Doom Lord Chapter 22

Doom Lord

Chapter 22- Gathering

After listening to Cheng Yang, Liu Hao the rest were relieved. They don’t have to worry about Cheng Yang using the channel to blackmail people.

Cheng Yang added, “What Yu Kai just say is exactly what I meant, you will set up your own team, and you must win over a group of cronies. This is necessary to establish a foothold in this end within a short time. Most people will hope the army will come to rescue them, or even that the army will be able to kill all the enchanted beasts, and finally be able to gain peace and prosperity, so wanting to win people over will be difficult. But you don’t have to worry about it too much, we can do it step by step, and the number of people we recruit don’t have to be much, but they must be loyal.”

Yu Kai said, “Rest assured, we know the severity of the matter. In fact, Yangzi we know without you needing to tell us. For people that don’t have a firm mind and not willing to stick with us, we can just make them ordinary members of the team instead of our cronies.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “In this way I will also be relieved. In addition, for you to become a good team leader in the future, it will require not only a strong mindset, but also strength, but relatively speaking, strength is more important. Now you already have the talent to become strong, the rest is to practice hard. Try to earn enough power value each day to be able to use double cultivation for themselves. This is the only way to widen the gap. In addition, when your power value accumulated to more than 1,000 points, you can open four times cultivation speed. So, now the most important thing to do is to earn power value.”

This made Yu Kai trio look at one another, and after a long time, Yu Kai with wry smile said, “Yangzi, this power value is too difficult to earn, and when killing a monster, the power value will be split equally between a few people. When I stay in the station today to kill the enchanted beasts that spawn around here, I was only able to earn 50 points of power value, which I earned cheaply with the usage of long ranged attacks. So even though it can satisfied double practice every day, but when will I be able scrape up enough power value to have 1,000 points!”

Cheng Yang indifferently smile, he said, “This is not urgent, think about it, now almost everyone has yet to transfer, and we had already begun cultivating, as long as we used it properly, this advantage can be infinitely magnified.”

Liu Hao nodded right away, if they are compared to the people that haven’t transferred yet, their advantage is indeed very large.

Afterward, Cheng Yang held a detailed conversation with them for half an hour, some of the detail things were made clear, then everyone walked out of the cabin.

For the modern aged people, evening was a great time to go drink and party, but no one was in a festive mood, the pressure of survival hanged in the heart of each of them like a mountain.

At this time, almost everyone were sitting down at the south side of Luo Feng Village where there was a bunch of bonfire lit, and with the red flame reflecting the surrounding environment, everyone’s face could be seen filled with fear and anxiety.

Cheng Yang could understand their feeling, after all, he himself spent three days hiding among the ruins of Xiangcheng City in the past. Except they were more fortunate than he was, at least they didn’t have to worry about being attack by enchanted beast at the moment.

Cheng Yang walked straight up to a campfire, and then raised his hands, indicating the crowd to quiet down. And then said, “Ladies and gentlemen, are your mind full of concerns?”


“How did the world become like this?”

“Where did your ability come from?!”

Noises erupted from the crowd, Cheng Yang didn’t answer their question, but said, “Many of your questions I can’t answer, because I’m also at a complete loss. I just want to ask everyone a question, do you want to continue to live in this world?”

“Want!” There was no hesitation from the crowd, even ants are greedy, not to mention people.

Cheng Yang said, “Well, since you want to live, then please listen to my arrangement. Everyone has just eaten roasted meat, right? Well these meat aren’t harvested from the ruins, but from the monsters that my companions killed. They have no obligation to share it with you, and I will not raise a bunch of useless waste. Therefore, if you want to live, then you have to fight and work, do you understand?”

“Will we also get the kind of ability that you have? If we have them, then naturally we will want to fight together with you, if not, we will die if we try to fight those monsters.” A voice from the crowd pour out.

Cheng Yang took a closer look and found that the person speaking is someone he dealt with today Hu Yang, which made him furrowed his brows, but he didn’t show it, directly said, “Of course you can. However this station belongs to me, so I need people that are willing to follow my command, rather than be against me. Anyone that is willing to follow me, I will give them the opportunity to become strong.”

“Why does this place belong to you? Everything belongs to the State. This station you say you own is also owned by the State.” A discordant voice rang out from the crowd, this man’s language is extremely provocative, it immediately made a lot of people talking below. Although Cheng Yang didn’t see the figure of the person speaking, but he was able to tell who it was from their voice, nonetheless he didn’t intend to pull the person out.

Cheng Yang said, “Well, I admit that you have a point, but who can represent the State? We are all part of this country, if there are people that can represent the State in the future, then I don’t mind handing this station over to them. But since I occupy this station, I am the owner of this station, so you have to listen to my arrangement.”

Cheng Yang sneered, on behalf of the State? Now that the world had become like this, who could represent the State? In order to live, everyone was selfish, and this was shown most vividly in the last days.

After he finished talking, Cheng Yang used his Wither wooden staff to condense a magic missile, and then launched it into the night sky.

All the people who had continued whispering closed their mouth, they seemed to have come to an understanding that Cheng Yang was not an ordinary student, but a person that was beyond the limit of humans. Moreover, their lives were saved by the other side, did they have any room for bargaining?

After Cheng Yang saw this scene, a satisfied smile appear on his face, he did not expect these people to be willing to obey his commands at this time. At the beginning of the last days, he had to rely on strong measures to make these people obey his orders, until one day when these people really understood the cruelty brought forth by the end and the current state of the world, they would make the right choice to continue following him. And Cheng Yang believed that the time would not be too far away.

“Now is the time to choose, those that are willing to obey my orders, please go to the altar at the center of the village. From those people I will select 50 people, these people will gain the ability to fight the monsters, the rest of the people after obtaining the right to stay in Luo Feng Village will be given priority to transfer in the future.” Cheng Yang said out loud.

After Cheng Yang’s voice faded, most people began to rush toward the altar, while the remaining handful hesitated for a bit before also rushing toward the altar. Soon, not a single person remain around the bonfire.

Lee Wanshan’s group after seeing such a thing from outside of the crowd, their heart felt glad that they were the first group of people to had met Cheng Yang, which allow them to smoothly transfer to their career. If they weren’t, then they would be like these people rushing for a spot to transfer or like others still hidden within a dark cave.

In this kind of situation, they couldn’t help but produce a sense of superiority, this sense of superiority made them recognize themselves as members of Luo Feng Village. Perhaps not many people were yet aware of this, but with their degree of recognition toward Luo Feng Village increased more and more, they would gradually become the backbone of Luo Feng Village.

After a few seconds, all the people came around the altar, Liu Hao and the others were already here waiting.

Cheng Yang also walked over and stood at front of the altar, glanced at the people around, he saw Lee Wanshan standing at the edge of the crowd, immediately shouted, “Lee, you come over here.”

Lee Wanshan was slightly surprised for a moment, but he didn’t ask why, he directly went next to Cheng Yang, standing together beside Liu Hao three people.

Cheng Yang at this time, said, “Lee, you and Yui Kai trio will each select ten people from the crowd, later these people will be your subordinate. The 25 people that previously transferred will be equally distributed to each team, they have a certain amount of combat experience, so we can let them be in charge of some of the newcomers.”

Lee Wanshan felt moved, he understood the meaning of Cheng Yang words, in the future he would be a leader of a core team, and with the development of Luo Feng Village, his position would also increase.

Lee Wanshan didn’t choose to refuse, let alone the benefits that the status would bring, he would also gain more strength to save his family. Being a team leader also had an advantage, at least there would be some rights when speaking in front of Cheng Yang.

Next was the selection, no doubt, Cheng Yang had the right to pick first. In fact, this priority had little practical significance, because everyone they brought back were all young adults between the age of 15-45, after a day of the disaster, the sick and elderly were mostly eliminated, which was a clear evident of the brutal end. The talent of these people were unknown until after they successfully transfer.

Of those selected by Cheng Yang, men accounted for the vast majority, while two of them were women that were nearly 30 years old. Cheng Yang was very clear, although after transferring the combat effectiveness would not have any gaps because the gender, but in the face of such a disaster, the vast majority of men were better than women when it came to adjusting their mentality, and were able to more quickly adapt to this environment.

Then came Yu Kai, Liu Hao, and Niu Bing turn to select their own people, and after Lee Wanshan selection, the remaining people that weren’t picked can only sigh. They still didn’t understand why Cheng Yang and the rest picked people, but they did know that they had lost a very important opportunity.



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