Doom Lord Chapter 37

Doom Lord

Chapter 37- Natural Medicine

After Cheng Yang opened the scroll, a flash of white light wrapped around his body, and soon his entire body instantly disappeared from his original location.

When Cheng Yang opened up his eyes again, the scene around him completely changed.

This did not surprise him, because all the craft transfer tasks were completed in a particular instance. In this instance, the consequences of getting killed would result in the failure of the task, but there wouldn’t be any actual death.

At that moment, Cheng Yang heard a voice sounded inside his head: Welcome to the Alchemist instance transfer task, begin countdown: 10-9-8-… …

Cheng Yang was filled with tension, didn’t know if God would give arrange a first-peak order enchanted beast to face him, if that were the case, he was not likely to succeed. For all profession, only during the apprentice level would the gap be the largest*. At this stage the possibility of leapfrog fighting is very low. [Imagine two high level players fighting one another, even if one of them is higher by a rank it won’t mean much and will depend more on the person skill, but at lower levels, rank is more important because of the huge properties boost at the early level.]

So if Cheng Yang encountered a first-peak order enchanted beast now, no matter how good his fighting technique was, he wouldn’t be able to kill it. The surrounding environment in this instance was completely flat, there was simply no place he can use to his advantage.

But he felt the possibility of a first-peak enchanted beast appearing here was very low, after all, even if this were an extremely difficult level task, no one could complete it. But if a first-peak enchanted beast did appear in this instance, for the current humans, it would be impossible to clear it. The extremely difficult level task were set up so that humans would have a chance to beat it. It would never be impossible, there would always be a way to clear it.

While Cheng Yang was feeling nervous, the task countdown came to an end.

“Thanks for selecting Alchemist as your secondary profession, to be a successful Alchemist, being able to identify medicinal herbs can be considered the basic. Within half an hour, please find the following ten medicinal herbs in the instance: Sky Sword Grass, Black Ice Flower……”

After reading the task prompt, Cheng Yang felt his head being run over by 10,000 grass mud horses. Of course, after the grass mud horse sped through, he started to get excited.

The task turned out to be identifying herbs.

Of course, this task was not simple, nor would it let a person who used to be a doctor take advantage of it. Because after the transformation of the world, the medicinal herbs completely changed, and new medicinal herb started to emerge. Thus, even if it were the reincarnation of Hua Tuo*, it was impossible to accomplish such a task. [Chinese Physician]

But with Cheng Yang’s knowledge, this task was very simple, although his secondary profession wasn’t Alchemist, but he had seen these herbs before. Because these ten medicinal herbs were the materials needed to make mana potion (S) and health potion (S). If mix together with the appropriate ratio, it was enough to make the two prescriptions.

Why did God come up with such a task? Cheng Yang could somewhat guess, God himself didn’t personally control the copies, but let them run automatically under certain rules. Now out such a simple task, the biggest reason was that the rules of heaven and Earth didn’t know Cheng Yang was reborn. Accordance to the inference of the rules of heaven and Earth, the current strength of the average human was close non-transfer. In other words, even if then appeared a first-early enchanted beast in the instance, it could be claimed as difficult-level task. Because there were still some people around the world that were able to defeat it. But if a mid or first-late order enchanted beast appeared, it was simply not possible for others to clear the extremely difficult level task, since at this stage, apart from Cheng Yang, he was afraid no one could defeat such enchanted beast.

Such a task, as far as Cheng Yang was concerned, was equivalent to him cheating, which was not permitted by the rules, so the principle of strength to measure the clearance standards had automatically been abandoned*. It was replaced with herbs identification as the new task, to the number of people surviving on Earth, even if it were by luck, there would be two or three people that could accomplish this task, which also complied with the rules. [He is so overpowered compared to other humans, that the system have to give him a new task instead of giving him a fighting task.]

But what the rules of heaven and Earth didn’t know, was that such a task for Cheng Yang was even simpler than killing a first-late order enchanted beast.

The size of this instance was small, it was roughly around ten thousand square meters in a shape of a circle around 100 meters in diameter. But in such a place were covered with a wide variety of plants, including some rare things, which made Cheng Yang feel envious.

But these rare things were untouchable, because this task looked at the 10 herbs in his hands to determine whether he cleared the task or not, no more, no less.

Cheng Yang immediately began rummaging around the instance.

“Sky Word Grass, found……”

“Black Ice Flower, found……”

“Earth Dragon Root is here……”

Less than a moment of effort, ten different kinds of medicinal herbs were gathered in Cheng Yang’s hands.

“You have ten different kinds of medicinal herbs, are you sure you want to complete the task?” A deep voice echoed inside his mind, and sure enough, it gave the challenger a chance to choose.

Cheng Yang did not hesitate to say OK.

Moment later, the space around Cheng Yang began distorting, and soon his body disappeared.

“You came back so soon?” When Cheng Yang’s figure appeared again in the Alchemy room, the owner couldn’t help but stare.

It was no wonder he is so surprised, in his view, since Cheng Yang could reach higher order apprentice by the end of the fourth day, he could definitely be considered the best among the humans. So the chances of Cheng Yang clearing the extremely difficult task was highly likely, but the time spent couldn’t be so short. He came out of the instance so soon, did the task fail?

But he would never have thought that Cheng Yang received a task that had nothing to do with fighting, but instead asked him to identify medicinal herbs.

Cheng Yang smiled and stretched out his right hand, suddenly holding above 10 different strains of medicinal herbs, said, “Had some good luck, the God gave me a task of identifying herbs, and these herbs I already know, so I was able to get it done quickly.”

Looking at the ten strains of medicinal herbs in Cheng Yang’s hands, the owner had a dream-like feeling, for a transfer that had yet to learn a craft to complete this task was too difficult. The most crucial point was that Cheng Yang was the world’s first to switch to Alchemist, before this, no one knew about these herbs.

But now Cheng Yang really finished the task, the owner in addition to being surprise had no other thought, he immediately smiled and said, “It seems you really are a natural born Alchemist! Your harvest is enough to make the God envious. Since you’re the first inaugural Alchemist, you get an extra innate talent called Natural Medicine, this is a unique talent, after you take any medicine, can get twice the effect. At the same time, you complete the inaugural task on extremely difficult level, you will transfer into a very powerful alchemist. Specifically what they are, you have to wait until after the inauguration to know.”

When he finished, the owner took out from under the table a golden token and gave it to Cheng Yang, said, “That’s the craft inaugural token, using it will directly let you learn the craft.”

Cheng Yang had used this thing before, but the token he used then was black, it looked a couple of notches worse than this pale gold token.

Cheng Yang took the token, and directly held it in his palm, he then silently activated the inaugural token. Moment later, Cheng Yang felt his palm was empty, and that the token had already disappeared.

Cheng Yang couldn’t wait to open his properties panel, he suddenly found a new column on craft.

Compared with the main profession, the Alchemist’s page was more concise, but also introduced a powerful talent. For ordinary Alchemist, there was no exclusive talent, but some of the main profession transfers were likely to have talents that give craft bonus. If he completed the difficulty level craft task, they could get a normal talent, of course, such talents could be either good or bad, sometimes it needed a bit of luck.

But this was where unique craft talent differed, because anyone with a unique craft talent, could enhance a particular aspect capacity by 100%, such as production, properties, reducing energy consumption, or reducing raw materials consumption. For any of the crafts, there was more than one unique talent, but it could not be denied, such talents were certainly extremely rare. After all, any craft talent that could enhance or reduce were very little.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang arrived at a thought which made him ecstatic, if he used his new passive talent along with his craft talent, wouldn’t that increase the effect by four times? If it were only normal recovery potions, it wouldn’t cause Cheng Yang to be so excited, because it could only let him save a few power value. But he knew that in this world, there was some drugs that could permanently or temporarily increase certain properties, this was where Alchemist truly reflected their value. With Natural Medicine and God effect, these two talents, it would without a doubt increase the properties of drugs to make Cheng Yang extremely powerful.

Cheng Yang recovered his excited mood, said, “Thanks for the help Boss, excuse me Boss, do you have any recipe in the shop for sale?”

The owner immediately answered, “I only have here two refining recipes, if you need a higher level recipe, you need to upgrade the Alchemy Room as soon as possible.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “I will soon upgrade the Alchemy Room, I will buy the small mana potion refining recipe.”

Happy shopkeeper from the rear shelf took down scroll and handed it to Cheng Yang, said, “This recipe requires 1,000 power values.”

Cheng Yang without any hesitation, immediately pay the bill. 1,000 power values were astronomical, but it was not unbearable to Cheng Yang.




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