Doom Lord Chapter 17

Doom Lord

Chapter 17- Clearance

“Long distance careers will shoot from the back, the warriors will be responsible for the protection.” Cheng Yang quickly shouted as he got ready to kite the Grell.

Cheng Yang led the first-medium order Grell around, while Yu Kai released arrows from behind. As for Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan, they were only soy sauce’s sake. They weren’t able to keep pace with the Grell, and the dark wolf summoned by Niu Bing suffered the same fate.

After several rounds of attack, the enchanted beast that would cause despair for almost everyone that tried to kill it at this early stage died on the spot, before they even had a chance to cheer a faint light screen appear and covered the Grell’s body.

After two seconds the screen dispersed, the Grell’s body had already disappear, and at the place of the original body was a wooden stick.

Yu Kai and Liu Hao looked at each other, what is that thing? The wooden stick seems to look somewhat similar to the one in Chang Yang’s hand.

The fastest to respond was chubby Liu Hao who had some gaming experience, he suddenly exclaimed, “Yangzi is this the equipment that the enchanted beast just burst out? I thought you say these enchanted don’t burst out any equipment?”

Cheng Yang calmly replied, “I only say those enchanted beasts outside don’t burst out any equipment, but in here is the instance and so it’s not the same as those enchanted beast out there. And according to circumstances, even the enchanted beasts in the instance would rarely burst out equipment. The stronger the enchanted beast is, the more likely it would burst out an equipment.”

They didn’t continue to dwell on this issue, but knowing that the enchanted beast could burst equipment was a joyous event.

“Yangzi, you’re lucky, it looks like this magic wand is for you to use.” Niu Bing stepped forward a few steps, and picked up the wooden stick.

Cheng Yang knew this equipment is a magic wand, in fact, before the Grell was killed, he could already guess the item that would drop. According to the rules summed up later, the person with the greatest contribution in the instance, was more likely to burst out their career-related items. There was no doubt that in the earlier battle, Cheng Yang’s contribution was the biggest, so the enchanted beast bursting out a magician related equipment was the most likely thing.

Cheng Yang took the wand from Niu Bing’s hand, and moment later its properties appeared in Cheng Yang’s mind.

Wither Wooden Staff: Ordinary single-handed weapon. Increase magic attack by 1, required early-order sorcerer’s apprentice or above to equip. Durability: 50/50.

It was worthy to be later criticized as the lowest grade equipment, increasing magic damage by only 1 points. But for now, this wither wooden staff offer Cheng Yang unparalleled advantages, it’s equivalent to having his attack raised by 10%. This wasn’t the most important matter, after the increased of 1 point of extra magic attack, those original early-order enchanted beasts that used to take four magic missile to deal with, now only needed three to be kill.

Cheng Yang without hesitation immediately replaced his old wand, his magic attack went up to 11 points.

With the excitement of bursting out a piece of equipment, Yu Kai was in high spirit, immediately rushed into the courtyard.

Subsequent fighting had no suspense, after this first-medium order Grell fell under Cheng Yang and others attack, they would have to face the most powerful monster in the Scarlet Church.

But after this Grell died, luckily it also burst out a piece of equipment.

Buckskin Wristband: Iron grade armor. Increase arm physical defense by 1, increase attack speed by 2, required apprentice order or above to equipped. Durability: 60/60.

After seeing this piece of equipment, Cheng Yang was overjoyed. It was an iron grade equipment! In general an instance at normal difficulty would only appear ordinary grade equipment, with only a minimal chance of bursting iron grade equipment.

It seemed that their luck was good. Of course, it could also be instance related. After all, they were the first team to enter the Scarlet Church instance, so getting some additional advantages were also reasonable.

For an increased of 2 attack speed, others may be at a loss. They may also feel this increase of stats is extremely strong, but Cheng Yang knew that this increase in two points of attack speed is not as people think.

For example, Cheng Yang’s attack speed was now at 2, this doesn’t mean his attack speed is twice as fast as other people. Instead, the gap is still very small, 1 point increase in attack speed is equivalent to an increase of 1%. Now this Buckskin Wristband increase attack speed by 2, which merely increase the original attack speed by 2%.

Perhaps this increase of 2% don’t seem to have any significant effect, but at the most crucial moment, this extra little speed may play a critical role. Cheng Yang on more than one occasion was able to appreciate this benefit.

This equipment also has no restriction of the occupation that can use it, in other words, this Buckskin Wristband can be used by all occupation.

After reading the attribute of this piece of equipment, Cheng Yang threw it to Liu Hao, said, “Haozi, this equipment is suitable for you, it can increase your arm physical defense and strengthen your arm resisting ability, which will be beneficial for you when resisting enchanted beast attacks.”

Liu Hao said, “Yangzi, how about you use this thing, right now the pillar of our strength is you, and if you get stronger we should be more secure right?”

Cheng Yang retorted, “Your way of thinking is wrong, this damn doomsday is very cruel, personal power in the last days has little value, now no matter how powerful I become, if I were to be surrounded by a dozen of enchanted beasts I would only be killed. So the most important thing now is having you and Lee be able to protect our security, only when our frontline is safe will we be able to concentrate on killing the enchanted beasts.”

After thinking for a bit Liu Hao accepted the equipment, he immediately put the Buckskin Wristband on his right arm.

Cheng Yang took one look at the crowd and said, “For the next fight you don’t have to participate, in the face of first-late order enchanted beast, you are still too fragile.”

“How can we do such a thing?” Yu Kai immediately said, “We enter this instance together, of course when advancing or retreating we will also do it together, how can we let you take all the risk by yourself?”

Niu Bing said, “Yangzi, I also agree with what Yu said, we need to stick together when fighting the final Boss and if it is very powerful that we won’t be able to contend, then we can just quit. There is no need to let you go adventure right? ”

Cheng Yang a wry smile, “Ok, don’t be so pessimistic, I say to leave it to me, because I am sure that I can deal with it. Otherwise, with my ability, in the face of an enchanted beast in the late-order would only need seconds to be torn apart by it.”

A late-order enchanted beast dealt around 20 points of damage, if it struck a first-low order sorcerer’s apprentice, and not counting the defense it was fully capable of spiking them. Even for Cheng Yang, he could only resist two attacks. Moreover, a late-order enchanted beast had double of Cheng Yang’s speed. Under normal circumstances, when facing such a presence, he would have no chance of escaping.

They were aware of this fact, but everyone present also acknowledged the ability of Cheng Yang. In their view, Cheng Yang was not a fool, so naturally it was impossible for him to do things that are suicidal.

Next, under the arrangement of Cheng Yang, Yu Kai and the rest stayed in the second layer while Cheng Yang alone entered the central courtyard.

This was the Scarlet Church central courtyard, and was also one of the largest courtyard. At the center of the courtyard there was a huge tree more than 10 meters tall with smooth and straight trunk, making it impossible to climb. Its foliage completely covered the entire courtyard

This courtyard was different from other places, in addition to a spacious yard outside, there was no corridor or any room. Of course, there was a door in the front of the yard, the door led to the most important building of this church, the prayer hall.

Cheng Yang was looking at the enchanted beast in this prayer hall.

This was also a Grell, but compared with the Grells from before, it had a famous name, it’s called the Chief Grell because under normal circumstances, the Grell’s highest level of growth was the first-peak, the first-peak Grell was the leader level. And a late-order Grell was classified as the chieftain level.

First, Cheng Yang checked the surrounding environment, and after making sure there weren’t any difference from his memory, he was able to put down his hanging heart.

After he was ready, Cheng Yang legs lept forward, and rushed straight into the prayer hall.  After entering the door, he saw a shadowy figure giving off intense pressure, he directly released a magic missile at it, then went toward the left side of the courtyard wall and ran off.

Here was only a few meters away from the wall, with his speed, to reach the wall took only a blink of an eye. There was a stone bench here, Cheng Yang used it as leverage and jumped up to the wall.

Extending along the wall was a branch, Cheng Yang grabbed a hold of it and climbed the big tree.

At that moment, a giant monster rushed out from the prayer hall, it looked like a Grell, but its height was nearly one meter taller than the ordinary Grell, which was really appalling.

After it went out the door, it saw Cheng Yang who was still climbing the tree, then it started to howl and rushed over.

Cheng Yang was now on one of the branches of the big tree, he was fifteen-sixteen meters from the ground, which is a branch of the tree closest to the ground.

See below the Chief Grell that kept on leaping upward, Cheng Yang’s face showed a hint of a smile. Although this was the game world, but it was also reality. If strange scenes occurred in the game world, the gaming company would try to fix that bug. But this realistic game world was very different, since it was reasonable, who let these Grell have such low IQ?

After a few minutes, the Chief Grell with 120 health was shot to death by Cheng Yang, before dying it still couldn’t find a way to get up the tree.

After this guy died, Cheng Yang went down along the branch and jumped off from the wall, he was eager to see his harvest!

An item is placed on the ground, a dark gray robe, it was the item burst after killing the Chief Grell, Cheng Yang quickly open its properties filled with anticipation.

Magic Robe: Iron grade armor, body magic defense increase by 1, mana increase by 10 points, required magic attack related professional occupations apprentice order or above to be equipped. Durability 60/60.



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