Doom Lord Chapter 36

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Doom Lord

Chapter 36- Alchemy room

Acquiring so much wood in a single day had gone far beyond Cheng Yang’s imagination, he could tell how hard everyone work today.

As for what to build first, Cheng Yang can’t help but be tangled. First of all, woodworking room must be built, without it, Cheng Yang will always feel uncertain.Who know how much wood would they find in Huimin town tomorrow? If 100 cubic meters of wood can’t be found in Huimin town, it could lead to big trouble.

Second building that need to be built is the Alchemy room, although the role of potions aren’t necessarily larger than equipment, but for now, in order to open up the passage leading to Xiangcheng city, there must be a sufficient number of potions.

As for the remaining 20 cubic meters of wood, Cheng Yang has no intention of leaving it alone, he directly used it to upgrade his residence. Being Luo Feng village’s Lord come with this kind of privilege. Although the effect of level 2 houses isn’t that much better, but it can improve cultivation efficiency by an additional 5%, does it not?

Following the decision, Cheng Yang chose to build these three buildings one by one.

Momentarily, the already dark Luo Feng village suddenly burst out bright lights inside the village, three screens wrapped around three areas.

This scene made all the people staying in Luo Feng village shocked, for these people, almost all of them had never seen such a scene in Luo Feng village, so naturally they don’t know what these light screens represents. They only knew, whatever is taking place in front of them is definitely incredible.

After the light screens dispersed, several buildings appeared on the ground. One of them feels a bit familiar, it was the residence Cheng Yang stayed in before.

After the residence upgrade, it undergone a huge change. First, there is a lot more area, level 1 residences mostly covered an area of less than 20 square feet, which is mostly taken up by the five beds. Other than the bunk beds, it was no different from college dorms. Level 2 houses can no longer be regarded as such, instead it look like a house. Not only does it covers an area of 40 square feet, it has a upper floor. It’s similar to small single family homes in the countryside. Before, the building was made of brick, but when upgrade to level 2 residence it changed into antique wood.

Cheng Yang is only aware of what level 2 residence look like in the village. Even if the village is upgraded to level 3 later on, the residence can’t be upgraded any further. As for when level 3 residence is available, Cheng Yang is unclear.

In addition to the level 2 residence, the other two buildings are completely unfamiliar. Of course, this is only strange for others, but can be considered as very familiar to Cheng Yang, there is even a sense of kinship with it. Because in the past, he saw these buildings almost everyday. Only then these buildings relationship with him is not large, but now these two buildings are completely his own.

These two antique buildings are naturally the woodworking room and Alchemy room..

Cheng Yang did not care what other people think, and went straight into one of the buildings with the word Alchemy written in front.

The same as when Yuan Jianze went into the Alchemy room in Xiangcheng city, in this Alchemy room also has a person dressed in ancient clothing. But Cheng Yang was not surprised, he already knew the buildings have such people in them, but also know that these people do not belong to this world. But there is one thing he was unable to determine, are these people really humans? Or are they just the Gods manufactured building manager*? [NPC: Non-player character]

Previous life, there were many people that probe this issue, they even wanted to ascertain whether Gods really exist from these people, but from the results it is clear that they have failed. But the people were still able to identify a problem, that is these people can’t get out of their respective building, their job is to sell the merchandise and teach the transfers the appropriate craft skills.

Learning craft skills only apply to field station, while the main city shop owner can only sell the products.

“Lord your honor, what do you need to buy “Said the man at once, it appears that he saw Cheng Yang’s identity.

Cheng Yang came near and said: “Bring the list of items to me. If you have the items I need, I’ll buy some. ”

“I understand! “The shopkeeper say very submissively, he then took out a book from the front desk, and handed it to Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang took a look inside, which is simply filled with columns of potion. Such as the bottle of mana potion Cheng Yang picked up, which only recovered 30 points. In this book, there are stronger type of potions, such as Mana potion (M).

Mana potion (M): Medium recovery potion, after taking have a one-time instant recovery of 30 mana, afterward will have a recovery of 8 points of mana per second for 10 seconds. This potion, even for Cheng Yang, is enough to sustain his consumption.

In addition to these two types of potions, there are also the corresponding health potions. Its effects are the same as the mana potions, except it recover health instead of mana. There is also a difference between the two potions, during the duration of the health potion they can not be hit by the enemy, otherwise the effect will disappear.

These four potions are the only few items that can be used within this book, after all, this is just a level 1 Alchemy room, Cheng Yang did not expect anything good to appear inside. Besides, these several potions have been able to meet Cheng Yang current demand.

“Give me 20 bottles of mana potion(M), and another 5 bottles of health potion(M). “Cheng Yang said soon after.

The shopkeeper said with a smile on his face: “A bottle of medium mana potion and medium health potion are 8 power values each, 25 bottles altogether total 200 power values. ”

Cheng Yang did not hesitate to turn over the 200 power values, then put the 25 bottles of potions away. If he wanted to save power value, small bottles of potion are more cost-effective, since each bottle only cost 2 power values. But Cheng Yang does not intend to use the small bottles, it efficiency is too low, and secondly, it’s not easy to carry.

“Boss, I’m going to study Herbalism, pharmacy skills, I do not know if there is any condition to learn? ” After Cheng Yang put away the potions, he did not immediately leave, but instead inquired details relating to pharmacy.

Boss’s eyes lit up, a faint smile emerged on his face, he said: “To learn craft skill is very simple, but Lord you have to be certain, you can only learn a single craft, which include a life skill and a production skill. Take pharmaceutical for instance, its life skill is herbs, while the production skill is the manufacturing of various type of potions. If you select pharmaceutical as a craft, you won’t be able to learn other crafts. ”

Cheng Yang crisply nodded and said, “I’m certain to select pharmaceutical as my craft. At the end of the world, I could not qualify as a priest, but by learning pharmaceutical as my craft, I would be able to heal others. I hope the boss can fulfill my request. ”

The boss’s eyes flashed a comforting look and said: “Lord your honor, for you to have such thoughts is a blessing to the people of Luo Feng village. Since you have such ambitions, then I will let you transfer. I have three transfer reels, corresponding to different degree of difficulty, which are normal, difficult, and extremely difficult. Which is your choice? ”

After hearing what the boss said, Cheng Yang hesitated. Before he chose pharmaceutical as a craft, because he knows that the world first inaugural Alchemist have a benefit, this benefit is something he couldn’t resist getting. As for whether the other crafts have corresponding benefits, Cheng Yang don’t want to know, and as for what those benefits are, he don’t know. For uncertain things Cheng Yang don’t want to gamble, so he chose to learn pharmacy.

If he choose the normal difficulty level scroll, he is almost guaranteed to be the first alchemist to transfer around the world. Passing normal difficulty level will be indicated as ordinary occupations, and compared to difficult and extremely difficult transfers, the gap is too big.

Carrying out extremely difficult transfer task is also very hard, although you won’t die during the transfer task, but once the transfer failed, you can’t access the task within three months, which means he would evade the first inaugural Alchemist.

In the last life, people that were able to complete the extremely difficult task is no more than 10 people, and that is around the world, rather than a certain region or country. Thus, it can be seen how hard the extremely difficult transfer task is. After the completion of the extremely difficult transfer task, it would be considered a unique occupation, offering incomparable advantages compared to ordinary occupations. Correspondingly, after the completion of the difficulty level transfer task, they would be considered a special occupation, although a lot stronger than ordinary occupation, but compared with unique occupation, is just too far away.

After a intense inner struggle, Cheng Yang decided to gamble, and selected extremely difficult.

Cheng Yang made such a choice is not due to arrogant, or think he can be the best in the world. Instead, he made the choice very seriously.

There is a reason for this, that is all craft task difficulty is not based on the transfers themselves, but according to time after the end. In other words, no matter what difficulty level is selected, the more the time passed, the higher the difficulty will be. Or the task difficulty is related with the current average human strength.

Gods made such setting, perhaps in order to encourage humans to compete for the strongest.

How is the current average human strength on Earth? There is no doubt the current average human strength is between non-transfers and low order apprentice, with the non-transfers being the majority. In this case, with Cheng Yang being higher order apprentice level is absolutely second to none. Thus, if Cheng Yang is unable to clear the extremely difficult task, the others are even more unlikely to complete it.

Cheng Yang said: “I chose the extremely difficult level transfer task, please give me the scroll bar. ”

“I really was not wrong about you!” The shopkeeper said, smilingly.


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