Doom Lord Chapter 116

Doom Lord

Chapter 116- Captives

“Mi….Miss Liu….how come you’re here?” Zhao Xun finally spoke through his knotted tongue.

Liu Xiyue couldn’t help but glance at him with a cold expression and said, “Captain Zhao, I am only a small chess piece, how could I afford to be called miss by you.”

Zhao Xun cursed in his heart, ‘Smelly B****, don’t act so arrogant just because you have a pretty face. Without your backer, what are you? Just a ****, that’s what!’

But on his face, he didn’t dare to show the slight hint of dissatisfaction, because he had at this time guessed the identity of the person that was next to Liu Xiyue. The opposite side was likely to have the strength to kill him in a second. He didn’t want his life to be ruined here because his impulsiveness.

“Haha Miss Liu, you sure can tell a joke. How could us little people be compared to your noble identity? When I saved Miss Liu from the ruins, I could tell that that miss was destined for a rich and powerful life. And look, aren’t you flourishing now?” Zhao Xun dryly laughed.

Liu Xiyue coldly snorted and was about to retort when Cheng Yang interjected, “Stop, there’s no need to speak nonsense with him. Your surname is Zhao, right?” Cheng Yang’s last sentence was clearly pointed at Zhao Xun.

Zhao Xun’s body slightly trembled, he was really scared that the opposition might sent an ice puck his way, he hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, my surname is Zhao. I don’t know…..if sir, has any orders for me?”

Before the end, Zhao Xun was a senior executive from Lu Gaofeng company. At that time, apart from reporting to the ceo, he didn’t even placed other people in front of his eyes. But why was such a person so submissive now? It just means the current situation was drastically different from then, he knew that if he doesn’t lower his head a bit, that there was no chance of him leaving here alive.

Suddenly, in Cheng Yang’s hands appeared a large bundle of rope, he threw it to the front of Zhao Xun and said, “Will you tie yourself up? Or do I have to do it myself?”

Zhao Xun’s expression abruptly changed, he hesitated before speaking, “Sir…..I don’t think that is such a good idea.”

Cheng Yang chuckled in response, “What’s wrong with it? If you do it yourself, I can also save myself some troubles. Of course, if I have to do it, some clashes may be inevitable. But you can rest assured that I have no meanings of killing you guys, because if I wanted to, then there would not had been a need to tie everyone up.”

Right as he spoke those lines, a green furred monkey just so happened to respawn not too far to the left of Cheng Yang; Cheng Yang immediately threw an ice puck directly at it. Before the green furred monkey could opened its eyes, it had already been turned into dust, and returned back into the earth.

This action not only surprised Zhao Xun, but also startled all the men behind him. Some of them had been wondering why Zhao Xun was putting on such a cowardly performance, but now they realized the reasons why. It wasn’t that Zhao Xun didn’t want to act tough, but he dare not! At this moment, some even felt Zhao Xun was a really wise leader. He was practically the role model of knowing when to be flexible.

Zhao Xun’s face became somewhat ugly to behold. Even though he didn’t want to clash with Cheng Yang right at this moment, but if he really did tied himself up, he reckoned that when the main city comes to rescue him that would also be the time when his career end; perhaps, his body would also be chopped into pieces.

Imagining about the consequences that might occurred later on, Zhao Xun decided to clench his teeth and tried his luck, he asked, “Sir, there is no need for us to clash with one another, right? Also, isn’t this bullying going a bit too far?”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “I am bullying you? Do you know what that thing behind you is? I was clearly the first to occupy it, but now you guys came along and tried to occupy the nest that I made, and you say that I am bullying you….Ha Ha Ha…..”

Zhao Xun looked at Cheng Yang, and then switched his gaze to Liu Xiyue, he said, “Sir, I admit that you are very strong, but no matter how powerful you are, we have here seventy to eighty people. Even if you take a second to kill each of us, it will still takes more than a minute to accomplish, but by then what do you think would happen to Miss Liu?”

Cheng Yang’s gaze turned cold, he said, “Is that a threat?”

Zhao Xun knew that there was no going back at this point, “That depends on how Sir interpreted it, you can also think of it as an advice.”

Cheng Yang cast away his glare and said, “Since that’s the case, I will do it myself! Liu Xiyue, protect yourself.” Cheng Yang’s speed was very fast, before his voice has faded, his body was already moving forward.

Both sides had previously maintained a safe distance from one another, but this move from Cheng Yang was as quick as lightning. In an instance, he closed the gap between the two sides and then with a foot kicked Zhao Xun.

Cheng Yang wasn’t a warrior, but don’t forget, his current speed was now nearly 10 times faster than Zhao Xun and the others; his physical attack had also reached 8 points. Zhao Xun, as a first early-order apprentice archer, under this foot from Cheng Yang didn’t even have the opportunity to evade. He trampled to the ground. Cheng Yang rushed up to the fallen Zhao Xun and swiftly pulled out an arrow from the quiver on the opposition’s waist, and then placed it against his neck.

This series of actions didn’t give Zhao Xun any time to react. By the time he came to his senses, he had already fallen into Cheng Yang’s control.

Naturally, Zhao Xun knew that this arrow by his neck wouldn’t give him a fatal injury. What really frightened him though was that kick from Cheng Yang which sent him flying, it took away a full 3 hp from his health. Deducting the defense from the defensive equipment by his chest, Cheng Yang’s physical attack had definitely reached 8 points.

The reasons he could come up with this data was because some people specifically experimented this in the main city. In the event that someone did a physical attack without the usage of a skill, the damage dealt to the other side would be 50% less than normal. In other words, if Cheng Yang had used a skill, this foot should had caused him 6 points of damage. After deducting the value from the defense equipment, you could tell that Cheng Yang’s physical attack was at 8 points.

Zhao Xun, as a person having the ability to rise up to a senior executive in a company before the end was naturally not stupid. What profession was Cheng Yang? He was a magician. A magician with a physical attack that reached 8 points. How high must his level be? Not to mention he has now fallen in the hands of the enemy, he had no doubt that if he showed any sign of revolt, this arrow would pierce his neck. Maybe he would also be hit by a magic skill soon afterwards.

In the slight second that Zhao Xun fell in the hands of the opposition, the men standing behind him finally came back to their senses and readied their weapons to attack Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue.

“Stop, or else your captain will be killed by me!” Cheng Yang loudly shouted.

The professions that were preparing to attack was suddenly startled, most of them immediately stopped their attack. But three archers that were standing together quietly took a look at one another, before instantly shooting out arrows into the air, all aiming straight at Cheng Yang.

“Watch Out!” Liu Xiyue involuntarily exclaim. She was now more than 30 meters away from the battlefield, even if she wanted to help, she couldn’t.

Cheng Yang’s eyes flashed with cold light, he allowed the three arrows to hit his body. At the same time, he raised his right hand and released a magic skill that he excelled at.

Immediately, a sudden change occurred above the head of those people. A large amount of ice thorn began raining down from the sky, completely enveloping a radius of three meters. The three archers that had attacked Cheng Yang were all below it. Not only that, it also affect two other warriors.

After a miserable scream was heard, the five professions fell to the ground without any life of breath.

If say the time when Cheng Yang killed the green furred monkey had bring shocks to everyone, then now that Cheng Yang had resorted to using the ice thorn skill, it has completely disintegrated their morale.

“Do you want to keep fighting?” Cheng Yang jokingly said as he sweep his vision to the people around him. Each time his eyes swept a person, they would feel a chill running down their back.

Cheng Yang said, “Don’t even bother thinking about escaping. With your speed, I will have no problem killing each of you one by one as you escape.”

Having heard that, those that had the idea of escaping had it ruthlessly shattered from listening to Cheng Yang’s words. They had just seen Cheng Yang’s speed as he suppressed Zhao Xun. They didn’t feel that Cheng Yang was lying to them.

“Here are the ropes, you can tie up each other. Don’t blame me for not warning you. My patience is limited. If someone causes trouble again, I don’t intend to keep that person alive.” Cheng Yang coldly stated.

The rest of the group’s heart went cold, where would they dare have the courage to resist, the five bodies on the ground was an example that they don’t want to happen to themselves.

After few minutes has passed, all of the men were tied together with a rope, with their hands bound to their feets. As for Zhao Xun, he was also tied up by Cheng Yang. However, Zhao Xun wasn’t as lucky as the rest. Cheng Yang gave him a real tight bound, this process inevitable let him eat some suffering, as he repeatedly scream over the course of the action.

Liu Xiyue walked over at this time, and while looking at the group of profession bundled up like rice dumplings, she couldn’t help but to ask, “Lord, what are you going to do with these tied up professions?”

Cheng Yang knew what Liu Xiyue was thinking, in the end, it was either kill the enemy or waste them. Like this method, what was the significance of it? Naturally, these people might be soldiers before the apocalypse and well trained, but Cheng Yang doesn’t intends to receive them into Luo Feng Village.

Cheng Yang immediately said, “These people still have some use, wait until Yuan Jianze comes and then you’ll know what it is.”  

Liu Xiyue was slightly surprised, she said, “Lord, do you intend to use these people to threaten Yuan Jianze?”

“Threaten?” Cheng Yang chuckled and said, “It’s not a threat. I am just giving him a hurdle.”

Liu Xiyue’s mind was very flexible, she soon understood Cheng Yang’s intentions, which might indeed be a very good idea.

Then, there was only the waiting left. Fortunately, Yuan Jianze didn’t let the two of them wait too long. In less than half an hour, Yuan Jianze had already came along with his troops.

This time, Yuan Jianze didn’t came alone. With him was a team of up to 2,000 members. Of course, not all of these people belongs to the army. It also included members from the several major militias of the main city.

In fact, when Yuan Jianze received news that the portal was found, he was ecstatic. In his opinion, with this copy, he would soon be able to get some high-quality equipment, and his combat effectiveness would be greatly improved. In this end, what could be more important than increasing your own strength?

But he wasn’t carried away by this excitement, as he recalled the mysterious team that had been active in this period of time around the area of main city. Even up to this point, he still has not been able to grasp the exact whereabouts of the opposition, but he was certain that such a team definitely exist.  

Since, he could gathered intels about the instance portal from the pub, he couldn’t guarantee that the other side wouldn’t know either. When the moment comes when the two sides meet, wouldn’t the side with the least people suffer a loss?



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