Doom Lord Chapter 41

Doom Lord

Chapter 41- Departure

Cheng Yang said, “That doesn’t count as a real bow, it’s just the Archer status symbol. It doesn’t even add a single attack. That bow is like the warrior’s shield. They are both special. Warrior’s shield can never be worn out, while the archer’s bow can be shot without arrows.”

Yu Kai suddenly became depressed, he said, “So as a result, won’t the archer’s attack required twice as much consumption? It will need both mana and arrows, right?”

Cheng Yang was left speechless, “Why didn’t you say the arrows also increased the attack damage? It’s equivalent to an ordinary grade apprentice equipment increasing the attack damage by 2, so be content with that.”

Yu Kai mischievously smiled, but he didn’t continue speaking anymore. Although arrows needed power value to be purchased, but it was not really that high. The most common bag contained 200 wooden arrows, and it needed only a little bit of power value to be able to buy two bags, which was very cost-effective.

“Yangzi, what’s the arrangement for this morning? Are we going to continue cleaning up Huimin Town?” Liu Hao asked.

Cheng Yang said, “Today, Niu Bing’s team is responsible for the protection of the carpenters and transporting the wood. Your task is to come with me toward the direction to Xiangcheng City, and see if we can get the channel open.”

“Today we are going through Xiangcheng City’s channel?” Yu Kai’s face gave a slight change, and immediately asked.

Cheng Yang looked at Lee Wanshan who was standing nearby, and immediately nodded.

Yu Kai also said no more. Everyone then began making preparation for matters relevant to the channel.

First, in addition to Cheng Yang, everyone else went to the Alchemy Room to purchase some potions. After last night, their purchased health potions were basically not used, so now they only needed to resupply their mana potions.

Second, according to Cheng Yang’s order, Yu Kai, Liu Hao, Lee Wanshan three people, each purchased few bottles of mana potion. These potions were prepared for Cheng Yang.

After the supplies were purchased, Cheng Yang said nothing, but directly with 150 peoples set off. This might be regarded as one of Luo Feng Village largest scale operation since it was built.

After coming out of Luo Feng Village, along the way, Cheng Yang kept his eyes on the ground to see if he could find some more herbs for refining mana potion.

Looking for things like herbs really were more suitable to do during daytime, and this time was the beginning of the end, so no one knew about these herbs. Herbs for refining mana potion could be said to be everywhere, Cheng Yang had just walked two kilometers on the road, and had gotten enough herbs to refine more than 40 bottles of mana potion. If he didn’t have to hasten the speed of the travel, the harvest would definitely be more.

Cheng Yang did not personally carry these herbs on his body, but let a soldier behind him carry it, perhaps this too, was an abuse of power. But looking at how excited the soldier was, it was estimated he was happy to oblige.

At this time, Cheng Yang stopped, Lee Wanshan immediately asked, “Lord, have we arrived at the channel yet?”

Cheng Yang said, “There are about two kilometers left, but we will now begin deploying, or else we simply can’t succeed.”

“Good, whatever your commands are Lord, we will follow, as long as it let us smoothly get through the channel.” Lee Wanshan boldly promised. Cheng Yang could see his concern for his family was totally heartfelt.

Cheng Yang said, “First, we’ll clear out all the enchanted beast groups around here. You guys will be divided into four group heading off in different directions, and if a group encounters a monster community, either exterminate or lead them away, but no matter what we can’t let them get near this range.”

Yu Kai quickly responded, he immediately said, “Yangzi, what do you mean by that? You aren’t going to attack this enchanted beast community by yourself, right?”

Cheng Yang said, “Yep I am going to do this alone, if you come along it won’t be safe. This monster community has a first-late order enchanted beast, in front of such a monster you are still a bit too weak. But the task I gave you is also very important, although I can kite the herd around in a circle, but once the road ahead is blocked by an enchanted beast group, it can be dangerous. So you must not let the enchanted beast herds outside suddenly come in.”

Lee Wanshan hesitated a moment, then said, “Lord, it’s too risky, we can try going through the channel again a few days later.”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as you might think, the number of monsters may seem like a lot, but most of them are first-early enchanted beast. My speed is faster than them by four or five times, and other than that first-late order leader, the other monsters are insufficient to cause me fear. Once I find the situation isn’t good, the worst that can happen is that I will turn around and run away, and the first-late order leader won’t chase after me. If I’m lucky, the first-late order enchanted beast will chase after me, and then I will let it have no way of returning.”

Cheng Yang’s confidence also infected Lee Wanshan, and they no longer continued to persuade him. Lee Wanshan asked, “Lord, how big should the range be to ensure that you have enough space in there?”

Cheng Yang said, “It needs to be at least one square kilometer, after all, a monster community of 1,000 enchanted beasts is too huge, if the range isn’t big enough, it’s easy to be surrounded. But you guys need to walk specific routes, or else if my mana potions run out, I may not be able to find you guys.”

Yu Kai said, “Rest assured, before we separated, I’ll make sure to tell you, so you can be sure that there won’t be any problem.”

Cheng Yang nodded, and then began assigning the tasks. Cheng Yang alone cleaned up in one direction, while the four remaining teams, including Zhao Chuan led team, respectively, each went in a direction. They advanced to the side after going six hundred to seven hundred meters, and then went hand in hand, headed northward.

Cheng Yang selected the east side of the road, which he had not been to yesterday, he did not rule out the existence of a large monster community. As for the other regions, Cheng Yang finished clearing once already, so as long as there was no other place that had monster wandering around, generally there wouldn’t be any large monster community.

While clearing up the path, Cheng Yang paid great attention to conserve his mana potions, and took the time to collect some herbs. This was not just to get herbs, but also to practice his Herbalism skill. Otherwise after finding a high-quality herb and discovering that the skill level wasn’t high enough, it would be tragic.

To Cheng Yang’s surprise, this road didn’t even have a large monster community. Most of them had only around 100 enchanted beasts, and after Cheng Yang consumed a bottle of mana potion, they were quickly eliminated.

The other four teams were also very successful. Along the way they didn’t even encounter a monster community larger than 100 enchanted beasts, and directly arrived at a place not far from the ravine. It seems that after the area was cleared by Cheng Yang yesterday, no other group of enchanted beasts wandered over.

After Yu Kai and the others reached the ravine, they didn’t get too close to the middle of the channel, for fear of disturbing the large monster community. Looking through the gaps of the forest, the channel could be seen packed with enchanted beasts, it’s estimated to be more than 1,000 monsters.

Cheng Yang returned back to his original position, and after exchanging a few words with a couple of people, they quickly dispersed. After taking a few bottles of mana potion from Yu Kai and the others, he then headed toward the channel.

Yu Kai and the others scattered, respectively, toward different directions.

Cheng Yang once again stood at the South channel to Xiangcheng City, and stared at these monsters which somewhat resembled a dog, Cheng Yang was a little depressed, because these monsters were called Bloodthirsty Jackal. From the name it could be seen, these guys were not only cruel, but also very cunning.

Bloodthirsty Jackal was a slightly faster monster, but relatively speaking, it also had slightly less health, such monsters Cheng Yang didn’t want to encounter. Because enchanted beasts in the first-early order had health no more than 30 points, and with his attack damage, those monsters would spike, so the health simply didn’t matter. However, speed was not the same, when his mana potions were used up, it would take more time to shake off these monsters, and then look for Yu Kai and the other people with the mana potions.

However, the Bloodthirsty Jackals had be killed, otherwise Xiangcheng City couldn’t be reached. Cheng Yang was also looking forward to open this channel. This was not only to go back and help Lee Wanshan’s family, Cheng Yang also intended to get a piece of the big cake known as Xiangcheng City. He had spent most of the previous apocalypse in Xiangcheng City, so he clearly remembered, in Xiangcheng City had a lot of good things, such as instances and wild treasures. Of course, an instance wasn’t something he could bring out, but the wild treasures were not the same; as long as the monsters guarding the treasures were killed, he could claim the treasures for himself.

After anticipating such a thing, Cheng Yang’s couldn’t help but have a trace of silk overflowed from the corner of his mouth, but it was soon pressed down. In order to gain these things, the Bloodthirsty Jackals had to be first killed to say.

Cheng Yang raised his Spirit Bone Staff, and instantly fired off a magic missile, it then hit the head of the Bloodthirsty Jackal in front. The unlucky fellow didn’t even have time to issue a scream before it fell to the ground.



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