Doom Lord Chapter 115

Doom Lord

Chapter 115- Establishment

In addition to donations, there were many ways to contribute to the territory, such as completing certain special tasks or by doing something useful to the territory.

Just like Yu Kai, he helped Cheng Yang finds the Nirvana God Stone. It wasn’t a matter that someone in his position should handled, so it should be converted to contribution value. But the contribution he received was a small amount, this time the one that obtained the maximum benefit was the soldier that discovered the Nirvana God Stone.

Of course, if we goes by credit, Cheng Yang’s credit was undoubtedly the biggest. However, he was a lord and was the only person in the entire territory to not possess a contribution value stat. After all, the entire territory belongs to him, if he does make a contribution who would it goes to?

God’s rules could not judge the worth of a person’s action in contribution value. Therefore, in order to ensure fairness, it was suggested that a special department be set up to manage the contribution value. Their primary responsibility was to provide missions with contribution value as reward, as well as determine what has happened and evaluate them in contribution value.

There was no doubt that the workload of this department would be heavy, with their personnel destined to be unable to leave the territory all day long.

Therefore, Cheng Yang came up with the idea of picking a few professions that didn’t like fighting and put them into this department. At the same time, choose some people to help guard the order the territory. These two sides together would make up this department.


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