Doom Lord Chapter 3

Doom Lord

Chapter 3- Rapid Promotion

Cheng Yang quickly put away his thoughts. Now that he’s Luo Feng Village Lord he could start viewing the village properties panel from the altar.

He walked to the front of the altar and successfully opened Luo Feng Village’s properties panel.

As expected of a simple village’s properties panel, only the four statues were introduced. A level one village didn’t have many buildings, but as the four statues were upgraded, they would naturally appear.

Now he only needed to build the wall and residence. These two buildings were very important and needed to be built as soon as possible.

Territory power value, this was a very important value as it regarded to the promotion of the statues, increases in people’s cultivation speed, as well as upgrading the village level. It also required power value to be able to transfer to a career or to be promoted. Under normal circumstances this consumption was from the person own power value. But in cases where there was no power value, it could be agreed by the Lord to consume the territory power value instead.

In the main city, people initially had no power value. To be able to transfer in the main city required them to borrow 10 power values from God. Once the power value was borrowed, it would automatically be deducted from the person’s balance and had to be paid off with a minimum deduction of 20 points in arrears. If the time were dragged on for too long before paying, the power value owed would be increased.

Field station’s Lord had a great deal of autonomy in this regard. He could even allow other people to consume the territory power values for free, or he could create the term of reimbursement owed and the duration for them, it’s all entirely determined by the Lord himself.

Territory power value were obtained in two different ways, one was by killing the enchanted beasts which would give out power value in the confines of a 1-kilometer area around the field station’s territory which got attributed to the territory power value accordingly. Another way was by having people donate power value, but currently Luo Feng Village had not yet opened the donation option.

Luo Feng Village’s properties panel looked pretty simple now. But Cheng Yang knew, territory properties couldn’t be so simple; this was just a level 1 village. When the village level increased, the properties panel would change greatly.

In the village’s properties panel were followed by two pages, one was the village administration management, which now only had Cheng Yang name with the title of Lord on it. On this page he could set the territory’s management personnel, as well as the appropriate permissions.

Another page was the Lord’s exclusive gift, and now there was only one, which was called grace.

This exclusive power sounded very atmospheric, but it was actually a reward for the Lord whenever the territory got upgraded. Every time the territory upgraded a level the Lord would be able to increase a minor order as a reward. The field station Cheng Yang occupied was upgraded from scratch so he could already use grace once.

Grace also had its usage restrictions; a level 1 village grace could only be used when the Lord’s strength was below the first-peak order apprentice to be effective.

Without hesitation, Cheng Yang used grace on himself.

Under his mind control, a mysterious energy overflowed from the altar, and quickly drilled its way into his body.

After the energy entered his body, Cheng Yang felt more powerful than ever before.

His properties had doubled, which was the most significant sign of strength increase. It took him nearly two months to arrive at this point in the past.

Under normal circumstances, any profession chance to raise an order wasn’t easy; to leapfrog this far in the early stages was even more absurd. The human party that tried to occupy Luo Feng Village paid such a heavy price, the biggest reason for this was that there was an enchanted beast at the first peak-order. That’s the human equivalent of a profession’s apprentice at the first-peak order. At that time, most human’s strength was still in the low-order apprentice, while a small minority of people achieved the mid-order apprentice.

Now, he was able to easily achieve mid-order sorcerer’s apprentice, which is at least one month ahead of everyone else struggling. The saying went, “One step ahead, step by step leading, and over time this advantage will further expand.”

The time had reached noon, Cheng Yang was then wondering what was needed to be done next.

Now he had two choices, one was to go back to Xiangcheng City to buy wood, or waited until the time of apocalypse came to cut down wood on his own. This would no doubt require a lot of time to complete. But this matter didn’t need to be done in a hurry, as long as there was a pile of wood nearby before the apocalypse happened would be fine.

As regard to the second choice, it was using his memory of the past to look for a specific article, and if it were successfully found, his future developments would have great benefits.

It didn’t matter about the other benefits, as long as he could find that place, he’d be able to preemptive earn some power values, allowing Liu Hao and his two other roommate brothers to be able to transfer to a profession.

He, able to directly transfer before, was an advantage of being the Lord. Because the territory belonged to him, so when he transferred it didn’t consume any power value. But for anyone else who wanted to transfer here, power value would be needed.

But for this matter, Cheng Yang wasn’t entirely sure because he couldn’t determine whether this article had been delivered to the world yet, and even if it did, being able to find it was very slim. The reason for this was that when the apocalypse started, earthquakes would occur, making the terrain around the world change beyond recognition. His ability to successfully find the territory altar was entirely due to the rumors in his memory, as well as the position of the highway and river.

After pondering over the matter for a while, Cheng Yang decided to try his luck.

After walking along the road of the hill for two or three miles, Cheng Yang found himself getting nowhere, so he decided to head back. It seems that this article really wasn’t something that he could get his hand on at this time.

Now Cheng Yang decided to return to school to get the necessary amount of wood needed for the village. He went to find some twigs and leaves to cover the four statue heads, and then after making sure there weren’t any flaws, he began walking down the hill.

On the way down, Cheng Yang pondered whether he should have put news of the incoming apocalypse out, but eventually gave up that thought. If he could only make a loud commotion without any proof, even if he said it no one was going to believe him. They might even detain him on charges of inciting panic among the public. If he showed his ability from transferring to a magician, he’s afraid the consequences would be catastrophic, at least for him, it would be disastrous.

Since the news of the incoming apocalypse wouldn’t be announced, then he only needed to save the people closest to himself. Everyone else could only depend on their own ability and luck.

Cheng Yang’s parents died already, so he had no loved ones. The only people he cared about now were his three roommate buddies. Although they had only stayed together for less than a year, but they were close to one another as real brothers.

After the apocalypse, wanting to rely on one person alone was impossible, and for Cheng Yang to achieve his goals, the more unlikely it was to do it alone. If possible, he wanted to pull tens of thousands of people, but he’s very self-aware that he didn’t have such ability at the moment.

So he decided to save a few of his bros, not only to save them, but also to help himself.

Cheng Yang after thinking for a long time had decided what to do next.

When he returned to the dormitory, Cheng Yang met Liu Hao on the way back. The two men while chatting walked back to the dorm.

In the bedroom the other two weren’t in a class, so when they returned the two men were sitting at the computer playing games.

“Brother Liu, brother Niu, brother Yui, how much money do you three have right now?” Cheng Yang walked into the room, and directly asked.

Including Liu Hao, three people were stupefied. Liu Hao said, “Brother Yang, what’s wrong? I saw you this morning and noticed something wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to ask you directly about it in the classroom.”

Niu Bing and Yu Kai had stopped playing games by this point and turned around to look at Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang quietly said, “This matter I really can’t say, but I need the money now. The more the merrier, I hope you all can lend it to me.”

“Brother Yang by all means you can use the money.” Yu Kai sincerely said, “But the way you are acting now, we aren’t comfortable. Don’t make us worry too much.”

Cheng Yang said, “For now I really can’t say the reason, but after tomorrow afternoon you will know. Such a short time you can always wait.”



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  1. Sage Hidden Bear

    These brothers will be his party I’m guessing. 4 statues 4 brothers. One chose magician already, so warrior, archer, and summoner for the other 3.

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    He should have just called the hardware store and had them deliver the wood. So long as he was willing to pay through the nose, they’d have delivered it by nightfall.

    He should also have called his friends over to help him look for it. He’d have to lie to them about what it was before they found it, and about how he knew about it afterward, but his odds of finding it before the game started would have been much higher. Plus, they’d all have been handy to start transferring over as soon as power was available.

    I’m glad to finally see an MC in a story like this that acknowledges the importance of teamwork. Though he really should try to invite some women along too. And maybe send out some emails to the people he knows he can trust inviting them to his village after the world ends. They won’t believe it when they see it, but they should remember it once it’s important.

    Also, taking out a massive loan, or getting a few dozen credit cards would probably be a good idea.


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