Doom Lord Chapter 39

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Doom Lord

Chapter 39- Pharmaceutical

Alienation beast is clearly very powerful, but if Cheng Yang was to be ask whether or not he would like to meet one, he would raised his hands and feet to give a positive answer.

It’s not that Cheng Yang is tired of living, but because alienation beast has incomparable features.

One of which is alienation beast can be reined, in gaming term, it mean alienation beast could be received as a pet.

However, the number of alienation beast is too few, and their strength varies from overpowered to very weak, so taming them is not an easy thing. In the previous world, it was made public that a person has received an alienation beast as a pet. It’s because of this matter, professions all around the world salivate at the thought of alienation beast. Some people would even be willing to risked their lives by going further into inaccessible places, in hope of encountering any possible alienation beast. But most of these people tend to not come back alive.

Although Cheng Yang hope to encounter an alienation beast, but he also knows that it’s an extravagant hope, because there’s never been a precedent of alienation beast appearing near a station. It can be said that the field stations and main cities are the places where Gods are most concerned about, but also where the rules of Heaven and Earth are the most complete. And alienation beast drifts on the edge of the rules of Heaven and Earth, so it’s not possible for them to appears in this region.

Alienation beast for Cheng Yang is still very distant existence, his most important task now is still killing enchanted beast, in order to accumulate more power value for himself.

Next, Cheng Yang continued to sweep through the forest. Usually when encountering groups of enchanted beast below seventy to eighty, Cheng Yang will not use any mana potion, instead he would rely on the attack-retreat method to slowly kill the enchanted beast. Only in this way can a mana potion be used to its maximum effect.

After an hour, Cheng Yang has massacred a large communities of over 300 enchanted beasts, as well as two medium-sized communities of about 200 monsters. As for small communities, he eliminated seven to eight of them. This makes Cheng Yang’s power value reached 1600 points again.

But at the same time, his mana potions were also depleted, so it’s time for him to head back home.

After returning to Luo Feng village, Cheng Yang discovered that Liu was cultivating. His group of  40 people are also doing their cultivation. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, all of the residences were given priority to cultivators. Even if the rest of the people wanted to rest, they can only do so by sleeping outside.

If it’s when these people first came to Luo Feng village, perhaps there would be many people feeling dissatisfied about this arraignment, but now, no one raised any objections. During these past two days cleaning up Huimin town, they have seen too many deaths, from which corpses can be seen piled up everywhere. If the luck is good the bones would be a complete set, if bad luck, there will only be a heap of mutilated limbs.

These scenes make these survivors feel deeply fortunate to still be alive, while at the same time having enough food to eat. As for a place to sleep, who would care? Who dare to ask for it?

Cheng Yang is now in doubt on whether after his cultivation is finished, should he continue to take out another 1000 power values for someone else to cultivate.

There is no doubt that this will accelerate Luo Feng village’s strength growth, but for others, Cheng Yang is not very reassure. 1000 power values, although it’s not a very big number, but at this stage it’s still very important to Cheng Yang.

If not given to others to use, the role it played on him is not great. To open up higher speed cultivation is not an extra 1000 or 2000 power values can solve. After opening four times cultivation speed is six times cultivation speed, and six times cultivation speed required 10,000 power values to  be opened. If Cheng Yang wants to gather so many power value, he would need about seven to eight days.

If the 1000 power values is loan to others, for seven or eight days, it’s almost enough for them to upgrade to mid apprentice order.

After some thinking, Cheng Yang ultimately decided to take out this power value for other people to use. Of course, it’s just borrowing, when his power value can reach 10,000 points, he will take back all these power value, in order to open six times cultivation speed.

Now the time is around 10 o’clock at night, it’s about four hours away from time he can began cultivating again. Cheng Yang woke Liu up from his cultivation state, and then said to him: “What do you think about the man named Chen Chao? ”

“Chen Chao? “Liu Hao was surprised for a moment, then said:” The man is very good, his profession is Archer, and before the apocalypse he was a professionally trained soldier. After only a few days of transferring, he can basically shoot with unfailing accuracy. Also Chen Chao’s loyalty to Luo Feng village is very high. He and his mother are residents from Huimin town, and were rescued by us back from the ruins, so his feelings for the village is also very high.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “If you think he is good, then you can train him to be your vice-captain. After your team get bigger, it would be hard for one person to manage, therefore training vice-captains is important. ”

Liu instantly understood, he thought for a moment, then said: “Chen Chao really is an appropriate choice, after all, he is from the same team, so managing people is very set. I haven’t thought about this problem before, and now that Yoko mentioned it, it dawned on me. Yoko, although you were the one that say it, but you can’t be stealing people away from me. ”

Cheng Yang snappily said: “Do I need to do that? ”

“Well, theoretically everyone in Luo Feng village is under your command. “Liu said,” But you also can’t just take him away from my hands, right? ”

“Well, I promise you. “Cheng Yang understood this guy very well, if he doesn’t agree with it, he could be stuck in an argument with him till midnight.

Then, Cheng Yang discussed with Liu on who is right to be the vice-captains of several of the other teams, at which Liu also recommended a few people.

At this time, Yu Kai and his group carried a large amount of material from the Huimin town back. Cheng Yang also asked him about the vice-captain’s problem, but Yu Kai has already long considered this issue, immediately a person was chosen.

When the person was standing in front of Cheng Yang, Cheng Yang suddenly discovered he was the taxi driver that send Niu Bing two people over. This time he was able to know the other side name, Lu Jiacheng.

Lu Jiacheng’s profession is soldier, he also has a good talent, which is a-class. In the village, he can be counted as part of the main force.

Cheng Yang see several of the other teams has yet to returned, so immediately he tell Liu to call Chen Chao over, Cheng Yang then separated from his account 1000 power values which he transmitted to the other party, and said its usage requirement.

In fact, it is very simple, this 1000 power value can only be used to open four times cultivation speed, and can not be used without permission. After the four hours of cultivation is finished, it must be forwarded to the next team vice-captain..

Next, Cheng Yang went to Alchemy room to buy 20 bottles of mana potions(M), then left Luo Feng village.

This time, Cheng Yang courage increased a lot, so he got a torch to helped light up the night. He hopes to find some material for refining mana potion, so that the 20 craft energy values don’t go to waste.

It’s important to know that energy can’t be recovered with potions, it automatically filled up at midnight every day, so if it’s not spent, it’s completely wasted. And how many times a person can use their daily production skills, also depends entirely on the energy value. Only when the craft level is raised would the energy value correspondingly increase. Therefore, in order to ensure the pace of the craft upgrade, using up the energy values everyday is necessary.

Cheng Yang not only brought along a torch, but also a large bag, which contain a one foot high medicine furnace. Cheng Yang now has four points of physical strength, so carrying the medicine furnace is also very easy.

Have to say, in the beginning of the end, is a complete paradise for all craft professions, everywhere around station can be seen various kinds of materials. Although these materials are the most common materials, but it can also fully satisfied the current needs at the present stage.

The torch light will lead to monster attacks, but it also makes it easier for Cheng Yang find the herbs on the ground.

After two kilometers, Cheng Yang’s backpack contained more than 20 strains of herb, and this is also because he can only gathered the herbs for refining mana potion, otherwise the number would be more. 10 strains of herb is only enough to make three small bottles of mana potion.

When approaching the monsters gathering place, Cheng Yang for security reason, would first put out the torch. He is also afraid of being embattled.

Since then, each time Cheng Yang eliminated a monster community, he would reignite the torch and continuing searching. If there is any herbs for refining mana potion, he would immediately pluck them into his bag.

Now power-related equipment can’t be used, which also includes electronic lighters. Fortunately, Cheng Yang and the rest previously from Huimin town ruins found a lot of petrol lighters, which are ignited by flint. If they can’t even use these, humanity would really return to the primitive society.

Time is getting closer to 12 PM, Cheng Yang carried 20 bottles of mana potion has been consumed by more than half, and the herbs in his backpack is enough to refined 20 bottle of mana potions. Immediately Cheng Yang stopped searching for herbs, and after finding a small cave, he then prepare to refined the potions

Actually, refining potions is also very simple, after placing the medicine furnace in front, you just need to put the correct amount of materials listed by the recipe inside the furnace, and then activate the appropriate pharmaceutical skill. After waiting a certain amount of time, the potion would be completed.

Of course, the refining potion success rate is not high. Cheng Yang is now only a level 1 Alchemist, refining small mana potion success rate is around 60%. The reason for such a success rate is due to mana potion and health potion being made from the most common herbs, so refining them is very simple. If later when refining higher quality potion, the success rates tend to be frighteningly low.

Mana potion refining time is very short, it need only a few seconds to make a bottle. After the refining is finished, the pharmacy is already prepared in a bottle.

Magic potion (small): Level 1 Alchemist Cheng Yang refined mana recovery potion, Alchemist Cheng Yang’s talent greatly enhanced the efficiency. Profession after taking have a one-time instant recovery of 20 mana, afterward will have a recovery of 4 points of mana per second for 10 seconds.


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