Doom Lord Chapter 13

Doom Lord

Chapter 13- Battle of Xiangcheng City

“Cultivation?” This was a familiar word, but in this new world people weren’t sure what he meant by it, so a lot of them were filled with questions.

Cheng Yang said, “It’s really cultivation, the world has turned into a game, but it’s still the real world; so killing monsters to upgrade experience doesn’t exist. People can only improve their strength through cultivation. If you open your list of skills, you will find a basic cultivation skill. There is a limit to cultivating. A person can only cultivate for four hours a day, any more than that would have no effect. So don’t waste any time and try to cultivate every day, it’s very important. Of course, if you have access to a certain amount of power values, you can increase the speed of your cultivation; for example, having a total of more than 100 power values would double the cultivation speed. At level 1, the basic cultivation skill consumes about 10 power values per hour to use. As to whether to you use power value for cultivation, you can decide yourself.” (T/N: Only by having a certain amounts of power values can you unlock faster cultivation speed)

Cheng Yang didn’t mention that they could use their power values to contribute to upgrading the profession statues. Partly, because these were their own power values, and they worked hard to obtain them; forcing them to donate wasn’t reasonable. He felt that in a short time by killing the surrounding enchanted beasts he would have enough power values to upgrade all the profession statues.

“In addition, while practicing cultivation in the log cabin, you can increase your cultivation speed by 10%. Every cabin can hold five people in one room; the rest of the cabins will be used for people that may come here later.” Cheng Yang finally said.

People didn’t have anything to say in response. Being able to have shelter over their head in this environment was good enough, why be picky about it? The only special one was Pang Shan, who had her own cabin. There was no other choice since she was the only girl here, and they couldn’t let her and a group of men stay together in one room. Later, when other women transferred, they would share the room with her.

“Yangzi, now that we have finished transferring occupations, and have the ability to fight with the enchanted beasts, are the people in the city also able to transfer occupations?” Yu Kai suddenly revealed a problem that had been on his mind.

Cheng Yang looked up at the sky and said, “There are indeed profession transfer statues in the city, but as of right now…… I’m afraid nobody has been able to reach them!”

What Cheng Yang had said was correct; right now Xiangcheng City was still in a state of chaos.

Facing monsters that appeared randomly in all directions, humans were getting slaughtered endlessly. Even former athletes, and boxing champions were treated as nothing in front of them.

Of course, humanity still had some ways to fight back. Unfortunately, due to Rule Change of Heaven and Earth, all electrical equipment had stopped working, but since firearms didn’t require electricity they could still be used, even rockets still worked.

But right now Xiangcheng City had no weapons of mass destruction. Just some light firearms; such as rifles, and submachine guns. After all, the military garrison wasn’t located in the city. For weapons such as rockets, and other heavy weapons most police officers were going to have access to these.

Xiangcheng City’s government spent ten minutes closing the Public Security Bureau building and then had the police run over to the Government building, giving most of them with guns. They were going to rely on these people to stabilize the current situation, but they had not yet set out, being disrupted by the sudden changes.

Enchanted beasts that had just respawned found a huge amount of people gathered in the city hall ruins, and directly rushed over.

This made everyone jump out of his or her skins; the armed police immediately fired their weapons. However, after getting hit by a bullet from their handgun, they discovered the monsters were still alive and kicking. Although they could make every bullet hit a monster, the monsters were fine even after getting hit by 3 or 4 bullets. The result was unacceptable.

At this moment people were still dumbfounded. The enchanted beasts took advantage, rushing into the crowds, and began to go on massive killing sprees.

Eventually humans were able to gain an advantage with the help of guns; slowly the enchanted beasts started dying. From their observations, every monster seemed to take around 15-16 bullets to kill.

This vitality was too OP, right? For now they didn’t know that the reasons these monsters were so hard to kill is because the world had changed, regular guns only do three points of damage to them, and even a sniper rifle would deal less than six points of damage. If you wanted to kill a monster with guns, naturally it wasn’t easy.

They hadn’t yet had a chance to make a detailed study of these monsters when suddenly another wave of monsters spawned. Police officers without hesitation, immediately opened fire.

At this moment, they found out they had a very serious problem, they were running out of ammo! They might be able to kill this wave of enchanted beasts, but what if there were another wave of monsters after this one?

They were left with only two solutions; look for a place to hide, or return to the Public Security Bureau building, and try to dig for ammunition buried underneath the ruins.

Everyone knew that heavy machinery had stopped working, to get the ammunition from underneath the ruins would be very difficult. Top government officials soon decided to find a place to hide, and wait to find out more about the situation in order to make a decision.

Fortunately, although the earlier earthquake had completely destroyed all the buildings, none were completely flattened to the ground. This left plenty of places for people to hide.

Soon, the crowded ruins soon became empty, with everyone looking for a place to hide. The remaining numbers of police officers were responsible for covering their retreat. After killing more than a dozen monsters, they also went to look for a hiding place.

In fact, even the ruins of government buildings were empty; everyone in Xiangcheng City had chosen to hide. They knew that hiding wouldn’t guarantee their safety, but it’s better than going out in the open exposed to the monster’s eyes, right? At least this way they could live a little longer.

If they could hang on until the rescue forces arrived, they had a hope of survival. At this point, their main source of comfort was knowing the military was coming.

At that time, the city center had a huge screen enveloping it, and around the screen were enchanted beasts gathered in all directions. However, they were unable to breach the light screen, they could only hang around the outside of it.

If someone wanted to reach the light curtain surrounded by enchanted beasts, it would undoubtedly be very tough.

From Cheng Yang’s memory of the past, he knew that tomorrow morning someone would find the light curtain. And at noon the day after tomorrow, the garrison troops outside the city would enter Xiangcheng City, using countless gunfire attacks to kill the enchanted beasts, enabling them access to the light curtain.

Not only was this happening in Xiangcheng City, almost all the main cities throughout the world, would take only two or three days after the disaster to fall back into human hands.

Afterward, would be the start of a new era!

Cheng Yang spent 10 minutes to answer any questions people might still have, and then selected a number of people to go with him outside of the station wall.

Lee Wanshan wanted to bring all the drivers and workers together with him to return, but was rejected by Cheng Yang. For now, a small team of no more than 10 people in the field was the safest, they wouldn’t be too big of a target and still be able to defend themselves. Even if something unexpected did occur, his strength would be sufficient to take care of whatever it was.

What’s more, Cheng Yang didn’t intend to return to the city, since presently that was an impossible task for them to achieve.

Cheng Yang promised them that if later he found the path to Xiangcheng City, he would take them to the city, and they agreed.

Cheng Yang took out a total of 16 people, split equally among the four professions. Doing it this way left Luo Feng station without a single Summoner remaining to defend it. Fortunately, the Summoner occupation only had the skill of summoning a Dark Wolf, and a Dark Wolf summon only had melee attacks; The Summoners wouldn’t play a big role defending the station anyway.

A 16-person team wasn’t too big, four summoned Dark Wolves respectively guarding the front and back of the team, four Warriors guarding the two sides, Archers placed within the inner circle, with the core holding the three Magicians.

The people were all workers and drivers of Lee Wanshan’s group, it wasn’t that Cheng Yang didn’t want to take Yu Kai and the rest with him, but their desire of wanting to return to Xiangcheng City was too strong.

Cheng Yang walked to the front of the group, it wasn’t very dangerous to him. After all, his health had reached 40 points, along with an Attack Speed of 2, and Movement Speed of 2.2 was enough for him to avoid attacks and effectively counterattack.

They decided to advance along the road. The earthquake had changed the terrain dramatically, but the change was usually perpendicular, causing the road to remain relatively intact, so as long as they followed along the road, they wouldn’t get lost.

The asphalt pavement was cracked all over at the moment, as if it had gone through intense bombing.

That wouldn’t be the worst that would happen though, Cheng Yang knew that after a month, the trees on both side would soon cover the road, that is when the true struggles begin.

After walking forward for about 100 meters, a mouse half the size of a Green Anorak appeared in the road ahead, Cheng Yang immediately rushed over.

Cheng Yang wasn’t kind, shooting a Magic Missile, hitting the mouse’s head. It instantly rolled over in pain on the ground. Cheng Yang’s attack couldn’t kill it just yet; it rolled over on the ground and bounced up again.

Behind him several other long distance transfers were making themselves useful, firing off three Magic Missiles and four arrows straight at the mouse. Three of the attacks failed, the rest landed on the mouse, it released a painful whining afterward.

At this time Cheng Yang was only 20 meters away from the mouse. With his mind forming another Magic Missile, it shot outward hitting the mouse, causing it to fall on its side. Some dim points of light from the mouse went into Cheng Yang’s body, and the rest went to the other long distance transfers that landed a hit on the mouse.

They hadn’t had any time to relax, when suddenly the sounds of winds were speeding through the air, a silk thread shot directly at Cheng Yang.

“Spotted Spider!” This enchanted beast was very familiar to Cheng Yang, he stretched out his left arm and grabbed a hold of the thread. With his wand in his right hand he condensed a Magic Missile, which was sent toward the treetops overhead.

“BOOM…!” A loud thud could be heard, everyone looked up to see what it was and couldn’t help but to be filled with dread. They saw a spider the size of a large boulder; its mouth released thread the width of a finger, attaching the thread around Cheng Yang’s arm.



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