Doom Lord Chapter 14

Doom Lord

Chapter 14- Moonlit Night

The spider was prepared to forcibly pull Cheng Yang toward it, but Cheng Yang fired off a Magic Missile, disrupting its rhythm. Without the silk’s retraction force, its own strength was no longer enough to pull Cheng Yang up in the air.

“Attack!” Cheng Yang ordered, releasing a Magic Missile straight at the treetop.

At the same time, the remaining other seven ranged occupations also released their attacks toward the tree. Soon, the spider was killed by the non-stop attacks; its body fell from the tree onto the ground.

Cheng Yang said warily, “A Spotted Spider is only a first early-order enchanted beast, but fighting it in the woods is very troublesome. It’s one of the few first-order enchanted beasts with ranged attack capability, and it likes to hide in the dark, attacking people when they are off guard. Its strength is strong enough to lift people up with its silk if they get caught, so be careful.”

The group almost didn’t need Cheng Yang to remind them, they also knew they needed to be careful; after all, such a huge spider made people terrified just from watching it. Nobody wanted to end up as food in its mouth.

So far Cheng Yang had already launched four skills, the rest of the long distance transfers had also used two skills. In order to avoid any unexpected situations, everyone sat down to recover for nearly 20 seconds so that their mana could completely recover, then they would move on.

After walking forward around 40 meters, Cheng Yang’s ears pricked up and his face suddenly changed, leading him to yell, “Watch out! Enchanted beasts are coming, get ready to attack!”

His voice had just faded away when 12 Green Anoraks burst out from the side of the woods. The previous fight had probably attracted this group of enchanted beasts’ attention.

Cheng Yang was the quickest to react, shooting a Magic Missile toward the front of the beasts. The Magic Missile hit a Green Anorak near the front, sending it flying to the ground. Thankfully everyone had plenty of fighting experience at this point. The group would attack the enchanted beasts together, as long as Cheng Yang’s attack and the rest of the groups’ attacks hit their target it would be an instant kill. Of course, this was based on the premise that all of their attacks landed directly on the beast; otherwise they would fail to kill it.

The Green Anoraks sprinting toward them were only 10 meters away from Cheng Yang’s group, so naturally every single attack hit the enchanted beasts. The first Green Anorak quickly died while still charging forward.

Cheng Yang continued to attack while Lee Wanshan’s group of four Warriors were preparing to use their shield to stop the Green Anoraks charge. As for the four summoned Dark Wolves, they had already rushed out toward the group of enchanted beasts; their current task was to be meat shields, and delay the advance of these Green Anoraks.

Although a Summoner could upgrade their own properties, their properties were really mostly for the summons, not them. Their own physical attack was just too weak; they couldn’t even break an enchanted beast’s defense if they tried.

This was the Summoner’s flaw, whose fighting ability was fully dependent on its summons. A summoned beast wasn’t afraid of death though; once it died it could be called out again.

Currently, there were more than 10 Green Anoraks who were blocked by the four Dark Wolves resistance, their momentum falling a bit. They then directly changed their attention toward the four Dark Wolves. Using the pitchforks in their hands, they constantly attacked the Dark Wolves.

How could Cheng Yang let such an opportunity go by? The group constantly launched a multitude of attacks, the Green Anoraks were being killed one by one; soon five Green Anoraks had perished.

At this time, all four Dark Wolves had died. The remaining six Green Anoraks again rushed toward Cheng Yang and the rest of the group.

“Quick! Summon your Dark Wolves!” Cheng Yang shouted.

The four Summoner apprentices took a moment to quickly launch their skills, four Dark Wolves soon emerged again, ready to confront the group of Green Anoraks. But at this time, the Green Anoraks had reached the front four Warriors; two Warriors suddenly suffered from attacks and were knocked down.

The four Dark Wolves quickly joined the fray, quickly stabilizing their formation. In such a situation, the Green Anoraks were unable to make a quick kill on any of the humans.

Ten seconds later, all the Green Anoraks had turned into power values, Cheng Yang obtained 12 points for himself.

The enchanted beasts didn’t directly drop equipment, so there was no need to sweep the battlefield.

Cheng Yang estimated that from the battle, all of the ranged occupations mana would be empty, but the Warriors would still have some left. As a tradeoff, the Warriors had ended up losing around 10 points of health each. If there had been no Dark Wolves in the fight, there would have most likely been casualties.

“Just from that battle you can see, if the number of monsters were two or three more, I’m afraid we would have been unable to deal with it. Perhaps the final victory would still belong to us, but having casualties would have been unavoidable, this type of victory is not what we want.” Cheng Yang said quietly.

Other people also understood the danger, having no mana would only lead to the long distance occupations waiting to die. For the Warriors, if they ran out of mana they would be unable to fight with a beast of the same order, weakening them considerably.

“Now, let’s take a break to restore mana and health.” Cheng Yang quickly finished, then sat down cross-legged on the ground, beginning his meditation technique.

In two minutes, all of the long distance transfers and Summoners stood up; their mana recovered quickly. As for the Warriors who were wounded, while in meditation, it took two minutes to recover one point of health. They had lost 10 points, so it would take at least 20 minutes for them to fully recover.

This location didn’t have the safety of the field station, so at any time there could be new enchanted beasts spawning. Cheng Yang dared not be far away from the group, they would need his help if anything happened. He stood patiently, waiting for the Warriors to finish recovering.

Soon, a group of 10 enchanted beasts came out of the woods; Cheng Yang’s group was able to quickly exterminate them though. After determining there weren’t any large groups of monsters around, Cheng Yang walked around a 100-meter circle by himself, and killed seven to eight lone enchanted beasts.

Lee Wanshan had finally fully recovered from the previous battle, but at the same time he had some lingering fears. Other long distance occupations could enjoy the pleasure of killing the enchanted beasts from far away, but Warriors, they were always in close contact with death; the two feelings were entirely different.

Lee Wanshan asked, “Cheng Yang, should we move on now?”

Cheng Yang looked in the direction of the highway, the time was close to seven, and the sky was already dark. But today was a near full moon, so they didn’t have to worry about it being completely dark at night.

Cheng Yang did not directly answer Lee Wanshan, but said, “The farther we are from the station, the longer it will take for us to travel a certain distance, and the chances of us encountering a monster group will increase along with the size of them the further we walk away from the station. With our current speed, after we walk away from here we would likely encounter a group of more than 20 enchanted beasts. And if we stay in this area, only killing the enchanted beasts in close proximity to us, the danger around this area would lessen. Enchanted beasts, even if they respawn, would usually appear alone, or only in groups of three or four, it would be of no threat to us.”

Everyone in the group felt their faces slightly tense up, they were afraid of what dangerous things could happen next.

Cheng Yang interrupted their thoughts and said, “In fact, we won’t be here for too long anyway, as long as we have enough strength, we will soon be able to return to Xiangcheng City. Right now, even if we returned to Xiangcheng City, there was not much we could do to help, let alone with everyone trying to find their loved ones in the chaos, even if they were found I’m afraid we would not be able to properly protect them.”

Lee Wanshan hesitated, clenched his teeth and said, “OK! I will stay here. I’ll wait until I’m strong enough and then go back to Xiangcheng City again…… I just hope my wife and kids will wait for me… F*** THE END!”

With Lee Wanshan’s strong statement, everyone else in the group decided to stay at the field station until they were strong enough before returning to the city. They also agreed with Cheng Yang, Xiangcheng City was so big, how would they be able to find someone? If their strength were not powerful enough, they were afraid before they could even find someone, they would have died along the way.

Next, under the leadership of Cheng Yang, the group went back into the woods.

From time to time, enchanted beasts sprang out from the bushes. Cheng Yang and the others easily killed them as they appeared. Even with the near full moon, the night had still slightly restricted Cheng Yang’s and the rest of the group’s sight; thankfully not all of the enchanted beasts had night-vision. This, coupled with the light coming from the Moon, made their only disadvantage at night almost unremarkable.

Of course, the biggest reason they weren’t in a lot of danger was that the world had turned into a game. After this happened, as long as they didn’t encounter powerful enchanted beasts that could one-hit kill, they wouldn’t encounter a life-threatening situation. Even if they were attacked by surprise, the most they would lose is a few health points.

After three to four hours later, Cheng Yang’s group had been wandering within one kilometer outside of the station, killing more than 400 enchanted beasts during this time. If it weren’t for the rest of the group having to wait for the Warriors health to fully recover, the efficiency would have been higher.

Cheng Yang was glad that in this four hours there weren’t any encounters with a first medium-order enchanted beast, otherwise they may have had casualties. In fact, this was actually normal, it was only the first day of the game world, and they were in the vicinity of the station. Naturally it would be hard for a first medium-order enchanted beast to appear. The two first medium-order Green Anorak’s that spawned around the station earlier, only appeared because it was the test for occupying the station.

After four hours of intense fighting, the group appeared to be suffering from a bit of mental fatigue. Cheng Yang himself wasn’t impacted, but for the others safety, he decided to return to the station.

After returning to the station, Cheng Yang found that those who had stayed behind at the station, besides the four patrols on the wall, were practicing cultivation next to the altars. This gave him a feeling of expectation, it appeared that these people’s ability to adapt was stronger than he imagined, he was just glad they didn’t have a total meltdown at the time of the end at least.

In fact, that was also thanks to Cheng Yang, without his guidance and help, he’s afraid these people would have already died in a monster’s mouth.

The earthquakes didn’t cause many casualties, but when the enchanted beasts had attacked Xiangcheng City, it caused the city’s population to drop by one-fifth. If it weren’t for the monsters not being too strong, and that they had to take time to eat, even more people would have been dead.

At this time, the people that were practicing woke up, including Yu Kai and the others. They saw that Cheng Yang had returned, and mobbed around him immediately. They urgently wanted to know what the situation outside was.

“Yangzi, how was it?” Yu Kai immediately asked.

Cheng Yang said, “The monsters outside were too much, we weren’t able to explore too far, and could only stay killing the enchanted beasts in the vicinity. Going to Xiangcheng City would have to wait for a couple of days…… But anyways, how was your cultivating?”

Yu Kai immediately said, “I had a total of 11 power values, all of which I had just recently used, and now my progress in cultivation has reached 2.4%. If I have enough power values, I should be able to qualify for the Archer apprentice medium-order in 20 days.”

Others repeated what their own progress was, and it wasn’t too different from Yu Kai’s. The fight in the evening had let everyone earn around 10-20 power values. 10 of the power values were repaid back to the territory, but this still left most of them with 10 power values or more remaining. With no exception, they all chose to double their cultivation speed.



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