Doom Lord Chapter 21

Doom Lord

Chapter 21- Talk

10 minutes after meeting Zhao Chuan, Cheng Yang’s group has rescued more than 20 people. At this time they couldn’t afford to continue searching the ruins of Huimin Town for more survivor. They decided to head back to Luo Feng Village.

“Where are you guys going? Aren’t you going to go rescue some more people?” A rescued forty years old middle aged man saw the path Cheng Yang was heading was outside Huimin Town, so he immediately walked to the front of Cheng Yang and asked.

Cheng Yang looked at the middle-aged. He has a plump figure, and was dressed in an expensive suit. He should have been a person of status before the apocalypse, but Cheng Yang didn’t care, he indifferently said, “We can only save so much people at a time. If we rescue anymore people, we won’t be able to protect them.”

The man quickly said, “No, you have to go save my son. I will give you $100,000 as a reward……no? How about 1 million……”

Cheng Yang gave him a cold look, he said, “If you want to stay alive, then shut your mouth, or I don’t mind if you choose to stay here.”

“You …..” The man couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his back, but he didn’t intend to put the matter to rest, he said, “I am doing this to help you, I am……”

His words had not yet finished when a man next to him immediately stood up and covered his mouth, he said, “My brother is speaking nonsense, you pay it no heed. Since you saved our lives, of course we will listen to your arrangement. ”

Cheng Yang gave the two men a deep look, and asked, “What’s your name?”

The man said, “My name is Hu Yang and he is my younger brother Hu Jun. We are the native of Huimin Town.”

Cheng Yang’s eyes move, he said, “Hu Yang was it? I hope you remember what you have said today.”

“Certainly, certainly!” Hu Yang hastily replied.

Next, Cheng Yang no longer paid attention to the two people. Even if they had any ill-intentions, in the apocalypse, if there weren’t sufficient strength, they wouldn’t act out on it.

They promptly returned to the Luo Feng Village. Although along the way they met with some enchanted beasts, but they were quickly killed by Cheng Yang and the others.

After returning to the village, Cheng Yang didn’t hurry to make these people transfer to a profession, but let Yu Kai bring the enchanted beasts’ meats back and let them roast it. These people hadn’t eaten for two meals in a row. Solving the problem of food was their first priority. 

Next, Cheng Yang took Liu Hao and the rest, and then departed the village. Because of them sweeping the enchanted beasts as they were returning to the village, this time they didn’t encounter a single monster when walking to Huimin Town.

This time their main task was still to save lives, but aside from that, they also found a lot of food in the ruins. There were even a few bags of rice. Since the rules changed the world, food would become scarce supplies in the future, because by using normal farming technique, it was impossible for crops to survive. Only by having a particular profession could food be successfully grown, so these few bags of rice were very valuable.

Cheng Yang and his team once again with survivors and supplies returned back to Luo Feng Village. The original empty station seemed to have become very noisy, with the original 20 people, now expanding to nearly 80 people. It seemed the distance to upgrading the station was getting one step closer. 

Cheng Yang didn’t want to limit the station population. If he didn’t take advantage of the start of the apocalypse to get more people, then later on when if he wanted to increase the population, it would be a lot harder.  

Throughout the day, Cheng Yang led the team back and forth between Huimin Town and Luo Feng Village. Now Luo Feng Village’s population has soared to 200 people.

When night arrived, they stopped the rescue operation. Huimin Town was filled with enchanted beast groups that were filled with over a dozen enchanted beasts per group which was undoubtedly a ticking time bomb, and with the night affecting their vision, they really couldn’t guarantee their safety when searching for survivors.

In the evening, Cheng Yang called on Yu Kai, Liu Hao and Niu Bing into the cabin. While it is still only the second day of the apocalypse but now the size of Luo Feng Village’s population has been over 200 people, so some changes need to be made.

“Yangzi, why did you tell us to come here?” After Niu Bing entered the door, he immediately asked.

Cheng Yang was already immune to how thick-skinned these guys were, he said, “Privately, do you have any question you want to ask me?”

Niu Bing said, “What’s there to ask, now that the world have become like this, being able to live is the most important thing. The only thing I worry about is that I don’t know what my parent’s current situation is.”

Niu Bing’s words made the other two people catch up in thoughts about their missing loved ones. Unfortunately, their families were in other provinces, even now they weren’t able to reach Xiangcheng City, let alone other distant places.

“Yangzi, do you think we will have the chance to see our parent again?” Liu Hao asked.

Cheng Yang scratched his head, and said, “Such a thing I don’t know, before the apocalypse, I was able to gain some scattered information that included the related news involving Luo Feng Village, that is why I call you guys to come to this area. As for the city, I know that there will be profession statues emerging that will allow people to transfer in the city center, which is why I advised you yesterday to let your family be as close to the city center as possible.”

Cheng Yang tried telling them some information about the apocalypse, except for his rebirth which was his greatest secret. Regardless of whoever it is, he wouldn’t expose it, so he could only look for an excuse regarding all the information that he knew.

Liu Hao and the rest didn’t doubt him. After a long period of silence, Liu Hao said, “Yangzi, between us brother I won’t say thank you. In this world that has completely changed, I will choose to follow you. I believe that as long as my parent are still living in this world, I will see them again one day.”

Niu Bing also said, “Also after experiencing yesterday’s events, we are brothers for life. Yangzi, I don’t need to speak for the others, but I will put my life in your hands, so don’t you leave me hanging.”

Yu Kai looked at Liu Hao and Niu Bing, and heartily laughed, “Since both of these guys say something, and if I don’t say something, I wouldn’t appear very social. I don’t want to know why Yangzi know these things in advance, and why the world had come to this, but what I do know is that at the most critical moment of my life, Yangzi you had helped me, or else I would have experienced a disaster like in Huimin Town. In the face of a worldwide disaster, we can’t rely on other rescue forces to help us, we can only rely on ourselves. In this small community, I only believe in you guys, and Yangzi, I believe you are the most qualified among us and have the ability to serve as the leader of the group. Yangzi if you don’t mind us slowing you down, then your decision will be our decision. Our fate will always be tied together.”

Cheng Yang looked at the three of them, his heart felt deeply touched. This type of trust was heavy. Right now, Cheng Yang felt that in the future if he didn’t let his brothers lead a happy life, then he would feel sorry for them trusting him. He didn’t doubt the extent of his brothers words, because his previous life had told him that these three brothers of his were people that he can trust.

Cheng Yang immediately said, “If you trust me, then follow me. When I decided to occupy Luo Feng Village, I had already decided on the path for the future. The only thing I can do is make sure that you won’t regret the decision you made today.”

Yu Kai said, “Yangzi, what are you going to do next?”

Cheng Yang said, “Now the most important thing to do is to enhance the strength of the entire territory, and get Luo Feng Village to level 2 as soon as possible. Then we will go to Xiangcheng City. After getting to Xiangcheng City we will save the relatives of Lee Wanshan and his workers. Afterward, we will be at ease focusing on the development of our territory. When our strength is sufficient, then we will try to find ways to look for your families.”

Yu Kai thought for moment, then said, “Yangzi, have you thought about the reason why the people outside is willing to stay in our station? It’s not because they are willing to follow your instruction, but they had no choice. If we get through the channel to Xiangcheng City, will they stay with us? Even if they chose to return to Luo Feng Village, there might be some people with ambitions that will tried to sow discord among the population. I’m afraid that with the four of us, we won’t be able to quell it.”

Cheng Yang said, “What you just said, I have already taken into account. This is the reason why I call for you guys tonight. I’m going to divide the transfers into five teams, each of us will be responsible for a team, and the last one will be Lee Wanshan’s responsibility. Although I am still not sure whether I can trust Lee Wanshan yet, but there’s no denying that he is a rare talent.”

Niu Bing was stunned, he said, “What’s the difference with the way the group is now? Seems to me, nothing has changed.”

Cheng Yang didn’t speak, Yu Kai gave them a glance, and said, “You guys sure don’t like using your heads. Since Yangzi let each of us be in charge of a team, naturally he has his reason. It’s so that we can use the title of captain to manage the people under us, and then be able to distinguish which people that we can use. Plainly speaking, it’s train a group of people to be our cronies. If someone is to create trouble, we can use them to quell it down.”

Niu Bing with a wry smile said, “Okay, do whatever you want. I will just listen to you anyway.”

Liu Hao thought for a moment and said, “Yangzi, what you mentioned just solve the trouble in the village. What if they choose to stay in Xiangcheng City? Wouldn’t that be our loss?”

Cheng Yang positively answered, “This you can rest assured. Compared with the present Xiangcheng City and Luo Feng Village, here is a paradise for their families. I believe that anyone with a bit of vision will know which to choose. There is also the most crucial point, a person that transfer at a statue in the field station, unless they are promoted beyond apprentice-grade, otherwise it’s impossible to transfer in other territories, including at the main city’s profession statues. If they stop having relationship with Luo Feng Village, or I expel them from the village, then the ability they have will disappear.”

At this point, Cheng Yang thought for a moment, then he said, “I intend to open the passage to Xiangcheng City before telling them this. I think they will know how to make the correct decision.”

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