Doom Lord Chapter 30

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Doom Lord

Chapter 30- Arrangement

There isn’t much difference between the main city and field station transfers at the early stage, but the main city do has certain advantages. First, the main city don’t have a transfer quota, and anyone that enter the light screen can be transferred. Secondly, each main city’s statues are stored with 1000 power values, which can supply for 100 ordinary people to switch to their desired profession. But these power values are required to be repaid back to the statues by those that successfully transferred. When the statues are again filled with some power values, other people can then transfer to a profession.

Currently, Yuan Jianze doesn’t know the existence of field station, he felt this light screen is a gift from God to Xiangcheng city. Of course, he didn’t think Xiangcheng city is the only city in the entire world to have such a light screen, it’s likely there are many of them in other cities. After all, from that God-like voice, it wasn’t specifically referring to Xiangcheng city, but all of mankind.

As the soldiers entered the light screen, Yuan Jianze began to organize these soldiers that had just experienced a tragic battle to transfer. After these soldiers change professions, Xiangcheng city will usher into a new age.

The first batch of 400 transfers, all were soldiers from the army.

After the transfer is completed, a staff named Chen toward Yuan Jianze suggested: “Commander, I don’t think at this time we should transfer ordinary people, we now have only 10,000 people, and Xiangcheng city have at least 100,000 people. If they were to all changed profession, once riots occurs, we probably won’t be able to hold control of the city.”

“What do you mean? “Yuan Jianze scowled, and immediately asked.

Chen said: “What I mean by this is, we should place full control of the four statues into our own hands, until all of the soldiers are transfer, then slowly open the transfer for other people. And after these people transfer they must join the army, with this way we can successfully control Xiangcheng city. ”

“Well, according to your arrangement. “Yuan Jianze immediately said:” But first we need rescue the residents into the light screen, and put a portion of the power values earned by the soldiers aside to buy foods from the grocery store, in order to ensure the survival of these people. ”

Chen immediately nodded. Subsequently, the soldiers that had transferred began to step out of the light screen, leaving those remaining soldiers that has yet to transfer to stay guard inside the screen. They were issued an order, which is to not to let any ordinary people to come into contact with the four statues. Once the statue has enough power value, they will immediately sent someone up to transfer.

After exiting from the instance, Cheng Yang saw Liu and the others from the instance walked out. Although he didn’t see a trace of Lee Wanshan’s team, it estimated they are still struggling inside the instance.

“Your harvest aren’t bad, you were able to get two or three pieces of equipment. “Cheng Yang look at the three teams, and found that each team increased by two or three pieces of equipment, he immediately laughed.

Liu mischievously smile and said: “It was pretty good, brother Yang should have also just finished from the instance? Your harvest should not be any less than what we have. ”

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “Got one piece of iron grade equipment, and two bronze equipments, which wasn’t so bad. ”

“You also got three……” Liu initially didn’t react, and casually answered. But before his words are finished, he immediately notice something strange, shocked he asked: “What do you say? Bronze grade equipment? How come you burst bronze grade equipments? ”

Cheng Yang was enjoying Liu’s being so surprise, he smiled and said: “It’s quite simple, I went inside the instance at the hard difficulty, and got the first clearance of the hard difficulty. In addition to the three pieces of equipment, I also got a good thing. ”

Then, Cheng Yang pass the skill heritage bead into Liu’s hands.

Liu Hao took a look at the bead, and his eyes suddenly shot out. He switched his sight toward Cheng Yang and stare for a long time before speaking, he said: “Yoko, you rock! So worthy of being our group leader. ”

Yu Kai and Niu Bing looked on curiously, fast snatched the skill heritage bead from the hands of Liu, Yu Kai was first to get a hand on the bead. After reading it, conveniently handed it to Niu Bing, then said: “Yoko, I found that mixing together with you is really good. ”

Cheng Yang waved his hand, said: “Don’t give me that crap. For the priest to learn the Angel Inspiration skill, must lobbied together 200 points of power value. If only the priest gather it, this will probably takes a very long time. So, if you want to have your team’s priest quickly learn the Angel Inspiration skill, you must work together, and have each member donate a little power value to let the priests learn this skill as soon as possible. ”

“Well, I agree with you. “Niu Bing said with a smile on his face.

Yu Kai two people gave Niu Bing a look, for this guy dirty ideas, they clearly know. But for Cheng Yang’s proposal, they did not refuse. Currently each of their teams are consists of 41 people, only need each person to contribute 5 points of power value, which is enough for the priests to learn the skill. This will not be too great a burden for them.

“Now, how many power value can you earn a day? “Cheng Yang suddenly asked.

Yu Kai several people looked at one another, finally Yu Kai said: “If you exclude the harvest from the instance, every day can earn about 60 power values, and for the instance, the average harvest is around 50 power values. Of course, there is a reason for the lack of earning on the outside, because now in addition to large groups of enchanted beast, the rest of the scattered enchanted beasts are too little, so most of the time are spent walking. Now our strength is sufficient to deal with some of the larger herds of enchanted beasts, so our daily harvests will soon be higher. ”

Cheng Yang thought for a moment and said: “We are a step ahead in occupying the station, and have certain advantages compared to other people. But compared with the forces of the main city, our number are was too small. For us to not be exterminated by other forces in the future, we must further expand our advantages. Right now I have over 1000 points of power value, and as long as you break 1000 power values, it is possible to open four times cultivation speed. For this reason, after I finished practice every day, I will lent 1000 points of power value to you so that you can also use four times cultivation speed. After your practice is finished, you will then lent it to the next person, until it finally goes back to me. At your present strength, with four times cultivation speed, it will only take 10 days to reach mid-order apprentice. But the power value consumed each day will reach 120 points, so I’m afraid there won’t be any extra power value left for other arrangements. ”

Yu Kai and the others faces lighted up. They’ve experienced the benefits of using two times cultivation speed, so for four times cultivation speed, their experience will soar greatly.

“Yoko, this is a good idea. In fact, the biggest role of power value is cultivation, and if used to purchase equipment, it would be very wasteful. After all, for our strength to be promoted quickly, we will have limited power value to purchase equipment, which is obviously not feasible. It’s just … … does it not have any impact on you Yoko? “Liu said.

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “There will be no impact on me, because the lent power values won’t be tax, so it will eventually come back to me. In my estimations, later in the future, many forces will use this method, but such a way can only be used between people that are trustworthy. In this end, power value can be said to be the foundation of everything, if the power value transferred are not return, there is no system means to get it back. Even if the other person is killed, the power values will only turn into nothingness. ”

Yu Kai and the rest also didn’t say anything, they are very clear on the meaning of Cheng Yang’s words, for their trios, he have absolutely trust in them.


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