Doom Lord Chapter 12

Doom Lord

Chapter 12- Profession Statue

After everyone left, Cheng Yang approached the altar and viewed the properties panel of Luo Feng station. Finding that the territory’s power values had reached 311, he knew immediately what he wanted to spend them on.

Cheng Yang came toward the Magician statue; the four major profession statues also have their own properties panel.

Building name: Magician statue

Level: Level 1

Profession Research:

Enhance Health (Level 1, not yet research): Increases the health of all Magicians transferred under this statue by 5%. Upgrade Condition: 100 power values.

Enhance Mana (Level 1, not yet research):  Increases the Mana of all Magicians transferred under this statue by 5%. Upgrade Condition: 100 power values

Enhance Magic Attack (Level 1, not yet research):  Increases the Magic Attack of all Magicians transferred under this statue by 5%. Upgrade Condition: 100 power values

Enhance Physical Defense (Level 1, not yet research): Increases the Physical Defense of all Magicians transferred under this statue by 5%. Upgrade Condition: 100 power values

Enhance Magic Defense (Level 1, not yet research):  Increases the Magic Defense of all Magicians transferred under this statue by 5%. Upgrade Condition: 100 power values

Transfer Quota: 7/20

One of the conditions for the territory itself to be upgraded was that the profession statues had to be upgraded first. If he wanted to be allowed to upgrade the territory he would have to research all the profession statues to the second level.

The Magician statue wasn’t the only one with the profession research; the other three statues also had the same type of upgrade options. The only difference was the attack research, since occupations that deal physical damage would have a “Physical Attack” research bonus, while occupations that deal magic damage had a “Magic Attack” research bonus.

The promotion criteria weren’t difficult to achieve, but also not that easy. To upgrade the four profession statues would take around 2,000 points. Although it just took them only an hour to earn nearly 400 points of power value, this was only because of the test to occupy the station.

In normal cases, the enchanted beasts refresh rate around the territory wasn’t this fast, and after the occupation of the station was complete it wouldn’t attract enchanted beasts like it had towards the station. So the only way to get quick accumulation of power values within a short time, was by killing enchanted beasts further away from the station.

Cheng Yang didn’t mind these difficulties, because this was the advantage of having field stations, as the territory station level rises, the field station transfers would be much stronger than the transfers from the main city due to the profession research bonuses. Maybe this was the God encouraging humans to develop field stations. (T/N: Main cities don’t have research bonuses)

Cheng Yang without hesitation chose to upgrade “Mana”. A six-hour countdown suddenly appeared, he couldn’t help but show a faint smile on his face. Until the end of the six hours, this statue wouldn’t be able to research other bonuses.

This is the advantage of occupying the station early, since the research time couldn’t be reduced, even if other people occupied a field station later, it would be impossible to raise the field station’s level high within a short time.

Afterward Cheng Yang chose to upgrade the Warrior’s statue and Summoner statue’s “Health”.

At this time, Yu Kai along with 12 other people were a 100 meters away carrying several huge logs toward him. It used to require heavy machinery to move these logs, but now they only needed four people lifting the logs on their shoulders to carry them over. After the transfer to Warriors, their strength increased by a lot.

In fact, this was normal. For an average human their Physical Attack power is 1, while a warrior would be at 5 Physical Attack power. The Physical Attack stat was the embodiment of their strength; after having five times an average human’s strength, if you had only changed a bit, would that not be strange?

Yu Kai asked, “I found some logs that fell into the river from the earthquake. Yangzi, what is all this timber going to be used for?” He threw the logs onto the ground and turned toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang no longer needed to hide their usage and said, “This timber is needed to construct some buildings, such as the walls that suddenly appeared before. It consumes 100 cubic meters of timber to make. In a short time, if we want to harvest our own timber it will be difficult. But for now, this amount of wood is enough. This timber is enough for us to do a lot of things.”

Yu Kai nodded and suddenly came to a realization. In the absence of logging tools, being able to cut down large trees would indeed be very difficult.

Next, Cheng Yang opened the station’s property panel. He selected the construction of a house, and then chose to build 10 at once. After a short period of time, ten light-curtains rised near the East Gate, forming ten-cabin shaped outlines. A short time passed, the light-curtains dispersed and 10 houses had been successful built.

The wood was instantly consumed by 100 cubic meters, Cheng Yang felt a little helpless wishing he had bought more, but who could he blame except himself for having so little money? Being able to buy 300 logs is still considered pretty good though.

This scene surprised everyone, whether it was the walls or the houses that suddenly emerged out of nowhere, it was all too magical.

Cheng Yang took some time out to patrol the gates, finding that the frequency of the enchanted beasts re-spawn had become increasingly low. It took a minute or two to flush out a single enchanted beast, the same situation appeared around the entire station. Compared to before, it took 7 or 8 times longer to spawn out a monster. It left most of the people standing on top of the walls doing nothing.

Cheng Yang temporarily decided to let the people on the wall down. The walls had 5 defenses, these enchanted beasts of the first low-order were unable to break down the walls. He decided to wait until the enchanted beasts accumulated to a certain number, and then kill them before it gets too dark.

It was six o’clock now, only an hour before it got dark. Cheng Yang planned to gather everyone to talk about what to do next, as well as answer any questions they might have.

“After that battle, how do you feel now?” Cheng Yang asked, getting straight to the point.

All the people looked at each other, Lee Wanshan said, “Little bro, what you said before, the whole world has experienced the same disaster as us? Is that true?”

Cheng Yang nodded positively and said, “Indeed! This isn’t just a Xiangcheng City disaster, nor is it a national disaster, but a global disaster. Now, almost all of the buildings in the world have collapsed, the terrain has also undergone great changes. Mountains might have become a plain, or grasslands turned into an ocean. These aren’t the most serious changes; the biggest change is the World Rules of Heaven and Earth, which you previously experienced. It gave humanity an ability that we never thought would be possible before.”

Niu Bing suddenly asked, “Yangzi, how did you know these things would happen?”

Cheng Yang sighed; he knew someone would eventually ask this question. Fortunately, he was prepared, saying, “I can’t really explain it. This morning some information about the end just popped up in my mind. This information was very weird, as if it were directly engraved into my mind. At first I didn’t believe it, but news about the strange stone made me believe in it a bit, so just to be sure I made some preparations. What just happened confirmed some of the information, the rest of it I’m not too sure about.”

In fact, he really had no other choice; saying that he was reborn would be too weird. Cheng Yang had to create a more acceptable explanation for everyone to believe in.

Everyone around wasn’t fully convinced by Cheng Yang, but it seemed to be the most reasonable explanation available. Although it was a bit strange, the world had just turned into a global game; they had just seen a lot of bizarre things happen. At this point any other weird things happening wouldn’t make them too surprised.

The thoughts of a global disaster made everyone’s face filled with anxiety. After all, besides Cheng Yang, did they not all have families? An hour ago they were facing the threat of death, so they didn’t have time to consider their families; but now that they were safe for the time being, they couldn’t help but be anxious.

Cheng Yang roughly guessed everyone thoughts, calmly saying, “Right now your worry is useless, the most important thing to do now is to enhance your strength. Only by having enough strength in this new world, will you be able to saves your loved ones.”

Lee Wanshan frowned and said, “All of my family is in Xiangcheng City, it’s only four or five kilometers away. We have just killed the enchanted beasts around, as long as we fight together, those things shouldn’t pose a threat to us, right?”

“Yes, we should set out at once to Xiangcheng City, I can’t leave my family alone, my son is only five years old.” A 30-something truck driver said who looked anxious, he couldn’t wait to get back to Xiangcheng City.

Cheng Yang shook his head, said, “With our current strength, I’m afraid there is no capability to cross this area into the city. Although surrounding the station only appear scattered enchanted beasts, that’s because we killed most of the first wave already. In other places, with the passage of time, the enchanted beasts will gradually gather, eventually forming a large group. Now that the disaster has been over for more than an hour, outside right now most of the enchanted beasts have probably formed groups. Small groups of a few enchanted beasts we would be able to handle, but if it is a large group of dozens of monsters, I’m afraid we won’t be enough to even count as a snack to them.”

Seeing everyone’s expression was unmoved, Cheng Yang said, “You may think of me as an alarmist, but in a bit I’m going to take some people out of the station, you can verify whether what I just said is true or false.”

Lee Wanshan was suddenly overjoyed; he felt that if they worked hard, going back to Xiangcheng City wouldn’t be a problem.

Cheng Yang felt a bit sad, others may not know the difficulty of going back, but someone like him who already experienced the end already knew.

“Yangzi, tell us, what do we need to do now? All of us will listen to your command.” Liu Hao said.

Cheng Yang said, “This station will become our main base, but also where we settle down, so it is imperative that this station be developed. To develop the station, we will need to have enough power value.”

Cheng Yang told them the benefits from developing the station and the usage of the power value, finally ending with, “Time is of the essence, so tonight I’ll take half the people out of the station to kill the enchanted beasts in the forest. This approach is a bit riskier, but as long as everyone is careful, there will be no danger to anyone’s life. The remaining people will stay at the station and provide protection. They will also start learning cultivation.”



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  1. Vindr

    Honestly this is one of the most interesting novels I’ve read so far. Plus what kind of apocalyptic setting doesn’t give xp per mob kill 0.0

    1. Bob

      It basically does. Power value is xp. You have to have power value to advance to the next stage. The cultivation thing just seems to be tacked on for no particular reason; they might as well just say ‘you can’t advance for x days after reaching stage y,’ the way the system is designed. Yeah certain buildings increase cultivation rate, but they could just as easily reduce the timer for advancing to the next stage with power value.

      Also, wut’s up with the upgrades? You have to buy every single one for it to count as second stage and allow your village to advance? Then why in the world are they separate instead of you just getting all at once and it costing five times as much, taking five times as long? There’s no purpose to there being five separate advancements, though it would be much MUCH more interesting if you had only one research option per stage of the statues, so that each village’s professions would develop in a unique fashion.

      This author really doesn’t seem to have any feeling for developing interesting systems. Be it this or the hp system, all they do is make things more bland than they are in real life. Combat boils down to nothing more than trading blows with little skill involved, and the statue benefits in every town will be the same if they’re on the same level.

      Thanks for the translation though. I’ll keep reading for a few chapters to see if it stops using game systems to make things more boring rather than exciting. I really love management/expansion type stories and game element stories so I really want it to do well, but it seems to be making all the mistakes that it is possible to make in both genres.

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