Doom Lord Chapter 27

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Doom Lord

Chapter 27- Promotion to High-Order

There is the Artisan Secretary and Security Chief position still left, so he might as well give his three brothers a position.

After some thought, Cheng Yang decided to appoint Liu as Guard Leader, and Yu Kai as Artisan Secretary. Relatively speaking, the guard leader’s permission isn’t much, as it only control the switch to the gates wall. But this permission is undoubtedly the most important, and if this person is not trustworthy, then it’s a recipe for disaster.

Afterward, Cheng Yang set the Artisan Secretary and Martial Coach permissions, and although they will have some control over the buildings, but if the permissions setting is too large, Cheng Yang will feel uneasy. Especially Lee Wanshan, they only had contact for two or three days, so he doesn’t have a deep understanding of him.

Cheng Yang set the two official position permissions to only allowed transfer or learning skills, but they can not remove people from their respective department. He also retained the blacklist permission, as long as he blacklisted someone, they would be unable to transfer at a statue in Luo Feng village, nor could they learn a craft in the stores.

Now there’s only one last thing to do, and that is to receive his privilege: Grace.

After selecting grace, a pure energy once again overflow from the altar, and quickly drilled into Cheng Yang’s body, as it washed his every cell. He felt his body become one time stronger, and mind more clear.

Ten seconds later, the effect of the grace ended, Cheng Yang quickly open his personal properties panel.

Name: Cheng Yang (Luo Feng Village Lord)

Occupation: Mage Rank: High-order sorcerer’s apprentice (2.7%)

Age: 19 Life: 200 years

Health: 84 Mana: 144

Physical attack: 4 Magic attack: 23

Physical Defense: 4 Magic defense: 4

Attack speed: 4.2 Movement speed: 4.8

Talent: 1. Each increasing a minor order, enhances magic attack by 3%

  1. Each increasing a minor order, enhances territory residents practice speed by 3%.


Meditation: Level 3 (Sorcerer’s basic skill, through meditation one can gradually enhance strength. Skill level increase associated with career-order ascension.)

Magic Missile: Level 2 (A condensed ball of magic used to attack distant targets resulting in magic damage. Attack distance of 30 meters, no special effect. Skill consumes 5 points of mana. Proficiency 2.1%.)


Wither wooden staff: Ordinary single-handed weapon, Increase magic attack by 1, required low-order sorcerer’s apprentice or above to equipped. Durability: 42/50.

Magic robe: Iron grade armor, body magic defense increase by 1, mana increase by 10 points, required magic attack related professional occupations apprentice order or above to be equipped. Durability 56/60.

Fur hat: Ordinary armor, mana increase by 8 points,  required low-order sorcerer’s apprentice or above to equipped. Durability: 45/50.

Now Cheng Yang’s properties isn’t so simple as it was originally, his attack can even spike a first-low order sorcerer’s apprentice. Even if he suffered from an enchanted beasts siege of more than 10 first-early order enchanted beasts, he can easily win, but also unscathed. If he has enough magic pills, then he would be invincible in the first order.

For character’s properties, Cheng Yang often criticized it, because other than the attack speed and movement speed, the rest of the property are all integer. According to precise calculation, Cheng Yang’s magic attack should now be 23.8, but instead it show up as 23 magic attack.

There is something else Cheng Yang is annoyed about, that is, their skills.

By rights, now that he had reached first-high order sorcerer’s apprentice, he can learn new magician skills. But presently there is nowhere to learn it.

From his last life, Cheng Yang knows of two ways to learn skills, one is from skill books, and the other is from learning them under the profession statues. For most people, skill books are scarce, and group skill books are even more rare, so the most mainstream way is to learn the skills from the profession statues.

But the field station statues doesn’t have any skill from the outset, it’s only when the level is raised to a certain extent would the appropriate skills appear. From this point of view, the main city may have a very big advantage, because from the outset you can already learn the basic skills at the statues.

Of course, the field station statues also has their advantages, such as when learning a skill from a field station it would consume less power value, and secondly the statues can be given new skills. Of course, the second point isn’t easy to achieve, because any props that give statue new skills are priceless.

Presently Luo Feng village is only level 2, and in order for Cheng Yang to learn late-order sorcerer’s apprentice skills, he would have to wait until the statue is upgraded to level 3.

Cheng Yang was glad that after using his grace to improve a small order, his previous progress in cultivation has been preserved. But due to the difficulty of upgrading, it made his progress in cultivation be cut in half, from 5.4% to 2.7%.

Cheng Yang immediately turn off his properties panel, and began his cultivation for the night. Although the territory upgrade can bring rapidly increase his strength, but it is not a major upgrade at this stage, Cheng Yang knows that when the field station is upgraded to a certain extent, to rise in personal cultivation will be much more difficult.

Although Cheng Yang already have level 3 meditation and can also open four times cultivation speed, along with his own talent and residence enhancing his cultivation by 19%, but after one night of practice, his progress in high-order sorcerer’s apprentice only went up by 2.3%. If there is no four times cultivation speed, I am afraid that the efficiency will be very low, it would only increase about 0.5%, and to break through to first peak-order sorcerer’s apprentice, he would have to spend nearly 200 days. (His talent give him 9% and the residence give him 10% so his cultivation increase by an extra 19%)

To have such a powerful effect, the power value consumption is also very scary. Level 3 meditation along with four time cultivation speed consume about 120 points of power values per hour, so a full four hours would consume 480 points, which is really not what ordinary people can afford.

The next day at dawn, Cheng Yang opened his eyes, and saw Yu Kai and his brothers in the same room as him woken up already. Cheng Yang made the four of them live together in a house, because of the houses shortages, but also due to it being convenient when discussing matters.

“Yoko, as a Lord, you should at least get yourself a separate room. “Yu Kai urged.

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “Who don’t know what you guys are thinking? You guys are used to sleeping in their own room, and now all of a sudden, being huddled together with other people, make you uncomfortable, right? ”

Yu Kai’s bitter face, said: “You know me well Yoko, but……..let’s forget it, others are still sleeping outside. Screw this doomsday! ”

Cheng Yang continue to dwell on this issue, said: “The wood brought back yesterday is enough to build four houses, so today’s task will be to increase the number of transfers. We will fight until we have 40 transfer for each team, then we would be able to challenge bigger groups of enchanted beast. ”

Yu Kai and the others suddenly became excited, having more people transfer is naturally a good thing. Moreover, this is the end, so the number of transfers represent security and power.

Liu said: “Yoko, we have too little priest, and each team has only one. In small fight this doesn’t matter, but if you really want to challenge those big herds of enchanted beast, I’m afraid the number of priest would be insufficient. ”

Cheng Yang said: “There is nothing I can do about this, priest belong to a half-special occupation, so we are lucky to have it in advance. In order to have more priests, the only way is to enhance the level of the statue as soon as possible. This thing isn’t urgent, we can just proceed slowly. You guys should each select four people from their respective teams, and take a trip into the instance. Remember to pay attention to what I told you yesterday, and make sure to be careful, so that there won’t be any problem. ”

Liu and others positively nodded.

After several people came out from the House, Liu, Yu Kai, and Niu Bing selected four people from their team, and then went into the Scarlet Church instance. Lee Wanshan is together with Cheng Yang in the selection of the transfers.

In fact, to transfer people do not require the presence of Cheng Yang or Lee Wanshan, but at this stage in order to avoid things beyond his control, Cheng Yang shut the transfer permission down. Each person that want to transfer, must obtain the consent of Cheng Yang. Of course, Lee Wanshan also has this permission.

The transfer process went very smoothly, and after all the transfer quota for all the statues is used up, Luo Feng village has 209 transfers. Thus, in addition to each team captain, there are a minimum of 40 people, this greatly increased their strength. The reason for the extra four spots is due to Lee Wanshan’s talent, it made the four profession statues transfer quota reached 51.

However, for this group of transfers, their talents has weakened a lot, the newly added 100 people no one has s-level talent. But there are still some with a or b level talent, so it can be considered a good result. If nothing else, in the future, these 205 people will become the backbone of the Luo Feng village.

At this time, Cheng Yang appointed Zhao Chuan as his team vice captain, so that he can take his whole team out to kill monsters, and let them earn power value, while at the same time allow the newcomers to gain some fighting experience.

Unlike before, now that Luo Feng village is upgraded to level 2, the territory area coverage has reached nine square kilometers, with walls delineating the area quite well. In other word, that is before within one kilometer of the land outside the walls are now being included within territory, and in this context there will no longer be any enchanted beast spawning here. This is also one of the world rules.

Currently, the area outside of Luo Feng village has significantly expanded, and the enchanted beast they didn’t have time to kill before are now basically group together. The minimum number of monster in each group are more than 10, while larger monster communities can even reach 100, the size of which is not a joke.

Although Zhao Chuan don’t have the ability to lead the team against these massive monster community, but when dealing with group of more than 10 enchanted beasts is still very easy.

After Zhao Chuan led the team out of the station, the four other teams soon organized their troops and left the station. In addition to the 10 transfers left at the station to maintain order, the others had all gone out.


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