Doom Lord Chapter 42

Doom Lord

Chapter 42- Snake from its hole

This could be described as poking a hornet’s nest, the loud ruckus caused all the Bloodthirsty Jackals to shift their attention toward Cheng Yang’s direction. Immediately, the monsters issued howls to the heaven, and countless Bloodthirsty Jackals began crazily charging toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang wasn’t hidden, so it was not surprising that he was easily found by this group of Bloodthirsty Jackals. Cheng Yang immediately began fleeing southward at flying speed, while continuously shooting at the Bloodthirsty Jackals chasing him.

After running close to a hundred meters, there were already more than 10 Bloodthirsty Jackals killed. The leader of this group of Bloodthirsty Jackals wasn’t the same as the Black Wolf he met yesterday, it didn’t let Cheng Yang continue such a massacre. Followed by a howl, the leader along with more than 10 Bloodthirsty Jackals rushed out from the group.

From the shape of the rushing Bloodthirsty Jackal’s bodies, he could infer that there wasn’t even a first-early order enchanted beast. In other words, it could be seen that this group of Bloodthirsty Jackals did not only have a large number of first-early order enchanted beasts, but there was also a certain of amount of secondary leaders. These secondary leaders along with the head Bloodthirsty Jackal, constituted this entire monster community management system.

Cheng Yang carefully considered his next course of action. With all the leaders of this enchanted beasts herd rushing out, for him, there were advantages and disadvantages. As long as these Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leaders were destroyed, then those remaining weren’t worth worrying about, but the key was how to eliminate these guys. They were separated from the rest of the pack, so his advantages in speed undoubtedly weakened a lot. Although his speed was faster than them by two times, but that could be said to be his speed limit.

Whether it was before the arrival of the apocalypse, or after the apocalypse, human could only sustain the speed limit for a limited amount of time. Before the apocalypse, professionally trained athletes could adhere for almost three hundred to four hundred meters. After the apocalypse, special restrictions were placed, and how long humans were able to run at full speed became associated with the physical defense and physical damage. The average of the two properties allowed humans to run continuously at full speed for at least several minutes.  

Enchanted beasts were a lot weaker in this regard, according to the different ethnic groups, this restriction might also be different, especially for dogs and wolves which had a particular advantage in this area. So in spite of Cheng Yang’s speed being two times faster than the Bloodthirsty Jackals, but regarding the real competition in speed, the gap between the two was not very big.

After weighing his options, Cheng Yang decided to attack the leader of the Bloodthirsty Jackals. If the leader caught up to him when his physical consumption was almost up, he probably wouldn’t even have enough strength to deal with it.

To distinguish the leader from the group of Bloodthirsty Jackals wasn’t easy, but it was not too difficult either. According to their speed, the first-mid order secondary leaders should have already been at full speed, while the first-late order leader was still running leisurely.

After he made up his mind, Cheng Yang immediately slowed down, while at the same time a magic missile directly hit the head of the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader did have a bit of wisdom, after getting hit by two magic missiles, it slightly lowered its speed, and let a secondary leader rush in front of it to wear off the attacks. The way this guy fought showed that it was very experienced, often it could grasp the battle rhythm, and under the next several attacks, there would definitely be a secondary leader between him and the leader of the Bloodthirsty Jackals.

Cheng Yang was very annoyed by this matter, if he had mastered the higher-order apprentice skills, this situation would be relatively easy to deal with, but it was obviously not within his control. In this regard, he could only take a step at a time, he first had to kill the first-late order enchanted beast before dealing with that matter.

Right now a first-mid order enchanted beast was really of no challenge to Cheng Yang, after two magic missiles were fired, it could easily resolve one. If this went on, killing more than 10 first-mid order enchanted beasts wouldn’t seem to be too difficult a task. But Cheng Yang’s heart always felt a sense of unease, he had a faint feeling that the Bloodthirsty Jackals shouldn’t have been so easy to deal with.

The intense chase lasted for nearly a minute, secondary leaders died at the hands of Cheng Yang were more than five, there was only six remaining secondary leaders left.

At this time, the first-late order leader let out a howl, and a pale grey light appeared with the leader at the center, which then spread to the surrounding. Shortly thereafter, Cheng Yang saw the rest of the enchanted beasts had their eyes turned red.

What on Earth happened? Cheng Yang’s face distorted. Suddenly, he remembered a situation the military encountered in this channel.

Cheng Yang did not participate in that battle, but according to those who had participated in the battle, when humans were fighting the enchanted beast herds, their advantages were very obvious. Although there were two first-late order enchanted beasts within the herd, but humans had a large quantity of professions at the time, even if there were an extra two first-late order enchanted beasts, it was not something they were not incapable of coping with.

However, when the battle was about to come to an end, a large group of first-mid order enchanted beasts got into a frenzy, and their damage greatly increased. In a very short period of time, the human side suffered a great deal of damage. This resulted in a reduction in the number of human experts, which later increased the difficulty of attacking Luo Feng Village.

Why did the enchanted beasts suddenly have an outbreak at the end? This mystery had always lingered in the minds of those that participated in the battle, a lot of people thought it might be a special ability of the enchanted beast in this particular channel. But Cheng Yang knew this was not the case, because this wasn’t an ability given to the enchanted beast in the channel, but to the leader of the Bloodthirsty Jackals.

In the moment these memories flashed through Cheng Yang’s mind, the Bloodthirsty Jackals had unexpectedly accelerated at Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang was surprised, what kind speed was this? All of a sudden the six secondary leaders of the first-mid order burst out a speed which reached first-late order. This was completely beyond common sense!

Currently was not the time to hesitate, if these seven guys surrounded him, he would certainly be obliterated without a corpse. Cheng Yang immediately turned round and ran toward the distance. Now these guys’ speed was just a bit slower than his, if he didn’t desperately run hard now, there might be no chance later.

Previously, Cheng Yang could attack once every three to four seconds, but now after the enchanted beasts’ sudden outbreak, it took him about 15 seconds to have a chance to attack again. Furthermore, each time he stopped to attack, it had to be done carefully, for fear of being surrounded.

There was a bit of good news for Cheng Yang, although these secondary leaders speed had been enhanced, their health were far from reaching the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader. After four attacks from Cheng Yang, he successfully killed two Bloodthirsty Jackals.

However, at this time Cheng Yang physical strength had declined sharply, if he continued to run, he could probably last for two minutes, but afterward his speed would be halved. For his current predicament, halving his speed was basically sentencing him to his death.

Cheng Yang had no thought of directly killing the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader, the other side showed shrewdness far beyond his imagination. Almost every attack unleashed, there would be a secondary leader in front of it, making his attempt to kill it unsuccessful.  

A bright idea struck Cheng Yang’s mind, he could still use his old method. Immediately, Cheng Yang started looking around, and without hesitation he ran to a tree on the left, then with his body gathering all of his strength to his lower body, he leaped more than three meters high. Then he firmly grabbed hold of the trunk, and with his hands and feet he quickly climbed upward.

In less than two seconds, Cheng Yang climbed to a ten-meter high position, at this time the remaining five Bloodthirsty Jackals had rushed to the tree, and began the same action of leaping, ready to bite Cheng Yang. But they were, after all, not human beings, although there was a certain degree of intelligence, climbing trees was not something they can learn. After jumping three to four meters high, they finally exhaustively fell.

Cheng Yang took this opportunity to aim directly at the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader, followed by a magic missile shooting off.

“Poof……!” In the face of such an attack from the Heaven, the Bloodthirsty Jackal’s leader couldn’t use its method to ward off the attack, which allowed the magic missile to accurately hit its target. The leader then issued an angry howl at Cheng Yang.

After these secondary leaders fell down from the tree, they seemed to understand Cheng Yang was not within their reach, so instead they focus their target on the tree. Although the tree reached one meter in diameter, but such a thing didn’t let them hesitate to use their sharp teeth to bite at it.

The Bloodthirsty Jackal biting force was absolutely outrageous, soon sawdust began flying below. It was like five giant chisels that can at any time cut down the tree.



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