Doom Lord Chapter 118

Doom Lord

Chapter 118- Shock The Audience

Yuan Jianze’s mood could be described as very mixed, so much that could be a type of suffering.

Originally, he had thought that he already appraised highly of Cheng Yang by classifying him as a high-order magician apprentice. After all, the apocalypse had just started, becoming a high-order magician apprentice was already beyond the common sense. If it wasn’t for Cheng Yang having the attack power to spike a warrior with a health of 30 points, he really wouldn’t had believe Cheng Yang has the power of a high-order apprentice.

But now it seems he still underestimate the other side. So far, Yuan Jianze has yet to find a solution to break through the opposition’s defense.

The only explanation for this was that Cheng Yang’s defense was very abnormal. If it was merely abnormal defensive equipment, then it would had been fine as long as they attack the places the equipment didn’t covered. But contrary to expectation, Cheng Yang was still without harm after the attack. Equipment wasn’t capable of doing this.

If he wasn’t a high-order magician apprentice, then what was he? A peak-order apprentice? Yuan Jianze didn’t dare to consider this.

According to the forum, after a successful promotion to mid-order apprentice, all the stats would doubled. This evolution could be described as a game-changer from the rest.

If the same thing happens from mid-order to high-order and from high-order to peak-order, what kind of situation would a person be in? Wouldn’t that mean the other side would have a defense of 8 points, and an attack power of 40 points?

If you also include the skills and equipment, the stats would become even more frightening.




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