Doom Lord Chapter 35

Doom Lord

Chapter 35- Clean Up

“Farmer?” Lee Wanshan was stunned and said, “There is such profession?”

Cheng Yang said, “There will be, after the rules of Heaven and Earth, the land can’t be used to grow food. You can tell from the soaring trees that the soil must have undergone some changes. Also people cannot eat meat every meal, so after the transformation of the land, a secondary profession such as farmer is necessary to grow food. Only problem is that the secondary profession has yet to appear, so what exactly is the situation I don’t know.”

Lee Wanshan nodded.

Next, Cheng Yang left Lee Wanshan who remained in the station, and once again set off to Huimin Town.

Huimin Town was only one kilometer away from Luo Feng Village, so a small part of the town was included within the territorial range of Luo Feng Village. Although this range was very small, but it could ensure that no enchanted beast would appear along the road from Luo Feng Village to Huimin Town.

When Cheng Yang arrived at Huimin Town, the scene looked like a war zone.

Within a few hundreds square meters, everywhere was filled with Luo Feng Village’s transfers busily working. They flipped over the debris on the dilapidated walls, on one hand, in order to find whether there were any people buried beneath, while on the other hand was to search for supplies, among them include food and timber.

When these transfers saw Cheng Yang come over, many of them stopped what they were doing to greet him, and their words were very respectable. Although there was no guarantee that such respect came from the heart, but it could be said that most of these people were sincerely grateful to Cheng Yang. After all, their lives were saved by Cheng Yang.

After Cheng Yang walked more than 100 meters forward, distinct changes could be seen from the surrounding. From here on was out of the scope of Luo Feng Village territory range, and at a certain range, there would be a monster community. Group of transfers dared not act in this area, their eyes firmly stared around and could only communicate with each other in a low voice, for fear of alerting the monster communities in the distance.

Fortunately, there were ruins everywhere, so their body could be hidden in many places, and as long as they were careful, enchanted beasts wouldn’t be able to find them.

Cheng Yang first found Yu Kai’s team, they were searching for supplies at the moment. Although killing monsters to enhance strength was very good, but now it was too dangerous things to go in any deeper. Unless it was absolutely necessary, many people were reluctant to provoke these enchanted beasts, especially the hordes of enchanted beasts.

“Yangzi, you came back quickly. How was it?” After Yu Kai saw Cheng Yang, he immediately asked.

Cheng Yang repeated what he said to Lee Wanshan once again.

Yu Kai said, “Then we first need to clear the monsters in Huimin Town. I heard from the men that came from Huimin Town that the town used to have two wood processing plants. But after the earthquake, the two wood processing plants seemed to be buried somewhere, and it looked like their positions had changed. Before, those scattered wood we found were from these wood processing plant. As long as we exterminate the monsters in the town, and start a large scale, there will definitely be harvests.”

Cheng Yang originally intended to do so, immediately he said, “You go tell some people to gather everyone here, then we’ll start a unified attack. First, the groups that has less than 100 enchanted beasts will be exterminated, then I will go whittle down the larger communities by myself.”

Subsequently, Cheng Yang explained his tactics to Yu Kai, listening, Liu Hao’s eyes lit up, and together with several people quickly left.

Shortly after, more than 100 people gathered around Cheng Yang, now they had gradually adapted to the current environment, they all kept silent, quietly waiting for Cheng Yang’s orders.

Here was a total of three teams, between which was evenly distributed, and other than the three priests, there were 30 of each profession, which included the captains like Cheng Yang.

“While fighting, the Summoner will call out their beasts to the front, with soldiers mixing in. Immediately after the warriors are the magicians and archers, priests and summoners will stand in the middle. We will fight as a team, I don’t want anyone to have any personal heroism, if this fight encounter any losses caused by reckless behaviors, I will carry out Luo Feng Village’s rule. You may think I’m cold-hearted, but I am doing this for the good of everyone.” Cheng Yang calmly stated.

The men in front all had a look of silence, but they all unified nodded.

Cheng Yang continued, “Good, we will begin now. The monster communities around us are not large in size, after they are destroyed, we can expand our search and have more room to maneuver.”

When he finished, Cheng Yang let everyone lined up, while he remained in the middle. Although this would reduce his mobility, but this approach can make more people accept his status.

They were first face with a Grell’s community around the size of 40 or so. When the Grells saw the team approaching, there was not even a hint of timidity, and launch a direct assault on the humans. Their mouth broke out in excited howling, it seemed they really thought all humans as food.

“Attack.” Cheng Yang simply issued a command, archers and magicians at once volleyed arrows and magic missiles towards the other side. Suddenly a series of miserable screams constantly rang.

Cheng Yang was not worried about the Grell’s voice attracting other monsters, because monsters of different ethnic groups were not friendly toward one another. And these low level monsters couldn’t effectively communicate among each other, so even if other monsters heard the noise, no one would came. Of course, if a human issued such a sound, it would be hard to say.

After a round of attack, a couple of Grells died, the rest, although suffered some injuries, but the fighting continued unabated.

The Grells were about 30 meters away, close enough for them to reach in three or four seconds. Cheng Yang and the rest continued raining their attacks on the Grells. By the time the Grells reached the summoner’s call beasts, 12-13 Grells perished.

Warrior’s defensive capability was pretty good, by relying on their shield they could firmly resist the Grells impact. Also those dark wolves didn’t quietly back off either, but instead fearlessly ran up to the Grells and began tearing at each other. Fortunately, the Grells didn’t have any intelligence, so the two sides were temporarily evenly matched.

But with so many dark wolves helping the human’s side, less than a minute later, all the Grells died under everyone attacks.

After eliminating this Grell community, the space for activities got bigger. After two minutes of rest in meditation, they turned their sights on their next target.

After an hour of fighting, Huimin Town monster’s community had been reduced by half. The remaining two monster communities had more than a hundred enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang was not going to let the soldiers and summoned beasts recklessly resist them in front. If the summoned beasts die it didn’t matter, but just having one soldier dead would cause Cheng Yang to be very distressed. Although the strength of these people were not high, but that was due to them not having any training, in the beginning of the end, as long as they experienced a certain degree of fighting, their combat capability would be much greater than those who had just transferred.

Fortunately, now that the monsters in Huimin Town had basically been eliminated, Cheng Yang could drag a horde of monsters around and kite them, he didn’t have to worry about any monsters cutting off his path.

Cheng Yang began to repeat his morning tactics, constantly kiting the monsters around, and by taking advantage of his long-range attacks, he continued to spike the enchanted beasts that kept up with him.

When the number of monsters reduced to 70-80, Yu Kai and others organized a team over, and easily wiped them out.

At around 7pm, Huimin Town ruins was fully secured, although occasionally spawning out one or two enchanted beasts, but in front of so many transfers, they didn’t even have any room for resistance, and died on the spot.

Cheng Yang’s undoubtedly had the biggest harvest, he alone gained almost half of the power value the others added up together, increasing his power value to more than 1,800 points. As for the others, their average gain was less than 10 points, which was a normal thing. Cheng Yang could spike these enchanted beasts in a single attack, while others had to attack about 7-8 times, coupled with his high mana and hit rate, having such a gap is not surprising at all.

There was no longer any need for Cheng Yang to remain in Huimin Town, and a significant number of people would be left behind to clean up the ruins. There was also enough materials for Luo Feng Village to last for a while, so Luo Feng Village’s most urgent need at the moment ws wood.

Next, Cheng Yang took his team back to Luo Feng Village, while Yu Kai and Niu Bing had their teams clean up the ruins in Huimin Town.

After returning to Luo Feng Village, the sky had darkened, Cheng Yang came to the front of the profession statues, and opened its properties panel. He saw that the upgrade progress had been completed, and immediately without hesitation chose to upgrade the next bonus. After the operation is completed, Luo Feng Village territory power value was left with almost 1,300 points.

The reason why there was so much territory power value is due to Luo Feng Village upgrade. It extended the territory range, allowing the territory to earn power value from the area that hadn’t been clear of enchanted beasts, which also included Huimin Town falling into the territorial range of Luo Feng Village.

Cheng Yang estimates that such high yields would continue for several days, until the larger monster communities around Luo Feng village were removed.

After switching off the profession statue’s properties panel, Cheng Yang found that today’s gains were more than just power value, even the wood had increased by a lot. He did not know if God intentionally did so, Huimin Town two wood processing plant timbers were scattered in every corner of the ruins, making it not easy to find. But this was also because Luo Feng village was adequately staffed, more than 100 people was able to rummage through Huimin Town ruins, easily lifting the debris, so Luo Feng Village’s harvest was more than 30 large logs, on the volume count is about 170 cubic meters.

Along with the fifty or so wood found yesterday, there were already 220 cubic meters of wood. Enough to have two shops built with a little residual remaining.



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