Doom Lord Chapter 4

Doom Lord

Chapter 4- Final Preparations

Yu Kai and the others looked at each other and finally nodded helplessly.

Although they had only lived together for less than a year, they were very understanding of the other person’s feelings. Cheng Yang belonged to the stubborn type, as long as he had decided to do something, he wouldn’t change his mind until it’s finished.

Yu Kai immediately took out a card and said, “There’s more than 70,000 dollars in my card which I’ve saved up as pocket money. You may use it, but try to leave some.”

Yu Kai having so much money didn’t surprise Cheng Yang and the others because this kid was a local tyrant. Liu Hao and Niu Bing didn’t have much money on their cards, it added up to a little more than 10,000.

Cheng Yang took the three cards, and left the dorm.

“Yu, Liu, you don’t think he’s in any type of trouble right?” Niu Bing with a wry smile asked.

Yu Kai responded, “Forget about it, Yangzi is calm headed. Everything should be fine.”

After Cheng Yang left school, he took a taxi directly to the suburbs.

Soon, Cheng Yang found a timber processing plant. After a lot of haggling with the boss, he was able to order 300 cubic meters of wood.

With only 80,000 dollars on hand, this was just enough to cover one-third of the purchasing price. However, Cheng Yang wasn’t worried and paid the 80,000 dollars to the boss. He additionally required that the delivery had to be sent to Luo Feng Po before tomorrow at five o’clock in the afternoon by the side of the road.

After the wood got to the roadside, he knew he wouldn’t have to pay the rest of the amount owed.

Due to the large volume, the boss didn’t care about the shipping fee. Anyway with an 80,000 dollars down payment in hand, even if that person were tricking him, he wouldn’t lose anything.

After finishing this task, Cheng Yang looked at the time; it was one o’clock in the afternoon. From his past memories, he knew the apocalypse was getting closer. Whether it was people or the animals around, no one seemed to notice anything unusual. Let alone other people, even he, who had foreseen the disaster coming, wasn’t able to see any sign.

At night, after his roommates fell asleep, Cheng Yang sat on his bed and began cultivating.

This cultivating had already been done for one year already, so he’s naturally very familiar with it. He’s simply using the meditation technique.

It didn’t matter which profession you chose, everyone could only cultivate four hours each day. This rule was fixed.

After a night of cultivation, Cheng Yang’s progress went up by 1% in the mid order sorcerer’s apprentice. Under normal circumstances, Cheng Yang would need to cultivate for 100 days to break through to the late-order sorcerer’s apprentice. This rate was fixed for everyone, unless someone didn’t cultivate every day.

After cultivation had finished, Cheng Yang laid down to sleep. This might be his most restful night for a long time once the apocalypse appeared.

The next day, Cheng Yang came very early to Luo Feng Village station. Yesterday, he hid the altar perfectly, but he was still worried that some people might’ve found the four statue’s head. If it were only a corner of the altar showing, most people would not have any interest looking further, but if they find four human heads, then this would obviously make anyone suspicious. If someone thought this was a type of ancient relic and caused a lot of onlookers to come, it would be unfavorable for him to say the least!

When Cheng Yang arrived at the hilltop, and found no changes has occurred, he was immediately relieved.

Cheng Yang quickly calculated the time, only seven hours left until midday. He decided to go search for the article he couldn’t find yesterday. It was a portal, a portal leading to a different space. Using game language term, the portal was equivalent to an Instance.

He continued forward from the path he left off yesterday. When he reached the end of the path, he found a strange object.

It looked just like an ordinary stone, but with Cheng Yang being a mid-order sorcerer’s apprentice he could feel that this wasn’t an ordinary stone. The surface of the stone had faint waves of energy fluctuating around it.

What was this thing? Cheng Yang didn’t know, in his past life, he had never seen anything so strange. However, he could tell this object was definitely related to the game world.

Since it might be something good, Cheng Yang naturally decided to take it with him. It was disc-shaped and one foot in diameter, but was roughly 10 kg (20 lb) in weight. Thankfully Cheng Yang had two times the normal strength of a human, so picking up the disc was relatively easy.

Cheng Yang picked up the stone plate and walked toward Luo Feng Village station. Although he didn’t find the instance, finding the disc could be considered a pleasant surprise.

At noon, Cheng Yang returned back to Xiangcheng City. He bought a big bag containing biscuits, chocolates, and other high calorie food and brought them back to the station.

When the time had reached 3 PM, Cheng Yang took out his mobile phone and gave Yu Kai a call first to let him tell Liu Hao, and Niu Bing, to come together with him to Luo Feng Po.

His three roommates weren’t native to Xiangcheng City, so naturally they didn’t know Luo Feng Po’s location. However, after some explanation from Cheng Yang, they figured out the general location. But they still didn’t understand, why was Cheng Yang calling them at this time to go to Luo Feng Po?

Cheng Yang gave them no explanation, but said when they came to the place they would know.

After finishing the call, Cheng Yang walked down the hill and sat down by the side of the road…

He waited for a while, although it was only for about an hour Cheng Yang enjoyed this last moment of peace. He didn’t know when he would have the chance to sit quietly without any danger again.

After nearly an hour of waiting, Cheng Yang saw a taxi coming quickly towards him. After the car stopped, he saw Yu Kai and Liu Hao emerged from the inside. The car then quickly drove off.

“Yangzi, you, what the hell? Why did you tell us to come to this place in the middle of nowhere?” Liu Hao sat next to Cheng Yang who was looking at the bottom of the river. He was shocked and asked, “You don’t want to kill yourself, right?”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said, “Am I crazy or something? Even if I were crazy, I wouldn’t go five kilometers outside of the city to kill myself. Xiangcheng City has plenty of rivers for me to do that in.”

“That’s true.” Liu Hao agreed. “Then, why have you been acting so weird lately?”

“Niu Bing? Didn’t he come over with you guys?” Cheng Yang suddenly asked.

Yu Kai said, “It seems these days that brother of ours has hooked up with a girl. When I called him, he said he was out shopping with her. However, he was still supposed to be coming. Even if he rushed over though, it would still take some time. I estimate it would take about half an hour until he arrives.”

Cheng Yang didn’t mind, half an hour should have been no problem. However, in order to prevent mishaps, he gave Niu Bing a call, telling him he had to be here before 4:50 PM.

On the opposite side of the phone call Niu Bing was confused, but Cheng Yang obviously didn’t want to explain. He hanged up the phone the moment he finished speaking.

Then, Cheng Yang said, “Liu Hao, do you remember what I told you yesterday morning?”

Liu Hao was surprised, he said, “We spoke a lot yesterday. What sentences are you referring to?”

Cheng Yang said, “I asked you, what if reality became a game world?”

“Ah, I remember. In class when you had a fantasy about the world becoming a game, surely it’s not that sentence, right?” Liu Hao said.

Cheng Yang said, “It’s not a fantasy. It will really happen. In less than an hour, the world will change greatly. A disaster will sweep across the whole planet, making the Earth turn into a game and we will all become players in that game.”

Yu Kai suddenly bent down and reached out to touch Cheng Yang’s forehead, he said, “You don’t have a fever, how are you able to talk such nonsense?”

Cheng Yang slapped Yu Kai’s hand away and said, “I know you don’t believe me now, but I am not asking you to believe. After half an hour, everything will be revealed. I’m telling you this to allow you to inform your family so that they can have time to escape.”

Cheng Yang looked at them with a calm expression; they could feel he wasn’t joking, which also produced a glimmer of fear in their heart.

Liu Hao said, “Yangzi, is what you say true? How is this possible?” Liu Hao still couldn’t believe what Cheng Yang said.

Cheng Yang said, “Even if I continue repeating myself you still wouldn’t believe me. To save your family is your own decision. I just hope you’ll not regret whatever choice you make.”

Yu Kai and Liu Hao slowly looked at each other, then they turned around and looked at Cheng Yang who was currently indulging in the surrounding landscape.

“Let us call anyway, it’s only half an hour, even if it is fake it can’t delay anything. If it’s true……” Yu Kai thought. He didn’t need to speak his mind, or to tell everyone his own opinion behind those words. Because even though he didn’t say much, Liu Hao could also understand the meaning behind his words.

Liu Hao had some wavering, but after listening to Yu Kai’s words he made up his mind. He immediately decided to make a phone call to his family.

Cheng Yang said, “Tell them to go close to the city center, and to try to find an open park to go hide in.”

Anyway, having decided to comply with the views of Cheng Yang, they certainly would not care about this trivial matter. They immediately took out their mobile phone and gave their family a call. After talking for a full 10 minutes, they were finally able to convince their families. Then, they hung up their phone.

“Yangzi, I put all of my face on the line, if you have fooled me, I’m afraid I will be laughed at by my dad for a lifetime.” Liu Hao with a wry smile said.

Yu Kai looked at him and said, “I’d rather what Yangzi said doesn’t happen.”

Liu Hao said, “Why is everyone thinking so much about it? Anyway, in less than an hour, everything will become clear. Yangzi, if you lied to us…, well just wait and see!”

For the disaster that might soon occur, of course these young people felt panic, but deep down there was a little sense of expectation.

Of course they still didn’t really believe Cheng Yang, they just temporarily didn’t want to say anything. They were prepared to wait for an hour and then get even with Cheng Yang afterward.

10 minutes later, more than 10 trucks came from the direction of Xiangcheng City. Yu Kai looked toward the trucks parked at the roadside.

Cheng Yang opened his mobile phone, and saw the time now was almost 4:40 PM. These people are very punctual.

“Brother Liu, brother Yu, wait here for a minute, these woods are what I ordered. I will go up to receive it.” Cheng Yang looked toward Yu Kai and said in a low voice.

Yu Kai looked deeply at Cheng Yang. Suddenly, he believed some of the words Cheng Yang said. More than 10 cars filled with wood means the price can’t be low, even the cheapest wood would be more than 200,000 dollars! Based on his understanding of Cheng Yang, as long as he wasn’t crazy, he wouldn’t make jokes about such a thing.



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