Doom Lord Chapter 28

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Doom Lord

Chapter 28- Angel Inspiration

After waiting for these people to leave, Cheng Yang came to the portal of the Scarlet Church instance, and selected hard difficulty. He was instantly transmitted into it.

For the Scarlet Church instance, Cheng Yang is very familiar with its difficulty, it’s divided into Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell, these four levels.

The difficulty in the Scarlet Church instance are easy to distinguish, as each increase in difficulty, the strength of the monsters inside would increase by a small order, whether it’s the mobs, or the final boss. Cheng Yang remembers very clearly, that before his death, the regional-level copy Hell difficulty has not been opened. Because in this difficulty, the final boss would have second mid-order strength. At that time humanity strongest were at first peak-order, and although the Scarlet Church has a big tree at the center, but for the second-mid order monster, the height of the tree doesn’t prove to be an obstacle for it.

Fortunately, whether on hard or nightmare difficulty, he can still use his previous method when clearing the instance on normal difficulty. The only trouble is the two elite monsters in the second layer. He has no other way but to fight them head on.

When Cheng Yang was in the mid-order sorcerer’s apprentice, he didn’t dare to touch the Scarlet Church hard difficulty, but now that he reached late-order, he can boldly come in.

Cheng Yang’s mana has improved greatly, and it naturally improve his endurance, each round of attack can deal 28 magic damages and he only need to meditate to recover the loss of mana. With his current magic attack, only 3 magic missiles is needed to kill an enchanted beast in the first mid-order. So, as long as the number of enchanted beast is within 10, Cheng Yang can completely kill a wave of them.

Of course, the Scarlet Church have many places with no such wave of monsters, because inside the courtyard are more than 10 enchanted beasts. If Cheng Yang let the enchanted beast get close to his body, it can be very troublesome. Fortunately, there are things in the Church that can be used, such as the rooms.

Since there are rooms, naturally there are doors, and as long as he closed the door, those enchanted beast won’t be able to come in. On several occasions when he challenge the normal difficulty, Cheng Yang did not use this trick because he wanted to exercise Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan defensive skills.

Subsequent battles went very smoothly, those Grells in first-medium order didn’t provide any force of resistance from Cheng Yang’s attack, and soon perished one by one. Even when he encounter a large group of Grells in the small courtyard. After killing some of the Grells, he would closed the door again to fully restore his mana, then he would reopened the door, attracting a few Grells toward him, and finished them off.

Killing the two first-late order small bosses also went well, after all, Cheng Yang is faster than an ordinary first-late order enchanted beast. And as a ranged profession, he was able to kite the small boss Grells to death.

Finally, after killing the first-peak order Grell from the top of the tree, Cheng Yang successfully completed the first passage of the hard difficulty.

After picking up the ring that burst from the final boss, he didn’t look at its properties, and rushed into the prayer hall. This is the first clearance of the hard difficulty, if it has no additional benefits, it can’t be justify.

On the innermost table of the prayer hall can be seen a small crystal clear bead. This is something he had never seen, but had heard about.

Skill heritage bead (Angel Inspiration): Ancient war occupation’s death, their strongest skill is sealed within the spirit bead, allowing it to be pass on to future generation. The skill heritage bead is placed within the appropriate profession statue, allowing the profession transfers to learn the skill.

“Ha ha … … Angel Inspiration!” Cheng Yang couldn’t contain his excitement, he didn’t expect to get a priest skill so soon, this will allow him to create his own superior priest group.

Cheng Yang remember that the Angel Inspiration skill first went to the Americans, perhaps they were the first to to clear the Scarlet Church hard difficulty.

Thinking about this, Cheng Yang has a grin on his face, if the guys from the United States heard of this I bet they would cried till there is no tear left.

Since the first clearance of the Scarlet Church hard difficulty is the Angel Inspiration skill bead, what would the nightmare difficulty clearance treasure be? Cheng Yang don’t know, because no one release the news about the benefits of clearing the first passage of either the hard or nightmare difficulty.

Angel Inspiration skill is very powerful, it will increase the  priests value by a notch.

Angel inspiration (level 1): gather angel force, and attach it to other professions, and allow their attack power to increase by 5% for a duration of 10 minutes, 1 minute cooldown, consume 20 points of mana. Learning condition: first low-order priest’s apprentice, 200 power values.

In the early days, 200 power value to learn a skill is undoubtedly very expensive. After all, priests like Pang Shan can earn at most fifty or sixty power value each day, and if they don’t use two times cultivation speed, it will also take up to four or five days to gather enough together.

As far as Cheng Yang is concerned, these 200 power values is not so much, after all, he is able to earn nearly 700 points of power value each day, and now that his strength advanced to high-order sorcerer’s apprentice, the amount of power value he can earn will be even more. Just clearing the Scarlet Church copy, he was able to obtain as much as 400 points of power value.

Of course, Cheng Yang’s consumption is also quite large, such as a night of cultivation for him would need 480 points of power value. For other people, such a figure would frighten them..

At this time, Cheng Yang finally have time to look at the three pieces of equipment he just obtained.

For hard difficulty, it has a high chance of bursting iron grade equipment, and a slight chance of bursting bronze grade equipment. For the first clearance, the odds of obtaining better equipment are higher.

Brisk boots: Iron grade armor, increase movement speed by 1 point, increase leg defense by 2 points, required apprentice or above to be equipped. Durability: 60/60.

Dark helmet: Bronze grade armor, increase mana by 20 points, head magic defense increase by 1 point, required apprentice or above to be equipped. Durability: 60/60.

Ancient wooden ring: Bronze grade jewelry, increase magic attack by 3 points, required apprentice or above to be equipped. Durability: 60/60.

After reading the properties of the three pieces of equipment, Cheng Yang was overjoyed. Although he had guessed the odds of obtaining good equipment is high. But when he saw two bronze grade equipment are suitable for him to use, the joy in his heart could hardly be expressed into words.

With this Dark helmet and Ancient wooden ring, Cheng Yang’s combat effectiveness will be greatly enhanced. Defense, needless to say, for Cheng Yang, this stuff is not very helpful, and he don’t need to fight with enchanted beast up close, equipment that increase mana and magic attack are the real deal.

This pair of Brisk shoes, Cheng Yang did not intend to use it. Not that it’s bad, but for him, it’s just icing on the cake, there is no substantive help in combat effectiveness. If handed over to Liu, the value will be greater.

After he equipped the Dark helmet and Ancient wooden ring, Cheng Yang’s mana reaches 157 points, while his magic attack reached 27 points. The reason for such high data, is due to his equipment and the profession statue percentage bonuses. Now if Cheng Yang uses magic missile, while ignoring defense, his damage value will reached 29 points. If he can get another piece of equipment like the Ancient wooden ring, he can completely kill all the early stage enchanted beasts.

Equipment that can add attack power aren’t much, and in addition to weapons, only rings and necklaces increase attack. Jewelry types equipment has a much lower burst rate than other equipment, and Cheng Yang has managed to get the Ancient wooden ring, is already fortunate. He is looking forward to getting a powerful weapon, if he could get a bronze weapon, it would be better than getting a good quality jewelry equipment.

At this time in Xiangcheng city, fierce fighting broke out.

After a night’s rest in the city, the military obtain information about the light screen in the middle of the city from the mouth of the rescued refugees, which let them see a ray of hope.

A voice came from the sky at the beginning of the end, which everyone in the military heard. Before they were still confused, but after learning about the light screen, they think the sky message have something to do in the midst of the light curtain.

But now gathered around the light screen are at least 10,000 various types of enchanted beast. This light curtain, after all, has a scope of several square kilometers, and the screen seems have a lot of appeal for the enchanted beast, attracting them even beyond one or two kilometers away, and quickly gathered around it. As a result, after two and a half days, there is a massive amount of enchanted beast around the screen.

When the military team was a kilometer away from the screen and saw the huge group of enchanted beasts in the distance, it made their scalp tingle.The terror of enchanted beast no one know better than them. After getting directly hit by a rocket, nor is it a one hit kill. Now so many monsters are together, and in order to wipe them out, it would roughly consume nearly half of their ammunition.

But they can’t retreat from this battle, they have to fight.

After the military district commander Yuan Jianze gave the order, sound of gunfire suddenly rang throughout Xiangcheng city, even Cheng Yang, who is as far away as 30 km, can faintly hear some sound. From Cheng Yang’s ears, he can tell Xiangcheng city is in a fierce battle.

Using guns the army are able to occupy an advantage at the beginning, and after encountering the enchanted beast groups, they quickly launched a group assault. Under the intense gun fires, enchanted beast like wheat harvest fell to the ground.

But under the cover of those enchanted beasts in front, the enchanted beast at the rear came closer to the humans. Enchanted beasts, after all, is not like human transfers, even after getting hit by two or three shots, it would continue to rush ahead.


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