Doom Lord Chapter 16

Doom Lord

Chapter 16- Scarlet Church

Shortly afterward, five people had assembled together as Cheng Yang got ready to enter the instance. It was not that Cheng Yang didn’t want to bring more people in, but the Scarlet Church instance could only accommodate up to five people in a team when challenging it.

The people entering the instance needed to be in a party, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be in the same instance. After the village was upgraded to level three, the Mercenary Association would emerge which allowed you to set up a mercenary guild. As long as it was within 10 meters of the instance, the rules were automatically set to make humans who were in the same guild into a party, and then deliver them to the same instance.

Currently, let alone Luo Feng Village field station, a Mercenary Association hadn’t even appeared in the main city yet. According to Cheng Yang’s previous experience after the end, 10 days later the Mercenary Association would appear in the main city. Not only would the Mercenary Association appear, but also a group of other buildings such as the Trial Hall.

But Cheng Yang had a secret method; it had taken countless people’s lives after the end occurred to discover this method. After all, people who wanted to go into the same instance were not necessarily in a guild or in the same guild, what were they supposed to do? It was very simple, they just needed to hold hands with one another to be counted as party members.

Immediately five people stood in a circle. While they were under the manipulation of Cheng Yang, they felt immediately that the surrounding environment has undergone tremendous changes.

This was a wide area filled with western-style buildings spread all around. When they looked forward they saw what looked like a large church. However, this church didn’t seem to be a place filled with peace and quiet; but instead somewhere filled with filth and chaos.

Cheng Yang’s group stood outside the church; at the door of the church could be seen two strange animals wandering around.

The strange animals had dark brown skin, pointy-heads, two small legs, and were holding a short spear.

This monster was called a Grell, which was the same as the Green Anorak; both were enchanted beasts of the lowest level category. Its strength was weaker than enchanted beasts in the same order, but their intelligence was much higher to make up for it. When humans fought with them, these monsters were usually more likely to kill them first.

Yu Kai didn’t know the circumstances of this specific church, but Cheng Yang was aware that the church covered an area of about one square kilometer, and was made up of three levels, all of which were filled with Grells. At the end of the second level was a first medium-order enchanted beast; while at the innermost level of the church was first late-order enchanted beast.

“Yangzi, what is this place?” Liu Hao asked as he looked around helplessly. Liu Hao knew that Xiangcheng City didn’t have these western-style buildings anywhere near it.

Cheng Yang said, “This place is not on Earth, specifically what or where it is, I really don’t know. You can just think of it as a game instance, and if you can clear such an instance, it will bring huge benefits.”

Liu Hao and the rest had no doubt that this was true, after all, whether it was games or reality, the first person to eat crab always got rewarded don’t they*? (T/N: Basically means someone who is able to get the benefits from taking a risk and being the first to try something new.)

This time, Cheng Yang no longer walked in the front, but let Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan the two Warriors lead, while he, and Yu Kai the Archer stayed in the middle. Niu Bing, this guy would summon a Dark Wolf to rush to the front, and hide himself at the back of the group. As of right now, the Summoners, in addition to summon animals were not much different from ordinary people.

The Dark Wolf rushed at the two monsters right away to attract the aggro. In the early stage, Summoners were better than Warriors in attracting the enchanted beasts aggro and taking hits, especially since there’s no place in Luo Feng station that sold any kind of potions.

For transfers the recovery speed of health was much slower than the recovery speed of mana, which made it easier for Summoners to block an enchanted beasts attack with their summons. Warrior could use their shield to block attacks, but it wasn’t always successful and an enchanted beast attack rate was extremely fast.

Often the Warriors couldn’t even keep up with the movement of an enchanted beast. Otherwise, just a row of Warriors standing in front of it would be able to kill it easily, but this phenomenon was impossible to achieve in actuality.

The two Grells rushed to the Dark Wolf, instantly tearing each other up. Maybe it was due to the rules of Heaven and Earth, but any magical animal a Summoner called out had a very high chance of attracting aggro. As long as no one attacked the enchanted beast first, it would usually go after the summoned monsters as their first target.

For now, because their level wasn’t high enough, whether it was the summoned monsters or the enchanted beasts, they possessed no strong fighting skills, so this fight relied mainly on their physical strength, using their teeth and claws as their only weapon.

A Dark Wolf naturally couldn’t win against two Grells; but don’t forget, there were also Cheng Yang and the others. Now, with Magic Missiles and Arrows shot at them, and with Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan also following up with an attack, in just a few seconds the two Grells turned into two corpses.

“Let’s go! Get inside the building!” After killing the two watchdogs, Cheng Yang immediately instructed, “Don’t rush, we want to proceed ahead steadily.”

The other four nodded, then the group entered past the door.

What they saw was a cloister2.

The corridors on both sides of them had a bunch of rooms; the number was no less than 100. In the center of this cloister was a wide courtyard, an area of about 700 or 800 square meters. Ten Grell were scattered around the courtyard near them.

“This could be a bit of trouble, there are at least ten Grells, and we won’t be able to fight against them!” Liu Hao had just stuck his head out, only to immediately shrink it back. Although the Grells distribution was scattered, they knew that if Cheng Yang and others showed themselves, these enchanted beasts would immediately swarm them.

The world had transformed into a game, but it still retained some patterns of reality in many places. Such as; there were specific distances you could stay away from certain monsters to not attract their aggro, but as long as you were still within their sight, you would be subject to the enchanted beasts crazy attacks no matter what.

Cheng Yang calmly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, these are just ordinary enchanted beasts. Although they are slightly smarter than other enchanted beasts, they are nothing compared to us. Do you not see the inside of this building? There are plenty of rooms around, as long as we go into a room, and then block them at the entrance of the room, we should be able to quickly kill them.”

Liu Hao’s eyes lighted up, and he said, “That’s a good idea. Wait for a bit, I’ll have a look to see which room is the most suitable to use.”

Having said that Liu Hao quietly stuck his head inside the main door, took a look inside, and then drew back from it quickly.

“To the left more than 10 meters away from one of the doors there is a room, but the door was closed, I don’t know if I can open it.” Liu Hao quickly said.

Cheng Yang confidently said, “Even if the door is locked, as long as you use your strength, and Lee Wanshan uses his, isn’t it easy to open the door?”

Liu Hao shook his fist, a smile suddenly emerging from his chubby round face, “That’s true, I forgot I belong in the same category as Superman now!”

Afterwards, Liu Hao described the Grells distribution inside, and they began to develop a strategy. In fact, the strategy they were going to use was very simple, they only needed Niu Bing to summon a Dark Wolf to rush at them, leading them toward the door, and then blocking them in the entrance.

Things went very smoothly, Niu Bing controlled the Dark Wolf to rush at the enchanted beasts, while Liu Hao led them toward the room.

Cheng Yang and Lee Wanshan followed right behind Liu Hao. As his punch blew open the door, the group rushed into the room.

At this point, the Grells had killed the heroic Dark Wolf, its corpse turned into energy that dissipated away into the air. This was the unique thing about the summoned animals’ manner of death.

At the same time, the Grells that had lost their target quickly changed their focus onto Cheng Yang and others, quickly running toward them. In only a few seconds, the Grells had already surrounded the door.

“Stop them!” Cheng Yang shouted, Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan without further ado directly carried their shields to the front of the group.

Intense fighting had begun, the most difficult jobs belonged to Liu Hao and Li Wan Shan, they weren’t fighting back at all, at the moment. Their hands were only carrying a shield to block the Grells in the front. Cheng Yang and the others in the room joined the fight by using their skills as quickly as possible.

At this time, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but appreciate the Warriors early advantage, their shield was simply too strong. It didn’t have any properties, but compared with any equipment they could pick up later, it contained a unique advantage, that it had no durability value. In other words, the shield could never be damaged.

This properties advantage wasn’t particularly obvious on other equipment, but on the shield it was very strong. Imagine that as long as the shield was at the front, the people behind it would not be harmed. Later on, the shield would no longer have infinite durability, when attacks landed on it the durability would drop very quickly. At this point, Warriors would have to rely on their skills and ability.

The door wasn’t very wide, it could only accommodate two people standing side by side, and the Grells bodies were about the same size as a human’s body, therefore only two Grells could launch attacks at the same time.

After some fighting, all of the Grells were eliminated. While Liu Hao and Li Wanshan were standing in the front of the battle, their face were contorted. It wasn’t from anger, but from pain. While the Grells attacks on their shields didn’t bring them any real harm, the several attacks seismic force alone made their hands go numb, and after killing more than 10 Grells, their arms felt like they had been fractured.

Right now, they didn’t dare to continue to move forward, everyone sat on the ground to recover. Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan started using their Yun Ling skill several times, after awhile the pain in their arms had finally lessened a bit.

This was just the first courtyard, after they had finished recovering they proceeded to the next courtyard inside one of the side doors, repeating the previous battle.

10 minutes later, they had finished raiding the eight courtyards, and finally saw a door appear.

This was the second level of the church, and behind that door was a 1st medium-order enchanted beast.

Cheng Yang didn’t feel too much pressure from this, even if he was the only one here, he was confident that he could solo it.

Cheng Yang went inside the door. Inside was a Grell that looked almost the same as the other Grells wandering around the door earlier, except its skin color was of a darker color than any ordinary Grell.

The Dark Grell soon discovered Cheng Yang; it began to howl as it ran over. Cheng Yang didn’t choose to stay still. He shot off a Magic Missile, turned around, and ran.

1 ED:(Here is the story behind the quote for anyone interested.)

2 ED:(A cloister is a courtyard with covered walks that is usually a place of religious affiliation, like a church or a monastery.)




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