Doom Lord Chapter 38

Doom Lord

Chapter 38- Having Potions Isn’t The Same

Cheng Yang could also learn the small health potion refining recipe, but now his power value was insufficient, so he had to temporarily give up the idea. Also, Cheng Yang’s demand for health potion at the moment was not very large, so he only needed to prepare a few bottles in case of contingencies.

Of course, only learning the alchemy formula was not enough, he would also need refining tools, such as medicine furnace when refining pharmacy. In the future, when refining more advanced potions, it would also require an alchemy furnace.

Cheng Yang, immediately from the shop, brought a medicine furnace and a hoe handler, the necessary tools for an Alchemist. His power value dropped by another 200 points each, craft items were really not that expensive in general.

Cheng Yang looked at his remaining 400 power values, he could not help but bring up a slight smile. It seemed before midnight tonight, he would be very busy.

Fortunately, this consumption was not without benefits, at least territories power value was contributed more than 70 points. And with him being Luo Feng village’s Lords, three of those power values went into his personal account. [He got power value from the taxes of items sold.]

After spending 1,400 points of power value, turn a full circle, he gained back just three power values. Was this to be sent to beggars?

After walking out of the Alchemy Room, Cheng Yang saw Liu Hao and the others standing around in front of the Woodworking Room with a look of shock. They seemed to have no idea of what to do. He suddenly understood the plight of these people, presumably after some people entered the Woodworking Room, they were driven out by the boss.

He knew that the way these shops owners behaved could be uncivilized, and directly with a wave of their hand, swept the other party to the other side of the door. Even after the apocalypse had been going on for a year, people still hadn’t figured out how strong the strength of these shops’ owners were. There were even some people that tried to loot the shops once, but eventually those people were ruthlessly killed.

“Yangzi, this…… How can there be people here?” The sight of Cheng Yang let Liu Hao grasp onto a straw.

Cheng Yang said, “Why can’t there be anyone here?”

“But… but…” Liu Hao also wanted to say anything, but was interrupted by Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang said, “Well, Liu Hao, this is something I don’t know, the only thing I can guess is that those people may not be people from Earth. But they are intelligent and emotional, so they must be treated as any other human being. This will benefit you in the future.”

“What are the benefits?” Liu Hao asked, he still didn’t quite understand.

Cheng Yang said, “If one day you are denied the rights to purchase materials in the store, is this good?”

Liu Hao was not a fool, naturally he understood the meaning of Cheng Yang’s words. If they offended these people, and was denied the right to buy supplies, was this good for them?

Liu Hao bitterly chuckled, “Before those people that went in didn’t offend him, but why were they kicked out? Now, I don’t dare to enter.”

Cheng Yang gave him a look and said, “The people that you sent in had no power value, so of course they were driven out. These people are greedy, if you go in, they will treat you as God.”

“Really?” Liu Hao still had some hesitation.

Cheng Yang snappily said, “Why don’t you try to know?”

Liu Hao said, “Well, I’m going to try.” After he finished, Liu Hao proudly walked toward the Woodworking Room, and sure enough, after a long period of time inside, he wasn’t thrown out.

Cheng Yang on the spot said, “People that already transferred can learn a craft, so those that haven’t transferred can’t join in on the fun. In addition, in order to do the craft transfer task, you must first complete a transaction with the owner, the transaction amount cannot be less than 10 power values. So if you do not have 10 points of power value, you also can not join in on the fun.”

Subsequently, Cheng Yang let people choose whether to inaugurate as a Carpenter or Alchemist. After all, this was about their personal hobbies and interests, so Cheng Yang didn’t intend to force it on them. In addition, Cheng Yang also gave a short explanation on the various type of crafts, lest some geniuses make a mistake of choosing the wrong craft.

After the explanation was finished, Cheng Yang would bring the medicine furnace that he just brought to his room, and went alone out of the territory. His targets were those large monster communities. After all, now he had plenty of mana potions, so he no longer had to worry about continuously fighting.

Of course, if he could also find some herbs for refining mana potion tonight, it would be even more perfect. However, for this thing he did not hold much hope, such poor night vision for seeing large size monsters was no problem, but to find herbs grown in the grass, was not an easy task.

After several minutes, Cheng Yang quickly went beyond Luo Feng Village’s territory boundary and into the infested monster communities’ area.

Here was more than a kilometer away from Luo Feng Village territory, the transfers from Luo Feng village hadn’t reached this part during the day yet. So, there was a very high degree of risk in this area. Let alone dozens of small enchanted beast communities, there were also plenty of 400-500 large monster communities.

Cheng Yang originally did not intend to kill these small monster communities, because they were just right for letting his team practice. However, in order to avoid an accident, he decided to get rid of these guys.

After successfully destroying two small monster communities of 50 enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang finally found a large monster communities with a size of more than 300.

Today, during the day, Cheng Yang had eliminated such a monster community, but at that time the process was too cumbersome. After killing for a while, he would have to run a distance to recover his mana, and then go back to killing, such efficiency was undoubtedly very low

Now the situation was different, now there was enough magic potion at hand, which mase Cheng Yang’s mind at ease. Seeing that this group of enchanted beast entirely consisted of Green Anorak, he directly rushed up sideway, and followed up with a magic missile. A laid-back Green Anorak had yet to thoroughly understand the matter, immediately lost its life.

Cheng Yang without mercy, swayed to the side to continue brandishing his attacks, and according to a certain rhythm slowly backed away.

As Cheng Yang’s attacks unfolded, the Green Anorak community finally realized they were under attack, the forest suddenly erupted in wave of sound like baby cries. Then, those Green Anorak flooded toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang slightly accelerated a bit more backward, in fact, this slight acceleration term by Cheng Yang was not any slower than the Green Anoraks.  

After more than 30 attacks, the Green Anoraks were cut down by one-tenth, and Cheng Yang’s mana had been exhausted. Cheng Yang immediately from his bag and took out a bottle of mana potion, and gulped it down.

A refreshing coolness permeated Cheng Yang’s body, making even those slight fatigue during the night disappear. Soon, his depleted mana instantly started to surge.

Cheng Yang without the slightest pause, continued to shoot magic missiles, and after the tenth magic missile was shot off, his mana instantly became full. The reason for this was due to Cheng Yang Natural Medicine talent, after taking any pharmaceutical drug could play out double the effect. In other words, if Cheng Yang consumed a bottle of mana potion (M), his mana recovery would reach 220 points. But Cheng Yang mana value was a bit more than 160, so in order for the remaining mana recovery did not go to waste, he had to constantly fire off magic missiles.

The attacks continued, Cheng Yang fired two magic missiles to solve a rushing first-mid order Green Anorak, and began to massacre the remaining Green Anoraks.

At this time, the Green Anoraks’ eyes turned red, they couldn’t assess the current situation that they weren’t able to kill Cheng Yang, so they only continued to swarm him. The result was more Green Anoraks turned into power value for Cheng Yang.

After the fight was over, Cheng Yang checked his gains. This battle earned a total 314 points of power value, while consuming a total of seven bottles mana potion (M), which was equivalent to consuming 56 power values. Such losses compared to the gains was nothing over time.

Before when Cheng Yang got rid of an enchanted beast communities of such magnitude, he took about an hour or so, and it was done so very carefully. Now that he had mana potions, it only needed seven to eight minutes to resolve the battle. For the rest of the time, he could find two communities of such size to exterminate again.

If it weren’t for the fact that Cheng Yang didn’t have a space ring to accommodate more mana potions, he would have spent all of his power value on buying mana potions and drilled into the forest to start a killing spree.

This was a unique benefit only to Cheng Yang, who let him have the territory from the outset. This advantage, making him even in the face of large monster communities without fear.

Of course, Cheng Yang was not arrogant enough to think he had reached the point of invincibility. In the last world, many experts considered themselves invincible and got killed. Because this was the apocalypse, in such times, who knew when there would one day jump out a strong and suffocating monster.

According to the previous world’s experience, all field stations were close to the city, and the farther the location was from the field station, the more prone powerful monsters would appear.

In the beginning of the apocalypse, the really powerful monsters were not the enchanted beast, but the alienation beast. Enchanted beasts were a common species that appeared after the world’s transformation, and their strength also needed to follow certain rules, which were established by the God. Alienation beasts were not the same, they already existed in the world before the transformation occurred, and was mutated during the time of the change.

Because the alienation beast was a variant, their strength had a great deal of uncertainty, some are weaker than first-early enchanted beasts, while others are strong against the Heaven. In the previous world, the most powerful alienation beast people had seen was at third-mid order. How strong was the third-mid order? When a station of humanity was destroyed, the enchanted beast communities’ leader was at second-peak order. That third-mid order alienation beast completely had the strength to abuse it like a child, it was even worse than facing a herd of a million enchanted beasts.

Powerful alienation beasts made human fear, but fortunately there was not many of them, or humans would really never recover.



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