Doom Lord Chapter 33

Doom Lord

Chapter 33- Strange People

Seeing the magic missile fly over, a hint of fear emerged in the Black Wolf’s eyes. It suddenly had the feeling that if this magic missile hit him, then it would surely lose its life on the spot.

It held some regret at this time, if it had earlier known this man was so powerful, it would had escape right away. Even after abandoning his duty to guard the staff, his strength would just drop down to first-mid order, but even so that was still better than losing his life, is it not?

However, there was no such thing as regret medicine in this world.

At the last moment, it would like to escape, but the magic missile was too fast, it could barely make any evasive action, and got hit in the head.

Finally, the Black Wolf died, perhaps it might not be the most powerful first-late order enchanted beast in the world presently, but it was definitely the first first-late order enchanted beast to die in this world.

Although Cheng Yang killed the Black Wolf, but due to a moment of delay, 7-8 wolves rushed near him, and used their mouth to bite towards his body, Cheng Yang was too late to even dodge, he was attacked seven or eight times by these beasts.

However, Cheng Yang’s Physical Defense has now reached 4 points, for these gray wolf that only have five points of physical attack, the harm done to him was very weak. But even so, getting hit by 7-8 attacks, removed nearly one-tenth of his health.

This couldn’t be delayed any longer, Cheng Yang thought. He now only had 52 points of mana remaining, there was no capital to challenge this group of gray wolves.

Cheng Yang immediately gave up counterattacking, and directly ran away toward the opposite direction.

Cheng Yang was indeed much faster than the gray wolves, they couldn’t even catch up, and was left far behind. After the distance between Cheng Yang and the gray wolves reached a hundred meters, he immediately sat down cross-legged on the ground, and began to recover his mana. At this time, even if it were only a few points of mana, it could be life-saving.

10 seconds later, the gray wolves are only less than 20 meters away from Cheng Yang, he could not afford to continue sitting down any longer. He quickly raised his wand and began to attack one of the leading gray wolves.

Two magic missiles was fired off, causing one of the rushing gray wolves to die a martyr’s death, but this consumed all the mana that Cheng Yang had just recovered. At this time, there were still 40 or so gray wolves remaining, Cheng Yang didn’t dare fight them recklessly.

But this time there was no Black Wolf to threaten him, so Cheng Yang’s pressure was a whole lot smaller. After all, he was four times faster than these gray wolves, and after his mana was consumed he could just run some distance to recover it. This would slowly consume the gray wolves to death.

Subsequent fighting held no suspense, Cheng Yang spent about 20 minutes before finally killing the last gray wolf.

When the last gray wolf died on the ground, Cheng Yang was relieved. Later on when he was alone, he got to make sure not to engage such a large group of enchanted beasts again, and also unless there was enough magic potion, otherwise this could tire a person to death. The most important reason was that the killing efficiency is too low, battle lasted for almost half an hour and he was only able to get 50 power values, which is too slow for him.

Cheng Yang quickly return to the wolves gathering place, and saw the staff that he risked his life to get from the wolves still lying there quietly.

Cheng Yang rapidly rushed to pick up the staff, its properties instantly appeared in Cheng Yang’s mind.

Spirit Bone Staff: Bronze grade one-hand weapon, produced from third-order secluded wolf’s leg bone, increase magic attack by 4, required low-order sorcerer’s apprentice or above to equip. Durability: 80/80.

It was actually a bronze gradel equipment, which was great news. Although when he found out that the Black Wolf was a monster in the first late-order, he had guessed this staff was likely to be a bronze-grade equipment, but that was just speculation. Now with a bronze-grade weapon in his hand, the joy he was feeling was inconceivable.

Bronze weapons that could increase attack by 4 points aren’t particularly rare, Cheng Yang remembered seeing a silver-grade weapon that could increase attack by 7 points, fully capable of letting a low-order apprentice challenge a mid-order enchanted beast

Moreover, the equipment mentioned here was only suitable for use in the apprentice level, in the future, there were higher level of equipment that exist. Those were the ones that Cheng Yang didn’t come into contact with.

Cheng Yang equipped on this weapon. For the Wither Wooden Staff, if he took it along with him, it would be very inconvenient, but at the same time he couldn’t bear to to throw it away. After all, any piece of equipment were very precious to Luo Feng village.

Cheng Yang was then looking forward to building the carving room later, because inside of the shop would sell space ring. This thing was a necessity for traveling away from the station, and was also essential when looting. But space rings were expensive, expensive to the extent that most people couldn’t afford to buy it. Even then, if there were such a space ring in front of Cheng Yang, he could only stare at it greedily.

Ultimately, Cheng Yang decided to hold onto the Wither Wooden Staff, and tied it with a rope on his back.

Next, Cheng Yang moved on, once he encountered a group of enchanted beast that was less than 30, he would direct rush to cut the gordian knot and exterminate them. With his current magic attack, killing these first-low order enchanted beasts would only need a magic missile.

Even if the enchanted beast group were more massive, Cheng Yang would still dare to rush in and start an indiscriminate killing, then flee whenever his mana were consumed. Once it recovered, he would dash back in to continue the slaughter. Anyway, every kill give out power value, and killing some could lessen the pressure on the station.

The only thing Cheng Yang found regrettable was that after obtaining the Spirit Bone Staff, Cheng Yang never met another such wild treasure. Accordingly, nor did he suffer from another late-order enchanted beast attack.

Walk forward about two kilometers, Cheng Yang power value increased by more than 300 points, plus with his original more than 600 points of power value, along with the power value obtained from the initial gray wolves, Cheng Yang power values once again accumulated more than 1,000 points.

From here, the distance from Xiangcheng City suburb is only one kilometer away, Cheng Yang gradually became more caution. He recalled that last time, on this essential road to Xiangcheng City, there was a massive enchanted beast herd. At that time, humans took three months to get out of Xiangcheng City, and a large part of the enchanted beast in the group were from the monster around the city.

After the initial earthquake, the terrain around the world had undergone tremendous changes. Around every city, appeared a deep bottomless ravine that was about seventy or eighty meters wide. In the North, South, East, West direction would each have a 100 meter wide channel, which was the only way to enter or exit the main city are from these four channels.

As for how many monsters were at the end of these four channels, Cheng Yang had no grasp. Anyway, at the beginning of the end that night, he didn’t have the slightest grasp through this channel.

Cheng Yang didn’t explain these things to Lee Wanshan, after all, some things that were too detailed would arouse suspicion.

As the passage get closer, Cheng Yang was still not sure. The circumstances involving every city around the world were not the same, some cities in two or three days time would have about 100 enchanted beasts blocking the channel, while others would have up to thousands.


After Cheng Yang left Luo Feng village, in Xiangcheng City Yuan Jianze commanded his soldiers that transferred to go outside.

These new transfers’ ways of fighting, Yuan Jianze slowly got a better understanding. Also because he understood, he was more worried for these enchanted beast. If you could train a large number of transfers, he was afraid soon enchanted beast would be wiped out by humans.

After Yuan Jianze made the arrangement, he stepped into one of the six antique buildings, on the door was written the words ‘Alchemy Room’.

Now Yuan Jianze was only going in to see, just when he entered the light screen he got the messages that these buildings enabled the purchase of goods, or game items. The currencies was no longer banknotes like before, but by a thing called power value.

Obviously, at the moment no one had power value, so buying things were like clouds. The reason why he came in was to see if there were any good items, and made early preparations.

However, the moment Yuan Jianze stepped through the Alchemy Room door, he was shocked.

In fact, even if there were a dragon in the Alchemy room, it wouldn’t be enough to surprise Yuan Jianze, but the key was that now inside was not a dragon, but a human being.

A living person, dressed like ancient people, around 40 years old.

Yuan Jianze bet, that no one before he entered the Alchemy room, and looking at the way this man dressed, it shouldn’t have been a person from Xiangcheng city.

Who is this man?

Yuan Jianze’s mind came up with a ridiculous conjecture, he is not God, right?

Yuan Jianze cautiously approached a few steps, then asked, “May I ask who you are? How did you get in here?”

The man smiled and said, “Welcome to our store, do you have need to buy something? …… What’s this? You have no power values, this is too poor right? Come back when you have the money.”

Yuan Jianze’s face flashed a trace of bitterness, an imposing military commander such as he was currently being despised by other. But he didn’t dare refute, very low profile, he said, “I would like to ask you……”

“You are really annoying too! If you want to seek information go to the pub, this here is the Alchemy room, it’s only responsible for selling pharmacy.” After the man finished speaking, immediately waved his hand, Yuan Jianze felt a surge of force instantly pushed him out.

When Yuan Jianze stood outside the door after that, his face was very unsightly, not because of the other side words, but rather shocked from the strength of the opposition, because he didn’t know what pushed him out.

Yuan Jianze then went to several other antique buildings, but didn’t encounter anything different. It appeared that these ‘people’ only cared about money, after discovering that he had no power value, the first thing they did was kick him out.

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    Also, couldn’t have just grabbed the weapon and led the wolves back to the town so the noobs on the walls could get some PV? It would likely have been much faster, and would have allowed him to make more PV faster by going out again and finding groups of a more manageable size.

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