Doom Lord Chapter 23

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Doom Lord

Chapter 23- Confusion

But there are some people that don’t have much trust in Cheng Yang, they feel that he is just tricking them. Now that they aren’t selected, they would first wait and see. As long as they aren’t driven out of Luo Feng village, they aren’t at a disadvantage.

Cheng Yang has no interest in the opinion of these people, he took his chosen ten people to the front of the profession statues. Following the familiar process, everyone was able to transfer.

Cheng Yang was very satisfied with the gifted talents of the 10 people that transferred. In addition to three people, the rest have A-level talent. For the remaining three people, there are two with B-class talent, leaving a man with a powerful S-class talent, and he was first person Cheng Yang rescued from Huimin Town, Zhao Chuan.

It seems that at the moment Luo Feng village transfers are still at the forefront of the world, or else the talent wouldn’t be so high.

Name: Zhao Chuan

Subordinate force: Luo Feng village

Occupation: Summoner Rank: Low order summoner’s apprentice (0%)

Age: 31 Life: 110

Health: 30 Mana: 20

Physical attack: 1 Magic attack: 5

Physical Defense: 1 Magic defense: 1

Attack speed: 1 Movement speed: 1.1

Talent: 1. Each increasing a minor order, enhances the summoned beast attack damage by 3%.

  1. Beast Might (special talent): Within a radius of a hundred meter of the summoned animal location, all enemy strength that is not higher than the Summoner’s attack damage will have their defense weakened by 10%. Each increasing a major order, range will be extended by 3 times.


Spiritualism: Level 1 (Summoner basic skill, through cultivation it can gradually enhance one’s strength. Skill level increases associated with career-order ascension.)

Summon Dark Wolf: Level 1 (Summons a Dark Wolf that deals magic damage at close range. Inherits 100% of the Summoner properties, Dark Wolf’s duration lasts for 10 minutes, the cool-down is 1 minute. Spell consumes 10 mana. Proficiency 0%.)


Stick: Summoner status symbol, no additional properties.

After seeing the properties of Zhao Chuan, Cheng Yang can only described it as shocking, he didn’t expect Zhao Chuan to have a special talent.

The general talent improve a person’s property, while the special talent has nothing to do with increasing the person’s property. In this regard, the Management talent is a special type of general talent. To decide which is better between the the two, it’s hard to say. There is a reason why management talent is not regarded as a special talent, it’s because a special talent has a restriction on the profession that can use it. Such as Zhao Chuan’s talent, which can only be used by Summoner to bring out the effect. If Zhao Chuan were to transfer to other occupations, I’m afraid this talent would be wasted. In this world, you aren’t able to reset your occupation.

For the time being, Zhao Chuan’s talent can’t be seen as powerful, now almost all enchanted beast attack damage and defense are still in single digits, weakening it by 10% would have no effect. But in the future when the defense property reaches the hundreds,  weakening it by 10% is equivalent to weakening dozens of points in large scale combat. It is an absolute nightmare for large group of enemies.

Next, Cheng Yang took five senior transfers to integrate into a part of his team, making his team form its shape.

Currently Luo Feng village is only level 1, so there isn’t any building that are available to create a legion, he made his team split up into small groups that are consisted of five people per group. This made the management of the teams very loose.

At this time, Yu Kai led his selected 10 people to the altar to undergo their transfers, while Cheng Yang taught his newcomer the basic operation of their skills and the correct way to use their profession. He also teach them some basic combat techniques.

After Zhao Chuan successfully transfer, those that weren’t selected became excited. Because they saw that after Zhao Chuan has his transfer, his hand appear to be holding a weapon similar to the ones Cheng Yang and his group has in their hands. Isn’t this proof that they can really fight the monsters the same way as Cheng Yang’s group?

“Cheng Yang, why didn’t you let us change career? This is class discrimination. “A voice from the crowd burst out, his tone full of disgust.

Cheng Yang turned to the source of the sound, and it was the person that was arguing with him during the day Hu Jun, he flatly said: “As I said before, this station now belong to me, so who I want to transfer is up to my decision. If you have a complaint, then you can choose to leave Luo Feng village. ”

Hu Jun has a look of arrogance, said: “Why should I leave, I am Huimin town mayor, and this area is in the boundary of Huimin town, I think the person that should leave is you?

Cheng Yang gave Hu Jun a look as if he was looking at a fool, not only Cheng Yang, Yu Kai and the others also has the same expression.

Niu Bing exploded with anger said: “How shameless can this bastard be? Aren’t you the one we rescued from the rubble this morning? In the afternoon didn’t you ask us to save your family from Huimin town? You are the mayor of Huimin Town? Why don’t you have the ability to save them? Damn moron! ”

“You …..” Hu Jun pointed at Niu Bing, said, “Don’t think just because you have a little skill that you can misbehave, wait until the national army come, then we will see how they will deal with you. Just wait and see.”

Niu Bing’s face suddenly turned cold, Lee Wanshan said: “Whether the army is coming or not I don’t know, but I believe that if I were to throw you out of here, in less than ten minutes even the bones won’t be left behind.”

“You … … This is murder, this is a crime! “Hu Jun face became pale, he cried loudly: “Ladies and gentlemen, are you going to continue to be deceived by these people? Even if they have these abilities, so what? They add up to only thirty or forty people, if we are united do we need to fear them? As long we catch them, we will be able to take control of the station, and all of us can transfer, so why should we listen to them? ”

Lee Wanshan turned to Cheng Yang, said: “Cheng Yang, just say a word, and I will get the guys to get rid of him. ”

Cheng Yang nodded his head, Lee Wanshan is indeed a rare talent. He is able to assess the situation and know that his relationship with him isn’t deep. This time, he was appointed as a team captain, because there was no one else available. So he must find a way to gain his trust as soon as possible. To achieve this objective, the best way is to solve the problems in the village, if he kill the mayor of Huimin Town Hu Jun, then his position in the village will be guaranteed.

But Cheng Yang didn’t intend to kill Hu Jun, he said: “Lee, there is no need to get our hands dirty by killing such a person. After doomsday, there is enough humans death already, we humans shouldn’t be killing one another. ”

Lee Wanshan was slightly surprised, he isn’t clear why Cheng Yang made such a decision, but since that was Cheng Yang’s choice, he did not intend to question it.

Cheng Yang turned around and looked at the presence of the crowd, and then look at Hu Jun said: “Hu Jun, it  seem to me that not many people agree with your proposal! In fact, we all know that you want to incite the people against us so that you can occupy Luo Feng village. In this crucial moment of human life and death, a man can not be too selfish. I had promise that once there is an opportunity to change profession, I will arrange for the rest of the people to change their career as soon as possible. There is a reason why I only selected 50 people, because this station currently only have 50 spots left open for people to transfer. ”

Here, Cheng Yang paused, then continued: “Well, this thing has come to an end, although I am very disappointed in your behavior, but I am not a ruthless man. You can still continue to live in Luo Feng village, but in order to survive, you will have to make contribution to the development of the village. Otherwise, you will just starve to death. ”

Hu Jun has mixed feeling, this time he knew that he overestimated his own influence, as Huimin town mayor he used to walk down the street with everyone bowing to him, and this made him feel like a man with powerful influence. But now he realized that in the face of the pressure to survive, the title of mayor is hardly worth anything.

Even now Hun Jun didn’t regret his decision, he just hate Cheng Yang for having the power that should belong to him. Although Cheng Yang say he can continue to live in Luo Feng village, but he does not have the slightest gratitude, but got more angry.

But now there is nothing he can do, he felt he should bite the bullet now, and wait until the army arrived, so that he can witness the destruction of Cheng Yang’s group. At that time, he can become the mayor of a grand and magnificent city. He might even set a merit, and get a promotion.

So after Cheng Yang finished, he just snorted, and retreated to the side. Throughout the process, his brother Hu Yang did not say a word, which made people confused.

Cheng Yang also din’t understand what Hu Yang is thinking, but he isn’t worry. Before people get out of the apprentice-level, he has absolute control over the people in the station. With just a thought, he can sent them out of the station, and then make the person fall back to the level before they transfer. Of course, the difference is still there, they will still have their career status, but this status is in name only, It just limit them from switching career when transferring again at another statue elsewhere.

Subsequently, Cheng Yang let everyone dispersed, while allowing Yu Kai to take his team to embark on the walls to kill the enchanted beasts spawning out as training for the newcomers to familiarize with their skills.

Cheng Yang came alone to the front of the altar, and select to build 10 houses again. This isn’t something that can be put off, with so many people transferring, if there aren’t enough houses to accommodate them, then it would have an influence on their cultivation.

Looking at the empty space around the altar, Cheng Yang became depressed, it seem that tomorrow he need to find some ways to get woods from the ruins. If they are lucky, they may find some, if they have bad luck then they may come out empty-handed. And even if they find some wood, bringing it back would be very troublesome thing.

A one kilometer distance before the end is undoubtedly very short, it need only a minute or two by car to arrive. But now, under the new rules, all electrical devices stopped functioning, although the car is driven by burning gasoline, but if there is no electricity, the car can’t be started.



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