Doom Lord Chapter 32

Doom Lord

Chapter 32- Alone

It was a weapon, but judging from the appearance, it should have been a magic staff. Although Cheng Yang already had a staff, but it was just ordinary grade, which was commonly known as the ‘whiteboard equipment’. According to Cheng Yang’s experience, at the beginning of the end, for there to be so many enchanted beasts guarding it, this magic wand was definitely not ordinary grade. So, Cheng Yang was hoping to change his weapon.

Cheng Yang carefully observed the monsters in the distance, he noticed this monster community was entirely composed of gray wolf, along with the existence of a head wolf. It was now standing right next to the magic staff, and judging from its dark inky hair, the Black Wolf was feared to have reached the first-late order.

With his present strength, this would be a hassle. If it were only the head Black Wolf, Cheng Yang wouldn’t be so worry, after all, his speed advantage could ensure that he wouldn’t get caught by the Black Wolf. His mana could also guarantee him killing this guy in one round.

But right now around the Black Wolf was no less than 50 gray wolves, his mana was absolutely not enough to handle them all.

It seems the only way was to slowly consume them, since he couldn’t come up with any other method. But even if he wanted to slowly wither them down, it was best to have the Black Wolf killed first.

Cheng Yang surveyed his surrounding, and looking at the tree he was standing on, it was slightly thicker than the average tree, but in the face of a first-later order enchanted beast attacks, the tree could barely hold on. Around here was a more robust tree than this one, although it wouldn’t be unharmed from the Black Wolf’s attack, but there was no problem for it supporting for a few seconds. Cheng Yang only needed ten seconds to finish it off.

Cheng Yang immediately without any hesitation, softly landed near another tree, this tree was nearly two arms width. In the past, this could be considered a big tree. But after half a month, such trees would be everywhere. Cheng Yang at once rapidly climbed up.

This tree was more than 40 meters away from the gray wolves, Cheng Yang’s magic missile also could not hit them. However, Cheng Yang was well prepared, with a fist size stone in his hand, he instantly threw it at the hordes of gray wolf.

“BANG……!” The stone fell right in the middle of the hordes of gray wolves, making the originally quiet gray wolves suddenly alarmed, one after the other unleashed a fierce howl.

The Black Wolf at the center also gave a sharp howl, it turn toward Cheng Yang’s direction, and then let out a loud roar.

The gray wolves received their leader’s command, and began rushing toward the direction where Cheng Yang was at.

“Owww……!” Sounds of wolves’ cries came beneath Cheng Yang’s feet, the gray wolves had found Cheng Yang’s presence, and have started using their canine teeth to madly bite at the tree.

In a short time, wood fragments began swirling in the air……

“Damn! This was too much, right?” Cheng Yang jumped out of his skin, the Black Wolf did not take the initiative in rushing, and let his men take the lead, this was too cheap.

Cheng Yang could not continue watching as these wolves snapped at the tree, so in addition to escaping, there was no second option. He immediately took out his Wither wooden staff, a magic missile hit a gray wolf biting below.

“Pop……!” The magic missile hit the gray wolf. The huge impact sent the gray wolf lying on the ground, causing it to be unable to get up.

Then, Cheng Yang shot out another magic missile, killing the gray wolf.

“Ah such a waste, if only the attack is a little bit higher, then only one shot is enough to spike it.” Cheng Yang helplessly sighed.

This was the first gray wolf to have died, it deeply stimulated its companions around, their attacks became more intense. Cheng Yang had no choice but to continue attacking.

16 magic missile fired off, follow with the death of 8 gray wolves. Cheng Yang is left with 77 points of mana, but he couldn’t continue staying here, because the tree was now gnawed by one-third, if another one-third were bitten off, just a hit from the gray wolf would cause the tree to break.

At the same time, howling sound from the Black Wolf could be heard, it was fast approaching toward Cheng Yang, its speed was not slower than Cheng Yang full speed.

“Damn! How come I met one with a speed talent?” Cheng Yang felt very depressed.

There was a portion of enchanted beasts that were like humans, they had various kinds of talents, and these talent would let them be more advantageous in one way. For example, the Black Wolf in front definitely had a speed talent.

However, Cheng Yang also had no other choice, seeing the Black Wolf rush into his attack range, he fired a magic missile at once.

If it were any other beginner, he was afraid it wouldn’t be easy hitting the Black Wolf with a magic missile, but for Cheng Yang it was without difficulty. His past life’s experience was not in vain.

The magic missile hit the Black Wolf, making it utter a miserably howl, its eyes turned red with rage, it coldly stare up at Cheng Yang from the ground, and then continue to rush up. But the response to it was another magic missile.

After getting hit by the two attacks, even if the Black Wolf magic defense is up to 4 points, it also lost nearly 50 points of health. If there are another three such attacks, this Black Wolf would be finished here.

Cheng Yang once again formed a magic missile, and was preparing to shoot. But then, the Black Wolf fiercely crash into the trunk of the tree, causing it to shake violently.

Cheng Yang’s skills from a year of life and death struggle, at this moment played a role, the original instability was offsetted as he grabbed onto a branch with one hand, and then with his body tilted, he waved the Wither wooden staff in a mysterious path in the air. The magic missile came out from the staff and went straight to the Black Wolf.

“Pop……!” a dull sound, the magic missile landed on the Black Wolf.

Consumed by pains the Black Wolf went crazy, it looked upward toward the tree and collided…

“Click……” sound of snapping came from under the trunk, Cheng Yang was startled, this Black Wolf was too strong, right? Only hit twice, the tree could no longer hold?

Spell it! Cheng Yang steadied himself, by relying on his sense of awareness he shot a magic missile at the Black Wolf.

Black Wolf let out a miserable howl, but it hadn’t been killed.

At this time, the tree subjected to the impacts from the wolves couldn’t hold, it broke from the roots, and fell toward the ground.

“Even worse!” Cheng Yang mentally calculated, as he leaned his body toward the direction the tree was falling to the ground.

The Wolves seemed to know their enemy was about to fall to the ground, one after another ran toward the direction of Cheng Yang fall, which also include the Black Wolf.

This Black Wolf had gone mad, since coming into the world, it had the strength of first-mid order, which let it become the team leader of this pack of 50 wolves. Just last night, it discovered this treasure, and successfully became the guardian of this treasure, then its strength was immediately promoted to the first-late order.

Such upgrade made it felt like it was favored by God, allowing it to become the most powerful beast king, but it didn’t expect the next day, a puny human would come and challenge its prestige. In its view, if it could not thoroughly kill this human, how could it have the face to lead the pack?

Cheng Yang saw that he was about to reach the ground, and the Black Wolf was quickly rushing over, his heart was ecstatic. Simultaneously a large number of wolves came toward him. As he was about to land on the ground, he shot off a magic missile, going straight at the Black Wolf’s head.



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