Doom Lord Chapter 19

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Doom Lord

Chapter 19- Going to Huimin Town

In Xiangcheng city, the air is completely filled with the atmosphere of death.

From the start of the earthquake to now, only 15 hours has past, however for the city’s residents, it seems like a century.

That night, no one was able to sleep, they curled up in every corner of the city’s ruins, being on alert listening to the movement around. With a whiff of danger, they will be standing on the edge of death.

Everyone knows, currently the master of the city is no longer mankind, but those monsters. Not only do the monsters kill, but they also eat people.

Last night, many people were eaten by the monsters, even the bones are not necessarily left behind.

Last night, Xiangcheng city’s population of nearly 2 million people, 500,000 people failed to see the next day sun. Throughout Xiangcheng city’s ruins can be seen trails of blood everywhere, people that are still alive, considered themselves lucky.

However, after a night of hiding, most people are now hungry. After all, the vast majority of them did not eat last night, plus with a night without sleep, not being hungry is odd.

At this time, everyone knows that this is no ordinary earthquake. It has been more than 10 hours, and there is still no news from the outside world. If this is a real earthquake, this type of response is simply impossible, there should at least be rescue helicopters at the scene when the disaster first emerged. But now, let alone a helicopter, even everyday flights can’t be seen in the air.

Now they are faced with a difficult dilemma, how to find food in the ruins full of monsters.

Presently, some monsters started crowding together, while the number of enchanted beasts spawning are gradual reducing, this gave an opportunity to some of the daring people. They slowly emerged from their hiding place in the ruins, carefully watching the movement of the surrounding, while searching for the stuff on the ground, anything that can be eaten is their goals.

At this moment, robbery and killing, not only occur between man and monsters, but also between people. In order to survive, the ugliness of human nature are exposed.

Fortunately, there are still some people that are more restrained, they gathered together and help one another, looking to survive in the endless ruins.

As more and more people came out of their hiding places,someone finally saw the city’s central road has a huge dome-shaped screens enveloping it. Nobody think the light curtain appear for no reason, it could be an opportunity.

Especially in the light curtain stands a few tall statues, it gives off radiance that made all the people from the bottom of their heart produced a sense of intimacy with them, these statues seems to give them hope.

Some people in high places saw the inside of the screen was completely empty, and without a single monster roaming inside. Around the perimeters of the light screen, however, has been packed full with a variety of monsters. They are divided into different groups based on race, each occupying an area of non-aggression.

The scene from outside of the screen seems peaceful, but in the eyes of humanity, this is hell. Everyone knows that once these monsters see humans, their first response will be rushing at them to kill them, and then eaten as food or be stored away.

Soon, the message about the light curtain spread throughout Xiangcheng city within a very short period of time. People began thinking of ways to get inside the light curtain, but soon they will find that all tricks in the face of absolute power are useless. If they have enough weapons, or have some materials available, such as gasoline, perhaps they can smoothly rush in.

However, with the initial outbreak of the earthquake, almost all of the materials were buried underground, except for some foods remaining from the supermarkets. This is also to ensure their survival so that in a short time they won’t starve to death.

The time is already more than 8 in the morning, after Cheng Yang and the group ate breakfast, more than half of the big bag of food is gone, it seems they can only eat barbecue at noon.

This time Cheng Yang took Liu Hao, Niu Bing, Pang Shan, as well as Lee Wanshan and 10 other transfers along with him. While Yu Kai and the rest will stay at the station. According to Cheng Yang’s orders, during the time he is gone, Yu Kai will temporarily be in charge of the station, other people must obey his orders.

It’s not that Cheng Yang has issues trusting them. But with the end of the world, Cheng Yang don’t want any mishaps to occur that may be beyond redemption.

15 people rapidly advance along the road to the South, on the way they encountered several small groups of enchanted beasts that was easily taken care of.

After walking nearly 800 meters Cheng Yang suddenly discovered on the pavement in front a small porcelain vase which exudes a faint white light

“Really good luck! “Cheng Yang with a smile on his face, he walked quickly to the small porcelain vase to a distance about 10 meters away before looking around.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang lifted his wand, firing off a magic missile straight toward the trunk on the left side, soon there was a “pop” sound, the magic missile hit its target. A half-meter long lizard fell down by the tree trunk.

The remaining remote distance careers followed up with their own attacks, the lizard on the ground hasn’t gotten a chance to recovered was soon killed by Cheng Yang and the others.

Cheng Yang knew that a enchanted beast will be guarding the small vase, because it’s a type of game item.

In games, items can be purchased from the shop in addition, such items also has some chances of appearing in the wild, but it’s very low. And every place in the wild that has a item, there will be a enchanted beast guarding it. In contrast, obtaining items from the wild is much easier than getting it from the instance, after all, the strength of the enchanted beast guarding them is not very strong.

Cheng Yang picked up the small porcelain vase, above clearly states several characters: Mana Potion (Small).

Not only that, when Cheng Yang focused on the magic potion for two seconds, information about the item emerged in Cheng Yang’s mind: Mana potion (Small): Small recovery potion, after taking have a one-time instant recovery of 10 mana, afterward will have a recovery of 2 points of mana per second for 10 seconds.

A simple phrase that clearly illustrates the effect of the item, it’s like the blue pills in games, which add mana.

In regular games, whether health potions or mana potions, they belonged to common goods, it can be brought everywhere. But in the real world, pharmacy items are extremely precious, at some point, they may play a life-saving role.

“Keep on moving! “Cheng Yang with a smile on his face:” I hope we can find a few more items. ”

Cheng Yang knew he is just deluding himself. Admittedly, around the world is indeed littered with a variety of items, but the number is extremely low. Being able to find a bottle of mana potion the next morning has been considered good luck.

After passing Luo Feng station 1-kilometer range, 20 enchanted beasts were killed along the road. Cheng Yang estimated they have about 400-500 meters distance left before reaching Huimin town.

Huimin town is a big town, if before the end, they would be able to see Huimin Town’s buildings from here. But after the earthquake, Huimin town has been turned into ruins, and let alone buildings, it’s hard to find a house still intact.

“Yoko, why is this earthquake so weird? You can see that the terrain has been changed, but how are all these trees still intact? “Liu walked along at the side, puzzled muttered.

Cheng Yang bitter smile, said: “Now the world have become so, what else can be more bizarre than these monsters? There will probably be more strange things happening in the future. Right now the most important thing to do is to enhance our strength, other things shouldn’t matter.”

Liu looked at the sky, said bitterly: “God, how did the world turn into this? ”

If before Liu was still looking forward to the whole world turning into a game, now his only thought is about the previous life , he prefers living in the dull campus, and not live such a dangerous life. But now, all of them don’t have a choice.

Walking in the front Lee Wanshan stopped and said: “There is movement upfront! ”

Cheng Yang immediately stopped and listened, and sure enough in front not far away there is some noisy stampede sound.

“Be careful, the number of these monsters will probably not be too little. “Cheng Yang face sank, then raised his dead wood staff.

His voice faded, a group of huge size wild boars rushed out of the woods, in an amount no less than twenty. This is a wild boar? Look more like a tiger.

“Damn it! Steel-haired Boars. You guys quickly retreat. “Cheng Yang shouted loudly, and then ran to the front of the group, standing between the group and the monsters.

Although the others still don’t know what’s going on, but after hearing Cheng Yang’s shout, they knew the urgency of the matter, they immediately turn and ran the route toward the station. Especially, with more than 20 Steel-haired Boars are not what they can compete with at the moment.

Cheng Yang shot a magic missile, hitting a Steel-haired boar, it uttered a terrible cry.

The rest of the Steel-haired Boars became stimulated, not only without fear, but sprint more excitedly. How can Cheng Yang dare to stay? He followed the group toward the direction of Luo Feng village station.

Along the way, it can be described as deserted, a few enchanted beasts spawning has just opened their eyes, a series of arrows and magic missile will bagan impacting them, so by the time they check their surrounding, they had already turned into a corpse.

Steel-haired Boars run no slower than humans at full speed, people that run slow will absolutely have no chance of survival.

Fortunately, people that has been transferred were enhanced overall, their physical energy is far greater than before, this more than 1000 meters distance is enough for them to rushed back. Of course, they can succeed, Cheng Yang also contributed, he has been at the rear, and every time he see a Steel-haired Boar rushed to the front, a magic missile will be shot out. His mana has now reached 73 points, enough for him to fired off 14 magic missiles.


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