Doom Lord Chapter 24

Doom Lord

Chapter 24- Title

Cheng Yang then look at several of the profession statues upgrades. With the exception of the Archer statue remaining two properties that hadn’t been upgraded, the Mage, Warrior, and Summoner statues were only left with one remaining. Upgrading the territory was getting one step closer.

But the added Priest statue had six categories that need upgrading, and just now he upgraded one of its properties, so in order for it to achieve level 2, it will need one or two days’ time. Fortunately, the Priest statue did not belong to one of the main occupations of the territory, and so it would not affect the station upgrade.

Although today Cheng Yang and his group basically killed a lot of enchanted beasts outside of Luo Feng Village one square kilometer range, there were still plenty of enchanted beasts remaining that spawns around the village, which was killed by Yu Kai and the people left behind. So now Luo Feng Village territory power value had accumulated to more than 100 points. In fact, this value should have been larger, but before he set off to Huimin Town the upgrades consumed 400 power values, and he just spent 500 power values for the newcomers to transfers, so now there wasn’t enough power value to upgrade a property for all the statues.

Cheng Yang chose to upgrade the Archer’s mana.

Just then, Lee Wanshan quickly went to Cheng Yang’s side, and after making sure that there was no one else around, he then said in a low voice, “Village Chief, why didn’t you agree with me to getting rid of that guy Hu Jun? That guy used to be Huimin Town mayor, so he must be an articulate speaker, if he spread rumors behind our back it would be a very troublesome matter.”

Cheng Yang looked at him and smiled, “Lee, later in the future, you will know that by not killing him, it will bring great benefits to us. In case you don’t know, in the end, people with no ability are more like the living dead, but many of them don’t have the courage to die over nothing. As for Hu Jun, I intend to let him stay in Luo Feng Village, but I will not let him transfer to a career, and he, in my eyes, will set a good example for the others. As long as he lives in Luo Feng Village, it will serve as a warning to them.”

Lee Wanshan was slightly surprised for a moment, suddenly said, “How thoughtful of you Chief, as long as Hu Jun is miserable in Luo Feng Village, others will naturally learn their lesson.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “It’s good that you know, also let some people keep an eye on him, in the group there should be a few of his relatives and friends within, including his brother Hu Yang. For a short period of time, we shouldn’t let him or anyone close to him change career, I’d like to see how long they can last.”

“Yes, Village Chief.” Lee Wanshan at once said.

Cheng Yang said, “Lee, why are you calling me Village Chief, just listening to it make me feel strange and awkward.”

Lee Wanshan quickly replied, “This can’t happen, if there are no rules there will be no standards. Chief, if you want to pursue a path in the end, there are some details that need attention. In fact, I think the term village chief is not very good, but now you are Luo Feng Village’s owner, so being call village chief is also plausible. Later on, you say Luo Feng Village can be upgraded to town, and then city, and afterward the title of the station will also change.”

Lee Wanshan remarks let Cheng Yang think about his past life. Six months after the end, people reverted back to the ancient times, in addition to the original government forces in the occupied territories, which uses titles from previous office, the rest of the territory basically used some ancient title like Lord, Emperor, or Master, and there are even some Lords that set up their own ancient peerage system.

After a moment, Cheng Yang said, “What you say makes sense, but changing the title back is too much of a hassle, since my title is called Lord of Luo Feng Village in my properties panel, you can just call me Lord. In the future, I think the title Lord will spread.”

Lee Wanshan didn’t make a fuss about this, but his heart was happy, at least his proposal was adopted by Cheng Yang.

“Lee, Yu Kai and I are a bit young, although I know more about the end than you, but when it comes to dealing with interpersonal relationships I have some shortcoming. Later on when dealing with Luo Feng Village, it will also need your help. Of course, as long as you stay loyal to Luo Feng Village, nor will I let you down.” Cheng Yang calmly said.

Lee Wanshan nodded and said, “Thank you Lord, I know what I need to do.”

Cheng Yang’s heart sighs, it was estimated that Lee Wanshan lost their life at the beginning of the end, or how else could a person that could adapt to the environment not be known? If he survived in Xiangcheng City, there was no way he wouldn’t know his name.

To be able to get enough territory power value as soon as possible, Cheng Yang walked out of the gate after he finished with his barbecue supper.

According to his plan, the five teams were each responsible for a two hours nighttime cleanup shift. Anyway, since it was the beginning of the end, a first medium-order enchanted beast hadn’t emerged yet, and with each team having 16 transfers, it was sufficient to cope with any crisis.

In fact, Luo Feng Village had a faster way of earning power value, it’s by doing the Scarlet Church instance. For now, an instance at this level could only be challenged five times a day on normal difficulty, but it could also provide more than 1,000 points of power value for a big city. But this instance in addition to having a first-late order monster as the final boss, it also had two enchanted beasts that were at the first-medium order. In the absence of first-medium order transfers leading the team, it would be difficult to clear without any casualty.

For Luo Feng Village to appear another first-medium order transfer would undoubtedly take a long period of time. But Cheng Yang had another way, as long as the transfer of several priests increased their skills proficiency, then they would be able to team up with others into the Scarlet Church. With a priest joining the team, it wouldn’t be difficult for the five transfers to take on a first medium-order enchanted beast.

Tonight, Cheng Yang sent these five teams out in order to help train the priests.

In the middle of the night, Luo Feng Village territory power values reached 500 points again, nearly half of them were from the newcomers repaying their debts for changing careers. Cheng Yang decided to upgrade another property of the statues, including the priest statue. This was also the final property for the main profession statues to be upgraded to level 2.

Waiting until tomorrow morning, the four main professional statues of Luo Feng Village would be upgraded to level 2, which would then increase the number of people that could transfer. And with the population meeting the requirement, the territory would also upgrade.

While fighting Cheng Yang appeared a new change, after a day and two nights of fighting, his magic missile finally rose to level 2, and compared with the original, his damage has significantly improved.

Magic Missile level 2 (condensed a ball of magic to attack distant targets resulting in 110% magic damage, attack distance of 30 meters, no special effect. Skill consume 5 points of mana. Proficiency 0%.

Although the magic damage only went up by 10%, but it can cause a bit more damage to the target, which is equivalent to being equip with another Wither wooden staff.

At daybreak the next day, Cheng Yang finished his four hours of cultivation, the night consumed 80 points of power value.  After a night of practice, his progress in the first-medium order had reached 5.4%.

Now he was left with 882 points of power value, the distance to his goal of 1,000 points was getting closer.

After a night of fighting, the new transfers had bit of grasp over their career combat style, but the effect was far from satisfactory. Because their earning power value were used to compensate the territory, naturally they couldn’t do double cultivation speed.

Yu Kai and the other three captain of teams were able to enjoy a four hours double practice speed, with a slight surplus remaining. Who made them fought so hard the whole day?

Cheng Yang looked at the progress of the profession statues upgrade, and found that there was an hour left before it is complete. He chose to lead another team into the Scarlet Church instance. The spawning rate of the enchanted beast outside is gradual declining, all day yesterday the power value earn was around 1,500, but last night the group was only able to earn 1,000 points. Cheng Yang had to put more focus on the instance.

Yesterday, the Scarlet Church had completed its first clearance, so Cheng Yang didn’t intend to keep it a secret. He went with the same people to challenge the instance again. Except this time when facing the three high level monsters, Cheng Yang explained to them in details regarding the fighting method and weakness pertaining to the three monsters. Particularly the first-late order Grell, if he failed to explain it to them clearly, he was afraid they would be killed instantly.

Yu Kai knew this was probably the last time Cheng Yang would take them through normal difficulty, and that the next time the team would be led by them. In order to not lose his life, he made sure to remember every single explanation Cheng Yang told them.

If fact, if the instance were then led by Yu Kai, there would be some risks. The final boss was a bit easier, but both of the first-medium order enchanted beasts in front of him were the biggest headache.

Fortunately, a first-mid order enchanted beast attack power was not too strong, and so they could not break through the room doors. With two warriors defending and a priest support them, they managed to kill it.

This time it only took half an hour, they were able to smoothly clear the instance. However the gains were a lot smaller than the last harvest, there was no priest statue, and the quality of the equipment was reduced a lot. After killing three high level monsters, they only gained three ordinary equipment, which made Yu Kai curse at the instance for being too stingy.

Cheng Yang was already very satisfied, because the average burst rate of this instance was only two pieces of ordinary equipment. Being able to burst three pieces of equipment was considered lucky, if lucky enough to get iron-grade equipment, it would be very rare.

For these three pieces of equipment Cheng Yang only took one, it’s a magic hat that increase mana by 8 points. Fortunately, this hat looked quite normal, if it were green, Cheng Yang didn’t know whether he could bring it out. (In China, the expression “wearing a green hat” refers to a woman that cheats on her lover. She uses the hat as a signal for her lover to come when her husband goes off to work wearing it.)

The remaining two pieces of equipment were boots that increase defense, and a hunting bow that only increased the property by one point. The boot was assigned to Lee Wanshan, and the bow naturally went to Yu Kai to use.

Of course, the benefits they received was more than this, after the instance Cheng Yang power value finally broke through three digits, reaching 1,005 points. In other words, he was now able to use four times cultivation speed, which for the transfers at this stage, was unmatched.



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