Doom Lord Chapter 29

Doom Lord

Chapter 29- Bloody Xiangcheng

“Commander, this can’t go on, up to a few minutes, those monsters will reach our position. If we don’t do something by that time our soldiers may not have the force to resist them.” A staff in uniform said to Yuan Jianze.

Yuan Jianze furrowed his brows, in these past two days he experienced his most difficult battle. After all, the number of monsters were too many, so much that firearms failed to have a sufficient impact on the herds of enchanted beast.

“Rapid fire! Don’t save your bullets, we must get inside that light screen. I have a feeling that the hope of the human race is in the midst of the light screen.” Yuan Jianze with a strange radiance on his face, this forty years old middle aged man, exuded a thick atmosphere of war.

“This……what if……” The staff hesitantly asked.

Yuan Jianze said, “There is no ‘what if’, from the bloody end to now, our guns and ammunition have been consumed by half, if we can’t find another way, I am afraid that we will soon be left shirtless, and do you think with our strength, we will be eligible to go up against the monsters?”

The staff quickly responded, “I understand, Commander!”

The staff then went to convey the orders, and soon the sound of gun fires became more intense around the screen.

The advantages of machine guns were reflected most vividly at this time, for these first low-order enchanted beasts, none could advance through the barrages of machine guns bullets.

Half an hour later, most of the enchanted beasts were killed on the spot. If Cheng Yang saw this scene, he would shout ‘what a waste’. These could had all been power value, but since these people had yet to change profession, they would receive nothing.

Presently, Yuan Jianze and the rest of the military top brass had yet to emerge any victory smile on their faces, but became more dignified. They saw behind the scattered enchanted beasts were another group of enchanted beasts that were bigger and taller, a rough estimate of around 200, which seemed to be up to something.

The identity of those behind the enchanted beasts, Yuan Jianze already had some understanding, they seemed to be more powerful than the average enchanted beast. What was most troubling was their speed, which make it impossible for ordinary soldiers to aim at them.

“Quick! Let the snipers get ready in the back, and assign ten snipers for each monster.” Yuan Jianze immediately ordered.

After the command, the military assembled 3 teams consist of 10 members each from the sniper division, and began occupying high ground. They locked aim on their assigned mid-order enchanted beast.

These snipers, after all, had gone through several years of training, so they had a tactical understanding between each other. Every shot was released at almost at the exact same time, and with armor-piercing shells, it allowed each bullet to deal a higher damage. With ten snipers, a first mid-order enchanted beast was easily killed.

In only 10 seconds, there have been 7-8 first mid-order enchanted beasts killed. At this time, the enchanted beasts no longer stood still. After an outburst of howling, they rushed toward the human line of defense.

The enchanted beasts crossed a distance of more than 200 meters in just 10 seconds, which brought a great amount of pressure to the human side.

“Block them! Don’t let them come near!” Yuan Jianze said to those rifle soldiers around him, with their accurate marksmanship, the charging enchanted beasts were hit.

At this moment, humans realized how insignificant their attacks were on the first mid-order enchanted beasts, even after hitting them, it was difficult to make the enchanted beast’s body have a slight pause.

The rushing enchanted beasts in the front were killed by the snipers in the far distance, but with so few snipers, they couldn’t play a big role.

Larger outbreak of killing erupted from the machine gunners, although it was difficult for them to target these first mid-order enchanted beasts, but with numerous machine guns bullets intertwining, enchanted beasts were unable to avoid them all, no matter how fast they moved, they would still be hit by a few bullets. During the charge, more enchanted beasts died from guns than from the snipers.

More than 20 seconds later, the enchanted beasts finally rushed into the human line of defense, and the crazy massacre unfolded immediately.

Fresh bloods sprinkled the ground, as limps fly all over the sky……

The soldiers never before felt so weak and powerless, their resistances against the enchanted beasts seemed so insignificant.

In just a short moment, hundreds of soldiers were killed, including some military advisers.

Yuan Jianze escorted by several guards rapidly retreated back some distance. After seeing the chaotic scenes, Yuan Jianze’s face turned cold, said, “Listen to my command, do whatever it takes to eliminate those monsters.”

Others could feel Yuan Jianze’s voice tremble after those words, they could guess how reluctant Yuan Jianze was to issue such a command, because once the execution of this order was set, it would result in many soldier’s deaths, this was something Yuan Jianze would not want to see.

But now they were left with no other option, if he didn’t make a decision at once, the consequence would result in the entire army buried here, and that would turn Xiangcheng City into a dead city.

Gunfire sounded again, many soldiers opened fire at same time, their eyes hung with tears, because they did not know after the guns were fired, if it would hit those darn monsters, or their comrades that they fought alongside with.

The distant snipers played a crucial role at this time when the enchanted beasts were intertwined with the army troop. They could clearly target the enchanted beast by sight, and then quickly shoot them.

When the last enchanted beast fell to the ground, the site of the field was unbearable to watch.

Nearly 20,000 soldiers are now left with less than 10,000, this war, they paid a heavy price. Not only that, but their remaining ammunition were left with less than one-third. If there were another battle like this, they would surely fall.

Yuan Jianze stood silently in front of the pile of corpses for half a minute, then raised his right hand, and vigorously did military salute, murmuring, “Brothers, you could rest assured and go! Xiangcheng City, we will do our best to protect it.”

Then, Yuan Jianze proudly walked toward the light screen with 1,000 guards.

The remaining soldiers began cleaning the battlefield, they didn’t want their perished comrades to be among the ruins, because they did not know if one day they themselves would suffer such a fate.

In the moment Yuan Jianze entered the light screen, a stream of ideas appeared in his head, he seemed to understand everything about the light screen in an instant.

Even though he understood, but as a nearly 50-years old man, it was difficult for him to accept such a thing.

“What kind of world is this?!” Yuan Jianze looked up to the heaven, his eyes full of loss.

The staff said, “Commander, it appears that the world really has changed, I am afraid this is a catastrophe that spread all over the world. Humans in the face of this disaster, will either be destroyed or reborn.”

Yuan Jianze suddenly recovered his consciousness, the thick mood of war gradually returned to his body, said, “Chen, you’re right, we won’t be destroyed, we will be reborn.”

The staff said, “I would like to follow general, and assist the general in making Xiangcheng city be reborn as a whole.”

Yuan Jianze nodded and said, “Okay! In this troubled times, we have a good career. Now we can’t determine what the situation in the country is, so the most important thing we need to do is quickly rescue Xiangcheng city’s residents. I just hope it’s not too late.”

Having said that, Yuan Jianze came to the front of the warrior statue. He placed one hand on top of the statue, and then a light curtain enveloped him.



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