he looked at the almost broken tree branches caused by the four secondary leaders. His face showed a hint of decisiveness, it seems it’s time to make a gamble.

Immediately, Cheng Yang shot a magic missile toward a secondary leader, followed by the tree branches snapping, Cheng Yang instantly fell to the ground.

The four secondary leaders wasn’t aware of the situation, and immediately swarmed toward Cheng Yang’s body, trying to bite it.

Cheng Yang fired another magic missile at the injured secondary leader causing it to suddenly collapsed, it couldn’t be anymore dead.

The other three Bloodthirsty Jackal secondary leaders arrived at Cheng Yang’s side at this time, and using their sharp fangs, they bites towards Cheng Yang’s neck.

Cheng Yang was startled, even though he knew that after the world had turned into a game, getting hit in the throat will not deal more damage, but the visual impact is too strong. Even for Cheng Yang with his one year experience in the apocalypse, he still can’t completely ignore the feeling of getting his throat ripped.  

Cheng Yang’s reaction can be described as fast, but the three Bloodthirsty Jackals wasn’t much slower. Although he managed to escaped the attacks on his throat, the three Bloodthirsty Jackals was still able to bite onto his thigh.

In an instant, Cheng Yang’s health was reduced by 24 points. Even though the world has turned into a game, there still a lot of realistic factors, such as pain. Although his body became more powerful, which made the pain reduced a lot, but the moment the three Bloodthirsty Jackal’s fangs bit into his flesh, it feel like a cone pierced through his heart..

After going through the life and death experiences from the previous apocalypse, Cheng Yang didn’t flustered due to the pain, and quickly examine the current situation. This Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader attack damage has certainly reached 12 points, it’s definitely a very strong presence within the enchanted beast in the same order.

At the moment Cheng Yang don’t even have a chance to escape, because the moment he turned around, these three secondary leaders will have a chance to land their second attacks on him. Also, at this critical moment the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader would never allowed him to flee.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang didn’t plan on fleeing, instead he took out a bottle of potion that was prepared in his arms, and poured it into his mouth. The recently loss 24 points of health was instantly back to full health.

Health Potion!

The initial effect of a bottle of health potion(medium) can restore 30 points of health, and together with Cheng Yang’s passive talent Natural medicine, when gulping down the bottle, even if he’s in a state of near-death, he can instantly recovered. His health was added more than 60 points, which made most of the effects of the health potion wasted.

But Cheng Yang didn’t think of it as a waste, after all, how much power value is a bottle of health potion? Compared with his life, even if he have to spend more power values, it would be worth it.

After Cheng Yang’s health made a full recovery, he raised his Spirit bone staff and shot another magic missile. There was no need to aim, it directly hit the side of a secondary leader’s head.

The three secondary leaders also took this time to bite onto Cheng Yang’s body, causing him to lose 24 points of health again. This time Cheng Yang didn’t rush to take the potion, but instead  fired a magic missile off, settling the secondary leader with residual health.

Since Cheng Yang got hurt by the attacks, the effects of the first bottle of health potion was interrupted, and after suffering from two rounds of attacks, Cheng Yang health was reduced by 40 points. With the naked eye, it can be seen his legs are injured, and although it’s badly mutilated, it’s certainly not life-threatening. Cheng Yang knew, that if his health was completely depleted, even if his body is intact, his life won’t be guaranteed.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader in the distance seems to not understand why Cheng Yang isn’t dead after suffering two rounds of attack, but it is still not ready to make a move. At this time, Cheng Yang poured another bottle of health potion(medium) into his mouth. The originally dangerously low heath was again back to full health.

Cheng Yang didn’t continue to take any more health potion, and carry out his attack on the remaining secondary leaders. After killing the last two secondary leaders, his health was only dropped by half.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader see the situation is bad, with his men getting killed one by one, the other side is still standing, which is totally inconsistent with common sense.

Cheng Yang in an instant rushed over to the hesitant Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader, with his speed, in the blink of an eye he close within 30 meters, then with the Spirit bone staff he waved a magic missile out.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader hasn’t had time to react, and was hit on the head by a magic missile. At this stage, such an immensely powerful leader met with its humble death. In its final moment, it didn’t even have an opportunity to go through a spectacular duel with its opponent.

He looked at the ground littered with Bloodthirsty Jackal’s corpses, and wiped the sweat off his forehead. This fight can be described as very thrilling, if he just slightly panic, and miss the timing of taking a health potion, perhaps the one lying on the ground now will be himself.

Fortunately, his psychological qualities are quite well, in the face of the enemy, he still managed to fight in his own rhythm.

But Cheng Yang didn’t have too much time to review his experiences learned from the battle, because there are thousands of ordinary Bloodthirsty Jackals waiting for him to kill. For him, killing high level enchanted beast is not very cost-effective, the most favorable harvest are from low level enchanted beast, which harvest power value quicker..

Cheng Yang quickly consumed a bottle of health potion, then ran toward the opposite direction leading to the Bloodthirsty Jackals group.

Currently, the Bloodthirsty Jackals don’t know that all of their leaders were killed by Cheng Yang, and by relying on their sense of smell, they chased toward the direction of their leaders.

Their speed compared with Cheng Yang, was naturally lacking, and after reaching Cheng Yang they quickly suffered. With Cheng Yang’s speed, coupled with his attack being able to spike the ordinary Bloodthirsty Jackals, the battle has become a completely one-sided massacre.

Cheng Yang constantly pull the enchanted beast in a circle around the region, and although occasionally there are special enchanted beasts rushing out from the group*, Cheng Yang didn’t care. One or two make no difference to him. [Enchanted beast with special talent]



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