Doom Lord Chapter 117

Doom Lord

Chapter 117- Tit for Tat

“Commander Yuan, we meet again.” Cheng Yang ignored the shock on Yuan Jianze’s face, and greeted him with a smile.

The expression on Yuan Jianze was filled with disbelief, but then he suddenly realized something. He finally spoke a sentence, “It’s you?”

Cheng Yang said, “Commander Yuan is truly forgetful. Only a few days has passed and you actually forgotten about me.”

Yuan Jianze was silent for a moment, then he said, “I was aware that you weren’t a simple person, but I didn’t expect you to hid deeper than I had imagined. Can you tell me now if you are a person of this world?”

Cheng Yang said, “Of course, I am. I am one hundred percent a human from Earth. This point isn’t fake.”

Yuan Jianze said, “Then, there is a part that I don’t understand, I don’t know if you can help clarify it for me?”

Cheng Yang chuckled and said, “Commander Yuan, please speak.”

Yuan Jianze said, “What is the relationship between you and the boss in the Alchemy Room? Also why was he so polite to you?”

If it wasn’t for this reason, Yuan Jianze wouldn’t had thought that Cheng Yang wasn’t a person from this world.

Cheng Yang indifferently said, “This matter is actually very simple. Bluntly speaking, it’s a relationship of benefits. The other side have something he can gain from me, so of course he would be more respectful towards me. Now that I’ve already answered your questions, should we get to the next thing on the agenda.?”

Yuan Jianze glanced down at the professions that was on the ground, and stared at the five unlucky ones that were dead. In his heart, he reevaluated Cheng Yang’s strength, and after a bit of thinking, he asked. “What may I address your distinguished self by?”

Cheng Yang casually replied, “My name is Cheng Yang. Since my age is smaller, you can call me little Cheng. Of course, if you want, you can also call me by my name.”  

Yuan Jianze nodded and said: “Alright. Cheng Yang, the reason for your appearance here today…. it should be for this light screen, correct?”

Cheng Yang chuckled and said, “Commander Yuan, why are you speaking so vaguely? Just call it what it is, an instance portal. Everyone is already aware of it, so there’s no need to cover it up.”

Yuan Jianze wryly smile, it seems wanting to bluff through this was now impossible, he immediately said, “Cheng Yang, since you already know about it, then let’s be frank. This instance portal was first discovered by my men. At that time, some of my men stayed behind to keep watch over it, while the others went back to inform us. However, your excellency took advantage of this interval to mount a sneak attack on our people. If you don’t give us a good reason for your actions, then it really couldn’t be justified.”

Cheng Yang knew that this cunning fox wasn’t willing to easily admit defeat like this. He gave a calm smile and said, “Commander Yuan, are you saying that whoever had found this instance portal first would belongs to that person?”

Yuan Jianze couldn’t figured out Cheng Yang’s intention, but after carefully thinking about it, there seems to be nothing wrong with the question. Even if the opposition has seen the instance portal first, so what? As long as he insists that they were the first to find the instance portal, the other side would be helpless to do anything. Although he was aware of the seriousness of Cheng Yang’s strength, but behind him was 2,000 people. The other side only has 2 people, what was there to be scared about?

“We belong to the state. And it’s reasonable to say that everything within the territory are entirely owned by the state. However, it’s not necessary for us to follow this rule for this. So we should decide this on the basis of first-come first-served.” Yuan Jianze explained in a passionate speech.

Cheng Yang grinned and said: “In that case, we have a problem. You say that one of your men discover this place, if so, what’s the name of this instance? What are the monsters inside like? And how about the amount of monsters that are in there?”

Yuan Jianze suddenly widen his eyes, a bad premonition erupted from inside of his heart. Staring deeply at Cheng Yang, he seems to want to find some sort of clues on his face.  

But the result made Yuan Jianze feel disappointed. Cheng Yang had a look of honesty, and no emotion could be seen on his face. Feeling helpless, he had to said, “No one has been in this instance before, so who knows what’s the situation is like inside? It’s also impossible for your sire to know these things.”

Cheng Yang bluntly stated, “I’m sorry to embarrass you, but I just so happens to know about this. Not only do I know them, I also already went in. Even the type and quantity of the monsters inside, I am crystal clear. How about now? Does Commander Yuan still thinks he was the first to find this instance?”

Yuan Jianze said with a dark face, “Anyone can say that, but how do you prove what you say is true?”

Cheng Yang smiled: “If you don’t believe me, you can just let some people go inside and check for yourself. After they go in, I’ll tell you what I know. Then, once they come out, neither one of us will speak and let them narrate for themselves. What do you think?”

In Yuan Jianze’s eyes revealed his hesitation, he saw the calmness on Cheng Yang’s face and came to the conclusion that the other side really did went inside the instance. Moreover, using his side’s strength as inference, Cheng Yang should be a high-order magician’s apprentice. Such an expert should already have the ability to clear the normal difficulty level of the instance.

After a bit of pondering, Yuan Jianze sneered and sarcastically said, “Great idea for your side. Who doesn’t know that the monsters inside this instance have amazing strength? After sending people in, no one will be able to come out alive. Nice try, but our side don’t plan on being used as guinea pigs.”

Cheng Yang scolded Yuan Jianze in his heart, this wily, old guy wants to keep acting shameless to the very end. However, since he decided to solve this problem today, he doesn’t intend to give the other side the chance to smoothly come out of this without suffering some harms. The reason why he wasted so much time talking was due to him not wanting to resort to violence and making things difficult for the other side. But if the other side want to continue being a pain in the ass, he didn’t mind letting them be aware of an eternal saying, the one with the bigger fist was the one that was right.

“If Commander Yuan can’t agree to this, then it seems we won’t be able to solve this problem peacefully today. How about you come up with a solution then?” Cheng Yang didn’t continue to dwell on the subject and passed the baton over.

Yuan Jianze didn’t think Cheng Yang would be so direct, but after taking a moment to recover from his surprise, he said, “Do you think I need to propose a solution? Or do you think that with just the two of you can fight with me and my 2,000 men?”

Cheng Yang coldly sneered and said, “So what if you have 2,000 people? I’ve never heard of 2,000 eggs breaking a stone before. If you really want to compete against me with force, then let’s have a good fight, Just don’t start crying when the casualties piles up.”

Yuan Jianze chuckled, “Do you really think the two of you can be a match against 2,000 people?”

Cheng Yang smiled indifferently: “If we don’t try, how would we know?”

Yuan Jianze’s expression turned ice cold, he immediately ordered: “For me, arrest these two!”

As soon as his voice fell, hundreds of men immediately gathered. The army couldn’t be compared to the enchanted beasts. Even though only 300 professions were standing out at the moment, their momentum was in no way inferior to a group of 1,000 enchanted beasts.  

“Lord …” Liu Xiyue slightly worried, spoke up from behind Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang still with a calm smile on his face, said, “Relax, these people doesn’t pose a threat to me.”

Liu Xiyue’s words was for Cheng Yang to show mercy for the other side, but in the eyes of Yuan Jianze and the others, they felt this was a manifestation of the other side’s lack of confidence. At that moment, Yuan Jianze was more firm in killing Cheng Yang. In Yuan Jianze’s view, Cheng Yang was definitely a thorn in the side of the main city. He wants to firmly control the entire Xiangcheng region. Even if Cheng Yang wasn’t remove, at the least he must under his control.

“Onward!” The team of 300 men instantly launched their attack. A bunch of warriors holding shield stood at the front, staring coldly at Cheng Yang, while the magicians and archers in the rear lifted up their weapons.”

Rains of magic arrows and magic missiles scattered downward towards Cheng Yang; at the same time, dozen of dark wolves suddenly appeared in the front of Cheng Yang, charging at him.

Cheng Yang’s expression turned cold, from the looks of things, the other side didn’t plan on capturing him alive.

Since the other side wants to begin so ruthlessly, then they couldn’t blame him for doing the same thing.

“Ice Thorn!” Cheng Yang ignored magic arrows and magic missiles in the sky. He even ignored the dark wolves closing in on him, and launched an aoe skill forward.

At this moment, the other side’s warriors found themselves to be a joke. In full formation, while waiting for the other side’s attack to come, they found their shield to be like a decoration, having no effect as ice thorns poured down from above their heads. The attack instantly caused significant damage to the crowd, causing at least seven to eight people to die from the attack.

“Liu Xiyue, run a bit farther away. Don’t let them surround you!” Cheng Yang shouted. Afterwards, an ice puck flew out and hit a warrior who was still in shocked. The warrior let out a scream and fell.

Liu Xiyue also knew that there was nothing she could do to help. Even though her attack was strong, but in melee-ranged, her weak defense would become her most fatal weakness. It only requires five to six long-ranged profession to attack, and her health would be instantly emptied.

Liu Xiyue without hesitation did a u-turn and ran south.  

Although she ran without hesitation, but she still feel uncomfortable. No one wants to abandon their teammates in the middle of battle. At this moment, Liu Xiyue truly felt how powerless she was. After this, she vowed to work hard in rising her strength, and as soon as possible not become a burden again.

Putting asides, Liu Xiyue’s conflicted emotions, at this moment Cheng Yang had suffered from the opposition’s two round of attacks. But the other side’s highest attack was only 5 points, in front of Cheng Yang, it didn’t even count as a tickle. Even if he was hit hundreds of times, not a drop of health would go down.

As for those dark wolves, it was even more tragic. When they rushed up to bite Cheng Yang, they were all crowded up, so Cheng Yang instantly wiped them out with an ice thorn skill.

Without the dark wolves, the summoners became a decoration. Even though they could again summon a dark wolf in another minute, but looking at the situation, do they have a minute?



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