Doom Lord Chapter 25

Doom Lord

Chapter 25- Level 2 Statues

When Cheng Yang came out from the instance, the residents of the station had a look of deep envy, not only on those who weren’t able to transfer, but including those that already transferred to a profession.

“Yu, Liu, today we will continue to rescue people from Huimin Town, while at the same time look and see if we can find some wood. Otherwise, these people will have to continue sleeping outside, is that not the case?” Cheng Yang ordered, “Lee, first you and Niu Bing will remain in the station, you two will take turns guarding the station and cleaning up the enchanted beasts that spawn outside.”

Yu Kai and the others nodded. For them, whether it was going to Huimin Town, or staying in Luo Feng Village, didn’t have any impact on them, as long as they could earn power values.

Next, Yu Kai and others began to reorganize their men. Cheng Yang would also put his 15 people under the care of Zhao Chuan.

As Luo Feng Village’s Lord, although he had a small team, but after all, he couldn’t entirely put his focus on just them.

Cheng Yang once again came to the front of the profession statues, and found the last attribute of the statues only had two minutes left before the cooldown end, so he decided to wait on the side.

Two minutes later, all the attribute upgrades of the profession statues had been completed, the statue also automatically upgraded to Level 2, and great changes had occurred to its properties.

The rest of the main profession statues were the same as the magician statue.

After seeing satisfactory results, Cheng Yang once again selected people from those who had yet to carry out the transfer to undergo their transfer. Not surprisingly, he didn’t choose Hu Jun and his group.

After the selection of 20 people, Cheng Yang temporarily stopped.

For the 20 new transfers, Cheng Yang evenly distributed them to the five teams, which makes the total number of people for each team reached 20.

After the transfer was complete, Cheng Yang saw the newly gathered more than 400 power value was consumed by nearly half. This was something that he couldn’t change, after all, 100 territory transfers was a prerequisite for the field station to upgrade.

Next, it would need 1,000 points of territory power value.

Now Cheng Yang was quite tangled, if his own power value could now be donated to the territory, he would immediately do it. Because as long as the territory successfully upgraded to a level 2 village, he could become a high-order sorcerer’s apprentice, then his killing efficiency would be more than doubled. Some dared not touch before large communities of enchanted beasts could perhaps be challenged with his new strength. That day would absolutely earn more than 1,000 power values.

But with the set of God’s rules, he had no other alternative.

Cheng Yang estimated he would have to wait until tomorrow morning before Luo Feng Village territory power value would be enough for the field station to upgrade. At that time not only would there be more enchanted beast to kill, there would also be other copies like the Scarlet Church. Then, it wouldn’t have to be just Cheng Yang soloing it. Yu Kai and the other three can also lead a team into the instance.

When Cheng Yang made this decision, Luo Feng Village was destined to not have any big waves today.

Compared with Luo Feng Village’s stability, today Xiangcheng City might not be so tranquil.

Since noon, loud gunfire could be heard throughout Xiangcheng City. This was Xiangcheng garrison fighting near the outskirt of the city.

The reason why military rescue just now appeared, because when the disaster first stroke, the army was also vulnerable. But military weapons were not decorations, and as there were no high-rise buildings in the barracks, the weapons were not buried. Under the intense gunfire from the armed troops, all the enchanted beasts in the barracks were killed by nightfall.

Afterward there was a disagreement among the senior military officers, it was suggested that they immediately sent the army into Xiangcheng City, and at the fastest speed to rescue people. But there were some people against such a proposal, because there was no instruction from the top. The army was very strict on orders, and if they hastily mobilized troops without the instructions from above, that was a crime.  For the time being, they could only sit and wait.

After a full day pass, on this day, they found that all electricity-related weapons could not be used. This made them jump out of their skins, modern weapons, and how much had nothing to do with electricity? In addition to firing pin-type weapons, they were afraid others were electricity-related!

Now they were only able to use firearms, grenades and weapons like rockets. This allowed them to feel some ease. Except those tanks in the warehouse had turned into a lump of irons, leaving them with the urge to go crazy. If these tanks could be used, why would they be afraid of those monsters?

Until this morning, they could no longer wait for instruction from above. Now all the power systems had collapsed, and even if there were instructions from above, they had no way of receiving it. In this case, if they continued to squat around in the barracks, they were afraid Xiangcheng City will really be a dead city.

After a discussion among the senior military officers, they decided to immediately send troops to rescue people of Xiangcheng City.

Xiangcheng military garrison was not much, and along with the civilian personnel, it added up to less than twenty thousand people. But, after all, these 20,000 people were armed to the teeth, their fighting force is to be reckoned with.

Now they generally understood the ways to kill the monsters. Using pistol to deal with the monsters was more difficult, while using a machine gun made things much easier. You just needed to aim at the target, and after a clip was finished, the monster would be laid dead on the ground. But this also had a disadvantage, it was the consumption of ammunition was very large, basically every time they killed a monster, it consumed nearly 20 rounds of ammunition.

Fortunately, the military’s ammunition was plentiful, this consumption for them would not have much impact.

The location of the garrison was at the outskirt of the city, this area was semi-developed, and the road was very smooth. But after going through the earthquake, the smooth road had become rough and irregular.

The army only walked a few hundred meters to enter into the urban area of the city, then they truly noticed the tragic sights of Xiangcheng City. All over the place could be seen filled with bones. Some bones were human, while others were animals.

Dead scent of corpses had begun to diffuse throughout the city, they didn’t know if plague still existed in the world, but if there were such a thing, they were afraid humanity all over the world would be in dire straits. But with Cheng Yang’s past life, he knew that in this transformed world, diseases still continued to exist, but things like the plague wouldn’t occur. At least not like the emergence of large-scale livestock deaths plague.

After getting hit by bullets and grenades the enchanted beasts were rapidly eliminated, even if they occasionally spawned out again, it could not survive for long. With the arrival of the army, large numbers of people hiding in the caves began to emerge from large and small caves, they shouted loudly as if seeing their mother and father while rushing to the armed forces, asking for food.

The senior army generals were not fools, they naturally knew the importance of food in such a disaster. So in addition to assigning people limited rations to relieve their hunger, there were no additional food distributions.

With the passage of time, the team had grown in size, which was bound to have some people causing trouble. But with the military strict discipline, several disobedience people had been directly executed on the spot, which made people immediately quiet down. This time they came to an understanding, that this was not a time of peace. The army troops rescued them, but they also declared martial law, so they had to go through violent measures to control the people.

Even so, everyone was excited with the arrival of the army, because it indicated they had a chance of survival. Although the martial law was a bit harsh, but it was much better than being killed.

But Xiangcheng City was too big, and number of monsters in the city was a lot, so the time it took to sweep them along the road could be long. In particular, at the start of the disaster it spawned out a group of first medium-order enchanted beasts, when these monsters came out it causes the military a big loss.

Throughout the whole day, the army of 20,000 people still failed to get near the central urban area of Xiangcheng City, so they have to bypass some areas around them, and stop the aids to the survivors.

As the sky darkened, the battle became more difficult, and in the absence of light, they simply couldn’t find traces of the monsters. Only until the monsters came close would they notice them. This would no doubt make the fighting grimmer.

The time of day would soon be over, reaching evening time, Cheng Yang and the others rescued more than 500 people from Huimin Town. Today, the efficiency was improved due to more people joining the rescue, some didn’t want to go before, but now they were willing to give it a try.

In addition, Cheng Yang was able to find some foods in the rubble, including rice, flour and some fast-food products. Rice could be stored away, so Cheng Yang decided to temporarily not eat it. In the future for a long period of time, mankind would be in a state of severe food shortages. This food could at a critical time play a life-saving role.

Now Luo Feng Village had more than 700 people, and with the cooked meat from the enchanted beasts they were currently not going hungry, coupled with some fast-food products, they were happier than the people of Xiangcheng City.

Of course, not all enchanted beast meat could be eaten, such as the Grell and Green Anorak. But meat from the Grey wolves and Steel-haired Boars can. What could be eaten, and couldn’t be eaten, Cheng Yang was very clear, so he didn’t have to worry about any food poisoning in his territory.



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