Doom Lord Chapter 15

Doom Lord

Chapter 15- Instance

Cheng Yang expected this would happen. In this harsh and cruel game world, who wouldn’t want to improve their strength as soon as possible?

Cheng Yang quickly said, “I’ll take you guys out to hunt for enchanted beasts to earn as much power value as possible. As for Boss Lee and the rest, you’ll remain in the station to cultivate, everyone should have about ten power values, which is enough for you to have double the cultivation speed for one hour.”

For cultivators, practicing cultivation was also considered a way to rest, so it wouldn’t affect their state of minds for tomorrow.

Next, Cheng Yang opened the Archer statue’s property panel and chose to upgrade “Mana”. They had earned enough for the territory’s power value to reach 400 points, which was enough to upgrade one property for each of the four profession statues.

But, the profession statues had a cooldown period of 1.5 hours between upgrades of properties. Since Cheng Yang wasn’t prepared to wait any longer, he once again set off with Yu Kai’s group, and went out of the station.

They didn’t bring a Summoner with them, but Cheng Yang wasn’t really worried about their safety because Cheng Yang and Lee Wanshan’s group had cleared out the groups of enchanted beasts around the area already earlier. Although the enchanted beasts would still spawn out, the size of the group wouldn’t be as big as before.

After three hours of killing enchanted beasts, when Cheng Yang returned to the station to rest it was already two o’clock at night.

On the way back, Liu Hao complained, “Yangzi, what the hell is up with this ****** game?! There isn’t even a Priest to heal our health; this is such a pain in the ***!”

Cheng Yang curled his mouth into a slight smile, but didn’t say anything. This world was not without priests that can heal back health, they just hadn’t appeared yet. Pang Shan was someone with a Priest talent, so how could there not be a Priest occupation?

After returning back to the station, the Mage, Warrior, and Summoner property upgrades were finished. After the upgrade, the enhancement scale was raised to 8%. In other words, as long as the property was raised to level 2, you would receive 8% bonuses. Cheng Yang immediately chose an upgrade to a property in his respective profession statue. He chose to upgrade the Magician statue’s property of “Health”, while also upgrading the property of “Mana” for the Warrior and Summoner statues.

As a result, 300 points of territory power values were quickly spent. The remaining territory power value left was 351 points.

Cheng Yang was satisfied with the current situation, being able to scrape up over 1,000 points of territory power value in a single night was very praiseworthy. Cheng Yang clearly knew that this was entirely thanks to the world changing recently, causing a large number of enchanted beasts to appear. After two or three days, the respawn rate of the enchanted beasts around the station would fall back to its normal state. By that point, if you spent one day spent killing the enchanted beasts in a one kilometer radius of the stations territory, earning 500 points of territory power value was considered good. Of course, when the territory station gets upgraded the harvest would be larger, but the consumption of power value would also increase, and would make the power value obtained through killing enchanted beasts almost not worth mentioning.

At that time, in order to get enough power value he would have to depend on people’s donations.

After the Magician statue’s “Mana” property upgrade, Cheng Yang’s mana had now reached 63 points. The effect was not yet apparent though, because the 3-point increase was not enough for him to release an extra Magic Missile.

Next, Cheng Yang began his own cultivation method for the night.

At the moment, his power value had reached 413 points, which made him quite pleased. But since he was at the first medium-order sorcerer’s apprentice, and wanted to be able to practice cultivation with double the speed, it would consume twice the power value of a first low-order sorcerer’s apprentice, so four hours of practice would consume 80 power values in total. At the start of the disaster, almost no one could afford such consumption.

After the four hours of cultivation came to an end, Cheng Yang’s 1st medium-order cultivation had reached 3.2%, it was indeed better than the previous night’s practicing efficiency by two-fold.

When he opened his eyes it was already daybreak, after practicing for four hours his mental state had returned to its peak.

Cheng Yang looked around, and found that in addition to the four people patrolling the walls, the rest were still sleeping in the houses.

Cheng Yang made a wry smile; he couldn’t expect everyone to be like him right now. Being able to practice cultivation for one night without the need to sleep, for him it was a habit he acquired from his previous year in the game world.

Yu Kai was currently patrolling the wall with three other transfers. For now, only the remote distance transfers could patrol.

They saw that Cheng Yang had gotten up, so they jumped down from the wall, and ran directly in front of him to say hello. Cheng Yang was now the spiritual pillar of this group of people, they had nothing but heartfelt respect for him.

“Yangzi, what are we doing today?” Yu Kai asked.

Cheng Yang long ago having made a plan, said, “After we finish eating breakfast, we will set off to the south of the station toward Huimin Town to see if we can save some people. It’s only a kilometer away from here, and last night we had half that distance cleared of enchanted beasts. While the night also spawns out some enchanted beasts, it wouldn’t be as high of a frequency as when the disaster first started, so there won’t be that many hordes of enchanted beasts.”

Yu Kai stunned asked, “Where’s this breakfast at? Are we going to cook up the enchanted beast’s meat and eat it?”

Cheng Yang said, “Although most enchanted beast’s meat can be eaten, such as the Gray Wolves we killed last night, today we won’t need to eat that stuff. Do you see what this stuff is?”

Yu Kai looked at the direction Cheng Yang’s finger pointed, and found there was a large bag full of dry foods, such as biscuits. Yu Kai suddenly became overjoyed and said, “This is great, I’m so hungry from not eating anything at all last night!”

Indeed, for a second-generation rich kid to go hungry for one night was a very painful thing for him. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so excited from seeing these cheap biscuits.

Cheng Yang said, “Go wake everyone up, after breakfast we will immediately head out. This time I will take half of the group to Huimin Town while the rest will remain in the station, and kill the enchanted beasts around the surrounding area.”

Cheng Yang wanted to bring everyone to the town, but if the enchanted beasts around the station weren’t killed, then it would be a big waste. This was because if you wanted to have the highest spawn rate, the best way was to kill the enchanted beast the moment it appeared, or else its refresh rate would go down. This would later be summed up by the experience of countless people.

Suddenly, Liu Hao thought of an urgent issue and said, “Yoko, you should go look at what’s behind the altar. It appeared this morning all of a sudden; I looked at it for a long time but wasn’t able to comprehend what it was. I was afraid to touch it, in case something strange happened.”

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised for a moment, and immediately walked toward the back of the altar.

A two-meter high oval screen instantly caught Cheng Yang’s eyes; this was something he was very familiar with.

This portal was actually an entrance to the one of the game’s instances. (Think of it as an entrance to a dungeon.)

Cheng Yang couldn’t understand how the instance portal had suddenly just appeared inside the station; he didn’t remember such a thing existing here before in his memory.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang remembered one thing. Didn’t he move a strange oval stone yesterday near the altar and place it right around here? He recalled that in the aftermath of the earthquake yesterday it was still here, how come it was missing now?

Was it possible the oval stone was needed to activate and open the instance? Or was the stone itself the instance? This possibility was very large, it really was that or else Cheng Yang couldn’t manage to explain how this instance portal materialized in the station.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yang suddenly became annoyed, if he had known the instance was the stone, he wouldn’t have needed to waste two days looking for it. He knew that around Xiangcheng City were five other instances of the same grade as this one. If he had been able to bring all the instance initial-state stones back to the station, the advantages the station would have gained would have been enormous. But now, there was no possibility of that happening, after all; once an instance portal was formed it couldn’t be moved.

Looking at the portal, it was hard for Cheng Yang to keep his calm, this was probably the first time he had ever seen an instance portal inside of a station, and it also belonged to him.

When the station upgrades to a level-three village, there would be a Trial Hall building automatically built, Trial Hall would give out acceptable tasks to the transfers, and then send them somewhere to do the specific task. This trial was also a type of instance. But the power value earned in this type of instance was normally one-third of a field instance, and couldn’t be synchronized. So territorial power value wouldn’t be obtained from this.

What were the benefits of a field instance? First, a field instance could allow people to earn more power value. Secondly, as long as the portal to the field instance was within one kilometer of the station, the enchanted beasts killed in the instance would give out power value, and also give the territory power value. These things had already been verified, but at that time it was already nearing the end of the first year. At that point in time the United States had a station that had upgraded, and had its region expanded, the new territory region included the field instance within it.

Now, Luo Feng station from the start had such an instance, it would certainly greatly improve the upgrade speed.

Of course, the benefits of instances were more than that; they also gave out equipment, skill books, potions, and other rewards. In exceptional cases, one could obtain special rewards.

As far as this instance goes, Cheng Yang knew it very well. The instance was called the Scarlet Church; it belonged to an instance at the lowest level. In an instance at normal difficulty, most monsters would be at the first early-order, the elites would be at the first medium-order, and the final boss would be at first late-order.

If Cheng Yang remembered correctly, being the first to pass on normal difficulty would give you a special treasure; this was the main reason why Cheng Yang had worked so hard to find it previously.

This treasure was a Priest Statue, after the Priest Statue was used on the altar, the territory would receive an occupation Priest Statue where people could transfer to the career. Its benefits couldn’t be imagined. The first pass completion didn’t refer to being the first to pass this specific instance, but the first passage completion of the Scarlet Church all around the world. Only the first person to complete it would have a chance to get this Priest Statue.

Of course, there were other ways to get the Priest Statue, but later on after the end, this was considered the easiest way to get it. Basically, as long as whoever discovered this instance had sufficient strength, they would have no trouble clearing it and claiming the statue.

Cheng Yang had originally intended to go to Huimin Town, but after seeing this portal he instantly changed his decision. Being accompanied by a priest would make the journey to Huimin Town be that much safer.

If things were going according to normal circumstances, even if Cheng Yang commanded every transfer in the station to fight inside this instance, it still wouldn’t be enough to get through the instance; the final boss being at the first late-order was enough to massacre all of them. But Cheng Yang happened to know of a non-normal way of clearing this instance.

“What the hell is this thing?” Seeing Cheng Yang’s face suddenly change, Yu Kai immediately asked in response.

Cheng Yang said, “It’s a good item, you can think of it as a game instance. Go wake up Niu Bing, Liu Hao, and Boss Lee so we can beat this instance. After we are done, we’ll go to Huimin Town.”

After getting Cheng Yang’s instructions, he immediately turned around and went into the house to wake the rest of them up.



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