Doom Lord Chapter 26

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Doom Lord

Chapter 26- Territory Upgrade

Cheng Yang didn’t only brought back food from Huimin town, but also some wood. These wood took a great deal of time and effort to be brought back to the village, all of which rely on the warriors carrying them on their shoulders back.

Today they spent most of their energy on the wood, but even so, by nightfall they were only able to get about 40 sq. meters of wood.

And compared to the territory meager income, Cheng Yang’s harvest is very huge. His total power value has reached 1439 points, and even if he fully use four times cultivation speed for the whole night, nor would his power value go below 1000 points.

Presently, the territory power value has reached more than 800 points, 200 of which were from the 20 new transfers repaying their owed amount, and the rest were from Niu Bing and Lee groups killing the enchanted beasts around the village.

Now the power value is only short of 150 points for the territory to upgrade, and all Cheng Yang can do is wait, there is no other way.

Immediately, Cheng Yang took his team out of the village. Although the sky has darken, but with the help of torches they were able to go out and kill enchanted beast. Now they have a priest in their team, and even if occasionally one or two monster sneak attack, they will not be harm.

At this time, not only Cheng Yang’s team is out of the village, but also two other teams. For the remaining two team, in addition to one guarding the station, the other is in cultivation.

Four hours later, Cheng Yang return to the station, and open the territory properties panel. He suddenly discovered the territory power value has exceeded 1000 points. At this time, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but burst in excitement, even in his past life, he never heard of anyone upgrading a field station to level 2 in two days.

Territory from one level to the second level, after all, is not based on the number of territories, but according to the territory efficiency in obtaining power value. Now Luo Feng village not only have a high spawn of enchanted beast around, but also have the Scarlet Church instance. These two factors combined contributed to the village reaching level 2 in two days.

Cheng Yang without hesitation choose to upgrade the territory.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind: Congratulation, your territory Luo Feng village has successfully upgrade to level 2, please view the territory property.

Compared to when Cheng Yang first occupy Luo Feng village, this upgrade didn’t have any miraculous light screens appeared, because this time the buildings are not automatically built.

Cheng Yang immediately opened the territory property from the altar.

Name: Luo Feng village

Grade: Level 3 village

Current Buildings

Warrior statue (level 2): Allow the transfer and promotion of the career Warrior at statue, can accommodate a maximum transfer of 50 people.

Magician statue (level 2): Allow the transfer and promotion of the career Magician at statue, can accommodate a maximum transfer of 50 people.

Archer statue (level 2): Allow the transfer and promotion of the career Archer at statue, can accommodate a maximum transfer of 50 people.

Summoner statue (level 2): Allow the transfer and promotion of the career Summoner at statue, can accommodate a maximum transfer of 50 people.

Priest statue (level 1): Allow the transfer and promotion of the career Priest at statue, can accommodate a maximum transfer of 5 people.

Walls (level 1): secure territory and provide security to personnel, 1000 durability, 5 defense . Cover an area of 1 square kilometers. 

Residence (level 1) (10): A place for people to rest and cultivate. Can improve the efficiency of cultivation by 10%. Have a maximum occupancy of 5 people in each house. 500 durability, 3 defense. 

Buildings that can be built

Walls (level 2): secure territory and provide security to personnel, 2000 durability, 10 defense. Cover an area of 9 square kilometers. Resources needed: 500 cubic meters of wood.

Residence (level 2): Upgrade from level 1 residence to level 2. A place for people to rest and cultivate. Can improve the efficiency of cultivation by 20%. Have a maximum occupancy of 5 people in each house. Durability 1000, Defense 5. Resources needed: 20 cubic meters of wood.

Blacksmith (level 1): Production of iron equipment and learn mining, a place for forging. Sell iron equipment, the equipment sold is related to blacksmith level. Resource needed: 100 cubic meters of wood.

Tailor shop (level 1): Production of leather equipment and learn skinning, a place for sewing. Sell leather equipment, the equipment sold is related to tailor shop level. Resource needed : 100 cubic meters of wood.

Woodworking shop (level 1): Manufacture wooden equipment and learn logging,  a place for lumber. Sell wooden equipment, the equipment sold is related to woodworking room level. Resource needed: 100 cubic meters of wood.

Engraving room (level 1): Production of jewelry and learn quarrying, a place for carving. While selling jewelry and equipment, the equipment sold is related to engraving room level. Resource needed : 100 cubic meters of wood.

Alchemy room (level 1): Refine pharmacy and learn herbs, a workplace for herb refinery. Sell pharmacy potions, the potions sold is related to alchemy room level. Resource needed : 100 cubic meters of wood.

Grocery store: Sell all kinds of supplies and sundries. Resource needed : 100 cubic meters of wood.

Territory attributes: speed (level 2) Field station’s professions move 15% faster in territory, the grade level increase with the territory upgrade.

Territory power value: 38

Promotion criteria: The number of transfers reached 400, and the four main profession statue are raised to level 3. Blacksmith shop, tailor shop, woodworking room, engraving room, and alchemy room must be completed, and 10,000 points of territory power value.

After Luo Feng village upgrade, the properties panel increase in complexity, and the buildings that can be built also increased a lot. Apart from the level 2 wall and level 2 residence, all the other buildings must be built. Looking at the amount of wood required for each building, Cheng Yang had a bit of a headache.

Fortunately, he can now create the woodworking room. After the woodworking room is built, people can go inside and learn the logging profession. Logging tools can also be purchased in here.

For this second upgrade, Cheng Yang was looking forward to the five buildings the most. Their importance are not less than the profession statues. The territory transfers not only can buy equipment and pills here, but can also learn a craft.

Whether it’s the main city or field stations occupied by human, the shops will mostly sell the most common items. In order to get the good stuff, you have to rely on people to make it. Crafting is the same as the main profession level, it also has level restriction, but as long as a certain level is reached, coupled with good materials, you can create high-quality equipment.

In his last world when he was in Luo Feng village, Cheng Yang knew a forger that was able to create iron grade equipment for apprentice order transfers, he was able to received all the limelight in Luo Feng village. Except for those occupiers outside of Luo Feng village, everyone who sees him show him nothing but politeness and respect.

Practicing a craft is not easy, because it will take a lot of energy and materials, while also requiring enough patience. So not everyone can become a successful crafter.

Cheng Yang now has the opportunity to construct these shops, being one step ahead of the others in training all types of crafter. This will allow Luo Feng village transfers strength to rise.

Of course, the role of these stores aren’t so simple, their presence will cause a business model to appear in the station. Transactions between people will once again flourish. In addition, as long as the transactions occurred within the territory, the territory will be automatically charged 5% of the power value as tax. Including shops that auto sell ordinary equipment and pills are of no exception.

These taxes will not go to the Lord, but will be converted into territory power value.

As a Lord he also have some benefits, now in the Lord privilege page appear a new function, which is known as Shiyi.

As long as there is some understanding of ancient history will know, that Shiyi is a way of taxing the fief residents in a way to gain personal wealth. But Shiyi is not just that, on one hand Cheng Yang is able to extract a portion of the territory earning as his own, while on the other hand, he can appoint officials and paid them for their service.

But Luo Feng station is now nothing more than a village, but also only a level 2 village, so Cheng Yang’s official appointment is not much, there is only three place available. Respectively, they are responsible for the management of the transfers, as well as dealing with the store management, and lastly responsible for the protection of the lord Cheng Yang.

These three officers in addition to Cheng Yang will have access to the related properties panel, while also receiving an additional small pay. The wage is set up by Cheng Yang himself. But there is an upper limit, a maximum of 10 points of power value per day.

Cheng Yang extraction of tax per day seem to be a bit high, he can extract every individual power value by 5%. Take for instance the current situation, it’s equivalent to Cheng Yang receiving an addition of 100 points of power value everyday . And with the increase in killing speed, he will earn more power value.

But after this upgrade, in order to upgrade the territory into a level 3 village may not be so easy. First, the upgrade of the four profession statues will takes a long time, plus the need to obtain 10,000 points of territory power value are not what the territory can get in a short time period.

Cheng Yang has already been very satisfactory with this progress, because the territory upgrade speed for them is not slow. Perhaps due to obtaining the Scarlet Church instance, it has greatly improved the speed of obtaining power value. If other individuals or forces occupy a field station in the future, their speed can’t be compared with his territory.

Cheng Yang open up the Shiyi authority, in which the officials are set up. There is no doubt that Lee Wanshan will be set in charge of the transfers, who let his talent be related to it. Now the profession statues transfer quota can be increased by 3%, and wait until after his strength improve, this advantage will be even more powerful.

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