Doom Lord Chapter 18

Doom Lord

Chapter 18- Priest Statue

Wow, what a good item. As far as magician was concerned there was a notion that they needed physical defense but that was not true. After all, magician didn’t need to fight enchanted beast up close like warriors, so they paid more attention to magic defense instead. The same thing with health and mana, compared with the two, the value of mana was more important. Although this equipment was just an iron grade equipment, but also was infinitely close to the value of a bronze grade equipment.

In the last world, Cheng Yang also received bronze gears. There was no doubt that a person who could wear a full set of bronze level equipment, their property will absolutely be against the Heaven. Bronze grade equipment, after all, are not so readily available. The vast majority of people would be happy just to get a iron grade equipment.

Cheng Yang immediately put on the magic robe, it added a mysterious charm. The feeling of wearing the robe was a bit weird, but Cheng Yang didn’t mind, after the end, survival was the most important matter, who cared what the robe looked like?

At this time, Liu Hao heard the noise inside disappear, and knowing that the fight was over, he walked in. After seeing Cheng Yang wear a dark colored dress, they couldn’t help but froze for a long time.

“Is that the equipment that bursted?” Liu Hao was the first to react.

Cheng Yang said with a smile, “I had some good luck, it’s a magic robe…”

Yu Kai looked around and said, “Yangzi, the instance is finished, right?”

Cheng Yang said, “Yeah, it’s over, but the harvest is a very rich. Out of the three pieces of equipments, two are iron grade equipments, perhaps for now these equipment may seems valuable, but in the future these will be the general equipment when doing the instance. For now, these will be our main source of equipment.”

Yu Kai immediately asked, “Can we do the instance over again?”

Cheng Yang said, “We can’t, each person can only enter the instance once a day, and there is a limit to the number of times you can clear it per day. This instance can be clear three times a day on normal difficulty. However, this number can be elevated, with the cumulative clearance times, the number of times per day clearance will also increase. There’s no need to worry, we can just take it slowly.”

Yu Kai nodded right away, they now understood that this instance for Luo Feng village’s development would play a vital role.

Cheng Yang went on to say, “Well, it’s time for us to go check this instance biggest benefits, after all, this is the world’s first instance clearance, if there’s no great benefit, it really can’t be justified.”

The others heard Cheng Yang said before that the instance would give out huge harvests, but they felt that obtaining three pieces of equipment was lucky enough, so there was no thought on getting anything else. After listening to what Cheng Yang said, they became overjoyed.

Cheng Yang immediately took the lead into the prayer hall, looking inside the hall on the high platform was a table, which was placed a half-foot tall white statue.

The white statue was carved in the image of a female Angel, her hands holding a scepter, which gave off an impression of holiness.

Cheng Yang gently picked up the white statue, fearing that he might accidentally break it.

Professional Statue (Priest): Priest career statue, after the sacrifice on the territory altar, the territory will appear a priest statue that allow people to transfer to the priest career.

So it was this thing, although Cheng Yang had already guessed he would obtain this statue, but his heart was still surging with endless excitement. With this thing, Luo Feng Village would become even more powerful. After the apocalypse medicine lost their usage, so the role of a priest wasn’t so simple, they would improve the safety of those that team up with them.

Liu Hao looked at Cheng Yang’s hands which was holding the white jade statue, wondering what it did. However, after a short explanation from Cheng Yang, his face showed the color of ecstasy. Especially Liu Hao, as a veteran gamer, his understanding on the value of priest was more thorough than the others.

Liu Hao chuckled, said, “So, in the future we will have a wet nurse.”

Niu Bing slapped the back of Liu Hao’s head, scorned him a glance at him and said, “What wet nurse, it’s called priest, remember that it is called priest.”

Liu Hao who suffered a slap was somewhat at a loss, then moment later he remember Pang Shan who didn’t get to transfer yesterday. He suddenly realized the cause for the slap, a wry smile appeared on his face, that one slap to the head was to avenge for his girlfriend. How could you say his brother’s girlfriend was a wet nurse? He immediately corrected himself, “Yes, priest, this is definitely the priest.”

Liu Hao’s words had not yet finished, the space around them began distorting, followed by a change in the surrounding environment, they had returned to Luo Feng Village.

The people in Luo Feng Village were anxiously waiting for them, because they simply didn’t know the situation of Cheng Yang and the rest in the Scarlet Church. After seeing Cheng Yang who suddenly appeared near the portal, people quickly mobbed the group.

The most excited was Pang Shan. After all, she was the only girl the village, and was the only one that hadn’t transferred. If someone had any thought of misconduct, she’s afraid she didn’t even have any room for resistance.

“Niu Bing, you came back.” Pang Shan felt relief after holding Niu Bing’s arm.

Niu Bing who felt Pang Shan’s worry began patting her back, comforting her, “Don’t worry, didn’t we just come back just fine? Even Yangzi is together with us, there won’t be any danger.”

Yu Kai suddenly on the side said, “You couple dare show your public affection deliberately to make all of us single people envious, huh?”

Cheng Yang interrupted them, “Well, you can talk all you want later. We don’t have much time right now. There is a lot of things we need to do.”

With that said, Cheng Yang placed the priest statue in his hands on the altar, then moment later the small statue quickly disappeared, and a white light emerged 50 meters away. The scene was exactly like when the four main statue appeared.

After the white light dispersed, a tall white statue appeared at the location, its appearance was identical to the small statue Cheng Yang had sacrificed. Only its location was on the outside of the four main statues.

“Pang Shan, you come here to transfer.” Cheng Yang quickly to Pang Shan said.

“I can transfer career?” Pang Shan got a little excited. After getting a positive response from Cheng Yang, she immediately went next to the priest statue, and transfer in accordance with the instructions from Cheng Yang.

At this time, Cheng Yang viewed the property panel of the priest’s statue. It was about the same as the other four primaries statues except for two differences.

The number for the transfer quota was different. The maximum number that could transfer to a priest was only five people. But this was within Cheng Yang’s expectation, after all from his memories he already knew this. Also the priest statue was like a special career, even for those in the main city, it was impossible to transfer to the priest profession.

The other difference was the profession statue scalable attributes.

Divine (level 1, not yet researched): Increase the healing of all priests transferred under this statue by 5%, upgrade conditions: 100 power values.

Cheng Yang didn’t remember the priest statue ever having this property. How could it have this attribute? Cheng Yang was puzzled, and could only ultimately attribute the cause for it being the world’s first non-primary statue.

Cheng Yang’s speculation was broadly accurate, and the reason he didn’t know in the previous world was because at that time the first non-main statue wasn’t a priest.

The priest statue had one more attribute than the other four main statues. Although this made it harder for the priest statue to upgrade, but at the same time it would give Luo Feng village’s priests a very distinct advantage. Compared with these advantages, increasing the difficulty of the upgrade mean nothing.

After selecting the option to upgrade the magic attack of the priest statue, he also upgraded a property from the four main statues. This time, he chose the attack attribute for all the profession.

In addition to the priest early treatment capability, even the attack methods were missing. At the early stage, except teaming up with other professions, there was no other way to go.

Of course, this wouldn’t affect them earning power value. Because, according to rule heaven and Earth, as long as the priest healed their teammates in the fight, they would be able to take part of the power value, the specific value depended on how much of a role they played.

After dealing with Pang Shan, Cheng Yang began planning the matters to go to Huimin Town, after all, Luo Feng Village upgrade would depend on the population from Huimin Town.

After completing the Scarlet Church instance, the biggest benefit was obtaining a priest statue, followed by the fighting that earned them nearly 200 power values as well as the same territorial power value. And finally the three pieces of equipment.

Although for the time being, the three pieces of equipment looked like they played a huge role, but with the enhancement of people’s strength, these equipment would be worthless. So relatively speaking, the value of power value was more important. For future transaction, the purchasing power of more than two hundred point power values was also greater than the three pieces of equipment Cheng Yang obtained.

Now the time was eight in the morning, for the group to enter the instance a little earlier, they didn’t even get a chance to eat breakfast. Before the departure to Huimin Town, the food and clothing problem needed to be resolved.



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  1. Sage Hidden Bear

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    I wouldn’t say that it’s true that Mages don’t need to worry much about Physical Defense. After all, there’s still plenty of Archer equivalents out there.

    I’m betting that he’ll have a full bronze set before the end of the month.

    So, does she get skill xp if she cuts herself (or someone else) and then heals them? If so, she should start asking for volunteers or something. The better her heals are, the better it is for everyone.

    I wonder what the other non-primary professions are, and if the higher teir advancements like Assassin need their own statue as well.


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