Doom Lord Chapter 2

Doom Lord

Chapter 2- Occupied Station

Luo Feng Po had a moderately gentle terrain, also on both sides of the hilltop road was a river.

Cheng Yang remembered very clearly, more than a kilometer downstream the river was a town called Huimin Town with a size of about ten thousand people. In Xiangcheng City this could be considered a decent size town.

After the driver left, Cheng Yang went up the slope toward the direction of Luo Feng Po.

There was no inhabitant living at the top of Luo Feng Po, and other than a trail leading to the top, there was no other path.

Using the memories of his previous life, Cheng Yang went directly toward the top. The height of the slope was about two hundred meters off of the ground. Cheng Yang made his way slowly upward. According to his estimation, the territory altar should have been at the top of the hill.

10 minutes later, Cheng Yang’s eyes lighted up. He discovered a stone ten meters in front of him, its appearance was exactly like the one seen on the news’ pictures of the territory altar. There was also an exposed part of a circular arc that was around a foot tall.

Cheng Yang quickly went before the stone and gently touched the exterior. He was able to confirm what he came searching for was really here, the territory altar! 

Cheng Yang’s excitement couldn’t be expressed into words. If he could really succeed in occupying the altar, waiting for him in the future would be a very different fate…

After a long time, Cheng Yang was able to calm down. He then began recalling the process of occupying the territory altar while gently placing his right palm onto the surface of the altar.

“In the name of Cheng Yang! Occupy this altar!” Cheng Yang concentrated as he spoke this sentence.

A faint white light shot out from the rock, and instantly sank into Cheng Yang’s body. He now had a sense of connection with this stone in his flesh and blood. 

Countless changes were taking place around the stone, four small sparks appeared on the ground around the altar at about 30 meters in four different directions. After the four light curtains disappeared, standing in front of Cheng Yang turned out to be four statues.

Of course, these could only be regarded as incomplete statues, after all, they only had a head exposed. But according to their estimated proportion, these four statues should have been no less than three meters in height.

“I did it!” Cheng Yang muttered.

Looking at the four familiar statues, Cheng Yang had a dream-like feeling.

He clearly knew that once the end happened, at the center of Xiangcheng City would appear four statues exactly like this but with greater height.

The four statues appearances varied. There was a figure with tall and broad shoulders holding a shield and a sword, dressed in heavy Mythril armor with piercing eyes that looked down upon those below him. Next, there was a skinny person with one hand holding a bow and the other hand holding arrows. His sharp eyes made people think of him as a mighty predator about to hunt his prey. The third statue was a thin figure, holding a wooden rod in his hand that had a flashing gem on the tip of it. The last statue looked normal, but with a stunning and gigantic size tiger standing beside it made those near it feel boundless pressure.

Cheng Yang didn’t give it much thought as he came directly before the person holding a wooden rod and placed his right palm on it. A familiar sound reached Cheng Yang’s ear, “Do you wish to transfer to Magician?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yang decided without hesitation.

At that moment, a multicolored light screen suddenly appeared, as it began to cover and tightly wrapped his body.

After the light vanished, besides the wooden stick that appeared in Cheng Yang’s hand, there were no other obvious changes.

Using his mind a transparent panel appeared in front of his eyes. Cheng Yang knew this was his personal properties panel; this panel was invisible to other people.

These were all very simple properties; even with his eyes closed Cheng Yang could recite the data backward. Other than the difference in talent, the transfer to Magician, and the basic attribute property, no one was special. In order to be stronger and have more powerful attributes, it could only be acquired through effort.

Cheng Yang was suddenly startled; he noticed that his talent had changed!

His memory couldn’t be wrong. He clearly remembered that his talent in magic attack damage only reached 1%, but how on Earth did it increase by threefold? Cheng Yang thought for a long time but wasn’t able to figure out the reason, and could only attribute it to his rebirth for changing his talent.

S-level talent, this was a huge advantage.

Also, contrary to Cheng Yang’s expectation, he still hadn’t become Luo Feng Village’s Lord yet.

In his previous life, Luo Feng Village station was found two months after the apocalypse happened. But by then Luo Feng Village had monsters entrenched around it, and there was also an elite enchanted beast in the first late-order. Because people didn’t know the purpose of the altar, they decided not to provoke this monster. A month later, when humans finally knew what the altar was used for, the monster had reached the first peak-order.

Humans, in order to regain the territory altar took nearly 20 days; they had paid a heavy price for their success.

These things were what Cheng Yang heard later, when he finally came to Luo Feng Village and the altar had already fallen to human hands. So he didn’t know that to become the official Lord of Luo Feng Village required an hour of test time.

In fact, around Xiangcheng City there were other territory altars besides Luo Feng Village, but the reasons Cheng Yang chose to occupy this altar was because it’s his only known clue, and he knew that somewhere near here would appear a very precious article, which was needed for his plan if it were to succeed.

In his previous life, Cheng Yang transferred at Xiangcheng City Center, which also had four huge statues that were many times larger than the ones at Luo Feng Village. Currently Luo Feng Po could be considered a small village, while Xiangcheng City is equivalent to the main city. The only problem was that main cities like Xiangcheng City couldn’t be occupied by humans, and belonged to the world’s rules.

Perhaps some people think the main city was better and that they shouldn’t have bothered with small village stations, but in fact that’s not the case.

After the world’s rules were put in place, the main city provided only the most basic needs for human survival, which included transfers and promotions. But the main city transfers and promotions would have only the most basic properties, while field stations got their own bonus properties. These bonus properties allowed the field station transfers to have better properties than those of the main city.

Field station’s statues could also be upgraded, and along with the village level increases, these statues properties could also be promoted. These were advantages the main city didn’t have, which was why Cheng Yang decided to occupy a field station.

There was also another reason, being a Lord of a station also had an additional advantage that with every upgrade in the station level, he could directly improve a minor order. This advantage in the early stages might not be big, but towards the end the gap would show.

But the main city wasn’t entirely useless. They provided a secure zone where monsters couldn’t get through; the main city profession statues had no limit on the amount of people that could transfer, while field stations did. So if you wanted to have a field station, sufficient strength was needed.

Although Cheng Yang had no powerful forces, but he believed that with his past memory he would be more capable than others, and would be able to build a foothold in Luo Feng Village. He would be able to gradually develop Luo Feng Village into a town, and even beyond that in the future.

For Luo Feng Village, the bonus advantage of this station was to increase the village’s professions movement speed by 10%, so Cheng Yang’s movement speed is now 1.1. This bonus advantage would increase as Luo Feng Village level increased, and eventually to what the final bonus attribute would be, even Cheng Yang himself was unclear.

There was no doubt that if Liu Hao transfer at Luo Feng Village, his advantages would be unparalleled. After having two superimposed speed bonus, people that could be faster than him in this world wasn’t much.

For the other three profession statues, Cheng Yang didn’t care. His choice to become a magician had been carefully considered, as for Warrior, Archer, and Summoner, although these occupations also had their advantages, but it’s not within Cheng Yang needs.

Next, Cheng Yang tried to open Luo Feng Village properties panel, but didn’t have much success. It seemed that only by becoming the official Lord of Luo Feng Village would he have access to the village’s property panel.

But why wait an hour? Could there be a test?

Suddenly, Cheng Yang thought of a rumor he had heard. After the military occupied Luo Feng Village, Luo Feng Village was suddenly attacked by a massive siege of enchanted beasts from every direction. But at that point human strength was much stronger, and they were ultimately able to strike down all the enchanted beasts.

This enchanted beast siege wouldn’t appear now right? Cheng Yang thought.

As Cheng Yang nervously waited, the enchanted beast siege didn’t occur. An hour later, he successfully became Luo Feng Village’s Lord.

In fact, this was normal. God transformed the world into a game step by step, and right now the enchanted beasts hadn’t been delivered to the world yet, so naturally there wouldn’t be any enchanted beast attacking the village.

Invisibly, Cheng Yang picked up a huge bargain. If he had waited until after the apocalypse happened to occupy Luo Feng Village, his ability to kill all the enchanted beasts was hard to say.



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    Wow, movement speed can be seriously OP, if you’ve got good enough reflexes anyway.

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