Doom Lord Chapter 20

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Doom Lord

Chapter 20- Rescue

After everyone rushes into Luo Feng village, they became relieved. They were very glad there were some people left behind in the village, or else there would had been at least twenty-thirty enchanted beasts blocking the gate, at that time I’m afraid there would be a few casualties.

The gate instantly closed, the Steel-haired boars that were chasing them were too late to stop, one by one crashes into the gate. The huge impacts makes the whole wall shiver, sending forth a bunch of “zaza” sound, it made Liu and the others worried incessantly. They fear the wall may collapse under the impact of these Steel-haired boars.

Cheng Yang knew that even if the numbers of the Steel-haired boars were more, they still wouldn’t be able to breach the walls. After all the walls has a five-points defense capability on them, making it impossible for the Steel-haired boars with first-early order strength incapable of breaking down the walls.

The next battle held little suspense, while attacking the monsters Cheng Yang explained: “The Steel-haired boars is a first-early order enchanted beast that is more difficult to deal with, especially in the wild, if they aren’t kill before its get close, then it would be a huge disaster since warrior’s shields can’t block the Steel-haired boars charges. This is the reason why I made everyone run immediately. In such a situation, even if we have more warriors, there would still inevitable be casualties. In the future, if you encounter swarms of Steel-haired boars in the wild, the first thing to do is to run. ”

Everyone pay close attention Cheng Yang’s advice, after all, for them this was life-saving knowledge.

After all the Steel-haired boars were killed, Cheng Yang once again set foot on the road to Huimin town. Before leaving, Cheng Yang saw his power values has reached nearly 600 points.

About 100 points were obtained from the Scarlet Church instance.

Now he is looking forward to his power value reaching over a thousand, when that happen he will be able to enjoy four times the cultivation speed. Of course, the corresponding power values consume per hour will be more than twice the original consumption.

This time the trip went smoothly, although along the way the group encountered a few enchanted beasts. Even with the close proximity to Huimin town, they met with a group of 11 Green Anoraks, but under the tacit cooperation of Cheng Yang and others, these enchanted beasts did not cause too much trouble for them.

After Liu and the rest enter Huimin town, their faces turned pale. Although they have some conjecture on the situations that doomsday may brought forth, along with Cheng Yang telling them about the cruelty of the disaster. But all of this was conceived in their brains, and now with them truly immersed, they found that they would taking the end too lightly.

Huimin town occupies twenty-thirty square kilometers, but now they can’t see a house standing. In the ruins, in addition to seeing some enchanted beasts wandering outside, not a single person can be seen.

It’s not that they can’t find people, but are unable to find any living people. At their feet are lay several bloody skeletons, their flesh are eaten clean off, even the bones can no longer form a complete skeleton.

After living years in a peaceful environment, once they saw this scene, can only feel their stomach churning, everyone started bending over and vomiting. It was more unbearable for Pang Shan, after seeing such a bloody scene, she instantly was scared stiff. Moment after recovering, her mouth opened, ready to unleash a scream.

Cheng Yang quickly took notice her action, he rushed up to cover her mouth, lest they face siege of enchanted beasts.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t scream. “Cheng Yang said calmly, and then release his hand from Pang Shan’s mouth.

Pang Shan also realized their situation, although her eyes are still full of fear, she didn’t scream out loud. But she couldn’t help bending over, and along with Niu Bing, began vomiting onto the ground.

After Cheng Yang saw this scene, he didn’t have the slightest intention of laughing at them. When he saw such a scene in Xiangcheng city, he didn’t have much of a better performance than them.

Perhaps in the next few days they will be having nightmares, Cheng Yang sigh.

After a long time, Lee Wanshan was the first to recover, although his face was very pale, his eye became more firm. He looked at Cheng Yang, said: “Little brother, are you saying all the cities and towns around the world are like this?

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “That’s correct, but the death toll isn’t much, only about one-fifth of the total population died. As long as you have slightly good luck, you will be able to escape death at the start of the disaster. But it won’t be the same in the future, it will depends on the individual’s ability. ”

Lee Wanshan looked around the desolate scene, said: “I understand that in order to survive, in order to be able to rescue my family as soon as possible, I will have to adapt to this world as soon as possible. ”

At this time, the rest of the people also gradually recovered, except for Pang Shan who will still in shock.

Cheng Yang went on to say: “This time we are not here to kill enchanted beast, but to save lives. So we’ll try walking toward the areas with the least amount of enchanted beasts, and making at least much of noise as possible.

The rest of the people immediately nodded, and then began slowly exploring the ruins.

In the process of moving forward, in order to avoid the enchanted beasts from finding them, everyone squatted their body, and slowly advance across the ruins. The warriors were split in all four direction, watching for any sign of movement in the distance. At the same time, they will also issued a whispered cry whenever they notice anything, if a sound is heard a group will go to help them.

Of course, if they encountered any enchanted beast they can’t escape from, they will not hesitate to lure it over, then surround and attack the monster, killing it with no pressure. Even luring two over at once, they will be able to kill them easily.

It also benefited that the scattered enchanted beasts around aren’t very dense, many of the enchanted beasts have already gathered together in groups, for this town, Cheng Yang is wondering how far these people had hid.

A few minutes later, Liu suddenly stopped, slightly excited said to Cheng Yang: “Yoko, you quickly look over there. ”

With that, Liu pointed to a place on the left more than 30 meters away, where there is a high rise building that are in ruins. There are many caves between the walls, but at the moment inside a cave a head emerged, his luminous eyes watching Cheng Yang’s group of people.

Liu is sure that it is definitely a person rather than a monster, so far they haven’t seen any monster in the shape of a “human”.

Cheng Yang immediately made a gesture to the other party, first calming them down. The man in the cave excitedly nodded his head, he is only afraid that Cheng Yang would ignore him.

Cheng Yang looked around and found that at the rear of the person hiding place more than twenty meters away, there is a Grell wandering there. If the man emerged from the cave, he will inevitably attract the Grell’s attention, so in order to save him, you must first kill that Grell

Everyone slowly move forward for more than 10 meters, the Grell will soon enter their attack range, Cheng Yang did not hesitate to shoot a magic missile at the Grell, instantly knocking off 10 points of it health.

The remaining six remote distance careers weren’t slow, they shot almost exactly at the same time. In a blink of an eye blink, the Grell fell to the ground, never to get up again.

“Come out! “Cheng Yang quickly said to the hidden man.

The man hesitated, he was scared from Cheng Yang’s attacks just now, in particular those few magicians, is that abilities that humans can have? He softly whispered: “You … … Are you human? ”

Liu immediately became unhappy, dark face and said: “You are not human! Your whole family aren’t human! ”

The man not only didn’t get angry, but got more excited and immediately climbed out from the cave, he ran to the front of Cheng Yang’s group, Excitedly said: “Thank you, thank you! ”

Cheng Yang said: “Don’t speak so loudly, or you will attracted a large number of monsters, then we all die. ”

The man face became pale, he remember he is not completely out of the woods yet, then whispered: “You … … Your bows and those lights shooting out, how did you do that? ”

Cheng Yang didn’t want to take too much time to explain, said: “You can think of it as humans having the ability to evolve, but now is not the time to say these things, later on  you’ll understand. Do you know anyone else hidden nearby? ”

The man immediately answered: “I know ….. I know a place that is hiding a lot of people nearby, but they are afraid to come out so I have to go find them . ”

The man finished, turned around and took a few steps, suddenly turn back to Cheng Yang said: “Brother, can you guys go along with me? Everywhere is full of monsters…… “

Cheng Yang didn’t reject him, he took him along the group moving forward. Along the way, Cheng Yang learn that the man is named Zhao Chuan, he was a middle school teacher in Huimin town before the end.

Under the leadership of Zhao Chuan, soon a dozen people from the surrounding caves came out. In fact, many of them heard the shouts of Cheng Yang’s group, but they didn’t believe someone will come to rescue them, so everyone was afraid to come out. After seeing Zhao Chuan and Cheng Yang’s group of ten people, they chose to stop hiding.

But after seeing Cheng Yang’s group having the ability to kill the monsters, no one has the slightest reluctance to join. They are grateful to follow behind Cheng Yang’s group.

With these people joining the team, the pace slowed down a lot, they have to act more cautiously. Fortunately, the entire Huimin town, in addition to the monsters that are already in a group, the remaining amount isn’t much. They also occasionally encountered one or two people that couldn’t stand the hunger and went out looking for food, these people, all without exception joined Cheng Yang’s team.

Actually some people initially didn’t want to join Cheng Yang and the others, because they feel that having too many people will make it more dangerous. But after Zhao Chuan explained to them how strong Cheng Yang and his group was, they didn’t have any comment.


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