Doom Lord Chapter 40

Doom Lord

Chapter 40- Wood

The pharmacy might be called mana potion (S), but its property had undergone great changes. The increase in double amount of recovery was enough to make anyone envious.

Of course, the most crucial point was not the increase in recovery amount, but the fact that Cheng Yang’s name was listed in the property. This was the privileges for those with unique craft talent. Those that practiced a craft to the extreme were qualified to be remembered eternally.

If Cheng Yang consumed his own mana potion, the effects it had would exceed those bottles of potion other people purchased from the Alchemy Room, the large gap in effect was evident.

There was 13 bottles successfully refined, a bit higher than the average success rate, which made Cheng Yang very satisfied. More importantly, through refining, he was able to completely deplete his energy value, and now those values were converted into advancing the alchemist rank progress, making it reach 13%.

There was no other way, only by successfully refining would the proficiency increase for craft. In other words, although Cheng Yang refined 20 times, only the 13 success increased the proficiency.

Cheng Yang put the 13 refined bottles of mana potion (S) directly into his backpack, and then continued to sweep through the forest.

After exhausting all the mana potion, Cheng Yang returned to Luo Feng Village. The harvest this time was larger than the last, it was enough to make his power value break through 2,200 points. But he also knew that after a night of crazy hunting, almost all the nearby monster communities had been eliminated by him. So in order to look for such a dense swarm of monsters, he would need to move further afield.

But by going to a more distant place, the time it took to go back and forth would be longer, so the efficiency would naturally be a lot lower.

After Cheng Yang came back to Luo Feng Village, he immediately began today’s cultivation. Now, he already had his own private room, and it was also on the second floor.

After a night of cultivation, Cheng Yang’s progress had reached 7.8%. As for the other transfers who opened up four times cultivation speed, their cultivation progress average close to 20%.

When morning arrived, Cheng Yang saw Lee Wanshan doing his cultivation, so he went out to check on the profession statues, and discovered that the priest statue had surprisingly successfully upgraded to level 2. After upgrading, the transfer quota increased to 10 people.

As a result, each team got an additional priest, which gave Luo Feng Village a great advantage. Luo Feng Village’s priests were unlike ordinary priest, because they could master the Angel Inspiration skill.

After identifying five people from the crowd with priest talent, Cheng Yang immediately let them transfer. This process took Cheng Yang nearly half an hour to complete. Had to say, for people with priest talents, women accounted for the majority. Luo Feng Village then had ten priests, and seven of them are women.

Next, Cheng Yang selected a property from each of the five profession statues to upgrade. The four main profession statues choice of enhancement was attack, and so after this upgrade was completed, the four main statues would have three completed upgrades, which were mana, health and attack. It was estimated that by tomorrow afternoon, the five profession statues will be able to reach level 3.

Until that time, obtaining 20,000 power values and building the shops would be the most important factor in restricting the territory upgrade. After all, Luo Feng Village now only had 2,500 points of territory power value, and most importantly, the periphery of Luo Feng Village had been cleared of enchanted beast herd. Everyday, Luo Feng village could obtain territory power value from the enchanted beasts killed, instances, and taxes. (Adding 200 more transfers, along with needing 10,000 territory power values, and getting the profession statues to level 3 would need around 20,000 power values.)

Almost every day the instances could provide around 1,500 points of power value, and although this would be the main revenue source for getting territory power value in the future, but for now it couldn’t be relied on. The territory’s transfers barely had enough power value for their own cultivation, let alone deal with other people.

Took yesterday for example, there were many people qualified as Carpenter and Alchemist, but not all of them had enough power value to buy refining recipes or production drawings. Even the tools needed to display their craft skills, they were unable to purchase them.

For mana potion, their desires to buy it wasn’t as strong as Cheng Yang. With their attack damage, using mana potions to recover wasn’t worth it. Therefore, even if it did speed up the attack efficiency, the power value earned was not enough to offset the price of the mana potions.

So these people, in addition to buying one or two bottles of pharmacy for emergencies, there would be no other transactions.

As for the territory power values obtained from killing the enchanted beasts near the station, the specific amount Cheng Yang was unclear. But according to his calculation, the amount shouldn’t exceed 1,000 points.

After assigning the newly transferred priests to each team, he plunged into the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church. It took only half an hour for Cheng Yang to clear this instance.

Now Cheng Yang had mana potions, so clearing the instance was much quicker. The efficiency of obtaining power values in the instances couldn’t be compared with the outside world. Of course, the benefits of instance was not just power value, but also equipment. Although this wasn’t the first clearance, Cheng Yang still got two iron grade equipments. They were a wrist strap and a pair of shoes.

For these type of equipment that did not increase attack or mana, Cheng Yang did not intend to use, since they didn’t provide any significant increase in his fighting capability.

Cheng Yang was then left with 2,100 power values, and this time he didn’t intend to lend these power value to other people, but instead used it to purchase 20 sets of logging tools. They were priced at 100 power values per set, which almost completely emptied his account.

Then, Cheng Yang got someone to gather up 20 people who had chosen carpentry as a craft, and handed these 20 sets of logging tools over to them.

Of course, these logging tools were not free; each of them needed to compensate the territory 50 cubic meters of wood.

In accordance with rules of Heaven and Earth, wood obtained through logging was their own, and if the territory needed wood, it could be acquired from them. It was paid by territory power value. It was just that the price of the transaction was not determined by the two parties, but by the rules deriving a price range, which the parties could choose whether to conduct the transactions within this price range.

Under normal circumstances, the price of wood fluctuated between 2 to 5 power values, and by letting them cut 50 cubic meters of wood, it made neither side suffer. After this ‘free’ transaction was over, Carpenters could sell any additional wood they harvested to the territory, which the territory would acquire for two power values each.

At this time, Lee Wanshan from outside of the village walked in, after seeing Cheng Yang, he immediately said, “Lord, is it possible for us to go to Xiangcheng City today?”

Cheng Yang looked at Lee Wanshan, he can understand Lee Wanshan’s mood at the moment, he said, “First go clear the instance, so you can have enough power value to purchase potions, and then we’ll go.”

Lee Wanshan gave a hesitant look, only after a long time said, “Lord, don’t the channel only have 700-800 enchanted beasts, we had killed 200-300 enchanted beast communities before, and this time is only twice the amount, and we already have mana potion. Are we still not able to grasp it?”

Cheng Yang said, “Seven hundred to eight hundred enchanted beasts was yesterday’s figures, today’s figures already exceeded a thousand. After breaking through a thousand, there will definitely be an enchanted beast in the first-late order. If we are not fully prepared, it will definitely be disastrous.”

Lee Wanshan was aware of how powerful an enchanted beast in the first-late order could be.  All low order sorcerer’s apprentice in the face of a first-late order enchanted beast could last for two rounds. If it had an attack damage bonus talent, they were fated with being spiked.

Cheng Yang saw Lee Wanshan’s face turned stiff, and knew he was worried about his family, he calmly said, “You don’t have to worry, getting through that channel is not impossible, but we need to do some preparation.”

“Lord, I will follow your arrangements.” Lee Wanshan at once said.

Lee Wanshan then took several people into the Scarlet Church instance.

Cheng Yang did not leave Luo Feng Village at this time, but made arrangements for the carpenters logging in the field. A kilometer away from Luo Feng Village walls were the lush woods. After a few days of intense growth, some normal sized trees had then reached more than two feet in diameter, which can be cut down for the Carpenters.

After the 20 men received the tools, they didn’t immediately leave, because Cheng Yang also made a separate arrangement for 40 transfers. Part of these people task was transporting the wood, while the other purpose was to guard the carpenters. After all, around those trees would have monsters spawning, so if they weren’t guarded, the carpenters wouldn’t be able to focus on cutting down the tree.

Cheng Yang gave the task of transporting and guarding the carpenters to Niu Bing, although it might delay their power value earning from killing enchanted beast, but this couldn’t be helped, someone had got to contribute, hadn’t they? This situation would improve in the future, because when the territory was upgraded to a level 3 village, everyone would get a contribution property value. This contribution property was a reflection to the contribution to the territory. Some of the territory corresponding rights could only be enjoyed after the appropriate contribution was reached.

Niu Bing had earlier gone in the instance, after coming out, he received Cheng Yang’s instruction, and without further ado, directly with his team left.

Almost half an hour later, Yu Kai and the others came out from the instance. Generally, they tended to go in the instance in the morning. After all, equipment could be obtained in the instances, which could enhance their combat capability.

After Yu Kai came out from the instance, a face full of depressed said, “Yangzi, why didn’t you tell me Archers need arrows when shooting? After you drill into the instance just now, I went to the woodworking room, and saw them selling bow, which add a bit of damage. The price was only 40 power values, so I bought one. Afterward I saw that the bow actually need arrows, so I had to spend 1 power value to buy two bags of arrows.”

Cheng Yang thought carefully, it seems he really didn’t mention this, he mischievously smile and said, “This is you being stupid, have you ever seen a bow that don’t need arrows?”

Yu Kai suddenly choked, he argued, “Why not? I used a bow before without arrows.”



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