Doom Lord Chapter 34

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Doom Lord

Chapter 34- Blocked Passage

If Yuan Jianze is feeling depressed now, then Cheng Yang feel like he have a headache at the moment. He now stood just south of Xiangcheng city passage leading outside the city, and seeing the dozens of meters long channel densely covered with enchanted beast, he felt his scalp tingle.

This number should not be any less than 700-800 enchanted beasts, and among them are many high level monsters. Cheng Yang estimated that such a monster group will at least have one first-late order enchanted beast..

Although he has just killed a first-late order Black Wolf, but that does not mean he can kill all first-late order enchanted beast. Especially now that this head enchanted beast is hidden within this group of nearly thousand monsters, and to kill it like before won’t be as easy.

If he take the initiative to provoke these monsters, there will be what kind of consequences?

Cheng Yang looked around, in addition to sparse tree besides him, both sides are like primeval forest in general, while everywhere on the ground is covered with thorns twining, making it difficult to pass through. Of course, if there is someone responsible for opening a path, then going deep into the forest is very easy. But Cheng Yang is alone right now, so his only escape route is from behind his back.

What if a monster suddenly pop up from behind and blocked his path? He has to put this into early consideration. Most enchanted beasts do not stay still in their original location, they tend to roam around in search of food. But such wandering speed isn’t very fast.

This is close to 1000 monsters, way more than the previous 50 gray wolves. In a group of 50 enchanted beasts, even if he find himself besieged in the center, he can also find a way to escape. But if trapped within a herd of nearly 1000 enchanted beasts, waiting for him will be his death.

Cheng Yang dismissed the idea of disturbing these monsters, and slowly retreated. This time his aim is to explore the way, and now that objective has been achieved. As for how to solve this problem, he need to think it over long-term before making a plan. At least, until there is enough mana potion, he is not going to touch this monster group.

On the way back, Cheng Yang went a different route, also swept past all the way. When he returned to Luo Feng village, it’s already more than three in the afternoon.

This time out, although very long, but the harvest is quite rich, his power value has broke through to 1500 points. Even if tonight Yu Kai and the others don’t returned the 1000 power values back to him, he will also be able to use four times cultivation speed.

When stepping inside Luo Feng village’s gate, Cheng Yang saw Lee Wanshan’s team which was left behind in the village, but at the moment Lee Wanshan isn’t practicing, but together with his 40 men guarding the village.

In fact, now Luo Feng village do not need any guards, after all, there is a one kilometer range outside the village that will no longer spawn any monster. What’s really need worrying about is the internal affair of the village, after all, Luo Feng village now has close to a thousand ordinary people that has not been transferred. They are temporarily not in a crisis, so the village is somewhat peaceful. But if there is anyone that should foment discord, then even if they are rescued into the village, their lives would still be in danger.

The reason Lee Wanshan did not start his cultivation is due to him cultivating yesterday evening. Now, the end of his cultivation time interval is less than 20 hours, so naturally he can only wait.

Seeing Cheng Yang come in from the gate, Lee Wanshan hurriedly came up, and asked, “Lord, I was wondering how your exploration search went? Are we able to kill our way into Xiangcheng city? ”

Cheng Yang said: “The situation is not good, from this side, Xiangcheng city only has one channel leading to it that is about a hundred meters wide, while on both sides are full of bottomless ravine. Now the channel is occupied by nearly a thousand enchanted beasts, if we want to enter Xiangcheng city, you must first kill these monsters. ”

Lee Wanshan’s face suddenly saddened, bitterly said, “Is there really no other method? Now three days has passed, and I don’t know even know if my family is safe. …… Evil God, you are so cruel, why didn’t you just simply kill me?! ”

This last sentence, Lee Wanshan looked upward, and thunderously shouted.

Cheng Yang calmly looked on, he has seen people more emotionally riled up than Lee Wanshan, so he did not think it was anything strange. Immediately he said: “It’s not that there is no method. As long as we quickly enhance our strength, I believe that in a few days we will be able to enter Xiangcheng city. Today, I heard the movement in Xiangcheng city was rather large, it’s presumably that the military has scored Xiangcheng city. Xiangcheng city district commander Yuan Jianze is a qualified soldier, he will be able to rescue the residents of Xiangcheng city. At this time, even if we go back, there won’t be much difference. Rather than continuing on being angry here, you might as well seize this time to improve your strength, then when it’s time to return to Xiangcheng city, even if your family is unhappy, their situation can also change because of your arrival. ”

Lee Wanshan’s eyes gradually regain clarity, he said: “Lord, you’re right, since God tease us in such a way, I must fight to live a good life. ”

Cheng Yang nodded, then asked: “Eh, today seems to have a lot of people rescued? Are all the refugees in Huimin town beginning to emerge from hiding? ”

Lee Wanshan hear Cheng Yang asked about business, immediately said: “Lord, now is already the fourth day of the end, those people hiding in the shadows are already hungry with their eyes dim. If they don’t come out looking for food, even without a monster shot, they will starve to death. Plus, today Huimin town rarely have monsters appearing, after every few hundred meters would have a monster group. They may also look at this point, and so decided to come out from hiding. This let us spent most of the day rescuing people. Perhaps, you do not know Lord, came to Luo Feng village today are more than 600 people that are physically in good shape, there is also a large proportion of people still remaining in Huimin town, they have been hungry these days, to the point of not being able to walk. So now the transfers are in Huimin town killing enchanted beasts to feed them along the way.”

Cheng Yang suddenly startled, and then asked: “Now how many people are in Huimin town? ”

Lee Wanshan said: “There are now 2000 people rescued from Huimin town. Huimin town population estimates, there are nearly 2000 people that has yet to be rescued. For the rest, they either died under the claws of the enchanted beasts, or directly starve to death. ”

Cheng Yang roughly estimated, Luo Feng village’s population at the moment is nearly 1300 people, and along with the 4000 people rescued from Huimin town, it would be sufficient to upgrade Luo Feng village into a small town.

The only problem Cheng Yang is tangled up with is how to solve the food shortage for 5000 people? Do we have to eat enchanted beasts meat every meal? Not to mention them, even if it is himself who spent a year after the end can’t adapt to that kind of life.

Perhaps, I really do need to build the grocery store as soon as possible, otherwise not only the space ring is the moon reflected on the water*, food is also going to be a big problem. [Something that can be seen, but not touch.]

In the early days of the end, what people ate to a large extent are purchased from the grocery store. Although it is not known why endless food can be brought from the grocery store, but people just feel lucky, so they don’t think of it as strange.

“Now, how many enchanted beast communities are in Huimin town? How big is the largest group? “Cheng Yang immediately asked.

Lee Wanshan explained: “Huimin town area is less than one square kilometer, after this morning clean up, the enchanted beast communities left over are about 14-15 groups, one of the largest group has more than 300 enchanted beasts. ”

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “Fortunately, the problem is not so bad. While I go to Huimin town, as much as possible eliminate all the enchanted beast communities in Huimin town. Although these herds will appear again after being killed, but the number won’t be much. We can rest assured clearing up the rubble, while rescuing lives and looking for wood. ”

Lee Wanshan said: “Lord, maybe we should build the woodworking shop first, as long as the woodworking shop is built, we can let some people learn the logging skill, and with enough wood other buildings can be soon built. ”

Cheng Yang shake his head with a wry smile, said: ” The effect of the logging skill is not as ideal as you imagine. Generally, each day woodcutter can managed to get ten cubic meters of timber can be considered as not bad. ”

Lee Wanshan immediately widened his eyes and said: “Ten cubic? Not so little, right? With our strength, even with this iron sword, can cut a few trees in a day, so how can it be ten cubic. ”

Cheng Yang with a wry smile, said: “This is no good, if the people who cut down the trees don’t have the logging skill, then those trees can’t be used to build the buildings.”

“Why?” “Lee Wanshan stunned.

Cheng Yang raised his hands, said: “I don’t know, you just have to understand that God does not approve of this stuff. ”

“How about the timbers we shipped over here? At that time, there should be no logging skills, right? “Lee Wanshan became even more puzzled.

Cheng Yang said: “At the time God transformed the world, what he considers to be a certain size timbers has been incorporated into the rules, so the wood we are looking for in Huimin town can be used. But after transformation finish, the wood we want to get must comply with the new rules. ”

Lee Wanshan wry smile, said: “If you knew about this you should had brought all the woods from my lumber mills. ”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said: “I’d like to buy, but did I have that much money? Only paying 80,000 in advance, took a long time to success when bargaining with you. ”

Lee Wanshan embarrassingly smile, said: “At that time will I know such a thing will happen? ”

Cheng Yang said: “Well, let’s not talk about this, first take a moment to check the situation. There is also no point building the woodworking shop first. Anyway, our personnel has reached 200 people, out of which dozens of people can focus on logging which is also acceptable. ”

Lee Wanshan nodded and smiled: “This feel good! Every day can increase by hundreds of cubic meters of timber, then we can quickly reach the condition to upgrade the level 2 village.”

However, Cheng Yang said: “The wood is not the most important matter, the most important thing is getting food for people to eat. Later many people will be converted into farmer, this is an inevitable trend. ”


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