Doom Lord Chapter 31

Doom Lord

Chapter 31- Wolves

While speaking, Lee Wanshan’s team of five instantly appeared in front of Cheng Yang, and by the look at their faces, their harvest was also quite lucrative. Now Lee Wanshan had a double-edged iron sword in his hand that increased attack, while his body was equipped with a leather armor.

Immediately, Cheng Yang said his plan again to Lee Wanshan, which make him thankful. He wasn’t like Yu Kai and the others, and for Cheng Yang to be so trusting of him in just a few days time, indeed touched him.

Soon after, Cheng Yang looked at his power value, and found that it had reached more than 1,600 points. Originally, after a night of practice, his power value was less than 1,200 points, but after clearing the instance at hard difficulty as well as the earning from the territory’s taxes, it made his power value jumped to more than 1,600 points.

At once, Cheng Yang traded 1,000 points to Niu Bing, there is no other way, only Niu Bing has yet to catch up with the other four practices.

After the arrangements were done, Cheng Yang opened the five profession statues properties panel, and chose to upgrade one of the property. After transferring 100 people this morning, all of the territory power values were consumed, but after Cheng Yang and the others cleared the instances, the territory power value broke through 1,300 points, which Cheng Yang had already deducted about 70 power values as salary paid to Yu Kai three people.

Cheng Yang immediately upgraded all the level 2 statues mana, and before the upgrade was completed, everyone would get 8% bonus mana. Early on, mana was the main factor restricting various occupations combat capability. Especially at the time Luo Feng Village had yet to build the Alchemy Room.

But Level 2 profession statue’s properties promotion required 10 hours, and after the upgrade was finished, it would be nighttime. And, just this round of upgrades, consumed 900 power values, this was because now the priest statue’s properties promotion only needed to consume 100 power values.

After Cheng Yang was done with this, he looked up at the sky, time was already approaching 10 AM. At this time Niu Bing had crept into their residence and began practicing, leaving Yu Kai three people in place awaiting for Cheng Yang’s orders.

“Lord, do you think we now have the strength to go to Xiangcheng city?” Lee Wanshan hesitated and then asked.

Cheng Yang understood Lee Wanshan’s intention, and after thinking for a moment, said, “If at all costs, we may be able to burst into the Xiangcheng City, but for you to find your family will be difficult. Let’s do it like this, today we first fully put effort into gathering woods from Huimin Town, and if we get enough materials to construct the Alchemy Room, we will be able to get permission to buy pharmacy, such as recovery pills. Then, we should be able to smoothly go to Xiangcheng City. Of course, this is just my guess, I first need to go look at the path to Xiangcheng City, and check the situation before being sure.”

Lee Wanshan nodded, for Cheng Yang’s comments, he couldn’t find any reason to refute. He knew he had no right to selfishly put the entire territory into jeopardy.

Soon after, Cheng Yang handed the pair of Brisk Boots to Liu Hao, which immediately made him happy. With this equipment, his speed advantage would be further reflected.

Now there was still an opportunity left to enter the Scarlet Church normal difficulty, but Cheng Yang did not intend to let people go in. After all, everyone that had been in the instance already went in today. Other people who had yet to go in the instance, their safety couldn’t be guaranteed, theory was one thing, but without practice, it was not reassuring.

Previously, according to Cheng Yang’s arrangement, Yu Kai, Cheng Yang, and Niu Bing three teams were to go together to Huimin Town, their main objective were to save lives, along with the purpose of collecting wood. But due Cheng Yang heading out alone this time, his team would be led by Zhao Chuan. And Niu Bing was still in the house cultivating, so his team would stay guard in the station, after Niu Bing finished cultivating the power value was transferred to the next person, then his team could operate.

As for Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan’s teams, they would head out in another direction, searching for monster communities to annihilate. This was the one thing that must be done, because these monster communities would over time annex one another, and if there were no external force to stop it, some of the stronger monster groups would snowball, until finally become a behemoth.

Cheng Yang clearly remembered, in his previous life, not far from the station in the virgin forests, due to not being able wipe out the monsters group in the forest early, six months after the end, the station was completely drowned out by several millions of enchanted beasts. The most vexing was that in this monster community, there was a second-peak order, which was the main reason for this station demise.

Prior to his rebirth, humans did not understand the laws of evolution of these enchanted beasts. However, there were several points figured out, these monsters like humans, when first appeared in the world, their strength was very weak. With the passage of time, they would become stronger, and the speed was not slow. In addition, enchanted beast communities over 20 monsters would inevitably have a leader in the first-medium order. When the community gathered to a certain extent, there was bound to be more advanced enchanted beast. People didn’t know if it were due to there being bigger group of enchanted beast that more advanced enchanted beast would emerge, or because of the high level enchanted beast that the size of community increased.

But regardless of the reason, Cheng Yang didn’t want a large group of enchanted beast to appear around the station, since that would be huge threat to the territory.

Following the departure of Liu Hao and the rest, Cheng Yang also from the North Gate went out.

After walking one kilometer, Cheng Yang did not see any traces of enchanted beast, in fact, this was quite normal, because this area had already become part of Luo Feng Village’s territory, so naturally there wouldn’t be any enchanted beast spawning.

What was strange was that the trees disappeared overnight, as if it never appeared in general, leaving only less than half a meter high weeds.

To proceed any further, for Cheng Yang, it wouldn’t be so easy.

Right now was the fourth day after the end, but the trees had actually begun to spread to the middle of the road, and many of them had grown to four or five meters high. People walking inside wouldn’t be able to see far.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang’s hearing had strengthened many, any noise within forty or fifty meters couldn’t escape from his ears.

Cheng Yang rarely encountered lone enchanted beast, which was of no surprise for Cheng Yang. Because as time went on, these random monsters spawned everywhere would gradually disappear. People didn’t know why God made such an arrangement, but most people inferred that the aim might be to give survivors that hadn’t transferred a respite, but also to avoid sending power value to those that transfer. After all, killing a single enchanted beast was simply too easy.

Of course, the amount of enchanted beasts spawning had not been reduced, they were basically going to directly appear in the monster communities.

Just like now, Cheng Yang found in front of him the presence of a monster community, its size no less than 50.

Cheng Yang came out only with the purpose of pathfinding, and killing 50 enchanted beasts was too much of a trouble for him, he would rather face ten groups of less than 20 enchanted beasts than to fight a group of 50 enchanted beasts..

But when Cheng Yang climbed up onto a tree, from afar he saw in the center of the enchanted beast group was something placed on the ground, after seeing it, he was unwilling to leave.



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